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									                            THE MESSENGER
 A Monthly Publication of St. Paul Greek Orthodox Church                                                                          JANUARY 2010

        Our 2010 Wishes for You                                                                                                      INSIDE
Health enough to make work a pleasure.                     Wealth                                             MINISTRIES OF THE CHURCH
enough to support your needs.
                                                                                                                   MONTHLY CALENDAR
Patience enough to toil until some good is accom-                                                                PASTORAL REFLECTIONS
plished.                                                                                                            STEWARDSHIP NEWS
                                                                                                                      UPCOMING EVENTS
Strength enough to battle with difficulties and over-                                                                      YOUTH NEWS
come them.

Grace enough to confess your sins and forsake them.

Charity enough to see some good in your neighbor.

Love enough to make you useful and helpful to oth-

Hope enough to remove all anxious fears concerning
the future.

Faith enough to make real the things of God

                                           ~ Author Unknown

                                                                            Our choir performed at the Pan-Orthodox Christmas concert held in our
                                                                            parish in December. Thank you to all the members for their beautiful

                                                                               ST. PAUL GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH
                                    4548 Wallings Road • North Royalton, Ohio 44133-3121
                                              (440) 237-8998 · (440) 237-4386 fax
                                              E-mail address:
                    (A Parish under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America,
                                                  and the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pittsburgh
PAGE 2                                                                                     THE MESSENGER
CLERGY                                                The following ministries are the lifeblood of our parish
                                                      and perform many activities to promote the growth of
Pastor                                                our church. Your participation in these organizations
Rev. Fr. Costas P. Keares, Proistamenos               makes our community more spiritually complete.
Liturgical Assistant
Rev. Fr. David Zuder                                  Philoptochos                   Tessie Lekas
                                                      Coffee Socials                 Mary Pagonakis
ECCLESIARCH                Bruce W. Trakas            Festival                       John James
                                                      Health Care                    Julie Tsirambidis
PARISH COUNCIL                                        Messenger Editor               Elaine Nackowiz
President                  Michael Alex               Welcome Committee              Mersene Conomea
Vice President             Stephanie Ocker            Choir Director                 Vaso Boukis
Secretary                  George Loucas              Cantor                         Efstathios Tsesmelis
Financial Secretary        Michael Sfekas             Organist                       Jean Wendland
Treasurer                  Mark Eakman                Bookstore                      Rae Elliot
                                                      Real Estate
Dr. Michael Barkoukis
Dean Callas                                           ST. PAUL FAMILY MINISTRY COMMISSION
Gary Charnas                                          Chairman                       Andrew Wilson
Irene Pontikos                                        Co-Chair                       Stephanie Ocker
Dr. Manuel Saridakis                                  HOPE / JOY                     Elaine Nackowiz
Andrew Wilson                                         GOYA Coordinator               Elaine Nackowiz
                                                      OCF                            Maribeth Lekas
OFFICE SECRETARY           Elaine Nackowiz            Altar Boys                     Fr. Costas Keares
BOOKKEEPER                                            Religious Education            Brenda Saridakis
CUSTODIAN                  Shaun Curley                                              Dena Wilson
LEGAL ADVISOR              Ken Boukis                 Bible Study                    Frank Chirakos
                                                                                     Fr. Costas Keares
STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS                       Women’s Study Group            Presvytera Nicole
Family Ministry            Andrew Wilson              Greek School                   Kathy Glaros
Membership                 George Loucas              PTO                            Effie Trihas
Public Relations           Father Costas                                             Debbie Gemelas
Ways & Means               Dean Callas                Senior Fellowship              Andy & Maria Regan
Home                       Gary Charnas               Senior Hellenic Dancers        Eleni Gugliotta
                           Dean Callas                                               Susan Karas
Catering / Leasing         Michael Sfekas                                            Julie Maskow
Stewardship                Irene Pontikos                                            Anna Psellas
                           John Trihas                Junior Hellenic Dancers        Julie Tsirambidis
Bylaws                     George Loucas                                             Eleni Johnson
                           Irene Pontikos                                            Maria Whitacre
                           Michael Alex               Beginner Hellenic Dancers      Maria Lignos
                           Bruce Trakas                                              Paige Nicholas

Telephone:                (440) 237-8998              Deadline for all articles and Organization Minutes is
Fax:                      (440) 237-4386              the 1st of the month. Please keep this in mind! Items
Catering:                 (440) 582-1083              can be e-mailed to
Office E-Mail:  
Fr. Costas E-Mail:
Fr. Costas Cell:          (440) 669-1316
Philoptochos E-Mail:
JANUARY 2010                                                                                                PAGE 3
                                                            Let me conclude with a reflection called:
  Pastoral Reflections by Father Costas
                                                                         “I am the New Year!”
We are in the midst of a very joyous Season in our Li-
turgical calendar as we celebrate the feast of the Na-
tivity of the Lord, that is the Birth of our Lord and
                                                            “I am the New Year. I am an unspoiled page in your
                                                            book of time. I am your next chance at art of living. I
Savior Jesus Christ.
                                                            am your opportunity to practice what you have
                                                            learned during the last twelve months about life. All
Christ was born in the flesh. He has emptied Himself
                                                            that you sought the past year and failed to find is hid-
and taken on our human nature. Our Holy Tradition,
                                                            den in me; I am waiting for you to search it out with
as well as the Holy Scripture continues to instruct us
                                                            more determination. All the good that you tried to do
that His Divinity is not diminished but our human-          for others and didn’t achieve last year is mine to
ity is forever changed. Our humanity has been raised        grant—provided that you have fewer selfish and con-
up and restored to its original form in the person of       flicting desires. In me lies the potential of all that
Jesus Christ. This is the great gift we celebrate during    you dreamed but did not dare to do, all that you
the Twelve Days between Christmas and Theophany             hoped but did not perform, all that you prayed for but
(the Baptism of our Lord); days of continued feasting       did not yet experience. These dreams slumber lightly,
and celebration.                                            waiting to be awakened by the touch of an enduring
                                                            purpose. I’m your opportunity to renew your chal-
Christ coming to the world is a great gift for us. As we    lenge to Christ who said, ‘Behold, I make all things
look forward to the New Year before us, it means we         new’. (Rev. 21:5). I am the New Near.”
have possibilities beyond our imagination and under-
standing to grow in union with God. We can and are          Wishing all of you, our New Born Savior’s Peace and
bearers of Christ and can be and are filled with the        Joy throughout this New Year!
Holy Spirit. These benefits of Christ’s birth are not im-
posed upon us, nor do they come without some effort
on our part.

Each year many of us begin the New Year with vari-
ous resolutions. This is a perfect time to prioritize our
resolutions and to recommit ourselves to the work
that the Lord has set before us; to GROW IN HIS

The model is Christ. He is not some abstract philoso-
phy, but a person whom we know from the Gospel. It
is God who loved us so much that he accepted to be-
                                                                          To know God’s will
come one of us to lead us to greater heights. Let us use
the tools of our Orthodox Tradition to continue our                  is Life’s greatest treasure.
growth in Him. These tools include daily prayer, the
reading of scripture and other sacred writings in our                       To do God’s will
church, fasting, and participation in the sacraments;
including the sacrament of confession.
                                                                     is Life’s greatest pleasure.
PAGE 4                                                                                             THE MESSENGER

                Our Parish                                            21 Things to Reflect Upon!
             Her Life & People                              1) Give people more than they expect and do it
           Baptisms & Chrismation                           2) Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you
                                                               get older, their conversational skills will be as im-
November 29th
                                                               portant as any other.
  Liyeri ~ daughter of Gus & Diana Matheou
     Godparents ~ Emmanouel & Tricia Planatiotis            3) Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or
                                                               sleep all you want.

                                                            4) When you say, "I love you", mean it.
         May Their Memories be Eternal                      5) When you say, "I'm sorry", look the person in the
November 30th          Clara Karagiozis
                                                            6) Be engaged at least six months before you get mar-
                  Healthy Living
                                                            7) Believe in love at first sight.
What a gift we have been given in the body that is          8) Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't
ours. Whether we are fully active or somewhat limited          have dreams don't have much.
in our mobility, we have this physical presence to ex-
press ourselves in this world. Even if we find that we      9) Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt
are somehow constrained by the methods of expres-              but it's the only way to live life completely.
sion, we find a way to make our body work. The deaf
                                                            10) In disagreements, fight fairly. Please No name call-
"hear" through sign language; the blind "see" through
Braille; and the lame "walk" through the assistance of
artificial limbs. Our body is a treasure given by God,      11) Don't judge people by their relatives.
and even when it may not function as perfectly as we
may desire, we still care for this gift through the stew-   12) Talk slowly but think quickly.
ardship we exercise. Yes, exercise, healthy nourish-        13) When someone asks you a question you don't
ment, appropriate sleep, good hygiene are                       want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want
all ways we care for our gift, and honor the                    to know?"
One who gave us the body we have.
                                                            14) Remember that great love and great achievements
                                                                involve great risk.

