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									                         Boy Scout Troop 63
                             465 Paxson Avenue
                          Hamilton Square, NJ 08690

September 21, 2007

Company Officer Name
Company Name
Company Address
City, State & Zip Code

Dear Company Officer Name,

Thank you for your generous donation of $50 to Boy Scout Troop 63. The boys
have been working hard on several fundraisers recently in order to obtain new
camping equipment. Company Name’s gift will be used to purchase a new tent.

We truly appreciate your contribution to this effort. As a Company Name
employee, I’m personally grateful to work for a company that is willing to support
an organization that means a lot to me.


Your Name
_________ Chairman (optional)
Troop 63 Committee (or Troop 63 Parent)

Boy Scout Troop 63                                                  Your Name
465 Paxson Avenue                                                   Your Address
Hamilton, NJ 08690                                                  Hamilton, NJ 08690

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