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					 Monthly Newsletter of the Yorkeys Kn ob Residents Association Inc.

Painting by J oe Sedgwic k          November 2010            Mail: PO Box 256, Yorkeys Knob Qld 4878         E-mail:
Phone: President: 4055 7860                       Secretary: 0412 321 148                          Editor: 0427 694 036
     Come to our next meeting to be held on Tuesday Nov 30th
          @ the Community Centre, Wattle St @ 7.30 pm
     You only need to be a resident of Yorkeys Knob to attend!

        Presidents Report
Hi all
The big news for Yorkeys Knob is of course the Challenge
Triathlon to be held on the 5th of June 2011.The 3.8 km
swim which is the start event, will take place off the little
beach near the boat club with the transition area to bikes in
the boat club car park. The athletes will then ride to Port
Douglas and back to Yorkeys Knob and then a run into
town. Wow I am tired just writing that, better all start our
training NOW!!! The event will be held for at least the
next five years and it appears Yorkeys Knob will get a
face lift before it goes live for the world to see which is
great to hear. It is expected that 1000 international and 500
Australian athletes plus their support people/family
members will take part. YKRA have already met with the                       Licensed
organisers who are very keen to involve the community,                          Bar                           PRIZES
so we’ll keep you up to date with all the news.
Don’t forget the 2010 Carols by Candlelight which is on
Sunday 5th December starting at 4pm with the official
opening at 6pm. The Yorkeys Knob school choir together                 Yorkeys Knob sports facility extension & upgrade
with a packed program of live Christmas performances,                               We need your help!
food and Christmas market stalls. So bring your children,          Yorkeys Knob Judo club is raising money to extend the hall
a rug and a picnic or you can buy a burger and enjoy some
Christmas spirit. Entry is free. If you are interested in       We want you to put on your glad
                                                                rags, come down to the club, and let
helping out – please contact Maurice Milliner at                your hair down for a fun night, with                                      food, drinks, dance and Karaoke,
Battery operated candles will be sold with proceeds going       with “DJ George.”
to charity.
Come along to our monthly meeting on the 30th and hear          It’s not painful, it’s not even difficult,
from the new project coordinator for the Barron River           all you have to do to support us, is come
Delta Community Engagement Plan.                                along with your family and friends, buy
The October “Water Dragon” restaurant raffle prize              a drink, a bite to eat, sing, dance and be
winner was Margaret Cochrane. Many thanks the Golden            merry.
Sands Resort for the kind donation of this generous prize
that we raffle every month at the meeting, the last chance      Where: 119 Wattle St, Yorkeys Knob, just past
to win will be at our last meeting for the year on the 30th     the Golf Course.
November we hope to see you there.                              When: 6.00pm, Saturday 27th November 2010.
Best wishes, Pamela Bigelow, YKRA president                     Contact:
    From our local members desk                                                      YK OSHC VACATION CARE
'Challenge Cairns' to showcase Yorkeys Knob
Last month the Bligh Government announced a new annual
international festival to be held in Cairns from June 2011. And                        DEC 2010 / JAN 2011
the great news is - the Cairns Adventure Festival's headline                 WEEK 1: DEC 13th – DEC 17th
event "Challenge Cairns Great Barrier Reef" will showcase                      Monday - Christmas craft and tree decorating, to get into the
Yorkeys Knob. The 3.8 km swim leg will take place off the                    Christmas spirit. OSHC in day.
beach of Yorkeys Knob, and the change/transition area will be in               Tuesday - Zoo to you, come and touch the crocodile, snakes, sugar
front of the boat club. This is a great opportunity for businesses,          glider and more. OSHC in day.
as the event will attract athletes from all over Australia and                 Wednesday - Laser Tag, by request, put on your camouflage clothing
across the world - with competitors set to arrive early for pre-             for some fun at Cairns Laser Tag, Redlynch.
race acclimatisation training and stay on for post race touring,               Thursday - Art & Craft - personalize you own T Shirt or bucket hat
sight seeing and other fun activities with family and friends. The           today. OSHC in day.
Challenge Cairns consists of a full iron distance event with a                 Friday - To Yorkeys Beach Esplanade, sandcastle comps,
3.8km swim, 180 km bike ride, and 42 km run. The festival will               playground, beach games, and sausage sizzle .
also include a Charity Fun Run and a Community Concert.
Challenge Cairns will have the highest prize money of any                    WEEK 2: DEC 20th – DEC 22nd
‘Challenge’ branded triathlon in the world $142,000, making it                 Monday - Art & Craft, beading, scoobie strings, pom pom creatures,
the second-richest triathlon in the world.                                   pop art. OSHC in day.
This new event is the latest in a series of investments made by the            Tuesday – Cairns Central, Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinemas and
Queensland Government during 2010 in Cairns. We also supported the           muddies playground Cairns Esplanade. Movie TBA.
Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) in August; secured the Davis Cup             Wednesday -Today is our Christmas Holiday party, a special treat
Tie in September at the new Cairns International Tennis Centre and           today. OSHC in day.
recently announced AFL fixture games to an upgraded Cazalys Stadium
                                                                             SERVICE CLOSED “MERRY CHRISTMAS AND
in 2011, 2012 and 2013.
