Rice for Health Benefits

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					                    Rice for Health Benefits
1. Source of great energy. Rice contains many carbohydrates that act as fuel for the
                  body and helps in normal functioning of the brain.

    2. Cholesterol-free. Eating rice is very good for health, because the rice does not
   contain harmful fats, ie cholesterol or sodium. Rice became one part of a balanced

      3. Rich in vitamins. Rice contains many vitamins and minerals such as niacin,
                 vitamin D, calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine, and riboflavin.

    4. Many contain resistant starch. Rice contains resistant starch, which will go into
    the intestine in an undigested form. That will help the growth of useful bacteria in
                                          the gut.

4. Reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Rice does not contain lots of sodium, and is
      considered the best food for those suffering from high blood pressure and

5. Prevent cancer. Whole grain rice such as brown rice that contains a lot of insoluble
fiber that may protect you from many types of cancer. Many researchers believe that
       insoluble fiber is important in protecting the body from cell-cell cancer.

  6. Treat dysentery. Part of the rice husk is considered as an effective medicine for
treating dysentery. Rice husk which is three months old contain diuretic properties.
The Chinese believe that rice is thought to increase appetite, cure stomach aches and
                                  digestive problems.

7. Caring for the skin. Medical experts say that the rice flour can be used to cure some
     types of skin diseases. In the region of India, rice water is used by ayurvedic
        practitioners as an effective medicine to cool the burned skin surface.

 8. Preventing Alzheimer's Disease. Brown rice contains a neurotransmitter that can
                           prevent Alzheimer's disease.

 9. Strengthen the heart. Rice bran oil has antioxidant capabilities that can strengthen
                 the heart by reducing cholesterol levels in the body.

10. Prevent constipation. Insoluble fiber contained in the rice will act as a soft sponge
                  to push food through the bowel easily and quickly

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