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					An unemployed person from any EU member state may transfer his/her
unemployment benefits to Malta.

What do you need to do in order to transfer your Unemployment Benefits to Malta?

A jobseeker who opts to transfer his/her unemployment benefits to Malta must obtain
form U2 from the Institution that is paying his/her unemployment benefits.

Upon arrival in Malta, the jobseeker must register with the local employment
authorities, which in Malta is the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC), within
the 7-day time window indicated in item 2.3 of the U2 form.

Registration procedure with the ETC

To register as a jobseeker in Malta, one must go to the ETC Office at, Kumpless
Access, 72, Melita Street, Valletta. This is open to the public between Monday and
Friday from 08:00hrs to 15:00hrs. Josbeekers residing in Gozo can register at the
ETC Job Centre in St. Francis Square, Victoria, on the same days and hours

The ETC will furnish the jobseeker with a Registration Card, which is to be used
every week for registration. Furthermore, the jobseeker is appointed to an
employment advisor, who advises the person about any job opportunities or training
that one should do to render him more employable.
The jobseeker will also be requested to fill out forms indicating personal information,
working experience, qualifications and the type of work the person wants to search

The jobseeker should provide CV and any qualification certificates that he/she may
have. If one has qualification certificates from other Universities or Colleges one
should acquire a letter of recognition from the Malta Qualifications Council which can
be found at 16/18 Tower Promenade, St Lucia SLC 1019.

Once the registration is completed, the jobseeker will be requested to renew his/her
registration every week at the Social Security Office in the locality of residence. The
place and time of registration will be notified in writing.

The registration procedure is explained to the jobseeker. In practice, the jobseeker
must insert the Registration Card (given by the ETC upon registration) and put his
finger where indicated on the machine for fingerprint recognition.

The machine will issue a receipt in Maltese language which will contain the
information of the next registration date and time, and also the information of any
courses, training, job interviews that one would be obliged to attend. Failure of
attendance, without a valid reason, such as sickness, may mean that you would no
longer receive Unemployment Benefit. One can ask a social security officer, or an
ETC officer to translate the essential information found on the receipt.
If one fails to register then the payments of the benefit also will be stopped. In this
case you must visit one of the Job Centres in Valletta, Mosta, Cottonera, or Victoria,
or at the Main Office in Xewkija, the following day to re-register again. One should
present the registration card (provided by the ETC) together with the I.D. Card (if
available) and any relevant information and/or documentation. The jobseeker must
also inform the IRU either directly or through the district office.

Payment of Unemployment Benefits

The Institution paying the unemployment benefits, shall be responsible to continue
paying the benefits whilst the jobseeker is in Malta. Appropriate arrangements shall
be made between the jobseeker and the Institution, prior to departure.

Once in Malta, the Social Secuirty Department shall be responsible to ensure that
the jobseeker is regularly adhering to the control procedures of the Maltese
employment authority (ETC). Failure to submit to the control procedures will be
immediately reported to foreign institution.

Circumstances which are likely to affect your benefits:

• take up employment or become self-employed
• receive earnings from an activity other than those mentioned above
• refuse a job offer or interview request from the employment services
• refuse to participate in occupational rehabilitation
• are suffering from incapacity for work
• do not submit to control procedures
• are not available to the employment services

Job Centres

The Job Centres’ aim is to provide you with help on job searching in Malta. One can
also obtain information about what is required in order to register for employment.
Furthermore, the job centre also provides its clients with a vacancy list and
information on employers looking for employees, free internet and e-mail service for
clients and registration services for persons in possession of ETC registration card.


The European Health Insurance Card, which has replaced the E111 paper form,
benefits European Union citizens by providing them with a single personalized card
that demonstrates their right to access public healthcare in another EU Member
State as well as in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

With the EHIC, if you will need unplanned medical treatment while visiting an EU
country or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, you will receive the
treatment for free or at reduced cost.

The countries involved are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic,
Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,
Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein,
Norway, and Switzerland.

However, to receive this beneficial treatment you will need to take your EHIC with

Who is entitled to a European Health Insurance Card?
Anyone who is insured by or covered by a statutory social security system in any
Member States is entitled to a European Health Insurance Card. Since the European
Health Insurance Card covers the European Health Insurance Cardholder only, each
member of the insured person’s family needs to have their own.

During my visit I suddenly realise that I have forgotten or lost my Card. What
should I do?
If you have forgotten or lost your European Card, you can ask your sickness
insurance institution to fax or e-mail you a provisional replacement certificate. This is
equivalent to the European Health Insurance Card and will give you the same
entitlement to health care and reimbursement of the associated costs incurred during
a temporary stay in another Member State. This course of action is particularly
advised if you should need to be hospitalised.

Emergency Telephone Numbers
Ambulance                                                       112
Fire                                                                 112
Police                                                               112
Traffic Accident                                               21320202
Rescue by Helicopter                                       21244371
Rescue by Patrol Boat                                      21238797
St. James Hospital Malta                                   21335235
St. James Hospital Gozo                                    21564781

Enquiry Sector Telephone Numbers
Police                                                   21221111
Price Verification Unit                                  25690311
A.F.M. Helicopter Rescue                                 21244371
Airport - Flight Enquiries                               21697800
A.F.M. Patrol Boat Rescue                         21225040
Bulky Refuse                                                   21483905
Directory Enquiries                                           1182
Consumer Competition Division                             120
Child and Adult Abuse Support Line                              179
Government Information Service                            153
Overseas Operator                                             1152
Star Services                                                       150
Time Check                                                      195
Telephone Faults                                                133
Meteorological Office                                   21284332
Enemalta - Gas Division               21651731
Enemalta - Electricity Division       21220462
Enemalta - Faults                    21651174

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