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									                           Humanely Speaking
   H I N S D A L E                  H U M A N E         S O C I E T Y              /    S U M M E R                 2 0 0 8

Director’s Desk                               Hinsdale Central Senior Researches Animal Rights
“The greatness of a nation and its moral      And Puppy Mills
progress can be judged by the way its
animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi          It is not uncommon to find Liz Lewis at the Hinsdale Humane Society or visit-
                                              ing area pet stores. Her love of dogs is apparent and heartfelt. So, when Liz
A few weeks ago, I sat on a chair and         fell in love with an adorable Maltese/ King Charles Spaniel mix puppy at an
held a 4 week old puppy while she was         area pet shop, her mother was not surprised.
having her nails trimmed. It was a magi-
cal moment…so warm and snuggly and            After several visits, the family decided it
absolutely adorable. Five puppies were        was the right time to bring a new pet into
visiting the shelter with their canine        the family. However, what started out as a
mother and human foster parents, the          simple search for the ideal puppy, ended up
Townsend family. Candy had been res-          as a life lesson in animal rights. All dogs are
cued from Animal Care and Control in          not created equally.
All of us - the staff at HHS, the foster      What the family learned is that many of
parents, the veterinarian, the donors who     those adorable and irresistible puppies in the
support our mission and the eventual          pet store window have come from very
adoptive families - play a part in saving     rough and cruel beginnings.                       Liz Lewis with Cooper
these animals from an uncertain life or
death on the streets. And I thought to        The journey of discovery began when Liz chose the topic of Puppy Mills for her
myself, “Wow! I get PAID to do this!”         research paper in a senior honors English course at Hinsdale Central High
                                              School. Liz, a 2008 graduate, worked with Hinsdale Humane Society’s staff
                                              member, Jill Schuch. Each student was required to select a “project mentor” to
                                              assist them in the field of study and topic chosen. “Jill was an amazing resource.
                                              She directed me to information on rescue groups, puppy mill sites, and legal
                                              issues,” shared Liz.

                                              “When I began this project, I had no idea
                                              that puppy mills existed. I was shocked!”         “If I can make people
                                              stated Lewis. Large scale operations or           think twice, I will have
                                              “puppy mills” are breeding dogs for resale
                                              to commercial pet stores and the pet market.
                                                                                                made a difference.”
                                              It is estimated that there are as many as ten
                                              thousand puppy mills across the United                                    - Liz Lewis
     Lori Halligan, HHS Executive Director
          and her toy poodle, Chandra         What most people don’t know is that the animals at these for-profit breeding
I’ve been at HHS for 3 months now as          operations suffer abuse, physical stress, lack of sufficient food, water, and vet-
your Executive Director and I’m very          erinary care. They often live in filthy conditions that foster disease, and spend
excited to be here! Every day is different,   their entire lives in small confined cages.
but each day I experience heart-warming
stories like Candy and her puppies to re-     Because a puppy mill is a business, the facility is designed purely for profit with
mind me that Hinsdale Humane Society          no care or concern for comfort or the well-being of the animals. When the
makes a difference in the lives of animals.   breeding animals are no longer fertile, they are often killed, abandoned or sold
I absolutely believe in the philosophy if     to another mill. The puppies are the lucky ones. Although they make it out of
you love what you do, you can achieve         the mills, they commonly have problems.
great things.          continued on page 9                                                                   continued on page 9

        GOOD NEWS!                                             PAW S F O R A P P L A U S E
    LaGrange Pet Parade & 4th of
    July Parade, Hinsdale
    A special thanks to the volunteers and         A big thank you for the generous       To those who organized special
    staff who represented HHS in the               donations from our local area scout-   projects and donated the proceeds:
    62nd Annual LaGrange Pet Parade on             ing troops: to Kathy Hanly,            Courtney Kramer for her donations
    Saturday, May 31st and at the 4th of           Brownie Troop #188, and to Traci       made from proceeds of her church
    July Parade in Hinsdale. It’s great to         Senica , Girl Scout Troop #1324 ,      service project, to Stephanie Sim-
    be a part of the communities!                  for donating the proceeds from their   mons and the Kids Care Club
                                                   cookie sales. And, congratulations     At Oak School for donating the pro-
                                                   to the girls in Brownie Troop          ceeds from a carnation sale, and to
                                                   #1948, who earned their “Tour &        Claudia Moffet for hosting a Cinco
                                                   Try-it” badges and donated shelter     de Mayo party and collecting cat
                                                   supplies, pet food, treats and toys.   food and cash donations for HHS.

