Network Operations Board Call Summary

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					                Network Operations Board Call Summary
                          October 20, 2009
Call Participants
Andrew Battin*             EPA                        Kurt Rakouskas              ECOS
Glen Carr                  OR DEQ                     Chris Simmers               NH DES
Michael Beaulac            MI DIT                     John Dombrowski             EPA OECA
George Nossa               EPA Region II              Jonathan Jacobson           EPA OEI
Roy Walker*                OK DEQ                     Tamara Power-Drutis         Ross & Associates
Bruce Jones                NWIFC                      Rob Willis                  Ross & Associates
Chuck Freeman              EPA                        Mitch West                  EN Coordinator
*NOB co-chair

Call Agenda
      Toxicity and Population Standard
      Joint ENLC/NOB Meeting Agenda
      Review Design Rules and Conventions
      NOB Work Plan
      SDWIS & Customized Client

Governance Updates
      Toxicity and Population Standard: Work is currently underway with Lee Singleton in order to
       complete the Standard before the grant runs out.
      ENLC/NOB Joint Meeting: An updated version of the Joint Meeting was distributed and
       reviewed by the group. The meeting will focus on finishing what the EN started, expanding
       implementation with familiar and new customers. Updates on Tribal involvement and the Stimulus
       Package have been included in the meeting agenda to display unique and innovative application of
       the Exchange Network.
      Design Rules and Conventions: Approval of the DRCs was postponed to the next NOB meeting.

Action Items
    Mitch and Ross & Associates will follow up with Dawn and Cindy on the Toxicity and Population
    Andy and/or Chuck Freeman will be included in calls with Renee and Chet on AQS and RCRA
    Andy and Ross & Associates will further discuss the Publishing and Electronic Reporting session
    An EITLC update will be added to the Joint Meeting agenda
    The NOB will review the DRCs on its next full group call

SDWIS & Customized Client
In the flow documentation for SDWIS, there is a question on the way we are counting what constitutes
participation on the EN is at odds with what the use of the SDWIS client looks like. Given this situation,
and the tools we have available, is there a way to create a win win situation that is consistent with the
trajectory of finishing the national systems without putting too much burden on the work that has already
been done or delaying completion. The EMTS is a little different, as it is not a national system flow – the
issue is that they will be approaching OEI.

Mike: they need to know what is the best approach to get credit for flowing data. Not sure what the
correct approach is. But there is additional confusion with other uses, that even WQX web is in the same

Scenario 1: We’re close, we can change a few things on either the CDX side or small things on the state
implementation side that allow us to keep most of the work we’ve done

2: We want people to be doing something different than what they’re currently doing.

As long as the information is provided up front before the actual deployment.

Mitch: By the tiem we get to the F2F meeting, hoping to lay this to rest. We forgot that one has to use the
specific client that they’ve created to get the QA done even if you’re using a node. Gov has to make
something that makes more sense. Probably that we’ll say stay where you are and we’ll make that part of
the EN. Right now it’s not fundamentally done.

Need to get a message out: Just because the box isnt’ green doesn’t mean that the work is all on the side
of the partner –

Will discuss more in Boston.

Action Items
    Chuck Freeman and Mitch will update the Flow Status Matrix before the Joint meeting
    The conversation of what constitutes reporting for SDWIS will be continued in Boston

Next NOB Meeting
 The ENLC/NOB Joint meeting will be held in Boston from October 28-29, 2009


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