                                                            15) Say "bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.

                                                            16) When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

                                                            17) Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect
                                                                for others; Responsibility for all your actions.

                                                            18) Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.
                      Scott Daniels
          Phillip & Maureen Kiriazis and family             19) When you realize you've made a mistake, take im-
                                                                mediate steps to correct it.
           Robert & Tammy McClish and sons
             Thomas & Elizabeth Wendland                    20) Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will
                                                                hear it in your voice.
We invite you to join us for the coffee social which
follows the Divine Liturgy for fellowship. We look          21) Spend some time alone.
forward to meeting you!
JANUARY 2010                                                                                              PAGE 5

                  Youth News                                                   Greek School News
HOPE / JOY                                                                 Χρόνια πολλά και καλή χρονιά!
~   On Saturday, January 30th we will meet at Young                              Happy New Year!
    Chef’s Academy located at 14759 Pearl Rd. in
    Strongsville at 3:00 p.m. The children will be able               Wishing you happiness and prosperity in
    to cook something they can enjoy. Cost is $10 per                 the New Year!
    child. Checks can be made payable to Young
    Chef’s Academy. Please register by January 27th to                I hope you enjoyed our students singing
    the church office via phone or email.                             the Kalanda as much we did. The chil-
                                                          dren also made Koulourakia for Christmas. Thank
GOYA                                                      you to the parents who attended our Open House.

~   Our GOYAns were very busy during the                  Many thanks to all the parents for their help in pre-
    Christmas season.     They volunteered to be elves    paring those delicious dishes for our Christmas party.
    at Breakfast with St. Nicholas; served lunch at St.   We had a great time.
    Herman’s; brought gifts and celebrated Christmas
    with the homeless children at Laura’s home along      We now look forward to the months ahead. The
    with the GOYAns at St. Demetrios; and found           teachers are very busy getting ready for the first mark-
    time to have a scrimmage with St. Demetrios. We       ing grading period. Report cards will be sent home
    thank them for their time and effort.                 February 1st. All assignments must be completed by
~   We are scheduled to attend three basketball
    tournaments this winter: January 8-10 in Warren,      Please get involved with your children's homework
    January 22-24 in Pittsburgh and February 5-7 in       and assist them if they need any help. Call me or their
    Rocky River. During the weeks of                      teacher. We will be glad to help. Each teacher gives
    tournaments, boys and girls will practice on both     much love and time to our students, educating them
    days. Information packets, room assignments, etc.     and teaching them. Please help us to achieve our
    will occur on the Thursday prior to a                 goals.
    tournament. Please be sure to check our website
    for updates.                                          Don’t forget to praise them and encourage them for all
                                                          their efforts and hard work. They are the future of
~   Our next meeting is      Sunday, January 3rd          our heritage and preservation of the Greek culture.
    following Sunday School in the Teen room. This
    will be our last meeting before our first             If you have any questions, please call me at 216-524-
    tournament. We encourage all GOYAns to attend         1766. Thank you so much and have a blessed and
    with their parents.                                   Happy New Year.

                                                            Kathy Glaros
                                                          Greek School Superintendent

            Women’s Study Group
After taking a break for the holidays, we will continue
the study group on Tuesday January 19th from 10-
11:30 a.m. We will continue the series “A year of our              Three Hierarchs Celebration
Lord: A Liturgical Bible Study”. All women in the
                                                          Mr. Theodoros Spyropoulos, president of the World
parish are welcome to join us for this lively discus-     Council of Hellenes Abroad, will speak at the Annun-
sion and study. Bring your Bible and a friend! For        ciation Greek School Three Hierarchs celebration on
more information, contact Presvytera Nicole at 440-       Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. All are invited
638-4808 .                                                to attend this celebration at Annunciation Cleveland.
PAGE 6                                                                                             THE MESSENGER

                  Sunday School                              Lent will be upon us very early this year. As always,
                                                             Sunday School has many activities in which our stu-
             Directors’ Monthly Update                       dents will participate. Please watch for flyers as well
                                                             as read the informational bulletin board in the Sunday
December was a busy month for Sunday School! We              School hallway for special events. Our program
were overwhelmed from the response to the St.                hopes to offer a variety of ways to learn Orthodoxy,
Nicholas gift offering. All of the gifts were taken to the   but our volunteers can only be successful with the co-
North Royalton/Kiwanis Emergency Food Shelter by             operation of Sunday School families.
Jean Wendland to whom we extend our appreciation.
Thank you, also to St. Paul families for your generos-       In December our Middle School and High School Stu-
ity. We are comforted knowing that you shared your           dents began working on the Oratorical Festival. This
bounteousness to help make a special holiday for             is the second year that the program is up and running
those who are challenged in these difficult economic         and the Festival organizers have asked Sunday School
times.                                                       to offer support and help for our students. Our High
                                                             School and Middle School teachers have graciously
Not only did our Sunday School students provide              agreed to assist the students while they are in the
gifts for children, but our students also made a $400        classroom. Should a student show great interest in
monetary donation to the North Royalton/Kiwanis              the project, the Festival organizers will assign a men-
Emergency Food Shelter. The monies were collected            tor. The senior level student who participates and is
from stewardship envelopes last spring and this fall.        moved to the District level will be awarded a full, four
Please continue to talk to your children about the           year scholarship to the Hellenic College in Boston. As
spiritual obligation we have to care for others as well      part of the College’s education, students are permitted
as this earth. The stewardship envelopes that were           to take up to one class per grading period at nearby
given to your children at the beginning of the year          Boston College. Please encourage your children to
provide a place for the child to write his giving act for    participate, not only at a chance for the scholarship,
the week. Teachers collect the envelopes each week.          but to grow as an Orthodox Christian.

We hope all of you enjoyed our children performing           Finally, but not lastly, if your heart guides you to vol-
the 2nd annual Christmas Play. Watching the children         unteer for Sunday School, even for a short time,
perform the play invited all of us to see and feel the       please let one of us know. Val Sophocleous and
true meaning of the season. We extend our heartfelt          Maria Koulioufas have graciously stepped in as li-
thank you and appreciation to Julie Maskow who did           brarians. Both are working diligently to organize our
an amazing job organizing and directing the play.            Sunday School reference materials and curriculum.
Julie spent many weeks working with our children,            Thank you ladies!
designing and making costumes and coordinating our
volunteers. We further offer our gratitude to everyone       We are, however, in need of someone who would be
who helped out. It was truly a cooperative spirit, and       willing to fill-in for our 9th and 10th grade class, for a
the finest gift our community could receive this sea-        few weeks in the winter. Also, as our younger popula-
son.                                                         tion continues to grow, we are in need of help for our
                                                             3 year old preschool program. Again, if you are will-
Sunday School will resume on Sunday, January 3rd             ing and able to help out, please let us know.
when we will celebrate Vasilopita Sunday. We be-
lieve it is important for our students to experience         Thank you for your continued support of our pro-
many of our wonderful traditions that usually take           gram.
place in church while the children are in Sunday
School. So our students can participate in the cutting       Wishing you all a blessed 2010,
of the bread and learn the significance of Saint Basil,
Sunday School will be cutting the Vasilopita the last          Brenda Saridakis and Dena Wilson
fifteen minutes of classes in the teen room on January       Co-Directors of St. Paul Sunday School
3rd. Parents of younger children, please plan on pick-
ing up your child from the teen room on that day.
JANUARY 2010                                                                                                 PAGE 7