                                                   Special thanks to those children       A special thanks to the Theatre of
                                                   who celebrated birthdays and           the Highlands in La Grange for
                                                   made donations to our shelter ani-     inviting HHS to set up an informa-
           HHS volunteers enjoy the                mals: Calvin and Caroline Westrick,    tion booth at their recent perform-
          Hinsdale 4th of July Parade              Chip Hafner, Britt Hallenberg, Ka-     ance of the musical CATS. The
                                                   tie Sluman, Margaret Parks, De-        theatre group gave their patrons the
    Vern Goers adds up - $1275!                    laney Mahon, Mimi Bliley, Libby        opportunity to donate to Hinsdale
    Thanks to everyone who participated            Trofa; to Austin Cerry and Michael     Humane Society. HHS received over
    in the Spring Vern Goers Shop and              Gee; and to Meghan Jones. Happy        $500 in donations!
    Share. The record breaking total               Birthday!
    sales added up to $1275 in proceeds
    for HHS! Vern Goers has been a                 A big thanks all those who donated     “No act of kindness, no
    generous friend to us here at HHS.             the proceeds from lemonade
    And, remember to use your coupons              stands: to Audrey Pound, Katie         matter how small, is ever
    during our shop and share days. It             Swade, Maja Vosie, Sophie Sim-         wasted.”
    does really add up!                            mons, Hannah Eichelman, Paige
                                                   and Peyton Pielet; to Katerine
                                                                                                          - Aesop
                                                   Seikel, Muireann & Kari Carmody,
                                                   Meaghan Lowery; to Madeline and
                                                                                          Thank you to the residents at
                                                   Grace Van Houtte, Denise, Lucy,
                                                                                          ManorCare Hinsdale for donating
                                                   and Sarah Fischer; Gianna and
                                                                                          the proceeds from their recent book
                                                   Olivia Spiega, Jenny Saviski; Olivia
                                                                                          fair. The residents enjoy our
                                                   Zosky; and Ryan Hammond.
                                                                                          monthly Pet-a-Pet visits and wanted
                                                                                          to help HHS in return .
                                                   A very heartfelt thanks goes out to
                                                   Karen Szoke, Todd Levy and the
                                                                                          A big thank you to those donating
                                                   4th and 5th grade students at
     HHS volunteers Maxine Mar, with Cirrus and                                           from the heart: Megan and Ashley
      Chase Lotfi help out at Uniquely Thursdays   Western Trails Elementary
                                                                                          Varchetto for donating their piggy
                                                   School for donating the proceeds
    Many thanks to our volunteers who                                                     bank money, and to Nicholas and
                                                   from their student council bake sale
    have represented HHS at our summer                                                    Jacob Ryba for donating their allow-
                                                   and candy cane sale.
    festivals, events, and tag days.                                                      ances that they gave up for lent to
    Uniquely Thursdays, Throw the Disk                                                    help our animals, and for donations
                                                   Kudos to our generous HHS vol-
    for Jordan Crist, the 4th of July Pa-                                                 from Teri Koebel.
                                                   unteers for their recent donations:
    rade, and Egg Harbor Café were just            Elysee Quealy for donating hand-
    a few of the places that HHS partici-          made bandanas and dog toys for Pet     If your or you group would like to
    pated recently. We love being out in           Walk, to Ky Scanlon for her dona-      make a donation, call the shelter at
    the community, sharing information             tion of a paper shredder, and to Kim   630-323-5630 or go to our website
    about our great programs, services             Bandusky for donating a newer and
    and, of course, showing off our won-           model Polaroid camera and film.        check out “Wish List.”
    derful shelter dogs, and HHS alums

Hinsdale Alum - A Tale of Inspiration                                                             Two Paws Up!
Perhaps you’ve thought of writing a book. It’s a dream that many of us consider,             ...To the Kids Care Program at
but few actually take pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and finally accomplish           Lane School in Hinsdale who
the task… let alone actually get published.                                                  hosted a "Pennies for Paws" penny
                                                                                             drive during the month of April.
Long time HHS supporter, Vie Dennhardt penned “The Lord the God of Israel is                 They collected and donated $1,550
Real” in 2004. It was a long, arduous process that had many starts and stops                 (in pennies!) to the Hinsdale Hu-
along the way. “Those who heard our stories begged us to put them in a book,”                mane Society. We thank you! A
stated Dennhardt. The book, published by Elderberry Press, is a memoir of spiri-             special congrats to the first grade
tual growth. In spite of the heartache of losing her daughter Sandy to cancer, Vie           class for collecting the most pennies
sees miracles in answered prayers and she sees divine direction in what some                 and to Jill Biegansky, Kids Care
people may consider coincidences.                                                            Volunteer Leader.

           “If we were millionaires, we could not repay
             you for all the joy our four pets gave us”
                                     - Vie Dennhardt

One such coincidence is related in the chapter Tale of Three Poodles. “When we
left the hospital, the road did a little winding and took us directly in front of
(Hinsdale) Humane Society.” As a result, the Dennhardt family adopted a pure-
bred poodle, Candy-Colette from HHS.
                                                                                             “Pennies for Paws” Campaign raises $1,550!
                                                                                                 The Lane School 1st grade classroom
                                     Over the years, they went on to adopt Foxie-Roxie,              with teacher Barbara Dawes
                                    another poodle, and Molly and Hi-Heidi, a mother-
                                    daughter pair of Malteses. In a letter to Hinsdale Hu-
                                    mane Society, Vie wrote, “If we were millionaires,       ...To the students from Hinsdale
                                    we could not repay you for the joy these four gave       Central and Hinsdale South High
                                    us.” Vie hopes that her book will encourage others to    Schools for choosing HHS as one of
                                    trust and to serve.                                      the organizations to receive funds
                                                                                             from their annual fundraiser the “24
                                  Although the Dennhardts have retired and moved to          Hour Relay Challenge.” The stu-
                                  Arizona, they continue to support Hinsdale Humane          dents collected and donated $3000
                                  Society, most recently by making a bequest. HHS is         to Hinsdale Humane Society!
                                  grateful for the planned giving remembrance and we
                                  are glad to have played a small part in the joy they
Molly and Hi-Heidi wait for Sandy nurtured in their sweet, wonderful girls.
to arrive home from her work day.

Planned Giving
Gifts received through wills, trusts, and planned giving are the financial founda-
tion that makes possible the many programs the Society offers for both people and
animals. Make a difference today and tomorrow for animals in need by making
a planned gift. Friends who include us in planned giving enjoy the quiet satisfac-
tion of helping us continue to provide for future generations.

