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					  Mrs. Garbiel: Marine Biology Mollusk Exam (2010)

                                1. The bump on the dorsal edge of a clam shell
                                is called the ______________ . It is the
                                [oldest/youngest] part of the shell.

2. Pigment cells, called ___________________ located in the outer mantle,
allow cephalopod to change color and blend in with their surroundings.

3. The flexible tongue-like strip covered with abrasive teeth that is found in
all mollusks except bivalves is called a _____________________.

4. Which organ is used by clams for respiration? _____________

5. The octopus, squid, and chambered nautilus belong to the CLASS of
mollusks called ________________. What critter also belongs that I did
not mention? __________________

6. Slugs and snails belong to the CLASS of Mollusks called ______________.

11. What is the purpose of the excurrent siphon? ______________

13. The function of N & F is to

14. The function of J is to

15. The function of L is to

16. What is this?
17. What is this arrow pointing to?


18. What is it’s function?


19. What is this? [clam, mussel,
oyster, scallop]

20. What are these lines called?


21. What organ “fans” food into their mouth? _______________

22. What organ allows for a cephlapod to have jet propulsion?

23. The only cephalopod that has retained its external shell is the

24.What is this? ____________

25.What is this?_________________
26. What is this? _______________

27. What is this?________________

28. What is this? ________________

29. What is this? ________________

30. What is this? ________________

31. What is this? ________________

32. What is this? ________________

33. What is this? ________________

34. What is the backbone of a squid called? _________________

35. What is the hole called on this shell? _______________

36. Draw an arrow to the oldest part of this shell.
37. Name two important human uses for mollusks.

38. Explain how regular AND cultured pearls are made.






39.Draw an arrow to indicate the direction the squid moves.

40. Squid have suckers on the whole tentacle [true/false].

41. What is the purpose of a cephlapod beak? _______________________

42. What is the purpose of a cephlapod fin? ______________________

43. What is A/C __________________F__________________

L ________________ E ________________

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