 A         s we come to about the halfway point in
           our Sunday School Year, I would like to
           extend my gratitude to our supervisors
 and all the wonderful teachers for their dedication
                                                                          St. Paul Hellenic Dancers
                                                                        Hellenic Dance practice began last fall and
                                                                        will continue practice in 2010 on the dates
                                                            listed below. Dancers should be registered by January
 and love for this important ministry in our parish.
                                                            10, 2010 to participate in the Program. Please be sure
                                                            to have you child’s registration form and $50.00 regis-
 Equally, I would like to thank the parents and all the
                                                            tration fee per child ($80 non parish member) turned in
 students for their participation in our Sunday School
                                                            by this date to any dance instructor or church office.
 program thus far this year. We’ve had a wonderful
 response in all classes and especially in the upper        Group Levels:
 levels. Please continue to attend for the remainder of        Senior Dance Group – Grade 7 through age 20
 the year. I would like to remind all parents that ALL         Junior Dance Group – Grades 3 through 6
 children in the parish should be enrolled in our Sun-         Beginner Dance Group – Kindergarten through 2
 day School program.
                                                            Practice Locations:
 I would also like to remind all students that while in        Senior Dancers practice in the Library
 the classroom; all electronic devises should be               Junior Dancers practice in the Lobby of the Social
 turned off. You should not be texting anyone or talk-         Hall
 ing on your cell. Please give your attention to your          Beginner Dancers practice in the 3rd grade Sunday
 teachers and show them your respect. They are vol-            School classroom
 unteering their time to teach you our faith. Let’s                   Sunday Dance Practices begin at noon
 keep up the good work, and I wish all of you a
 Blessed and Healthy New Year!!!                            Sunday, January 3:
                                                               Mandatory practice for Senior Level to prepare for
                                                               performance ~ Pizza lunch before practice follow-
                                                               ing GOYA meeting
                                                            Sunday, January 10:
              A Spotlight on . . .                             Registration Deadline (See form on the next page)
                                                               Practice for Beginner and Junior Levels
                   Fifth & Sixth Grade
                                                               No Senior Level Practice – GOYA tournament
                                                            Saturday, January 16:
Dear Family and Friends,                                       Annunciation GOYA sponsored “Greek Night”
                                                               and “Hellenic Dance Off” ~ Performance by the
It has been a great year so far for our 5th and 6th grade
                                                               Senior Level Dance Group
Sunday school class. We are learning about the lives
                                                            Sunday, January 17:
of our Saints as well as studying about various tradi-
                                                               Dance Practice for Beginner and Junior Level Dance
tions of our Greek Orthodox faith. We are also spend-
ing some of our class time addressing issues such as
                                                               Possible Senior Level St. Paul Workshop with guest
peer pressure and the need to be committed to our
                                                               instructor. Details to follow (there will be Senior
Christian teachings. The children are doing an excel-
                                                               Dance Practice in the event the Workshop cannot
lent job identifying ways that they can model their
                                                               be scheduled)
behavior in a way that aligns with our values and be-
                                                            Sunday, January 31:
liefs. Our hope is that the time spent in our classroom
                                                               Practice All Three Levels
touches the children in a way that will make a differ-
                                                            Sunday, February 21:
ence in their life, and will establish a foundation of         Practice All Three Levels
faith to lead them in the future. We are proud to
spend our Sunday’s with this terrific group of chil-        Please view additional dates on our website or the 2010
dren and thank the parents for their efforts in bringing    Practice schedule handed out at dance practice.
them to church on a regular basis.
                                                            Being a member of the St. Paul Hellenic Dance Group
                             May God Bless You,             is active and exciting for all! All children are welcome
                           Kathy Pearl & Mary Steve         and encouraged to be part of the program. Participants
PAGE 8                                                                                             THE MESSENGER
are expected however to attend all the practice                       St. Paul Greek Orthodox Church
dates and events. If your family or child has a conflict        2009/2010 Hellenic Dance Registration Form
with any of the practice dates or events please let your
child’s dance instructors know as soon as possible so              Please turn in Registration Form and
they can best prepare for the flow of dance line ups               $50 Participation Fee by Jan. 10 to any
and costume needs.                                                 Dance Instructor or the Church Office
                                                                 (Non parish member Participation Fee $80)
Please notice when looking at the schedule that our        Group Levels:
dancers are invited to participate in additional per-         Beginner Group – Age 4 (by Sept) through 2nd
formances besides our own St. Paul Hellenic Festival          grade in fall 2009
this year. They include “GOYA Greek Night” on                 Junior Group – 3rd grade through 6th grade in
January 16, 2010 for the Senior Level at the Annun-           fall 2009
ciation Church in Cleveland. This event is sponsored          Senior Group – 7th grade through age 20 in fall
by the Annunciation GOYA who invited all the area             2009
church Senior Level Dance Groups to perform. Also
included is a performance after the “Greek Independ-       Dancer Name___________________________________
ence Day Parade” on April 10, 2010 for the Junior          Grade and Age in Fall 2009 _______________________
and Senior Levels, and a performance at the “Arts in       Parent Names___________________________________
Strongsville” Festival at the Metropark Chalet in          Address_______________________________________
Strongsville on September 19, 2010 for all three lev-      Home Phone____________________________________
els. The “Arts in Strongsville” is a paid performance      Parent Cell Phone________________________________
which includes a contract. This is an annual event         Dancer Cell Phone (if applicable) __________________
that usually attracts over 3,000 people. There are         Parent E-Mail___________________________________
many performances throughout the afternoon by vari-        Dancer E-mail (if applicable) ______________________
ous vocal and instrumental groups. Each year they          Please list any allergies or medical condition we
showcase a different ethnic performance group. We          should be aware of: ______________________________
are very proud that our St. Paul Hellenic Dance Group      Office use Only
was invited to be showcased this year. The invitation      Parish Member #_______________Non Parish Member__________
is a compliment to our dancers and attendance is           Fee Received: Date ________ Check#_________ Amount_________
Mandatory for all three levels. Additionally there
may be other performance opportunities that arise
and participation in the Hellenic Dance program in-
cludes participation in these events should they arise.

Senior Level Instructors:
Eleni Gugliotta      330-659-6610
Susan Karas          216-870-3182
Julie Masow          440-238-5474
Anna Psellas         440-572-1376

Junior Level Instructors:
Eleni Johnson         440-717-0852
Julie Tsiriambidis    440-717-9699
Maria Whitacre        330-571-1756

Beginner Level Instructors:
Maria Lignos         216-214-3735
Paige Nicholas       330-241-4363

St. Paul Hellenic Dance Group has experienced vi-
brant growth the past many years, we’re looking for-
ward to another enriching year!
JANUARY 2010                                                                                                  PAGE 9

2010 St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival                     same human nature with us and having everything
All children in grades 7 - 12 are encouraged to partici-         else in common with us. But because he has shown
pate. The Oratorical Festival gives teenagers an op-             a great love for Christ, he surpassed heaven and
portunity to learn, write, and speak about their Ortho-          stood with the angels. . . Let us then not only be
dox Faith, Church and Heritage. Participating in the             amazed at and admire him but imitate him.” In
Oratorical Festival will enhance each child’s under-             what sense can we imitate St. Paul?
standing and appreciation of their Greek Orthodox             4. Aristotle, the great philosopher, in speaking about
Faith and will help cultivate their spiritual growth             virtue as a superb human characteristic, calls it he-
and maturity. Guidance will be given during Sunday               roic and divine in the Nicomachean Ethics, Book 7,
School. There are two levels set by the Archdiocese:             1145a20. Explain why human virtue is something
Junior, grades 7–9, and Senior, grades 10–12.                    truly heroic and divine, especially in our days and
                                                                 in our world.
      2010 topic for the Junior Division (grades 7-9):                          2010 TIME LINE:
1.   His all Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew is a cham-         December 6, & 13, 2009 – Teachers discussed topics
     pion of the environment. Present some teachings           choices in Sunday School classes. Please ask your
     of the Orthodox Church that support environ-              child which topic he or she has chosen.
     mental protection and explain how it should be            Sunday December 13, 2009 – Topic selection should
     practiced today.                                          have been made on this date. If you child has not
2.   Icons bring to life the teachings of the Orthodox         yet completed their topic selection sheet please
     Faith. In the icon of the Resurrection, Christ is por-    have them do so and turn it in to his or her Sunday
     trayed as lifting up Adam and Eve. Explain the            School teacher as soon as possible.
     meaning of this representation.                           Sunday January 3, 2010 – Progress and resources
3.   “Love and death depend on our neighbor,” accord-          will be checked in Sunday School. Students should
     ing to St. Anthony the Great. Explore and expand          begin putting together a rough draft.
     on this teaching.                                         Sunday January 10 & 17, 2010 - Progress will be
4.   St. John of Damascus wrote many hymns for the             checked in Sunday School. Students should bring
     major feast days of the Church. Tell us about St.         their papers to class even though they are not com-
     John and his contribution to Orthodox hymnogra-           plete.
     phy.                                                      Sunday, January 31 – Rough draft paper due. Stu-
5.   In the parable of the Publican and the Pharisee, we       dents should e-mail their rough draft to
     see that the prayer of the Publican was pleasing to Fr. Costas will look over
     God. Discuss the importance of humility in our            papers and may offer further guidance.
     prayers and in our daily lives.                           Sunday February 14 – February 21, 2010 - Final pa-
                                                               per due. Final papers should be e-mailed to
  2010 topics for the Senior Division (grades 10-12):
                                                      no later than February 21st.
1. In Proverbs 12:26, we read, “The righteous should
                                                               Sunday February 28, 2010 - St. Paul Oratorical Fes-
   choose his friends carefully, for the way of the
                                                               tival presentations will be held in the Library after
   wicked leads them astray.” What is the Christian
                                                               Sunday School to fellow students, teachers, mentors,
   understanding of friendship and how do social net-
                                                               parents and grandparents. Two students will be
   working sites like Facebook and MySpace help or
                                                               chosen from each level to go to the Regional Oratori-
   hinder true friendship?
                                                               cal Festival held in Youngstown, Ohio on Saturday,
2. Psalms are read in all Orthodox worship services.
                                                               March 6th.
   Talk about the significance of Psalm 23 (24 LXX),
                                                               Friday March 5, 2010 – The two Finalists from each
   which begins with the words, “The earth is the
                                                               level will present their papers in church after the
   Lord’s, and all its fullness.”
                                                               Salutation Service.
3. The Annunciation is one of the Major Feast Days of
                                                               Saturday March 6, 2010 – Regional Oratorical Festi-
   our Church. In her response to the Archangel
                                                               val in Youngstown, Ohio
   Gabriel, Mary says, “I am the Lord’s servant. May
                                                               Saturday May 1, 2010 – Metropolis Oratorical Festi-
   it happen to me as you have said.” As an Orthodox
                                                               val in Pittsburgh, PA
   Christian, what does her response mean to you?
4. St. John Chrysostom closes his Commentary on St.           Please contact Eleni Gugliotta 330-659-6610 or Kath-
   Paul’s Epistle to the Romans with the following            ryn Tripodis 440-843-7836 with any questions.
   words:     “Paul was a human being, sharing the
PAGE 10                                                                                         THE MESSENGER

