Adult Campout Menu - Troop 230 by linzhengnd



Number of Adults Planning to Attend Campout: ________
   Guidance below is based on 10 adults, adjust quantities based on actual number of adults
   As a further guideline, the food cost should work out to about $10/adult
   This is only a guide to help in planning and purchasing the menu - feel free to customize!

Breakfast on Saturday:
   Menu below if for breakfast tacos, other suggestions include pancakes or French toast.

    2 dozen eggs                                         2 dozen flour tortillas
    1 - 12 oz package grated cheese                      1 - small jar picante sauce
    2 pounds ground sausage or 2 pounds bacon or 1 pound of each
    1 can of Maxwell House Filter Packs Coffee           2 gallons milk
                                                         2 gallons orange juice

    For pancakes or French toast also provide syrup

Lunch on Saturday:
   Lunch is typically sandwiches, in cold weather may want to add soup or other hot item.

    1 loaf white bread                             1 - small yellow mustard
    1 loaf brown bread                             1 - small mayonnaise
    1 pound turkey                                 2 large tomatoes
    1 pound ham                                    1 medium white onion
    2 large bags potato chips (regular, bar-b-que, corn chips)
    Dessert - cookies, snack cakes, or other similar type items
    1 - 4 pound can instant lemonade mix (for warm weather campouts)
    Fruit, 1 bunch bananas and 1 bag apples

Dinner on Saturday:
   Dinner is typically a cooked meal such as spaghetti (below), chili, stew, etc.

    1 large load French bread                       1 - 2 pound mixed salad
    3 pound spaghetti                               2 small bottles salad dressing (ranch, etc.)
    Spaghetti sauce, either 1 large jar Ragu type meat sauce or ingredients to prepare sauce
        2 pounds ground beef, 2-12 oz can tomato sauce, etc.
    Dessert - cookies, cakes, pies, or similar type items

    For chili, stew, etc. provide necessary ingredients: (meat, vegetables, cheese, onions, etc.)

Breakfast on Sunday:
   Typically a cold breakfast

    Muffins                Cereal                  Doughnuts

Other Items:
   2 rolls paper towels                Ice (extra bags in warm weather)

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