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					 2009 Annual Chapter Report
       Sigma Sigma Phi
          Iota Chapter
    Michigan State University
College of Osteopathic Medicine
        2009-2010 Officers
 President: James Sutton
 Vice President: Tiffany Jarois
 Secretary/Treasurer: Amber Berry
 Editor: Dan Gibson
 Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Thornburg, D.O.
          2009-2010 Committee
   Academics: Megan Sikkema
   Awards: Suzie Dupler
   Diversity: Sierra Cuthpert
   Initiation: Crystal Glassy
   Membership: Megan Colecca/ Anastasia Arab
   Pledge/Rush: Johanna Hollweg
   Outreach: Ashley Brant
   Social: Jamie Johnson
   Volunteer: Hannah Nuckols/ Reem Jarbou
   Membership for 2009-2010
Amber Berry       Jennifer Bordato
Anastasia Arab    Johanna Hollweg
Ashley Brant      Kyle Martin
Breanna Thiede    Leonid Shamban
Christina Gough   Megan Colella
Crystal Glassy    Megan Sikkema
Dan Gibson        Reem Jarbou
Dave Frederick    Sierra Cuthpert
Ethan Ebner       Steve Hardy
Hannah Nuckols    Suzanne Dupler
James Sutton      Tiffany Jarois
Jamie Johnson     William Workman
Jason Muir
 This year’s meetings are held monthly
 during the noon hour, usually near the end
 of the month. Each e-board member is
 required to attend and submit an update.
 Information is compiled from the meetings,
 organized into minutes, and made
 available to all members.
  Current Member Activities
 Lansing City Rescue Mission
 Members have the opportunity to serve once monthly at
 the Lansing City Rescue Mission. This service includes
 serving meals and working the nursery following dinner.
 American Red Cross Blood Drive
 Members have organized a competitive blood drive
 scheduled for Monday, November 2nd. The class of
 2012 will be competing against the class of 2013. The
 winning class will receive a pancake breakfast cooked by
 SSP members.
Current Member Activities (cont.)
      S.T.A.R.T.
          Striving Toward a Reachable Target is a mentorship program
    developed through the Iota chapter last year. The goal of the
    program is currently to assist students of Lansing Eastern High
    School in academic achievement and make college attainable. The
    school currently graduates less than half of its students. This year,
    members are involved in an ACT preparation workshop and
    incorporating a Detroit High school to work with satellite campuses
    at the Macomb University Center and Detroit Medical Center.
 Habitat For Humanity
          Members are currently organizing Saturday volunteer
    opportunities for the spring semester. These days will be dedicated
    to volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in the Lansing Community.
Current Member Activities (cont.)
 Study Buddies
      Study Buddies is a program started by SSP in
 previous years. Members are currently working with and
 providing guidance to the program this year. Study
 buddies organizes exam reviews hosted by local
 physicians as well as fellow students, provides tutoring
 services, implements study tables, and utilizes a study
 skills match program.
 Toys for Tots
     Members will be responsible for organizing and
 advertising the Toys for Tots program at MSUCOM.
      Administrative Duties
 Constitution
      With input from the membership, the executive
 board has amended the Iota Chapter constitution.
 Previously, members were required to attain any 16
 hours of community service prior to the completion of
 their second year of Medical School. The Executive
 board has reorganized those hours to mandate 8 hours
 must be dedicated to Sigma Sigma Phi events and the
 other 8 hours can be from any volunteering of the
 member’s choice.
        Selection Criteria
 Grades > 84% in all courses
 Commitment to Community Service
 Extracurricular Involvement
 Essay
    Member Requirements
 Academic Performance
 Volunteerism
 We have a wonderful group of students who are
  remarkably bright, diverse, and dedicated to
  MSUCOM, the osteopathic profession, and the
  community. Many of our projects have already
  been completed successfully, and our group
  looks forward to witnessing the growth of Sigma
  Sigma Phi here at MSUCOM. The Iota Chapter
  is proud to represent the academic excellence
  and dedication to community service at

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