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Presidential Communique


									   Presidential Communique                                                                                 Make Dreams Real
                                                          Vol 10. Issue 4 Aug-31, 2008

                                                  MEMBERSHIP EXTENSION MONTH

                                                   Interact formation meeting for a rural Govt.
                                                   School at Kadamakudy.
Life…Celebrate to Enjoy…                           Board Meeting hosted by Rtn.PHF                  Govt.Ayurveda Hospital adoption at Kadamakudy
Dear friends,                                      Unnikrishnan.                                    by Rtn.PHF Sanjay Parmar- Sr.Manager TRF Delhi.
     Humanity is always been combating to          Interact Club installation for Govt.VHSS
win over the negative forces. You might            Kadamakkudy                                      Aug 31 : Rtn.PHF Sanjay Parmar -
agree with me that there are positive and          Closed Weekly Meeting                            Sr.Manager TRF New Delhi visited
negative forces in this universe which are in
constant conflicts.                                Rotary Information Talk by Rtn.PP PHF.Ar.        “Snehagramam” - Matching         Grant
The festival of Onam takes us through the          Binesh Sukumar                                   Projects      at Kadamakudy, and
memory lanes of our childhood… with vivid          Rtn.Major Donor J Paul Raj handed over a         appreciated the work      done by the
thoughts I recall a house full of activities,      cheque for Cancure Foundation                    Rotary Club of Cochin Downtown.He had
relatives, cousins and friends all                 Bulletin released by GGR Rtn.PHF. R.Madhav       also been in interaction with the
harmoniously welcoming and enjoying this           Chandran                                         beneficiaries of the project and all of
spectacular festival.                              Joint Meeting of the Rotary Clubs of Region      them were very satisfied about the
At the same time there were questions in           VII - with Cochin Midtown, Cochin City, Cochin   project.
my mind regarding the real hero of the story       East, Cochin Global & Thripunithura Royal
of onam. We all know, Onam reminds us                                                                        He also inaugurated the Govt.
                                                   Talk on Evolution of Universe by Dr. V P N       Ayurveda hospital adoption project and
about the popular leader Mahabali, the             Namboori.
'Asura King'. The hero - His Highness                                                               commissioned the rain water harvesting
Mahabali, all of a sudden transforms into a        Club participated in the Dist. Seminar on TRF    unit. President Rtn.PHF MA Sebastian,
                                                   at Hotel Presidency .
villain when the small Vamana manifest his                                                          Community Service Director Rtn PHF
Avatar. Here we see the positive force             Govt.Ayurveda Hospital adoption at
                                                                                                    Dr.Saju Raju, Panchayath President
suppresses the negative force into                 Kadamakudy by Rtn.PHF Sanjay Parmar-
                                                   Sr.Manager TRF Delhi.                            Ms.Treesa Manuel, Vice president Mr.V
                                                                                                    K Prasad, RCC Secretary
What happened to Mahabali-our dear                 Rainwater harvesting Unit & Color T V set
leader? Why this popular king became the           inauguration at Govt Ayurveda Hospital           Shelju,Secretary Rtn PHF Vivek K
Villain?                                           Kadamakudy.                                      Govind, Jnt. Secretary Rtn.PHF
     I tried to answer these questions and         International Service Director Rtn.PHF Prince    Santhosh and Interact Secretary
came to the following conclusions . Let me         George visited the Rotary Club of Singapore.     Ms.Neha also participated.
share those thoughts with you now.                 “Snehagramam” -Matching Grant project at
I) It was my belief that a true leader should      Kadamakudy visited by Rtn.PHF Sanjay
lead his people to Truth through the real          Parmar- Sr.Manager TRF Delhi.
ii) He should express his commitments to all
iii) He should share his thoughts and
feelings to gather consensus among them.
iv)He should motivate his people to have
constant discernment on relevant matters.
     In Rotary you and me alike get
opportunities to learn about leadership.
Through Rotary, it is our duty to fight
against negative forces. Negative forces
like, illiteracy, hatred, diseases, poverty and                                                              Interact Club installation for
                                                                                                               Govt.VHSS Kadamakkudy
so on. On the other hand we should refine
our minds from any sort of 'Asura' qualities.
Then ofcourse that will be a celebration.                                                             22 Aug : President Rtn.PHF. M A
Thus let this Onam be a true celebration to
                                                                                                      Sebastian installed the new interact
all of us.
                                                                                                      club at Govt. VHSS Kadamakudy .
Happy Onam                                                                                            Mr.Krishna Kumar has been elected
                                                                                                      as the new Interact President.
Affectionately yours in Rotary
President Rtn.PHF. Ar.M.A. Sebastian
     Happiness is our birthright as human beings. There is no doubt that life can be difficult !! Living in today’s world is not always easy. But despite
life’s inevitable problems and challenges , genuine happiness is still possible. Let us therefore rededicate ourselves in the brighter light, the
broader way, the truer life to the goal of human happiness, the rightful heritage of Him who is honourable in business and whose life is wholesome,
just and right.
     Being a 100% PHF club, I’m tempted this fortnight to share an article which I read about Paul P Harris .There has been much written about Paul
Harris, the founder of Rotary, but a careful reading of what Mr.Vivian Carter has to say will give Rotarians a good measure of the man who, at the
right moment, was the inspiration for Rotary. So folks read on …..
     The most Colourful and Vibrant festival Onam is around the corner. Celebrate the carnival by sending heartful onam wishes to near and d e a r
Here’s Wishing You All A Very Happy Onam!!!

