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					   HOW TO DISTINGUISH                              FLU CLINIC SCHEDULE 2010
      COLD OR FLU:
                                                      Mon. Oct. 25th        NUP 12:00pm-4:00pm
SYMPTOM          COLD             FLU
    Fever         Rare     Usually high fever         Tues. Oct. 26th       NUP 12:00pm-4:00pm                      IT’S FLU SEASON
                           (39°-40°) sudden
                            onset; Lasts 3-4          Wed. Oct. 27    th
                                                                            NUP 12:00pm-4:00pm                            2010
                                  days                Thurs. Oct. 28th      NUP 12:00pm-6:30pm                       Get a flu shot…

  Headache        Rare       Usual - can be           Sat. Nov. 6th        Co-op 10:00am-4:00pm                    NOT THE FLU!!!
                                                       Tues. Nov. 9th YPCC 1:00pm-6:00pm
Aches & Pains     Rare/      Usual - often
                   mild         severe                Sat. Nov. 20th       Co-op 10:00am-4:00pm

                                                       Fri. Nov. 26th      YPCC 1:00pm-4:00pm
  Fatigue &       Rare/    Usual, severe, may
  Weakness         Mild    last 2-3 weeks or       Coop: Yellowknife Direct Charge Coop, 321 Old Airport Rd.
                                                     NUP: Northern United Place, 5403-50th Ave. (Franklin)
                                  more             YPCC: Yellowknife Primary Care Centre, 4915-48th Street

Extreme Fa-      Unusual      Usual early
   tigue                   Onset -can be se-                   Yellowknife
                                                            Public Health Unit
                                                           4702 Franklin Avenue
Runny, Stuffy Common             Common                      Yellowknife, NT
    Nose                                                         X1A 2N5
  Sneezing    Common           Sometimes                   Phone: 867-920-6570
 Sore throat     Common          Common                    Fax:   867-873-0158
                                                                                                               “Protect Yourself and Help
Chest Discom-   Some-        Usual - can                          September 2010
fort, Coughing  times,        be severe                                                                         Protect Those You Love”
               mild to
                  ate                                                                                          The single most effective
Complications Can lead         Can lead to

               to sinus
                        Pneumonia and respira-                                                                 way is to have a Flu shot
                        tory failure; can worsen
                or ear a current chronic condi-                                                                       every fall.
              infection     tion; can be life
WHAT IS INFLUENZA                 WHO SHOULD GET A                    THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT
   (THE FLU)?                        FLU SHOT?                           THE FLU VACCINE:

                                                                  •       Each year the World Health
   It’s an infection of the   EVERYONE OVER THE AGE OF                    Organization identifies the
                                                                          particular strains of Flu the new
respiratory tract caused by          6 MONTHS:                            vaccine must protect against.
 a virus that changes every       PARTICULARLY HIGH RISK
                                                                  •       The Flu vaccine can’t give you the
   year. The flu is easily               GROUPS:                          flu. In order to offer you the most
 caught and easily spread.    •    People with Chronic                    effective protection, the vaccine
                                                                          must contain part of the virus
  It strikes with epidemic         Conditions (e.g. Asthma,               itself; but the virus is dead and
                                   Diabetes, Heart Conditions)            cannot give you the flu.
force every winter from as
                              •    Residents of Chronic Care
early as October to as late        Facilities                     •       Immunization side effects are
           as April.                                                      minor - most commonly mild
                              •    People over 65 years of age.           soreness at the vaccination site;
                                                                          less common are headaches and
                                                                          muscle pains.
                              •    HEALTH CARE WORKERS
                                                                  •       Anyone who has a serious egg
                                                                          allergy should not get a Flu shot.
                              •    ESSENTIAL SERVICES                     Tiny traces of egg protein which can
                                   WORKERS                                be present in the vaccine could
                                                                          cause an allergic reaction.

                              •    PEOPLE WHO PROVIDE             •       Yearly vaccination prevents flu in
                                   CARE TO PERSONS IN THE                 about 75% of people who get the flu
                                   HIGH RISK GROUP.                       shot. For the rest, vaccination
                                                                          usually reduces the severity of
                                                                          illness and saves lives
                                  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR
  “It plays no favorites -        CHILDREN 6 - 48 MONTHS &
 anyone can be affected”.            PREGNANT WOMEN.                            PREVENTION:
You are at risk of getting                                                 • Wash hands frequently
                                                                      •    Cough/sneeze into your sleeve
 the flu during flu season,                                                  • Annual vaccination
at work, at the movies, on
 the bus, wherever people

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