There are a variety of planned giving options available that allow you to contrib-
ute money to charitable organizations, like HHS, while realizing substantial tax
                                                                                                 Ken Beard with HHS kitten, Sam
breaks. And, you will be leaving a legacy that will help our shelter animals for
years to come.                                                                               ...To Ken Beard and Midwest
                                                                                             Mechanical for the very generous
Bequests, gifts of retirement plans and securities, and charitable gift remainder            donation of the parts and labor for
trusts are a few examples of planned giving options. If you are interested in learn-         the new ventilation system of the
ing more about these programs and more, call 630-323-5630 x11. Or visit our                  kitten room. The improved condi-
website at and download our newest planned                     tion of the air at HHS is a blessing to
giving brochure. You can also download sample bequest language to help in the                our animals and employees.
creation of your will.
                                Pet Walk 2008 “A Record Breaking Success!”
    F u n a t Pe t Walk ’08 !   All numbers point to success as we measure the results of our largest fund-
                                raiser of the year. Pet Walk 2008 drew record crowds and to date, we have
                                raised approximately $50,000! Our guests enjoyed the new additions of
                                the Pet Walk food court, our entertainment stage, announcing from Master
                                of Ceremonies Rob Johnson, CBS –2, K-9 Police demo, and more. Pet
                                Walk guests also enjoyed the first beautiful sunny day of the year and all the
                                Pet Walk activities and entertainment including the Pet Mall, petting zoo &
                                pony rides, dog demo’s, carnival games for dogs, and pet intuitive.
                                Thanks to all those who attended, volunteered, sponsored, donated a raffle
                                prize, and pledged money to Pet Walk 2008. We are truly fortunate to have
                                such wonderful and generous supporters, volunteers, and friends. Our 19th
                                Annual Pet Walk fundraiser is a success directly due to this support. On
                                behalf of the Hinsdale Humane Society, we say a big “THANK YOU!”

                                   Thanks to the “Fabulous Five” who Raised Top Dollars
                                      for Hinsdale Humane Society’s Pet Walk 2008!
                                     The following individuals collected top dollars for Pet Walk 2008
                                             and were awarded exciting prizes for their efforts:
                                            1.   Dr. Bishop, WillowGrove Pet Clinic, Willowbrook
                                            2.   Carol Petrasek, LaGrange
                                            3.   Laura Donohue, Glen Ellyn
                                            4.   Pat Kerber, LaGrange Park
                                            5.   Martin & Ann Pennino, Willowbrook

                                      Thanks to our Generous Pet Walk 2008 Sponsors!
                                 Grand Champion                            Media Sponsors
                                 Hinsdale Animal Cemetery                  Newspapers:
                                 The Velvet Touch, LTD                       Liberty Suburban Life
                                 Allstate Insurance Company,                The Doings Newspapers
                                  Madeline LoPresti Agency, Ltd             The Hinsdalean
                                 WillowGrove Pet Clinic                    Television
                                 Whole Foods Market                         CBS 2 News - Rob Johnson
                                 Belle Aire Kennels
                                                                           Trend Setters
                                 Best of Show                              Adolf Funeral Home
                                 Shirey Cadillac, Oak Lawn                 Arboretum View Animal
                                 The St. Francis Group                       Hospital
                                 Burr Ridge Village Center                 Bella Costa Jewelers
                                 Top Dog                                   Brush Hill Realtors
                                 Hinsdale Bank & Trust                     ‘Busters for Pets’
                                 CoCo Key Water Resort                     Darien Animal Clinic
                                 Paws in Paradise                          DeVries Animal Hospital
                                 Elmhurst Animal Care Center               Furr & Feathers Pet Care
                                 The Barker Shop                           KCI Designs, Inc.
                                 Kwik Kopy                                 Kramer Foods
                                 Cat’s Meow                                LaVergne Gozdiak
                                 UBS Financial Service, Inc.               Mavco Insurance
                                 Harris Bank, Hinsdale                     Merrick Animal Hospital
                                 Aldo Botti & Delongis, Ltd.               Nina Haas
                                 Corey Steel Company                       Roudebush Realtors, Inc.
                                 DuPage National Bank, Hinsdale            Viking Travel
4                                Scott’s Pet Shop
                                            IN HONOR AND MEMORY
The following list reflects the generous response of our supporters as of June 30, 2008