Rtn. Major Donor J. Paul Raj
                                                                                                                          Paul P Harris
 IN MEMORY OF PAUL P. HARRIS, FOUNDER OF ROTARY                                                                             April 19, 1868.
                 By Vivian Carter                                                                                          January 27, 1947

   Vivian Carter was the author of, "The Romance of Rotary In London" published in 1947. He had served as secretary of
Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland from 1921-1928.

            About the man himself, I never met a celebrity less conscious of being one, or less concerned to live up to the tradition woven around
him. Paul, and his charming, fresh-complexioned, smiling Scottish wife, lived at Morgan Park, a wooded outskirt fourteen miles southwest of
Chicago and far from its madding crowds. Like the homes of so many other founders of great movements, that of Paul and Mrs. Harris was of the
simplest, most tasteful and comfortable that could be desired. A fancy of his was to sit in a dark corner and listen, and talk - when drawn out -
slowly, deliberately and reservedly on almost any topic raised. His philosophy - strange as it may seem to those who associate Rotary with
flamboyance and exuberant optimism - was that of a skeptic, and I never succeeded in extracting from him an exact statement of his religious
            He gave no encouragement whatever to suggestions, freely made in the twenties, on both sides of the Atlantic, that Rotary was a
"spiritual" movement in some way linked up with the churches. No man was fonder of a joke, or fuller of amusing recollections, and his memories
of Rotary were memories of an infinite number of personal friends. If Chicago still deserves its reputation for "hustle," none of its citizens lived up
to it less than the founder of Rotary, whose movements, like his speech, were slow, quiet, and unobtrusive.
Though one could place him more easily in an old-world English village than the mid-western American metropolis, Paul Harris was immensely
proud of Chicago and its phenomenal growth during his long lifetime, and would not stand for slighting remarks at its expense. The suggestion
that Rotary might move its home elsewhere was not one he favoured, and it has not been carried out in his lifetime, anyway. Personally I hope it
will not be; for if Rotary is a good thing, why transplant it from its place of origin?
            Of Paul Harris, there is one outstanding thing to be said; he never forgot a friend, never failed to respond to a request for help or advice.
He put himself to endless pains to help the visitor, especially if it had to do with finding opportunities for service or a house-room in Chicago. He
was generous to a fault with letters of introduction, and wrote them in his own handwriting.
            Nothing can rob Paul Harris of the credit for the geographical extension of Rotary, for he it was, beyond a doubt, who formed the clubs
on the Pacific Coast that were the first to follow Chicago.
            Of late years Paul Harris had been somewhat of a shadowy figure in Rotary, delivering regularly every year a "Message" to the
Convention, through a spokesman, and on occasion only appearing in person. He visited Europe once or twice, and never enjoyed anything
more, I believe, than his quiet rambles in rural England, and especially Dickens's England -and London. For one reason only am I consoled that
he passed away before paying our city a revisit, and that is because it would surely have broken his heart to see the Temple and some of the Inns
in which he, as a lawyer, loved to wander and to meditate, the heap of rubble they are today.
            It is to be hoped that the memory of this simple, lovable man, who "showed himself friendly" to all with whom he came into contact, will
be fittingly honoured by the movement he founded that men the wide world over may spread his ideals of fellowship and service among all the
nations, and that London will not fail to play her full part in that tribute.