                                                                             HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL”
New Health facility
An integral part of the $446.3 million Cairns Base Hospital
                                                                             WEEK 3: JAN 6th – JAN 7th
redevelopment, the new Cairns North Community Health Facility on               Thursday - Barron Valley Gymnastics fun, lots of trampoline fun,
Sheridan Street, was officially opened last month by Queensland              tumbling acrobatics and games.
Premier Anna Bligh. The $15 million facility, is the new home to the           Friday - Art and craft day, Chinese New Year, themed - Fortune
Sexual Health Service, Oral Health Service as well as the Australian         cookies, Dragons, Chinese lanterns. OSHC in day.
Red Cross Blood Service’s Donor Centre. The site was previously the
Cairns North State School. The purpose-built community health facility       WEEK 4: JAN 10th – JAN 14th
reflects current thinking in promoting health, managing chronic disease        Monday - Lets take our scooters and bikes to the community centre
and reducing the need for hospital treatment through early intervention.     and have a sausage sizzle.
Cancer Services                                                                Tuesday – Creating musical instruments and have our own jam
Patients travelling for life-saving cancer treatment in Cairns will have a
dedicated place to stay thanks to a $2.5 million State Government grant
                                                                             session. OSHC in day.
to Cancer Council Queensland. The grant will allow Cancer Council              Wednesday - Rock Climbing Wall and Roller skating at Cairns Sport
Queensland to develop an accommodation and support lodge for                 & Recreation Centre.44 Behan St, Manoora
regional cancer patients who travel to Cairns for cancer treatment by          Thursday - Tile painting; personalize your own tile to take home.
refurbishing the iconic Coolabah Motel on Mulgrave Road and provide          OSHC in day.
recurrent annual funding of over $400,000 to run the lodge and provide         Friday - Cultural day of cooking- sushi, we will sample the foods for
local support services, including counselling.                               lunch and afternoon tea. OSHC in day.
Every Dollar counts
Remember to access the comprehensive guide to Queensland                     WEEK 5: JAN 17th – JAN 21st
government concessions and rebates by phoning 13 7468 or see                   Monday - Bungee run, lots of fun, challenge your friends with your
the website                                 strength and skills. OSHC in day.
Youth help                                                                     Tuesday - Science day, participate in some really cool experiments
A new information guide for young adults after leaving school                today, the fun way to learn. OSHC in day.
has been developed by the Department of Employment,                            Wednesday -Ten pin bowling at to Go Bowling Cairns, 98 Pease St,
Economic       Development         and    Innovation.     Visit              Manoora. for handy tips on finding the right                 Thursday - Art and craft, plaster of Paris, masks, and paper Mache.
job, applying for university, renting a home, buying a car and               OSHC in day.
keeping control of your money.                                                 Friday - Yorkeys has talent, dress up as rock star, a clown or your
Steve Wettenhall MP                                                          choice for our day of performing. OSHC in day.
 Barron Delta Community Engagement
                Plan                                                               SCHOOL RESUMES ON MONDAY 24th JANUARY 2011
This plan aims to involve 6 local community & Land Care                        CHILDREN ARE REQUIRED TO BRING EACH DAY; A PACKED
groups in the restoration of the Barron Delta. We will provide                                MORNING TEA & LUNCH
further support to all active groups and develop capacity in                    A WATER BOTTLE, A HAT AND A SPARE SET OF SUNSAFE
groups less engaged. With the help of community, traditional                                        CLOTHING
owners, schools and professionals, this project will deliver 35                  SHOES ARE A MUST – NO SHOES, NO EXCURSIONS - NO
hectares of restoration in degraded habitat. This will build                                       EXCEPTIONS.
resilience against current and future threats by enhancing habitat
condition, building landscape connectivity and engaging a wide                    For Bookings please contact SHERILEE on Ph:4055-8011,
sector of the community in conservation actions, as well as                           M:0427 771 526,
raising awareness within the urban population about the                      SAVE $100 off dive course conditions apply. BIG SAVINGS off a
importance of healthy coastal environments.                                  wide range of tours REEF, RAINFOREST, SKYDIVE, RAFTING,
I look forward to meeting with you and discussing your ideas at              FITZROY ISLAND, ACCOMMODATION, etc for locals & their
the Resident meeting on Tuesday November 30th at 7.30pm.                     friends just visit Pete @ VILLA MARINE TOUR OFFICE 8
Sylvia Conway, Project Co-ordinator                                          Rutherford St Yorkeys Knob or Ph: 4055-7158
                                       The season has finished
                                                                        Dengue research project
                                       for 2010 with all teams             needs your help
                                       having a fantastic time
                                                                    Further to our letter and Eliminate Dengue project
                                       this year; kids learned
                                       new skills, made new         brochure delivered to your home in September, and
                                       friends and had a blast      the community meeting held in October, we have
                                       with their team mates on     been hearing that Yorkeys Knob residents are keen to
                                       and off the field. All U7,   help us in our research.