In Memory of Pets                         Demi and Shadow by the Tvrdik Family, Brent Ross and A.T Kearney
                                          Harriet and Don Edwards               Beatrice Pniewski by Stanley Pniewski,
Sage by Roseann Pickering                 Mr. Hobbs by Thomas and Nancy On-     Rob and Lane Bresticker, Mary Jean and
Buddy by Ann McLaren                      drus                                  Gary Knapik, Alec and Joanne
Zipper by Nancy and Peter Tullsen         Emmo Jarka by William G. Chalifoux    Schwartz, Helen and M.L. Pachay,
Freckles by Patricia and John Foster      Fuzzy by Jennifer Voss                Sharon and Joseph Kryszak
Wrigley by the Kayser Family                                                    Barbara R. Mackay by Thomas M. Mac-
Murphy by the Kayser Family                                                     kay
Molly by Jan and Jeff Kitz                                                      Harry C. Juerke by Beverly Garside
Cagnie by Val Medina                                                            Lorraine Haywood by Robert and Jean
Ebony by Edward and Jacqueline                                                  Schwier
Schaefer                                                                        Suzanne Miller by Carol Natke, Melody
Bailey by Bruce and Valerie Reid                                                and Micheal Jobgen, James Kempfer
Jablonski                                                                       and Susan Van Ordstrand, Jane Francis,
Tyler by Brian and Courtney Hadden                                              Laurel and Kenneth Karlo, James and
Scout by Anne Glaser                                                            Patricia Dejmek, Scott and Andrea Kohl,
Arlo by Lisa Grant and Peter With                                               Thomas Brierton and Susan Zinner,
Tobi by Bruno and Barbara Gacek                                                 Beverly and Barry Cichanski, Mickie
Dooley by Kathryn and Ralph Transue                 In Memory of Bailey         and Bob Reichl, John and Ann Short,
Hornet by The Holinger Family                                                   Kronos Northeast Healthcare Manage-
Angel and Mickey by Lillian Dick        Rocky III by Sadie and Gretchen         ment Team
Murphy West by Robin and Kevin          Townsend                                Robert Anderson and Vickie Brautigam
McGrath                                 Augie by Kearin, Jane, Lea and Monica Margaris by Marilyn Anderson
Cochise by Joe and Vida                 Smirniotis                              Pat Isaacson by Libby Link and Family
Bandit by Sue Giannosa                  Mac by Lorraine and John Considine      John Volk by Dolores Geletka, Linda
Jack by Mike and Mary Ohm               Roxanne by Gilbert B. Norman            Keating, Elizabeth, Vicki and Judith
Bubba by The Griffens                   Choo Choo by Susan Salak                Haddon, Joseph Skowronski
Sammy by Jeffrey Jens and Ann                                                   John and Pauline Volk by Linda Keating
Boisclair                               In Memory of People                     William Belli by Ed and Candy Smith,
Sweetie by Susan, Jim and Vanessa Gall Priska Nelson by Debbie, Barbara and     Heather Sidman, Paul and Barb Cart-
Peng by The Gall Family                 David Dixon                             wright
Jake by Diana Aldridge                  Dan Carlisle by Reka Bodoni, Mr. and John F. Rozner by Bev and Henry Grey,
Pearl by Veronica Gaber                 Mrs. Dan Buonamici, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ed and Susan Apel, Paul and Vlasta
Maud by Ross Anderson                   Campbell, Mike Hope, Mr. and Mrs.       Maly, Nancy Pindiak, The Augustines,
Bits by Mike and Carol Klucina          Dave Kohlsaat, Mr. Fred Marek, Mr.      Irvin and Sandra Triner, Elizabeth Letti-
Cocoa by Mike and Carol Klucina         and Mrs. Thomas McCarthy, Mr. and       eri, Colette and Joseph Tijan, Sharlene
Smokey by the Mehler Family             Mrs. Lawrence Poro, The Rossnagel       and Vernon Jantz, Charles and Marcella
Pager by Carol Kubanda                  Family, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tarasiuk,      Kalensky, Lynette Kavan, Tina Norris
Droopy by Craig and Maria Wlosinski     Mark Hupe, Jim and Judy Bolin, Susan and Brian Tijan, Barbara Bailey, Linda
Bijou by Suzanne Tryba                  and Michael Dudek, Rich and Jane Mor- Bauer, Sharon Toberman, ASN Inc.,
Banner by Teri McArdle                  ency, Peter and Kathryn Drinan, James Bruce and Joan Chambers, Janet Licci-
Jeffrey by The Forbes                   and Christine Sturino                   ardi, David and Emily Hewitt, Susan
Misty by Joel and Christine Perrino     Blanche Krofta by Lete Broz, Dave and Husch, Nancy and Anthony Parkinson,
Booker by Joann McCambridge             Georgian Kopach                         Mary and Charles Lichtenauer, Jerry
Daisy by Becky Campbell                 Barbara Bruns by Shirley Nielsen, Elea- Hnetynka
Emma by Jim and Florrie Tuthill, The    nor and Richard Freeman, Helen Park-    Doris Osmond by Gail and Bob
Muir Family                             erson, Diana Aldridge, Evelyn Meyer,    Mahaney, Lisa DiMarco, Robert and
Sparky by Kim Hagedorn                  Clarence and Jean Kadow                 Mary Ryan Buddig, Russell Evans,
Othello by James LaPointe               Linda LaBarge by Jeffrey and Paula      Jeanette Hilsabeck, Rick Hilsabeck,
Bastet by Kathy Dieskow                 Fabri-Morrow, Sharon Olsen, Lisa and    Kathleen Kilianek, Paulette Nelson,
Bear by the Gall Family                 Daniel Cosgrove, Aimee Hucek,           Betty and Bill Trescott, Ross C. Ander-
Max by Lucy Redding                     Stephen and Laurie Laga, Josephine and son, John and Donna Coffey, Jane
Sniffles, Harley, Midnight and Dingy by Richard Rogan                           Beaty, Joe Tiberi, George Anne Verner,
The Madej Family                        Joanne Pouba by Sara Anschuetz, Ann Geoffrey Anderson, The Rickey Family,
                                        Morris, Lea Reising and Family,         Nancy Bassett, Kenneth Koranda