          r                                                                                           EVENTS For the
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Lig Sid fe                                                                                             Next Fortnight
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                                                                                                            | Sep 1-15
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         headache. 'That's becaus
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           'explained Billy, soothingl
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         better when you've got
                     Secretary’s Report
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
After the hectic Independence Day celebrations on 15th August 2008,we settled down to a more peaceful fortnight of Rotary activities.On 20th
August 2008,we celebrated hartal with a fellowship get-together and board meeting at Rtn Unnikrishnan's residence. The club thinktank was in
full zeal during the course of deliberations during the day.On 22nd August 2008,the installation of our third Interact Club was organised at
Government VHSS,Kadamakkudy. I must admit that this is probably the biggest challenge we have taken up this year.Unlike the interact
members of our other CBSE school Interact clubs,the students of this school are not proficient in English language and we realised that most of
them have not even heard about e-mails.Our New generations director Rtn Abey has chalked out a plan of action to educate the students and
improve their confidence and competence.Our regular meeting was held on 22nd August at Hotel Wyte Fort.During the course of the closed
meeting,various projects and our proposed Onam celebrations was discussed.
On 29th August 2008,we jointly hosted a meeting with five sister clubs, organised under the leadership of our AG Rtn R.Jayasankar at
International Hotel.The meeting was addressed by renowned academician and scientist Dr Namboori,who spoke on recreating the Universe in a
laboratory.It was a very different experience for the members and families who attended the meeting in large numbers and it helped us to
improve the friendship and fellowship amongst sister clubs.
On 31st August 2008,several members attended the Rotary District Seminar educating ourselves on TRF and the contributions to be made to
Rotary.The seminar was addressed by PRID Rtn Kalyan Banerjee and an array of seasoned Rotarians.Post noon,we had the privilege of hosting
Rtn Sanjay Parmar, the head of the Asia Zone matching grant projects of Rotary Foundation. He was kind enough to visit our projects at
Kadamakkudy village and he was excited to walk through paddy fields on a rainy day and inaugurate the adoption of Govt. Ayurveda Hospital.
The meeting was addressed by local authorities and Rtn Sanjay Parmar and he officially handed over a new TV set purchased by us for the
hospital.Thereafter,we visited various houses wherein rain water harvesting units and toilet units were installed,as part of our matching grant
projects.He congratulated the club and all its members and annes for the wonderful activities which we have carried out in the village.

Rtn. PHF. Vivek Krishna Govind
 “SNEHAGRAMAM” -The Matching Grant Project at Kadamakudy visited by Rtn.PHF Sanjay Parmar- Sr.Manager
 TRF Delhi.

