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“Why Memoir? It means the world becomes yours. If you don’t do it, it drifts
away and takes a whole piece of yourself with it, like an amputation. To attack it
and attack it and get it under control-it’s like taking possession of your life, isn’t
it?” - Ted Hughes

       Memoir is how writers look for the past and make sense of it. We figure out who

we are, who we have become, and what it means to us and the lives of others: a

memoir puts the events of a life in perspective for the writer and for those who read it. It

is a way to validate to others the events of our lives-our choices, perspectives,

decisions, and responses.

       Memoir recognizes and explores moments on the way to growing up and

becoming oneself, the good moments and the bad ones. It distills the essence of an

experience through what a writer includes, and, more importantly, through what a writer

excludes. Memoir celebrates people and places no one else has ever heard of. And

memoir allows us to discover and tell our own truths as writers.

                                   Memoir requirements
      Reflection of your life through the story of one event
      4-6 pages in length
      Typed, double spaced, size 12 font, and Times New Roman or Arial font
      Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
      A Creative Title
      Due Friday, September 16th at the end of class

              “The story of your life is not your life.
                        It is your story.”
                                       -John Barth

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