In Memory of People (continued)        Mrs. Sorce by Jenn Asokumar
                                       Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Spinazola, Mrs.                In Memory:
Mary Kolar by Joe and Jan Augustine    Kearney by Grace Cole
Ruth Moffet by Robert and Karen Gard- Austin Cerny by Andy Weil                         Lynne Cooper Harvey
ner, Pat and Leon Ivanauski, Carol     Michael Gee by Andy Weil
Nash, Charles Baker, Reitz Family,     Corinne Smith’s Confirmation by the              Lynne Cooper Harvey will be re-
Mary Tomaso, Robert Joseph Baker       Reidys                                           membered by many, including the
Barbara Moore by Joe and Jan           June Heyer’s Birthday by Marilynn                Hinsdale Humane Society. She has
Augustine                              Pavlik                                           left a legacy for future generations.
Pamela Wilson by June Dobbins, Olga Stephanie Spitzer’s Birthday by Elise
Kuczeryn, Jacquie Hirt, Patti Buchwal- Glaser                                           The wife of radio legend Paul Har-
ter, Cheryl Agnew, Tressa Cook, Jackie Olivia the Birthday Girl by a Friend             vey, Lynne Cooper Harvey was
Porter, Julie Shepard, Virginia Baez,                                                   known for her enthusiasm for life
Susan Hare, Joanna Elia, Tina Gray,    In Honor of Pets                                 and her love and compassion for
Terry Gibson, Kelly McDaniel, TPC      Frankie by Calie Henrickson                      everyone, human and animals in-
Wire & Cable a division of Premier     Duffy by Tim Anderson                            cluded.
Farnell LLC                            Fritzie by Bruno and Barbara Gacek
Dwight David Garside by Beverly Gar- Tucker’s First Birthday by Denise,                 Lynne’s career in radio included
side                                   Lucy and Sarah Fischer                           positions as director, writer and
Beverly Baran by Richard and Sylvia    Simba and Nyla by Joel and Chrstine              editor, and producer of her hus-
Gintz                                  Perrino                                          band's famous radio program.
Marjorie Burtker by John Burtker       Honey by Eric and Jean Kamruth
Barbara Fryburg by Jean and Joe                                                         She also served on numerous chari-
Tomko                                                                                   table boards, including Prevent
Olive Cuttica by Elisabeth Campbell                                                     Child Abuse America, the USO, the
Mike Kvasnicka by Helen Kolacki           A  tribute or memorial gift to HHS            Illinois Mental Health Association,
Barbara Kemmerling by Phyllis J.        is a meaningful way to remember a               and the Joffrey Ballet.
Sloan, Lori Sandvig                     special person, occasion, or devoted
Patricia Isaacson by the Kurt Kufner    pet.                                            Lynne was also an enthusiastic con-
Family                                                                                  tributor to various animal welfare
Vladimir Suchy by Patricia Delucia and    W  e will send an acknowledgment              groups. Mrs. Harvey’s love and
Kimberly Wake                           card to the recipient of your gift in           compassion made a significant dif-
Lorraine Dieskow by Judy Porta, Oak     their honor or memory and include               ference for many organizations,
Forest High School Faculty Associa-     the tribute in our quarterly                    including the Hinsdale Humane
tion, Debra Brown, Cecilia Murnighan,   newsletter.                                     Society.
Lillian Walsh, Charles and Suzanne
Schmidt, Sally Brown                      For more information call us at               Because of the generous support of
                                                                                        the Lynne Cooper Harvey Founda-
Bill and Lorraine Dieskow by Sandra     630-323-5630 or go to our website
Chaba                                                                                   tion, we have been able to continue
Angelo Leodoro Jr. by Troy and Julie                                                    our core mission of caring for
                                        download a memorial/tribute form.
Brethauer, Jan Konn                                                                     homeless animals and uniting pets
Irvin Triner by the Rozner Family                                                       with loving families through our
Dr. V.J. Suchy by Carlton Whitehead
                                       In Memory:                                       adoption process.
Lillian Pasquini by Lois Carlson and   Carla Fisher
                                                                                        “We have used past donations to
Family                                 Loyal friend and benefactor of HHS,              fund humane education to encour-
John Murphy by Charles and Mildred     who held our homeless animals in high-           age the compassionate treatment of
Berg                                   est regard. The words wonderful, gen-            animals to prevent their suffering
                                          erous, kind and caring come to mind           and neglect,” shared Lori Halligan,
In Honor of People                        when remembering our departed friend.         Hinsdale Humane Society’s Execu-
Henry Bergh by the Chapel Service
                                                                                        tive Director.
Children of the Unitarian Church of       Carla taught our obedience class for
Hinsdale                                  many years. She passed on May 9,              What a wonderful legacy Lynne
Tom, Jerry and Lucy by Lori Tomaszek      2006.                                         Cooper Harvey has left behind for
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stimac’s 50th Wed-                                                  future generations!
ding Anniversary by JoMae White           The Hinsdale Humane Society grate-
Milt and Vera Hanzlik by Stephen and      fully acknowledges a very generous gift       If you would like to learn more about
Sandy Ruby                                from her estate. Carla cherished her pet     Planned Giving call 630-323-5630 x11
Natalie Zajeski’s 13th Birthday by Alex   Rudy and we valued her compassion                    or go to our website at
Ritter                                    and service to the animals at our shelter. and
                                          She is greatly missed by all.                download a Planned Giving Brochure.

Happy “55th” Birthday to HHS!
                                  Help us celebrate “55” years of helping
                                  animals and people!

                                  WE’RE BEGGING FOR YOUR HELP...
                                  to make our annual birthday drawing a

                                  Purchase a Birthday Bone and you could be a
                                  winner! Only 1,000 bones will be sold at $15
                                  each. If all are sold we will raise $15,000!
                                  60% or $9000 to HHS, the remaining 40% or
                                  $6000 will be divided into 4 prizes. *

                                  Drawing Monday, September 15, 2008

                                  Please fill out Birthday Bone form below and mail with check
                                  to: Hinsdale Humane Society, 22 N. Elm Street, Hinsdale, IL.
                                  60521. Additional forms are available at the shelter or on our
                                  website For more informa-
                                  tion, call 630-323-5630 x17

                                   Must be received by Sept. 8, 2008. No purchase necessary to win.
                                  * Prizes will be awarded proportionate to the total number of bones sold .

