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									                          Career Objective

                                Looking forward to a build up a challenging career by making
                                use of the knowledge acquired through corporate work
                                experience and which helps to utilize my skills, providing me
                                ample scope for growth and yet contribute to the organization’s
                                goals by effectively using the conceptual and practical skills and
                                knowledge gained through professional education.

                          Academic Qualification

                           Course/Specialization           College/Uni/Board       CGPA/Percentage
                               PGDM                 2010   ITM Business School      3.42/4
                                BBA                 2008   MG University Kerala     73.97%
Neethu                         H.S.E                2005   Kerala State Board       88%
                               S.S.L.C              2003   Kerala State Board       73.83%
                          Work Experience/Key Projects undertaken

                             A. Company: HSBC Electronic Data Processing India Pvt Ltd.
E-mail:                      From April 2010 to March 2011
                             Process: Global Portfolio Management.
                             (PMA) Current CTC: 2.4L
                             Job description: Portfolio Management analytics role is to implement
                             and operate an analytics platform supporting Relationship managers/
Mobile                       sector teams/ regional Global Banking staffs and Global & regional
8943375099(Kerala)           portfolio management staffs.
                             PMA platform (Eos System) focuses on:
                             -Advanced measures of client profitability and credit risk.
                             -Forecast capability for new transaction.
                             -Performance measurement support for relationship and
Date of Birth                portfolio managers.
30-July -1987                -Portfolio optimization/balance sheet capacity creation

                             1. Ensure customers in our copy of data are assigned to only one
                             MasterGroup as preparatory step in creation of Economic Obligor
Passport Number              Group (EOG).
                             2. Assign MKMV Permanent Identifies (PID) to Customers-
                             -The name match should be 80-90%.

                             3. Assign customers to EOG and assign Dominant Obligor flag to a customer
                             in each EOG.
                                 -Each EOG’s Dominant Obligor is defined as the member of the EOG
                                 which has the largest degree of influence or control on the fate of the
                                 EOG. It might be defined as the obligor having the largest annual
                                 turnover i.e., Asset size, Sales size, Exposure at Default etc.
                                 -One and only one, obligor member of each EOG must have the attribute
                                 identifying that obligor as the dominant obligor within the EOG. We need to
                                 make sure that an EOG must and should have only one Dominant Obligor.

                                 4. Reviewing the whole process.

Present address &
Permanent address                B. Summer Project (PGDM)
Thottupurathu House,               Organization: Hedge Equities Ltd., Kochi 
Near Indradhanus, Iringole         Duration: 2 months (May 2009 to June 2009) 
P.O., Perumbavoor,                  Title: Technical Analysis of 5 securities from Automobile Industry. 

Ernakulam, Kerala
                                 C. Management Project (BBA)
                                   Duration: 2 months 

                                   Organization: Travancore Cochin Chemicals Ltd, Kochi 
                                    Title: A study on Recruitment & Selection process in TCC Ltd. 
                                 D. Social Project (BBA)
                                   Duration: 2 months 
    Qualities                       Organization: Perumbavoor Municipality (Kerala) 
                                    Title: A study on Public Satisfaction with Municipal Libraries in
    Result oriented                  kerala, with special reference to Perumbavoor Municipal Library 

    Self driven              Certifications Undertaken

                                  Certified for insurance and risk management conducted by IIIF
    Committed                      Hyderabad and Financial Market conducted by IFM Navi Mumbai 

    Enthusiastic             Languages Known

                                  English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil

                             Academic Achievements & Activities

                                    Have attended various management workshops and soft skill
                                     development programs conducted both within and outside the college. 
                                    School topper in 12th public exam and among top 5 in the class
    Dancing                          of 2008-2010, PGDM. 
                                    Scored 95% in accounting for 12th public exam. 

Gardening   Computer Skills

                MS Office Suite

            Co-Curricular Activities

                  Runners up in the ‘HR event’ at ‘ARCHISH 2009’, Management
                   Fest conducted by Indian Business School, Bangalore. 
                  Participated in ‘HR event’ at ‘EXITO 2009’, Management Fest conducted
                   by MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship. 
                  Participated in ‘Team Building’ event held as a part of ‘VERVE 2008’,
                   the national level management fest conducted by St. Joseph’s college
                  of Business Academy, Bangalore. 
                Was the executive committee member of BBA association of MES
                   College and was the co-coordinator for conducting various programs. 

            Extra-Curricular Achievements

                  Have participated in various group items like group dance, drama,
                  band team etc. 
                Have performed Indian classical dance in various stages and
                 have received lots of compliments. 


                    Deepak Raj– Manager, Global Portfolio Management, GBM,
                      HSBC, Bangalore, Mobile: +919008024693 
                    Sooraj     Abraham–     Partner,   Smarticles,    Alwaye,    Kerala,
                      Mobile: +919846144806 

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