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Martin - DOC


									I am rich I have a big house with three stories. I have
three children. They each have a flat screen T.V with an
Xbox 360 .I have three cars Ferrari, Porch and a Hummer. I
have a major account for a big company.
 I have been depressed for a few weeks now because my
wife died in a car crash when I was driving. She and I were
rushed to hospital. I broke my right arm, left leg, two ribs
and my neck. She was cut by the glass of the window and
broke too many bones in her body to survive.
I have been getting lots of different symptoms, like feeling
sad and depressed. I hadn’t had any energy to do
anything. I feel so bored and alone. I didn’t want to live
any more.
My children told me to see a doctor about my symptoms.
The doctor said to me have a good balance between work
and relaxation and be more involved in more clubs. Now I
feel happy again because of my doctor and my children.
By Martin

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