      HHS Birthday Bone                                 Name:___________________
     Limited 60/40 Drawing                              Address:__________________
            to benefit the
       Hinsdale Humane Society
  Drawing Monday, September 15, 2008
        Winner need not be present to win                           $15.00 per ticket

Hinsdale Humane Society - Summer Interns                             Mr. Mew’s Wild Journey -
                                                                                  ....An adoption adventure!
Congratulations to Alison Kiolbasa who was awarded the
Hinsdale Humane Society’s Dr. Robert Reschke 2008 Sum-                Mr. Mew had a rather unconventional arrival to HHS. He
mer Internship. The program is available to qualified col-          was found wandering, lost and alone on the streets and was
lege students interested in veterinary medicine or the bio-         brought to the shelter after hours by the police department
logical sciences. “It is a popular program as students gain         with the hope of reuniting him with his family. Upon the
hands-on real work experience in the field of their major,”         officer’s entry to the shelter, though, the handle on the car-
shared Jennifer Vlazny, HHS Operations Manager.                     rier containing the cat broke. As it hit the floor, the door
                                                                    swung open, allowing the cat to escape. Finding himself
And, a special congratulations to Kristin Tvrdik , our Dr.          suddenly loose in a kennel full of barking dogs was under-
Robert Reschke ‘05 Summer Intern. Kristin has been                  standably quite traumatizing, and he quickly headed for
accepted at Iowa State University into the College of Veteri-       higher ground- up into the ceiling rafters. All our attempts
nary Medicine and starts this fall as a first year vet student.     to capture him initially (or even spot him!) proved futile.

                                       “I love working with           After three days, he came down in the dark of night while
                                       rescue groups and hope       the dogs were sleeping to eat the food we left for him in a
                                       to pursue work in this       humane trap. In spite of his traumatic first few days at
                                       area.” shared Kristin.       HHS, he readily adapted to the shelter environment and
                                                                    quickly came up for adoption.
                                       Alison is graduate of          When Bill and Charlotte Mehuron lost their elderly cat,
                                       Hinsdale South High          Katie, they decided they wanted another cat right away.
                                       School and a sophomore       Since Katie was an HHS alum, of course they returned to
                                       at the University of Illi-   find another feline to love. They came into the shelter dur-
Alison Kiolbasa, & Kristin Tvrdik
                                       nois, Champaign cam-         ing Adopt a Cat month when we were overrun with felines.
HHS Dr. Robert Rescke Summer Interns   pus. She is an Animal        The cat condos were full, and temporary cages had to be set
                                       Science Pre-Vet major.       up in the lobby. After briefly considering a kitten, the Me-
                                                                    hurons chose Mr. Mew because he seemed very gentle and
“I’ve wanted to become a vet since I was 3 years old” shared
                                                                    wanted to be loved. They now call him Mr. Big, or just
Alison. Although she did admit that she entertained thoughts
of becoming a professional ballerina as well. Alison is cur-
rently exploring careers in shelters, shelter medicine, and in        After living on the streets for an undetermined period of
the companion animal field.                                         time, then residing in the rafters for 3 days, and moving to a
                                                                    shelter cat condo, Mr. Mew is finally settled in his new
For more information on the HHS internship program or to
                                                                    digs. “He’s a total love bug. The minute I sit down, he’s in
obtain an application, please call 630-323-5630 or email
                                                                    my lap. He’s found a great home. We’ve found a great or stop by the shelter
                                                                    cat!” said Charlotte.
during regular business hours.
                                                                    It’s a very happy ending to a story with a very unusual

                                       You Could Be A Winner...
                                          Mail me in Today!

Animal Rights and Puppy Mill Research continued from page 1
.                                                                                        “It’s in the Bag”
“Many pups who originate from puppy mills have serious behavioral and/or
health problems that might not be apparent for months, or even years,” shared
                                                                                         Ladies Night Out
HHS Operations Manager Jennifer Vlazny. “Problems like these can cost thou-
sands of dollars to treat, if treatable at all.”
                                                                                         Shopping Event
Pet stores charge hundreds of dollars for their “purebred” pets, which are AKC
registered. However, this does not guarantee a genetically sound “purebred.”
The American Kennel Club (AKC) notes that it “is not itself in the sale of dogs
and cannot therefore guarantee the health and quality of dogs in its registry.”

Oprah Winfrey’s recent show on puppy mills rose awareness to a whole new
level. It helped inform and educate people nationwide. Education is key to stop-
ping this cycle of animal abuse. One by one, we can all make a difference. “I
believe through my research and sharing information on puppy mills, that I have
made a small difference,” shared Liz. “If I can make people think twice, I will
have made a difference.”

Hinsdale Humane Society advocates adopting from an animal shelter or breed
placement organization instead of purchasing through pet shops. However, if            September 25th, Hinsdale
you are determined to find a purebred puppy and the shelters do not have the
                                                                                       A night of shopping, friends, food,
breed you are looking for, work only with a reputable breeder.
                                                                                       and fun! Make sure to mark your
                                                                                       calendar to attend our “It’s In The
                                         Director’s Desk continued from page 1         Bag” Ladies Night Out shopping
Fun Facts: Lori Halligan                                                               extravaganza on Thursday, Septem-
                                         Our foster families accomplish great
Residence: 10 year resident of           things at HHS. Currently 21 families          ber 25 from 6-9pm.
Hinsdale                                 volunteer in the program. They nurture
                                         puppies and kittens and their mothers.        Select downtown Hinsdale busi-
Family: Two Sons, Brady, a junior        Fosters also take care of animals who         nesses will be open late offering
at Purdue University; Riley, a junior    may have illnesses, injury or those re-       special discounts and after hours
at Hinsdale Central; Husband, Mike,      covering from medical procedures.             sales. You will also be able to
official new HHS volunteer photog-       These families are available for the ani-     sample delicious complimentary
rapher, Senior Director of Materials     mals 24/7.                                    foods prepared by local restaurants,
and Operations Planning, ConAgra                                                       caterers and available at special
Foods, Inc.                              Sometimes our staff members take sick         locations throughout the downtown
                                         animals home overnight so the health of       area.
Pet: Chandra, a 6 pound poodle           the animal can be monitored or medica-
                                         tions given. How’s that for taking work       You can also try your luck at win-
Hobbies: reading, baking, water-         home from the office? Our foster fami-        ning one of dozens of exciting raf-
color painting, quilting, walking,       lies care for these animals, expecting        fle prizes awarded during our event
spending time with family and            nothing in return. They expose them-          drawing. Tickets are available for
friends                                  selves to wonderful joys and potential        $25 and can be purchased at the
                                         heartache, because occasionally their         shelter during regular business
Favorite Food:                           best efforts do not save the life of the      hours. For more information call
chocolate chip cookies, followed         animal. Yet, they come back litter after      630-323-5630 x17.
closely by chocolate covered straw-      litter, year after year, because they real-
berries                                  ize their efforts matter to the animal and
                                         they matter to the moral fabric of soci-
Favorite Saying: “Is it helpful, is it   ety. Is it possible to thank them enough
kind, is it necessary?”                  for their service?
                                                                                                Donate Online
                                                                                       Look for this button on our website!
Favorite Movie: ET, a loving crea-       What are your ideas for the Hinsdale
ture who just wanted to go home!         Humane Society to improve our outreach
                                         and our services? I’d love to hear from
Favorite Vacation Spot: anywhere         you. Please send an email to
without cell phones or computers, as or
long as I’m with those I love.           mail a letter to 22 N. Elm Street, Hins-
                                         dale, IL 60521