            Vocational Excellence Award Presented
  Aug 15 : Rotary Infromation Talk by
                                                    Speech by President Rtn.M A Sebastian                                                      Bulletin released by GGR Rtn.PHF.
           to Rev.Sr.Dr.Catherine Paulose            at the Interact installation meeting       Rtn.Major Donor J Paul Raj handed over                 R.Madhav Chandran
       Rtn.PP PHF.Ar. Binesh Sukumar
                                                         at Govt. VHSS Kadamakudy               a cheque for Cancure Foundation

    Interact formation at Govt VHSS                                                                                                 Joint Meeting of the Rotary Clubs of Region VII
                                                                                Speech on Onam                                      - with Cochin Midtown, Cochin City, Cochin
  Kadamakudy by Rtn.PHF. Abey Varkey                                                                                                East, Cochin Global & Thripunithura Royal
                                                                                Rtn.PHF Dr.Suni Mathai
     The Downtown Family
At 38 he was one of the youngest to be a
President, and has his roots from the                                                                                          Wiz
renowned Komalezhathu tharavadu of
Travancore. He is the only son of Shri.
M.Ramachandran, a retired Chief Engineer
with Kerala PWD and Smt. V. Leela. His two
elder sisters Vijayasree & Neena are married
and settled in Jeddah and Trivandrum
Did schooling and Pre-degree in and around
Mavelikara.He was one among the first batch
of the Computer Science branch of
Engineering and graduated with distinction.
However, he went on to specialize in
Marketing Management and got recruited
from the campus by HCL Ltd Computer
Divisions its Marketing Executive in 1990 in                    Our Past President
Bombay. In 1991 he joined Tata Consultancy              GGR Rtn.PHF Madhav Chandran & Family
Services (TCS) in Bombay and that was one             During this journey of success, many awards
of the first turning points in his life. On July   came his way. The most coveted of them being
14th 1992 a young lass from Calcutta,              the Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award for his
Sujata Das, joined TCS and was introduced          invaluable contributions to the IT sector and
into his team as a trainee.                        growth of Internet in the country. He is also the
           An Economics graduate and a gold        Executive Director of Linknet Solutions Pvt Ltd.
medallist in her post graduation in Business       and partner of Transnet India Tours & Travel
Management Sujata had nothing to do with           Co.Meanwhile, Sujata continued to be at TCS
computers or software before joining TCS. It       and is now the Asst. General Manager at its
was literally love at first sight and the rest
                                                   Cochin office.Mr. Madhav Chandran became Rtn.
that followed is history. However the couple                                                                     Painting by annet.Gopika
                                                   Madhav Chandran in 2002 and went on to
had to wait for long 3 years to get the                                                                                    Std.V
                                                   become the Secretary of the club in 2003 and
consent of both their parents, and in 1995
                                                   held the positions of Club Information Officer,
they tied the knot.Moving on in career, while
cruising at an enviable speed up the ladder in
                                                   Vice President, Chairman of District Youth                        EARLY WRITING
                                                   Festival, and more recently Event &
TCS,in 1998 entrepreneurial ambitions
                                                   Entertainment Chairman during the RI                      Children who are encouraged to draw and
made him take a decision to quit his plum job
as the Marketing Manager at TCS And launch         President’s visit to Cochin. He has been a strong            scribble "stories" at an early age will
Cyberland Technologies God’s own            presence in all the Rotary activities in the District      later learn to compose more easily,more
Cochin.Cyberland launched the first ever           and is well known in the Rotary circles.                  effectively , and with greater confidence
Internet Cafe of Kerala,and only the second                 The couple is blessed with 2 sons. Rishi
                                                                                                                 than children who do not have this
of its kind in the country, when it started        studying in the 5th standard and Mihir in the 2nd
functioning way back in 1998.                      standard at Choice School.

                 Many Happy Retur ns ...!!                                                                 Congratulations!.
                       Birth Days                                                                    Wedding Anniversaries
    Sep 5               : Merlin Mary Thomas-
                           Mallika Krishnan
                                                                                                      Sep 4 : Binesh Sukumar & Preeja
    Sep 9              : Ashish
    Sep 12              : Sandeep Santhosh

                                                                              Sep 1-15

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