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									Extended machine running times and perfect cut by means of MAIER
machine knives and knives for sewing machines

Nowadays people are expecting a lot from machine knives, cloth cutting knives and knives in
sewing machines. They must cut perfectly, and above all, guarantee a long tool life.
Interruptions of the production process for the exchange of knives cause very high costs.

Reduction of machine down-times

The knives made of high-quality steels from Maier-Unitas GmbH, 73257 Köngen,
( preserve their cutting sharpness and guarantee a perfect cutting
result over a long period of time.
For more than 75 years knives made of high-quality steels are fabricated for the most
different fields of industrial production. The use of normal, slightly alloyed steel up to high-
alloy high-speed steel (HSS), hard metal and most different coating processes guarantee the
desired extended tool life and a good cutting quality of the knives. In view of a well assorted
material store also short-term supplies can be carried out.

High-quality steels

In recent years more and more powder metallurgical high-speed steels (HSS) are being
used. As far as the capacity of resistance to wear and the tenacity are concerned these
steels are far superior to the normal HSS-steel M2 (1.3343). During tests Maier-Unitas found
out that knives made of PM-steels reach a tool life up to a tenfold amount compared to HSS-
Of course, the advantages of even the best steel quality in regard to the resistance to wear
and tenacity cannot be achieved if the hardening and the annealing process are not exactly
adapted to this very steel quality. Maier-Unitas' experience gained over decades and their
own hardening shop are again a guaranty for best results.

Knives must cut perfectly

This requires a perfect finish which Maier-Unitas can guaranty as well. For the production of
the knives only CNC-controlled special grinding machines are being used. In addition to
optimal surface values, also a regularity of production and the adherence to the cutting
angles and dimensions can be achieved.

Production range and fields of application

Maier-Unitas produces knives up to a cutting length of approximately 250 mm, i.e. the
company is specialized in the production of small knives for tools, machines and appliances.
The fields of application are unlimited. Regularly, Maier-Unitas produces knives for sewing
machines, textile machine, cutting plotters, granulating machines, stripping equipment, as
well as knives for the textile industry, wood working industry, plastics producing industry,
food and metal industries. In principle, all small and precise knives as well as the ones of a
complicated shape can be produced.

Advice - right from the beginning

Because of their experience in the production of machine knives lasting over decades,
Maier-Unitas GmbH can, at any time give, advice to interested customers. This starts already
with the configuration of the cutting geometry and the correct selection of the material. Thus
an optimal configuration of the machine knives can be commonly elaborated right from the

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