                                Philanthropic Opportunities
     From Infants to College Students!
                                                                           Donations of
The Philoptochos is excited to be working on two
wonderful projects for the youth of our community:
                                                                        Nonperishable Goods
Gifts for the new infants of our church as well as gifts                   Appreciated!
for our college Freshmen.
                                                                   The North Royalton Hunger Center is
            If you enjoy knitting or crocheting, please            MOST in need of the following items:
            consider donating a baby afghan to be
            placed in our Philoptochos gift bags for all      * Breakfast Cereal           * Jell-O/pudding
            the new infants being blessed in our              * Pancake Mix                * Broth or Gravy Mix
            church. We suggest that afghans be White,         * Instant Potatoes           * Canned fruit
            Ecru, Light Green or Yellow in color and          * Canned Soups               * Pasta Sauce
approximately 30x36 inches. Donations are also ac-            * Canned Applesauce          * Boxed Dinners
cepted in lieu of hand-made afghans to offset the costs       * Syrup                      * Dry pasta
of the project.                                               * Canned Vegetables          * Canned Tuna
                                                              * Macaroni & Cheese          * Cake / Cookie Mix
Also, please consider donating to-                            * Canned Chicken             * Jelly
wards our OCF Connect Kits for                                * Peanut butter              * Canned Fruit
our college Freshmen.           OCF                           * Muffin / corn bread / biscuit mix
(Orthodox Christian Fellowship) is
                                                                  Remember to check the expiration date
the National Campus Ministry Program for Orthodox
                                                                          of all products!T
college students. Each kit will be mailed to our St.
Paul College Freshmen that include Orthodox Study                Thank you for your continued support!
Bibles, reading guides, prayer books, guides for find-
ing a local OCF chapter, as well as other fun goodies                                Give Forward
for our college students. Nine Connect Kits have been
sent to date and have been well received by our St.
                                                                          In September 2009, Leah Dadas was
Paul college students. We plan to send another 6 kits
                                                                          diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer
in the month of December.
                                                                          that had metastasized to her lower
                                                           spine. Within two months of diagnosis, Leah under-
To assist or donate to these projects, please contact
                                                           went two biopsies, major surgery, numerous tests,
Maribeth Lekas @ 216.408.6070 or
                                                           radiation therapy and is taking two medications.

                                                           Costs are mounting and Leah does not have insur-
                                                           ance. Donations are being accepted at      http://
                                                  or can be sent to Leah
                                                           Dadas’ Breast Cancer Fund at 4832 Sweetwater Drive,
                                                           Brecksville, 44141.
Are you, your friends, or neighbors having a garage
sale or cleaning out your house? Are you left with
lots of baby items? Please consider donating them to
ZOE House (a crisis pregnancy center located at 5939                       Benevolent Fund
State Road in Parma and a ministry for ZOE for Life!)
                                                           Please consider making a donation to the Benevolent
Donations can be dropped off from                          Fund. The money collected is used to help those who
10:00—1:00 Wednesday through Friday                        are struggling due to financial or medical needs. We
or call (440) 888-9990 for more informa-                   receive many requests and are having difficulty fulfill-
tion or to arrange a pick-up of items.                     ing all those requests.
JANUARY 2010                                                                                              PAGE 11

       All Sundays
8:15 AM Orthros
9:30 AM Liturgy
10:45 AM Sunday School
     SUN              MON            TUE               WED             THU                FRI            SAT
                                                                                    1  New Year’s   2
                                                                                      Saint Basil
                                                                                    9:00 AM
                                                                                    10:00 AM

3                4              5  Eve of the     6      Holy     7  St. John the   8               9
Sunday before                   Theophany             Theophany        Baptist
Epiphany         5:30 PM           Strict Fast                    8:30 AM
                                                  8:30 AM
                 Greek School   9:00 AM                           Orthros
Vasiloptia                      Vesperal                          9:30 PM
Sunday                          Liturgy           9:30 AM         Liturgy
                                6:30 PM           Liturgy         6:30 PM
11:45 AM                        BOYS & GIRLS                      BOYS & GIRLS
GOYA Meeting                    BB Practice                       BB practice
                                House                             7:30 PM
                                Blessings begin                   Bible Study
                                                                                        GOYA Tournament Warren
10               11             12                13              14                15              16
                                10:00 AM                          6:30 PM
Sunday after     5:30 PM        Women’s Study 7:00 PM             BB practice
Epiphany         Greek School   Group           Parish Council
                                                                  7:30 PM
                                11:00 AM        Meeting
                                                                  Bible Study
                                Philop. Meeting
                                6:30 PM Girls
                                BB practice

17               18             19                20              21                22              23
                                10:00 AM                          6:30 PM
15th Sunday of   5:30 PM        Women’s Study     7:00 PM         BOYS & GIRLS      7:00 PM
Luke             Greek School   Group             Orthodox        BB practice       Pan-Orthodox
                                6:30 PM           Catechism —                       YAL Gathering
                                                                  7:30 PM
                                BOYS & GIRLS      Session One
                                                                  Bible Study
                                BB practice                                         GOYA Tournament ~ Pittsburgh

24               25             26                27              28                29              30   Three
Sunday of the                                                     6:30 PM
                 5:30 PM        10:00 AM      7:00 PM                                               8:30 AM
Publican and                                                      Boys
                 Greek School   Women’s Study Orthodox                                              Orthros
Pharisee:                                                         BB practice
                                Group         Catechism —                                           9:30 PM
                                              Session Two         7:30 PM                           Liturgy
                                6:30 PM Girls                     Bible Study                       3:00 PM
                                BB practice                                                         HOPE/JOY at
                                                                                                    Young Chef’s

31  Sunday of
Prodigal Son
PAGE 12                                                                                              THE MESSENGER

       All Sundays
8:15 AM Orthros
9:30 AM Liturgy
10:45 AM Sunday School
     SUN              MON              TUE               WED             THU             FRI                SAT
                 1                2  Presentation   3               4              5                   6     1st
                                  of our Lord                       6:15 PM                            Psychosabbato
                 5:30 PM                            7:00 PM         Paraklesis                         Saturday of the
                 Greek School     8:30 AM           Orthodox        Service                                 Souls
                                  Orthros           Catechism —                                        8:30 AM
                                  9:30 AM           Session Three   6:30 PM                            Orthros
                                  Liturgy                           BOYS & GIRLS                       9:30 AM
                                  10:00 AM                          BB Practice                        Liturgy
                                  Women’s Study                                                        11:00 AM
                                  Group                             7:30 PM                            Philoptochos
                                  6:30 PM                           Bible Study                        Board Meeting
                                  BOYS & GIRLS                                          GOYA Tournament at St.
                                  BB Practice                                            Demetrios Rocky River