                                       U8, U9 and U11 teams
                                                                    As previously mentioned our years of laboratory
                                       displayed            great
                                       sportsmanship and I’m        findings have been hugely successful and we now
                                       extremely proud of them      need to test how well the Wolbachia bacterium
                                       all.   Our U11s were         (which acts like a vaccine for the mosquito making
                                       amazing making it all the    them incapable of transmitting the dengue virus
way to the semi-finals – congratulations boys and girls, with the
                                                                    between people) will spread into the existing
majority of these kids playing together since little U6s. A
number of our Yorkeys Knob boys were chosen to represent the        mosquito      population.
whole Cairns Region at various events through out the year          We are going to do this
being Dylan McKenzie, James Dunne (both pictured here won           in Yorkeys Knob and
the tournament for Cairns), Callum Haydon-Pratt, Kaya Negara        Gordonvale this wet
and Paddy Hawkins – to have 5 players chosen from one Club is
a feat in itself good work kids. CONGRATULATIONS TO
ALL OF OUR GREAT PLAYERS & WE HOPE TO SEE                           But before we release
YOU ALL AT SIGN ON IN FEBRUARY 2011 look out for                    the Wolbachia Aedes-aegypti we will first reduce the
us outside the IGA. And that goes for anyone else wishing to        number of ‘wild’ mosquitoes in these communities
join our small but wonderful Club right here in Yorkeys Knob        and then from January, seed small numbers of Aedes-
from Under 6 and up. For more info please contact Michelle on
                                                                    aegypti mosquitoes that contain Wolbachia into the
4055 8661.
Police Beat                                                         Members of Yorkeys Knob SES will soon be going
As a year quickly comes to an end and we                            door-to-door talking to residents about how they can
leave to go on holidays. Some helpful tips to                       help with our project and requesting permission for
have a happy Christmas. If you’re going                             our team to enter yards; first to manually reduce the
away on holidays, ask your neighbours to                            numbers of wild mosquitoes and possibly host a
watch for visitors, collect junk mail and                           mosquito trap; and then in January to release
newspapers. Consider using electrical timers for                    Wolbachia Aedes-aegypti. We are very grateful to the
lights, turn down the volume on the telephone, and                  SES for their support.
don’t leave a message on the answering machine                      If you miss the visit from the SES or would like to
telling callers that you are away. Check the yard to                talk to a project team member please call 1800 811
ensure that no ladders or tools are accessible. Do not              054. Members of our team will also be attending the
leave keys concealed outside the house; give them to                Yorkeys Knob Carols by Candlelight evening, look
a trusted neighbour or friend.                                      out for us there.
Also if you are planning to drive on the roads this                 For more information on our research project please
Christmas be aware of the Fatal Four, Fatigue: don’t                visit our website
push yourself, if you feel tired stop and rest. Speed:              Professor Scott O’Neill, Project Leader, Eliminate Dengue
don’t rush you won’t get there any sooner. Seat                           Carols At Yorkeys Knob 2010
Belts: ensure that belts are worn at any time the                   Our 2nd “Carols At Yorkeys Knob” will be held on
vehicle is in motion. And finally Drink Driving: if                 Sunday 5th December 2010 at the Community Centre and
you drink and drive don’t worry about being caught                  beautiful parklands from 4.30pm till after Santa visits
by the police, be worried about killing someone,                    around 8pm. Our fundraising efforts this year will be
maybe someone you love.                                             going to the “Peter Hughes Burn Foundation” assisting
Senior Const Anthony KIRKHAM                                        fundraiser, local identity, Carol Mayer, a burn victim from
Yorkeys Knob Police Beat Ph 4055 7599                               the Northern Beaches. Battery operated candles will be on
       FOOD – GLORIOUS FOOD!                                        sale in a sample bag format with lots of other goodies
Yorkeys Knob is fast becoming known for its great restaurant        included. Well it is Christmas! A few market stalls will be
and take-a-way food outlets with the latest addition being “Mini    selling Christmas type gifts at reasonable prices and
Star of Siam”. As the name suggests, they offer Thai take-a-        YKRA volunteers will be selling our usual high standard
way or casual eat-in. Shane, Joanne and Baldeep will greet you      of food. The “Cairns Singers”, a choral group, will lead
with a great smile and cook your order fresh as you wait. Shane     the carols and live entertainment from YKSS Choir and
tells me that “Star of Siam” has been operating at Macrossan        others will keep you entertained during the event. Local
Street, Port Douglas for 19 years and has built up a dedicated      Pastor Charlie will give a Christmas Message and “Mary
clientele. Hours of business are 4pm till 9pm open 6 days –         Christmas” says she will be there also. Bring a blanket
CLOSED TUESDAY. Check out the opening special offer!!
                                                                    and a neighbour and see you all at the Carols. Info: -
Tel. 4081-0103 / Mob 0411 812 730 Shop 18/453 Varley St, YK
                                                                    Maurice 4055-7804 -

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