MISSION VIEJO COUNTRY CLUB
                                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                        MEETING MINUTES
                                         December 28, 2010

Present:          David Schramm, President                Roger Lisabeth, 1st Vice President
                  Van Andrews, 2nd Vice President         John Lavery, Treasurer
                  B.J. Kennedy, Secretary                 Paul Gaarenstroom, Director
                  Derek Ludwig, Director                  Mark Redd, Director

Absent:           Steve McMackin, Director (Proxy to Schramm)

Also Present:     Brad Shupe, General Manager

Call to Order

President Schramm called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

Approval Review of Minutes

Following a review of the minutes prepared for the November 23, 2010 Board of Directors meeting, a
motion to approve the minutes was made by Mr. Gaarenstroom and seconded by Mrs. Kennedy:
        RESOLVED: to approve the minutes of the October Board of Directors meeting as submitted

President’s Report – David Schramm

Mr. Schramm started the meeting with a tour of the upper parking lot and a vision of the plan to expand
the capacity over 100 spots to over 300. A more detailed plan is currently being built by civil and soil
engineering companies to ensure feasibility and accurate cost estimates.

General Manager’s Report – Brad Shupe

Club Activity

     Member Holiday Party, Kid‟s Holiday Party/Brunch, Christmas Eve (110)
     3,381 November Golf Rounds (2.5 days rained out)


          Coordinated punch list with Hayhoe and construction contractors
          Implemented check signing program and enforced new dress code standards
          Established a banquet marketing plan. (wedding and event coordinators, mortuaries, non-profits)
          Lowered X-Mod 20 points by retiring open claims
       Continued training and focus on F&B standards
       Added baking classes for juniors. All sold out. Cooking for adults coming soon.
       Developed a wine programs with 3 levels of monthly/weekly events
       Sold 1 painting form Artisan gallery.
       Added GPS tracking unit to all golf carts. Tracks cart path and pace of play
       Opened new practice putting green.

Fiscally, the operating budget in November was $12,526 positive to budget. YTD is $52,277 positive to

Finance Committee Report – John Lavery

One membership was taken into the Club Treasury this month due to failure to pay Club bill.

Mr. Lavery opened a discussion on the operating budget and the need to reforecast the year with the
assistance of having 2 months of operating history with the new clubhouse. Brad and staff will present a
reforecasted budget to the Finance committee in January.

Green Committee Report –Mark Redd

Dr. Redd discussed the damage done by the recent storms. Over 12 inches of rain in the last storms.

Dr. Redd summarized the progress of the search for a new Superintendent. Interviews should be the first
week of February.

Golf Committee-Steve McMackin

The golf committee is concerned with the current policy regarding Sunday play. A motion was made by
Mr McMackin and seconded by Dr. Redd to modify the golf regulations adjust the time open play begins
on Sunday from 9:00 to 9:30.
        RESOLVED: Effective January 1, 2011, the Golf Regulations will show „Open Play” on
        Sundays beginning at 9:30.

Mr. McMackin presented the 2011 Golf Activity Calendar. The calendar has the unanimous support of
the Golf Committee. A motion was made by Mr. Lisabeth and seconded by Dr. Redd to approve the
calendar as submitted.
        RESOLVED: the Board approved the 2011 Golf Calendar as submitted.

Amenities- BJ Kennedy

Committees continues to meet and develop ideas to drive Club usage not related to golf. Cooking classes,
dance lessons, Club promoted trips, educational programming, and game nights are the current priorities.

Tennis- BJ Kennedy
The committee continues to be concerned with the areas around the courts and hopes this work can be a
priority of the Club. On the courts, PacSun league is dominating the programming.

House & Social and Communication- Derek Ludwig

Committee is focusing on wine programming. We have small and large events planned in the coming
months and “Wine Down Wednesdays”

Valentines Dinner dance is the next major event. It will be on Saturday February 12th.

The committee is focused on developing creative programming to drive member participation.

New Year‟s Eve is sold out.

Personnel & Administration Committee- Van Andrews

No report

Membership Committee

The committee proposed 3 9 reserve members. Following a discussion, a motion was made to approve
the all 9 applicants by Mrs. Kennedy and seconded by Mr. Lavery.
                 RESOLVED: all applicants were approved

Mr. Gaarenstroom presented an appeal from Lee Beck. He is asking to be allowed to convert his
membership to senior status. He has 25+ years of membership but he currently does not have 10 years
consecutive in the Club. A motion was made by Mr. Lavery and seconded by Mr. Lisabeth to grant Mr.
Beck senior status
                 RESOLVED: Lee Beck may convert his membership to senior status.

Food and Beverage – Van Andrews

The committee is meeting this month to evaluate all menu selections and modify offering to ensure
member satisfaction. The Terrace Grill offerings are a major concern of the membership due to all of the

Strategic Planning Committee – Roger Lisabeth

Mr Lisabeth has been asked to have the current Board evaluate the need to pursue expanding the fitness
amenity offered at MVCC. A motion was made by Mr Lisabeth and seconded by Dr. Redd to continue to
study fitness and options to expand our fitness facility.
                  RESOLVED: The Board authorized the Special Projects committee to continue to
         identify and evaluate all relevant scenarios to expand our fitness facility and the fitness offerings
         at MVCC
Starter station remodel adjacent to the practice area has started.
Parking lots (upper and lower) remain a top priority.

Old Business
A motion was made by Roger Lisabeth and seconded by Van Andrews to honor and thank Bob Harding
for his unparalleled commitment to the clubhouse project with a plaque, a to be determined special
parking arrangement, and 1 year‟s complimentary cart usage.
                  RESOLVED: The Board approved these gestures in the spirit of thanking Bob.

New Business

      There being no further business to discuss at this time, upon motion and seconded, President
Schramm adjourned the meeting at approximately 6:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
BJ Kennedy, Secretary

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