7                8                9                 10              11             12                  13    2nd
Judgment Sun-                                                                                          Psychosabbato
                                  10:00 AM                          7:30 PM
day (Meatfare    5:30 PM                        7:00 PM                                                Saturday of the
                                  Women’s Study                     Bible Study
Sunday)          Greek School                   Parish Council                                              Souls
                                                Meeting                                                8:30 AM
                                  1:00 PM                                                              Orthros
                                  Philoptochos                                                         9:30 AM
                                  Meeting                                                              Liturgy

14   Godparent   15    Pure       16                17              18             19                  20     3rd
      Sunday         Monday                                                                            Psychosabbato
                                                5:00 PM             7:30 PM
                   First day of   10:00 AM                                         5:30 PM             Saturday of the
                                                Pre-sanctified      Bible Study
Forgiveness            Lent       Women’s Study                                    Lenten Dinner             Souls
Sunday           5:30 PM          Group                                                                8:30 AM
                 Greek School                   7:00 PM                            7:00 PM             Orthros
                 7:00 PM                        Orthodox                           1st Salutations     9:30 AM
                 Great                          Catechism —                                            Liturgy
                 Compline                       Session Four                                           6:00 PM
                 Service                                                                               Art Auction

21               22               23                24              25             26                  27
                 5:30 PM                        5:00 PM
                                                                    7:30 PM
Sunday of        Greek School     10:00 AM      Pre-sanctified                     5:30 PM
                                                                    Bible Study
Orthodoxy                         Women’s Study Liturgy                            Lenten Dinner
                 7:00 PM          Group         7:00 PM
                 Great                          Orthodox                           7:00 PM
                 Compline                       Catechism —                        2nd Salutations
                 Service                        Session Five

Sunday of St.
JANUARY 2010                                                                                            PAGE 13

                             2010                          In order to better serve those who wish to have their
                                                           homes blessed, we ask that you communicate with
                      Theophany of our Lord                our parish office by doing one of the following by
                        (Home Blessings)                   Sunday, December 28th:

                                                               1) Call the office at (440) 237-8998
                                                               2) Fill out the form on our parish website at
                     The feast of Theophany marks the
                     time that our Lord was baptized
                                                               3) Complete the form on this page and return it
                     in the waters of the Jordan, and is
                                                                  to the parish office.
                     termed the day of “Divine
                                                           Please note that Father Costas will be visiting homes
                     Manifestation” because of the
                                                           according to the schedule below:
revelation that day of Christ’s true identity, along
with that of the Holy Trinity. On January 5th, we will
                                                           Tuesday        January 5     North Royalton
celebrate the Eve of the Feast day of Theophany with
                                                           Wednesday      January 6     Brecksville
a Vesperal Divine Liturgy followed by the Blessing of
                                                           Thursday       January 7     Seven Hills
the Waters. The Baptism of Christ in the River Jordan
                                                           Friday         January 8     Brunswick
on January 6th by St. John the Baptist presents us with
                                                           Saturday       January 9     Strongsville
a great mystery of God: “He who is the Master off all is
                                                           Monday         January 11    Parma (29)
baptized by a servant, and He gives mankind cleansing
                                                           Tuesday        January 12    Parma (34)
through water.” Many people also know this day as the
                                                           Wednesday      January 13    Parma (30)
Feast of “Enlightenment or Illumination (τα φώτα).”
                                                           Thursday       January 14    Independence
Λιγητ ισ ονε οφ τηε εαρτη’σ ρε αρκαβλε σθβστανψεσ.
                                                           Friday         January 15    Broadview Hts.
St. Basil the Great, in his profound work on the six
                                                           Saturday       January 16    Medina
days of creation, wrote that the marking of light was
                                                           Monday         January 18    Any other area
God’s first gift and blessing to mankind. It has been
                                                                                        not covered
said that man has polluted the air, the land, the seas,
but light cannot be defiled. As part of our Orthodox
Christian Tradition, we have our homes blessed
following these services.                                  Address
                                                           Zip Code
What is a House Blessing?
In celebration of Theophany, Orthodox Christians           Phone Number
invite Christ not only into their hearts, but also their
homes, and we call upon Him to bring the blessings         Please check one:            Morning
of the Jordan into our daily lives. We do this by                                       Afternoon
having the priest bless our homes with the Holy                                         Evening
water from the service of Theophany, offering prayers
for our health, our family and the Lord’s abundant
blessings in the coming year.

What do I need to do?
Consult the list below to find out when Father Costas                  EPHIPHANY SERVICES
will be visiting your area. Before the priest arrives at
your home for the blessing, prepare on a table an          EVE OF EPIPHANY             Tuesday, January 5th
icon, a bowl of water, a candle, a censor, and a list of       9:00 AM Vesperal Liturgy
names of all the Christians in your household. Please         10:30 AM Lesser Blessing of Water
note, when father arrives at your home, turn off the
TV set and radio, and have everyone stand in               EPIPHANY                     Wednesday, January 6th
reverence for the brief service. Everyone is welcome           8:30 AM Orthros
to participate in this service by singing the responses        9:30 AM Divine Liturgy
with Father Costas.                                           10:30 AM Great Blessing of Water
PAGE 14                                                                                         THE MESSENGER

               Philoptochos News                           To individual board members who have made a dif-
                                                           ference, we owe a debt of gratitude. To Evangeline
A NOTE FROM OUR REC. SEC., ANN ZAMPETIS                    Bozikis and her committee getting all the food dona-
Χρόνια Πολλά to everyone!! Best wishes for a               tions to the hunger center and for keeping us con-
health, peace-filled, joyous and productive New            nected to the Eastern Orthodox Women’s Guild; to
Year! A fresh, new start, with so much to look for-        Angela Christian making sure that all in need of a
ward to! We would like to thank everyone who sup-          little cheer, is mailed a card; to Rae Elliott who keeps
ported our Christmas Bake Sale, our “Breakfast with        us informed with all our meetings and events; to
St. Nick”, ( especially to Kathryn Tripodis and Renee      Eva Emanuel assuring that our Sunday coffee teams
Steffas for co-chairing this event and making it so suc-   are there to set up and to assist the families offering
cessful!). We thank all the ladies and guests who at-      the delicious pastries; to Presvytera Nicole for as-
tended the “JOLLY HOLIDAY PARTY” and enjoyed a             sisting Angela and making sure that we are aware
lovely evening of Christmas spirit while entertained       who needs our phone calls and our prayers; to
by the delightful, handsome teen sensation: Paris Gy-      Maribeth Lekas for getting Orthodox connect kits
parakis! We are also thankful for the generous dona-       (holy bibles, prayer books, etc.) to our college fresh-
tions made for Saint Basil’s Academy by our members        men, and for asking us to make baby blankets for
and guests that evening. We also want to thank our         the newly churched infants; to Mary Pagonakis and
local Daughters of Penelope Chapter for their gener-       her committee visiting the ill and the shut-ins and
ous donation of groceries for the North Royalton Hun-      taking care of our fundraising events; to Irene Pon-
ger Center. We are indeed blessed by a very loving,        tikos, who volunteers for as many committees as her
caring, and generous community here at St. Paul            personal life allows; to Elaine Poulos, who picks up
Church. Remember…….ALL OF YOU ARE THE                      all the loose ends by volunteering to take care of
BODY OF THE CHURCH OF ST PAUL. The struc-                  whatever needs a quick resolution and for starting
ture is here…..but YOU ALL BRING IT TO LIFE and            our meetings with a beautiful inspirational reading;
make it happen . God Bless each and everyone of            to Ruth Saridakis who keeps our closets supplied
you!!                                                      with all the items needed for our coffee socials; to
                                                           Sylvia Sfekas who does a great job balancing the
Some reminders for upcoming events for 2010 that we
                                                           books; to Ann Zampetis who is a great record
hope our ladies from St. Paul will join us for are:
                                                           keeper of meetings; to all the ladies who come to
Jan. 3:  VASILOPITA SUNDAY with a special tray             bake with us for the coffee social bakery or for our
         collection for St. Βasil’s Academy                bake sales who are too numerous to mention but
Jan. 12: WELCOME THE NEW YEAR Brunch Meet-                 from those on our board: Mersene Conomea, Julie
         ing at 10:45 AM at Flair Rest. Fr. James          Langos, Olympia Sarris, Pam Sitter; to Stephanie
         Doukas, from St. Demetrios will be our guest      Ocker and to Renee Steffas, who, although having
         speaker on the topic of: Philanthropy.            full time jobs assist us in every way they can. To
                                                           Father Costas, our spiritual adviser, we extend a
Apr. 10 : EPICUREAN FEAST here at the church.
                                                           great big thank you for his guidance, love, patience
Apr. 17 : DAFFODIL LUNCHEON in Pittsburgh,
                                                           and gentle hand in steering us in the right direction.
A NOTE FROM OUR PRESIDENT, TESSIE LEKAS                    Please add Philoptochos to your list of resolutions.
We wish each and everyone God’s blessings for the          You may contact any one of the ladies mentioned
new year. At the beginning of each year, with our          above to volunteer your time. Becoming a member
lives now settling down after the hectic days of the       or renewing your membership will also be greatly
holiday season, we make resolutions to bring into fo-      appreciated.
cus the changes we must make to better our own lives.
But we must not forget a resolution to improve the         Philoptochos participation is what the Bible tells us
lives of the less fortunate.                               in 1 Timothy, Chapter 6, verses 18-19: “Let them do
                                                           good that they be rich in good works, ready to give,
This past year, as in every year, the Philoptochos gov-    willing to share, storing up for themselves a good
erning board along with much assistance from               foundation for the time to come, that they may lay
its members has resolved to do everything possible to      hold on eternal life.”
improve the lives of those who have fallen on difficult
JANUARY 2010                                                                                              PAGE 15