                                            HHS Board Member Receives Leadership Award
 Save the Date(s)…
                                            Congratulations to HHS board member, Sally Porter, who was recognized for
 HHS Birthday Party! Aug. 21st              her outstanding contributions to area non-profits in our communities. Sally
 Help us celebrate our 55th Birthday on     received the 2008 Philanthropic Leadership Award by the West Suburban
 Thursday, August 21st. Stop into the       Philanthropic Network (WSPN) at their annual
 shelter and enjoy some punch or a cup      awards luncheon on Wednesday, May 21, 2008.
 of coffee and a piece
 of birthday cake too!                      The prestigious award recognizes individuals and
                                            organizations who have generously donated their
 Many fun activities                        time, talents, and leadership to enrich the work of
 and special events are                     non-profit organizations throughout the western
 planned throughout the                     suburbs. In addition, the award recipients were
 day.                                       recognized for their outstanding efforts to advance
                                            philanthropy and volunteerism throughout the
                                            community.                                            HHS Board Member, Sally Porter
 Emergency Preparedness Expo
 Cantigny, Wheaton Sept. 13-14              While we continually recognize and appreciate Sally’s tireless efforts here at
                                            HHS as a committed and supportive volunteer and board member, it is an
 Join HHS at the McCormick Tribune          honor that others recognize her commitment and devotion to serving commu-
 Foundation’s “Emergency Prepared-          nities.
 ness Expo” at Cantigny Park in Whea-
 ton. The expo is a county wide col-        In addition to her board position here at HHS, Sally serves as a trustee for the
 laborative effort designed with dis-       Hinsdale Hospital Foundation, and has held leadership positions with The
 plays and demos on the subject of dis-     Community House, Brookfield Zoo, Robert Crown Center, Fenwick High
 aster preparedness.                        School, Metropolitan Family Services, and Harris Bank.

 HHS will once again have a booth
                                                 Hinsdale Humane Society’s New Photo Gallery Website
 with pet safety kits, disaster tips for
 pets, and educational materials.                    Check it out!...We now have our very own website photo gallery site!
                                                     It is through a company called, a photo web sharing
 Cantigny Park is located off Winfield               site. Log on and check out all the great photos today!
 Road in Wheaton. For more informa-
 tion, call 630-323-5630 x17                 Simply type in:
                                            View photos from recent HHS activities, including Pet Walk, Parades, and
“Adopt A Dog Month ” October                Community Events. You will also find Humane Education visits, shelter tours,
                                            and HHS in the News. And, Smugmug allows our viewers to order prints, and
 Join us as we celebrate Adopt-A-Dog        special merchandise including t-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets and buttons.
 Month this October with a variety of
 exciting events and activities.                                 A percent of every sale goes to HHS!