              St. John the Baptist                         This holy relic was brought to Antioch by St. Luke, a
                                                           native of Syria, who caused to be erected a chapel
                      January 7                            dedicated o the memory of St. John, a not too preten-
                                                           tious edifice which attracted thousands of Christian
About two years before Jesus Christ began his mis-         pilgrims, many of whom received miraculous cures at
                        sion, John the Baptist, known      the site. For more than eight hundred years this site
                        as the “forerunner” of the         beckoned Christians from all corners of the Empire,
                        Messiah, appeared publicly in      including those from the great capital of Constantin-
                        a personal appeal for morality     ople, the seat of the Emperor Constantine of the house
                        which undoubtedly was in-          of the so-called Porphyrogenitoi. It was the emperor’s
                        strumental in setting the mood     fondest wish that all the holy relics of St. John be
                        for a reception of the Lord in a   brought to the capital city, there to be accessible to
                        world which otherwise might        many more thousands than in Antioch.
                        have been less responsive. It
                        was about the year 27, in the      A young deacon by the name of Job was assigned the
                        reign of Tiberius, that John       duty of carrying back to the center of the Byzantine
                        chose the rather hostile region    Empire the sacred relics of St. John the Baptist. With
                        of Judea, not far from the         an observance of the most solemn ceremony, a proces-
Dead Sea, as the scene of his campaign, in which he        sion headed by the emperor and the patriarch brought
employed a compelling oratory and the symbolic bap-        the holy remains to the magnificent Cathedral of
tism in preparation for the next world. Orthodoxy          Hagia Sophia, appropriately enough on September 14,
considers him to be an angel of the Lord, one who pre-     the day of the Elevation of the Holy Cross of Jesus
pared the way for Jesus Christ, acknowledging him as       Christ. The celebration lasted for several days, the
the Son of God, and one who died for the Savior.           time it took for countless thousands who streamed to
                                                           the cathedral to pay their respects and to pray at the
According to St. Luke, the “Glorious Physician,” St.       site of the sacred relic of one of Christendom’s mighti-
John the Baptist was a native of the city of Judah, the    est saints.
son of Zacharias and Elizabeth, both of whom were of
deeply religious lineage. The generation of St. John,      It was evident after many years that the most appro-
the first generation to know the grace and truth of Je-    priate site for the holy remains of St. John the Baptist
sus Christ, comprised a humanity that ranged from          was not in a public place where the sanctity was di-
wild paganism to holy asceticism. It was the aim of        minished in the babble of the crowds, however, pious,
the Baptist to bring all classes to know the nearness of   but that these relics should abide in the aura of com-
the Kingdom and the need for repentance as a prepa-        pletely ascetic surroundings. The relics were therefore
ration for admission. The drama of St. Paul’s meeting      transferred to the great monastery of Mount Athos, a
with Christ is equaled in solemnity with the meeting       cloister of hallowed monastic edifices among which is
of St. John the Baptist with Jesus, but it was the high    one called Dionysiou, chosen as the final resting place
honor of St. John to baptize the Son of God.               for the relics of St. John the Baptist, over which pious
                                                           monks stand vigil.
St. John is adequately referred to in the Bible, and
there is no Christian that does not know of his service    The monastic community of Mount Athos, virtually
and that he ultimately was imprisoned in the dun-          inaccessible on a precipitous promontory extending
geons of Machaerus and brutally murdered at the or-        twenty miles into the sea, is now open to all who
der of Herod Antipas. After his death there ensued a       would care to pray at the Chapel of Dionysiou, where
veneration that commenced with the recovery of part        reposes the right hand of St. John the Baptist, whose
of his remains in the early Byzantine era and endures      memory is commemorated on January 7, the day fol-
in Orthodoxy. According to Luke, the body of the           lowing that of the Lord’s baptism.
Baptist was buried in Sebastia in Samaria and cher-
ished as a shrine by the Samaritans who allowed St.
Luke to take with him the right had of the great Bap-                          Orthodox Saints (I)
                                                                                  George Poulos
tist.                                                                       Holy Cross Orthodox Press
PAGE 16                                                                                   THE MESSENGER

                                                                       SATURDAY OF SOULS

                                                       The Orthodox Church has designated certain days
                                                       of the year for special prayer services for the dead:
                                                       The Saturday before Meatfare Week and Cheesefare
                                                       Week and the Saturday before the first Sunday in
                                                       Lent. The Saturday prior to Pentecost is also a
                                                       Saturday of Souls.

                                                       Of these days, the Church remembers all the saints
                                                       and our deceased loves ones. Our church prays for
                                                       all the dead to express their faith that all who have
                                                       fallen asleep in the Lord live in the Lord. Whether
                                                       on earth or in heaven, the Church is a single family,
                                                       one body in Christ. Death changes the location, but
                                                       it cannot server the bond of love. On Memorial
                                                       Saturdays, the liturgical hymns pray universally for
                                                       all of the departed.

                                                       “With the saints, give rest oh Lord to the souls of
                                                       your servants, where there is no pain or suffering,
                                                       but life everlasting.” May their memory be eternal!

                                                       Prepare a tray of koliva and/or complete the section
                                                       below with FIRST NAMES ONLY and return it to
                                                       the church office.

                                                        February 6th      February 13th      February 20th

Y    es, I would like to help the church save money.
Please send the following items to me via email:

          Monthly Messenger

          Quarterly statements

          Letters and other correspondence


JANUARY 2010                                                                                                    PAGE 17

                                                  Stewardship Update
We began 2009 with 169 Stewards pledging $92,761 and finished the year with 407 Stewards who pledged
$222,687. The Stewardship Committee is happy to report that we are beginning 2010 with 239 Stewards who
have pledged $136,772! Thank you to everyone who has made a commitment to our parish and its ministries.
Without your support we could not offer the many programs available to our parishioners.

Below are the current 2010 stewards of our parish. Please call the church office if you feel your name was inad-
vertently not included on this list. Please note that these names and figures are as of December 11, 2009.

Agapetus, Sam                Cozzarin, Kathryn                Hazinakis, Nick                Laios, Alex J.
Alex, Angie                  Curley, Shaun & Catherine        Hoiseth, David & Michelle      Lamakos, Alice
Alex, Dean & Paula           Dadas, Erin                      Hourmouzis, Peter & Bess       Lavdas, Jason & Olga
Alex, Michael & Rose Ellen   Dadas, Gus & Helen               Hovanec, George & Cindy        Lavdas, Leon & Penny
Alex, Peter & Teddi          Dadas, Mike & Georgia            Iula, Christopher & Rhonee     Lekas, Stephen & Maribeth
Anastasakis, Pete & Theresa Dallas, Rocky & Rose              James, John & Theresa          Lekas, Tessie
Anastos, James              Daniels, Clara                    Javaras, William & Anne        Lekutis, George & Yvonne
Anastos, Mary                Daniels, John & Victoria         Johnson, Frank & Eleni         Lindemann, Ray & Vera
Asmis, Anthony & Peggy       Daniels, Scott                   Kadras, James & Stella         Linz, Joseph & Emerald
Asmis, George & Sandy        Daniels, Steve & Elaine          Kalina, Richard & Maria        Loizos, John & Estelle
Asmis, Nick & Tina           Daniels, Thomas & Ellen          Kaloger, Nicki                 Loizos, Michael & Sophia
Balis, Odess                 Delsander, Elizabeth             Kalucis, Chris & Sue           Loucas, George & Sandra
Barkoukis, Michael & Hope    Dimitris, Jim Z.                 Kalucis, John & Aristi         Louis, Loizos
Begam, James & Chrisanne     Downing, Jerod & Christina       Kanas, Mary                    Makiaris, James & Diane
Boukis, Kenneth & Packy      Dunn, Darren & Maria             Kantartzis, Elizabeth          Makris, Bessie
Boukis, Peter & Lauren       Eakman, Mark                     Kantartzis, James & Calliope   Mamais, Anthony
Boukis, Steve & Vaso         Economou, Jim & Despina          Karagiozis, Anthony & Gail     Maragos, Pete & Daniela
Bozikis, Pete & Evangeline   Elliott, George & Rae            Karas, Arthur & Susan          Marakas, Thalia
Callas, Dean & Betty         Emanuel, Eva                     Karas, Chris & Dea             Maropis, George & Helen
Callas, George & Athena      Emanuel, George A.               Karas, George & Judy           Marquardt, Eric & Daphne
Caloumenos, Athena           Evanich, Norman & Katherine      Karas, Sylvia                  Master, Mary
Cameron, David & Ellie       Faatuiese, Ergetti               Kargiotis, Evan & Minnie       Mastronicolas, Bill & Diane
Cappas, Domnichi             Fourmas, Thomas                  Katsaros, Nick & Connie        Mavros, Chris & Kathy
Cappas, Samuel & Elaine      Gaitanaros, Doula                Katzakis, Gus & Kimberley      Mazzeo, David & Debbie
Carlotta, Vickie             Gallagher, Georgia           &   Katzakis, Maria                McClatchey, Jay & Nitsa
Carvaines, John & Becky      Rodriquez, Manny                 Kavourias, Terry                 McClish, Robert & Tammy
Charnas, Gary & Athena       Geanneses, Antoinette            Keares, Rev. Fr. Costas & Nicole Mersinas, Marguerite
Choukalas, Peter             Gemelas, George & Sophia         Kiriazis, Phillip & Maureen      Moll, Bill & Becky
Cole, Thomas & Marilyn       Gianiotis, Mary                  Kiriazis, Samuel & Christine   Montemarano, James & Julie
Collaros, Mary               Gigis, Tom & Eva                 Knouff, Gary & Myra            Moraitis, Nicholas & Helen
Colovas, Anthone             Gilbride, Joseph & Valerie       Kokkas, Theodore & Joanna      Mount, Jonathan & Angela
Conomea, Mersene             Glyptis, Kety                    Kornelakis, John & Angeline    Moutsios, Louis
Contoveros, Paul & Karen     Goulandris, Angelo               Koutsoulias, Anastasia         Nackowiz, Robert & Elaine
Cook, Chris & Stacey         Goulis, Pete & Diane             Krokos, Gus & Caliope          Natsis, Arthur & Effie
Cooke, Albert & Elaine       Gregory, Jim & Connie            Krokos, John & Frances         Nichols, George & Annette
Cooke, Stephanie            Gugliotta, John & Eleni           Krokos, Mathew & Areti         Nickolas, Carrie
Corpas, Constantine & Molly Harris, Katherine                 Kucharski, Donald & Elena      Nikolaou, George & Kathy
Coundourides, Joyce         Hassel, Thomas & Martha           Kulwicki, Jason & Cathy        Ocker, Stephanie
PAGE 18                                                                                            THE MESSENGER
Overbaugh, Gregory & Lee       Shinas, George
Pagonakis, Joseph G.           Siamidis, John
                                                                           Stewardship Envelopes
Pagonakis, Mary                Sitter, Jim & Pam
                                                                Just as a reminder, you should have received your
Palkovic, Franklin & Marie     Smith, Kenneth & Demetra         2010 stewardship envelopes in the mail. Instead of
Papadopoulos, Soc. & Eftehia   Stamas, Michael & Nancy          receiving ONE BOX of envelopes for the entire year
Papanikolaou, Mike & Helen     Stamopoulos, Tony & Ann          at the beginning of each year, you will now receive
Pappas, Christopher & Tiffoni Stassis, Gus & Persi              by mail, every other month, envelopes for the next
Pateras, Barbara               Steffas, John & Diana            two upcoming months. So, six times a year you will
Pateras, Poppy                 Steffas, Nick & Renee            receive two months worth of envelopes in the mail
Paul, Harry                    Steffas, Tom & Jamie             at home. This new system will help us maintain
Paxitzis, Mary                 Stergiou, Petros & Mary          more current records in the office as new stewards
                                                                are added to our mailing, or as others move away
Payamgis, George & Jennifer    Steve, Paul & Mary
                                                                and they have no need for the envelopes anymore.
Pearl, Michael & Katherine     Sullivan, James & Karen
Perk, Kathleen                 Tartara, Michael & Connie        We ask that you please use these envelopes regu-
Perko, Annamari & Robert       Tartara, Tim & Fran              larly. If you cannot be in church on a given Sunday,
Petsas, George & Gail          Tetkowski, Conda                 or you miss a number of Sundays, please use the
Pimpas, Angelo & Mary Jo       Themelis, George & Elizabeth     enclosed self-addressed envelope to mail your stew-
Pistiolas, George & Maria      Theodore, George & Irene         ardship contribution to the office.
Pontikos, Bill & Irene         Theodorou, Christ & Kristine
Popadiuk, Mike & Elizabeth     Timms, Ronald & Barbara          May God bless you abundantly for your support.
Poulos, George                 Trakas, Peter & Kathy
                                                                                     ~ The Stewardship Committee
Poulos, Gust & Dorothy         Tripodis, Chris & Kathryn
Poulos, Nick & Chong           Tsesmelis, Efstathios & Asimo
Poulos, Philip                 Valantasis, Thomas & Rose
Psellas, John & Anna           Valente, Carl & Katherine
Pyros, Fannie                  Varouhas, Emmanuel & Olga
Raab, Lindsey                  Vasilakis, Constantine & Eleni
Rackas, John & Christine       Vasilakis, Joe & Roberta
Rahas, Dean & Lisa             Vasilakis, Mary
Rahas, Pete & Amber            Vedouras, John & Emily
Regan, Andrew & Maria          Vondrasek, Deanna
Rossi, Ernest & Betty          Vondrasek, Dennis & Diane
Salvo, Salvatore & Katina      Vourliotis, John
Sampson, Adam & Samantha       Wayda, Ken & Kathy
Saridakis, Betty               Wendland, Jean
Saridakis, George & Denise     Wendland, Thomas & Beth
Saridakis, Louise              Whitacre, Kyle & Maria
Saridakis, Manuel & Ruth       Wilson, Drew & Dena
Saridakis, Michael & Brenda    Yeager, Connor & Eva
Saris, Viola                   Zafirau, William & Kelly
Sarris, Mathew                 Zylko, Helen
Savas, Betty
Savas, Dennis & Mary
Sejka, Cynthia
Sfekas, Michael & Dorothy
Sfekas, Mike & Sylvia
Shamblin, Brian & Susan
JANUARY 2010                                                                                                          PAGE 19

                                                                    Starting off the New Year Right . . . An
                                                                          Appeal for Regular Worship
                 Etiquette Corner                                  The beginning of each New Year gives us the opportu-
                                                                   nity to make a new start in our spiritual life. What
     Some things you should know while attending an                better way to do this than to pledge ourselves to regu-
              Orthodox Christian Church                            lar Sunday worship?
In the Orthodox Christian Church, there are a lot of
customs and traditions that are important parts of our             There is a scene in the Bible that portrays four living
worship. Some are cultural; some are simply pious                  creatures (a lion, a calf, a man, an eagle) uttering this
customs. Some are essential; some are not. From time               prayer day and night without ceasing:
-to-time, we need to address some of these various                    “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty,
etiquette issues to inform our communities how we                     Who was and is and is to come!” (Revelation 4:8)
can best understand each other and work together to
worship the All-Holy Trinity.                                      The Orthodox Church has always emphasized wor-
                                                                   ship. Its rich hymnology reveals how much our fore-
                                                                   fathers and foremothers in the faith worshiped and
KISS (DON’T SHAKE) THE PRIEST’S AND                                prayed. We chant in our services, quoting the Psalm-
BISHOP’S HAND                                                      ist.
                                                                        “Lord, I cry out to you; make hast to me . . .
Did you know that the proper way to greet a priest or                   Hear my prayer, O Lord, give ear to my
bishop is asking his blessing and kiss his right hand?                  supplications!”
How do you do this? The traditional Orthodox man-
ner is to approach the priest or bishop with your right            The Scriptures urge Christians always to be praying to
hand over your left hand and, optionally, say “Father,             know God’s mercy. The Apostle Paul wrote (II Thes-
bless” (or in the case of hierarch, “Master, bless). This          salonians 5:16-18):
is much more appropriate and traditional in the
                                                                      “Rejoice always, Pray without ceasing
church sense than shaking their hand. After all, the
                                                                      In everything give thanks;
priest and bishop are not just “one of the boys.”
                                                                      For this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
When you kiss their hand you show respect for their
office and receive the blessing of Christ which they               Our Lord said it best when he was tempted by the
have been ordained by God to offer. Why even honor                 Devil at the beginning of his enlightened ministry:
their hand? They are the ones who “bless and sanc-
tify” us and who offer with their right hand the Holy                  “You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only
Gifts to us. Please also note: the clergy may also ex-             you shall serve.” (Matthew 4:10)
tend the traditional kiss of peace as mentioned in the
Bible (a kiss on each cheek), but this is not always               Through regular worship, God remains central in our
done and should only be after receiving the blessing.              hearts, His teaching, too, guides our behavior.