 Families adopting a dog in October
 will have their photo taken with their                     Vern Goers Fall Shop-N-Share
 adopted pet. The photos will be on                                 Fall Sale to benefit the
 display in the lobby. We invite you to
 stop by the shelter to see the heart-
                                                        Hinsdale Humane Society, Sept. 1 through Oct. 31st
 warming photos of the happy matches
 made here at the Hinsdale Humane                   * Holland Bulbs * Mums * Asters * Pumpkins
 Society !
                                                           * Cornstalks * Fall Decorations
 Families adopting in October will also
 receive a special HHS Adopt-a-Dog           Name__________________________________
 Gift Bag which will include treats, toys
 and a PETCO gift card. A special
 raffle is also planned with a variety or    Date __________________Sales Total _______
 dog related prizes. To view a complete
 listing of dogs available for adoption,          Vern Goers Greenhouse. 5620 S. Oak St. Hinsdale. 630-323-1085
 log on to our website at                           Hours: M,T,W,TH,F 8am to 8pm; Sat 8am to 6pm. Closed Sun. or
 for more information call (630) 323-               Vern Goers Greenhouse generously donates 10% of
                                                          purchase to help our HHS animals
    Ask    Jenny…HHS Operations Manager &
    Obedience Instructor, Jennifer Vlazny, answers pet
    related questions and offers practical advice.
                                                                                              Humanely Speaking
                                                                                          is published quarterly for the
    Q: How do I train my dog to come to me when called?                                    members and friends of the
                                                               Terry, Oak Brook            Hinsdale Humane Society,
                                                                                                22 N. Elm Street,
                                                                                             Hinsdale, Illinois 60521.
    A: The good news is that “come” is one of the easiest behaviors to teach                      630-323-5630
    your dog. Unfortunately, though, it is also one of the hardest to make totally
                                                                                               FAX 630-323-6027
    reliable when your dog if off leash chasing Mr. Fuzzy Fat Squirrel, sniffing a
    tantalizing smell, or romping with canine pals. To your dog “come” means
                                                                                         Shelter hours: Tuesday 2-8pm;
    playtime stops, which is why most dogs are resistant.
                                                                                           Wednesday through Friday
                                                                                                12 noon to 6pm;
    It is important to teach the command while your dog is on leash, eliminating
                                                                                              Saturday and Sunday
    any temptation for Fido or Fifi to exit stage left. The command “come”
                                                                                                  10am to 4pm
    should not mean to come into the same county you’re in, but rather to come
                                                                                                 Closed Monday
    close enough so you can grab your dog’s collar if a dangerous situation were
    to arise. As you walk your dog on leash, stop, say your dog’s name, say
    “Come” and quickly back up six or seven steps away from him.
                                                                                                Board of Directors
                                                                                        President: David Robinson
    As soon as your dog starts to move in your direction, begin to praise him en-
                                                                                        First Vice President: Sally Porter
    thusiastically. As he gets closer, reach out with a treat and guide him into a
                                                                                        Secretary: Marcy Mossburg
    sitting position directly in front of you. Hold the treat at his nose but release
                                                                                        Treasurer: Rafael Rivadeneira
    it only after you’ve grasped his collar with the other hand. As he begins to
                                                                                        Past President: Tim Trompeter
    learn the command, gradually increase the distance between you and your dog
                                                                                        Members: Dot Kaiser, Christine
    using a longer leash or rope before saying “Come”.
                                                                                        Krowzack, DVM; Thomas
                                                                                        McFadden; Kevin McGrath;
    Some important tips to remember: always keep your voice light and positive;
                                                                                        Carole Pyle, Eric Lindo, Jennifer
    never use “come” to call a dog for something the dog may view as negative
    (stopping playing, going into a crate, getting nails clipped, etc.); never chase
    your dog when he won’t come – he will think it’s a game and run the opposite
    direction; never call your dog if there is a likelihood he won’t come – you’ll                     Staff
    teach him he has options and he will learn to ignore the command.                   Executive Director:
                                                                                                Lori Halligan
    Running off leash is a privilege that your dog must earn by demonstrating he        Operations Manager:
    has learned to come reliably when called, even when distracted. Never,                     Jennifer Vlazny
    though, allow your dog to run off-leash in an unfenced area, no matter how          Donor Management
    reliable you think his response to “come” may be.                                          Jill Schuch
                                                                                        Assistant Manager:
        If you have a question for “Ask Jenny” email           Robyn Garrison
                          Or call our behavior helpline 630-323-5630
                                                                                        Humane Education Director:
                                                                                               Mary Grayson
                                                                                        Volunteer Coordinators:
Hot Weather Tips for Your Pet                                                                  Mary Alex
                                                                                               Laura Donohue
•     Never leave your pet unattended in     •   Don’t force your animal to exercise    Public Relations/Special Events
      a parked car.                              in hot, humid weather.                 Director:
•     Be certain outdoor pets have access •      When weather is dangerously hot,              Pam Salomone
      to fresh, clean water at all times.        bring your pets inside.                Animal Care Staff:
                                                                                               Patty Powell, Marisa
•     Ensure that your pet has access to     •   Avoid walking your pet in areas               Fausch; Samantha
      shade at all times of the day.             recently sprayed with insecticides.           Luszcz
•     Be alert to coolant leaking from       •   Please be sensitive to old & over-     Receptionist:
      your vehicle. It’s poisonous.              weight animals in hot weather.                Kathy Daly

                Hinsdale Humane Society
                22 N. Elm Street                                                                              Non-profit Org.
                                                                                                               U.S. Postage
                Hinsdale, IL. 60521                                                                               PAID
                                                                                                               Permit #279
                                                                                                               Hinsdale, IL

                              Save the Date: Thursday, September 25, 2008
                          “It’s in the Bag” Ladies Night Out Shopping Event!

                                           FROM OUR MAILBAG
My little orange and white kitty,          We wanted to share that we had to put       We adopted Princess (formerly known
Peaches, was adopted in November,          down our beloved black lab, Molly.          as Bandit) a Jack Russel Terrier last
2004 and is still the love of my life!     We adopted her from HHS in 1991.            February. Just wanted to let everyone
She is so sweet, wonderful and such a      She had a real interest in life until the   know that she is doing great! Princess
blessing!                    Westmont      end. Molly loved to take her daily          is such a kind, lovable pet and our fam-
                                           walk and “perimeter check” of her           ily loves her so much! And, a special
                                           yard and proudly carried Frisbee            thanks to Samantha at HHS, she was
                                           along with her. Our neighbors liked         very kind and helpful.      Elmhurst
                                           her also, keeping milk bones in the
                                           garage for treats. Thank you for all
                                           you do for animals and for taking care
                                           of Molly until she found us. We had a
                                           wonderful 16 years together.

                                           We adopted Daisy (now Angel) a
        Mario—The Magnificent!
                                           Collie Mix this past March. After a
I adopted “Mario” in May, 2003. Just       brief adjustment period, we are happy
wanted to let you know that he is do-      to report she could not be happier!
ing wonderfully. I have had many           Thanks to all at HHS for helping us to
kittens before, but Mario is possibly      find our “friend for life.” She is beau-                  Princess
the most affectionate, loving and intel-   tiful, smart, gentle and very affection-
ligent. Thank you so much for pro-         ate. We are very lucky to have found              We Want To Hear from You!
viding a place where people can adopt      our little Angel.                           If you have a favorite photo or pet story, we
wonderful animals and enhance the                                        Lombard       would love include it in our quarterly news-
lives of so many.     Downers Grove                                                                   letter. Send to:

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