And on the subject of properly honoring the office                     “One does not live by bread alone, but by every word
(not just the person) of the priesthood or the episco-             that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)
pacy, please remember that outside the services, it is
always proper to stand up when the priest or bishop                These were the unforgettable words of Jesus when he
enters the room (such as in a meeting or other event).             overcame the temptations of Satan. As we make regu-
In doing so, we honor Christ, from Whom all priest-                lar worship a holy habit, we shall find divine inspira-
hood is received.                                                  tion to live in Christ.

                    ~Orthodox Christianity / On Church Etiquette      Let’s start the New Year in Church each Sunday!

                                                                                                               ~ Author unknown
PAGE 20                                                                                        THE MESSENGER

              GOD IS LIKE.........                                       Festival Update
A fifth grade teacher in a Christian school asked her   I hope all of you had a very happy and healthy Holi-
class to look at TV commercials and see if they could   day Season.
use them in some way to communicate ideas about
God. Here are some of the results:                      In my last correspondence I was a little too conserva-
                                                        tive in our final figures for the 2009 Grecian Festival.
BAYER ASPIRIN                                           Our total gross ended up at $233,000 and our net was
He works miracles.                                      $129,000. Both figures were the best that we have ever
                                                        accomplished. Every year for the last several years we
a FORD                                                  have always done better than the year before, so this
He's got a better idea.                                 year will be even a bigger challenge to do better.
                                                        Keep in mind that this is our biggest fundraiser that
COKE                                                    we have so it is important that every parishioner who
He's the real thing.                                    is able to come and help us does so that we can con-
                                                        tinue this success. The dates for this year’s festival are
                                                        July 15—18, 2010.
He cares enough to send His very best.
                                                        On April 19th we will start up the baking committee.
                                                        They will bake every Monday and Tuesday starting at
TIDE                                                    9:00 a.m. Every year we increase the amount of bak-
He gets the stains out that others leave behind.
                                                        ing that we do so we need more parishioners to come
                                                        and help us.
He brings good things to life.                          Also, if anyone has any pictures from last year’s festi-
                                                        val, please let me know since I am looking for new
SEARS                                                   pictures for our television commercials.
He has everything.
                                                        In closing, I want to wish every parishioner a very
ALKA-SELTZER                                            healthy and prosperous New Year!
Try him, you'll like Him.
                                                        God Bless,
SCOTCH TAPE                                             ~ John James
You can't see him, but you know He's there.

He's ready when you are.

You're in good hands with Him.

VO-5 Hair Spray
He holds through all kinds of weather.

Aren't you glad you have Him. Don't you wish every-
body did.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor ice will keep
                                                          JULY 15 - 18, 2010
Him from His appointed destination.
JANUARY 2010                                                                                      PAGE 21

                                                              ST. PAUL SENIOR FELLOWSHIP

                                                                              OUR “KAFENION”
   BOOKSTORE                                                               ATTENTION—
       A ministry of St. Paul Church
                                                         The last THURSDAY of every month at 2:00 pm
   Open every Sunday during coffee social
                                                         there will be a gathering of parishioners to
                                                         socialize and share. This gathering will take
   Many new items have been added! ! !
                                                         place in our St. Paul Hellenic Center.
   You will find gifts for everyone on your list. Gift   The intent is to promote “PHILOXENIA”. We
   Certificates are available if you are unsure of       can exercise our talking skills, game playing,
   what to buy for that special person.                  lecturing, video viewing, or whatever each of
                                                         you would like to participate in.
             Stop by and see us soon!
                                                         The number of people who are interested in
                                                         attending will determine the success of our
                                                         planned Kafenion each month.

                                                         The St. Paul Senior’s organizing committee
                                                         will provide coffee and donuts.
                              Have you notified us of
                              your recent move?          Keep the last Thursday of each month, as the
                              Please complete the        date to mark on your calendar!!!!
                              following form and
                              return it to the church    Should you have any questions, please feel
                              office.                    free to call:
                                                          Ted / Sophie Steffas      (440) 439-6780
                                                          Andy / Maria Regan        (440) 842-4331



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Two Trusted Names Serving the Greek Community and it’s                                                                                         “Fine Jewelry”
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                                          /DZUHQFH $ *HUYDVL 0' )$&6
´&UHDWLQJ      0DQDJLQJ :HDOWKµ               0DUWLQ $ .RVGURVN\ 0'
                                              7LP $ 6LGRU 0' )$&6
   ,5$ ‡ N 5ROORYHUV ‡ $QQXLWLHV        'DYLG 6 7XUN 0' )$&6
    $XWR ‡ +RPH ‡ 1RWDU\ ‡ 7D[ 3UHS         3HDUO 5G ‡ 0LGGOHEXUJ +WV 2+ 
  *(25*( $1$67$6$.,6
                              JANITORIAL & MAINT.
 1,&+2/$6 $1$67$6$.,6                            SERVICES
                             35 YRS. OF QUALITY SERVICE
                                               Andy & Nick Castros,
              STATE FARM
                                                                               67$7( 5' 3$50$
PHILIP J. VASILAKIS                                                          , DQG 67$7( 5' (;,7
OFFICE: (440) 885-3900                                                                              Samuel G Papandreas DDS MS
 6325 York Road, # 201                                                             9LVLW XV DW                  Diplomate American Board of Orthodontics
Parma Heights, OH 44130                                                          ZZZEDVLVWDFRP                            Specialist in
                                                                                                                 Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
                                                                                                                    Invisible System of Clear Aligners
               8158 Broadview Rd.
                 Broadview Hts
                                             UPHOLSTERY                                                                        Lingual Braces
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                      Three                   GREAT PRICES!                                            
 Restaurant, Lounge & Party Center       Call Gary 216-280-4230               3DXO 0 'RZG 2' )$$2
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LUNCH & DINNER SPECIALS DAILY                 G    W         D                   3DXO 6 +RUQLN 2'
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                                                                                5LGJH 5G 3DUPD
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                                                                             ‡ )5(( /DVLN &RQVXOWDWLRQ
                                                                             ‡ 2YHU  )UDPHV LQ 6WRFN
                                                                                                                      THIS SPACE IS
                                                                                0RVW LQVXUDQFH SODQV DFFHSWHG
                                                                              LQFOXGLQJ $QWKHP 0HGLFDUH 963

                                                                             5,> 7(;0,5;: >,3*64,

                                                                               LET US                                     ,1685$1&(
                                                                                                                         $*(1&< ,1&
                                                                             PLACE YOUR                                       5LGJH 5RDG
                                                                                                                           &OHYHODQG 2+ 
                                                                              AD HERE.                               3KRQH 
                                                                                                                  $QWKRQ\ - 6FKHSLV 3UHVLGHQW

                                               +DYH \RX H[SORUHG WKH ZRUOGV RI RSSRUWXQLW\
                                                   DZDLWLQJ WKRVH ZKR DGYHUWLVH ZLWK XV"
                                                      'LVFRYHU KRZ WR WDNH DGYDQWDJH
                                               RI WKLV FRVW HIIHFWLYH DGYHUWLVHPHQW VSDFH IRU
                                                                \RXU EXVLQHVV

             -2( 3257(5 H[W 
                  DW /3L WRGD\
                                                           NON-PROFIT ORG
                 4548 Wallings Road                         Permit No. 2913
                 North Royalton, OH 44133-3121             CLEVELAND, OHIO

                 Address Service Requested

The Staff of “Come Receive The Light” is made up
of volunteers from Orthodox Christian Churches
that are both Local and National. Together, they
make a comprehensive mix of professionals who
bring a wide range of expertise to the program,
with the backgrounds in everything from broad-
casting, computer technology and audio/video
production to investment banking, real estate and
journalism. Each staff member brings his or her
own unique and individual talent to the mix that
is our radio ministry.

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