ZEUS by linzhengnd


God of the heavens and earth, ruler of
weather, and giver of justice. Zeus
Ruled over all with his lightning and
thunderbolts. His symbols were the
sharp-eyed eagle and the mighty oak
tree. He was married to Hera, but had
many affairs with other goddesses and
Goddess of marriage and married
women. Hera was Zeus’ jealous wife.
As a mother, her symbol was the cow.
As a queen, she chose the peacock to
remind mortals of her power.
God of the sea and earthquakes.
Poseidon was Zeus’ brother who lived
mainly in an underwater kingdom. His
symbols included a trident (three-
pointed spear), dolphins, and
God of the underworld. Hades could
be identified by his bident (two-pointed
spear), Cerberus (the three-headed
dog), or the cypress tree. He guarded
all of the dead and was also in charge
of the gems, minerals, and wealth of
the underworld.
God of blacksmiths,
  metalworkers, and
other craftsmen.
  Hephaestus was the
son of Zeus and Hera.
  The forge and
anvil (metal-working
  tools) were his
symbols. His favorite
  bird was the
God of sunlight, truth, poetry, music,
and healing. As the protector of single
men, Apollo never married. A shrine of
truth was dedicated to him at Delphi.
Apollo’s symbols were the lyre and the
laurel wreath.
Goddess of the moon, single women,
hunting, and childbirth. Her symbols
included a crescent moon crown, a
stag, or a bow and arrows. She and
her brother Apollo were known as the
twins of light.
God of trade, travel, and theft. He wore
a winged cap and winged sandals. He
carried a bag of money or a winged
staff with two snakes around it. He was
the messenger for the gods.
God of wine, parties, and drama. He is
recognized by ivy or bunches of
grapes, a wine cup, or a leopard.
Goddess of wisdom and war. Zeus’
daughter—born from his forehead!
Symbols included armor and a spear,
and an owl and olive tree. The most
famous temple—the Parthenon—was
dedicated to her.
Goddess of love. Daughter of Zeus
and Dione and wife of Hephaestus.
Known for her beauty, she was also
known to have affairs. Her symbols
were the dove and the myrtle tree.
God of War. Zeus’ son. Also
considered the avenger, the slayer, or
the curse. His symbol was the spear.
Zeus’ sister. Goddess of the earth and
agriculture. One symbol was the
Cornucopia, and another symbol is a sheaf
of wheat. She is invoked as the "bringer
of seasons“. Demeter taught mankind
the arts of agriculture: sowing seeds,
plowing, harvesting, etc.
Goddess of the underworld. She is the
daughter of Zeus and Demeter, goddess of
the harvest.
Goddess of home and hearth. She is
the oldest of the three daughters of
Rhea and Cronus, the sisters to three
brothers Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.
Playful god of love and the son of
Aphrodite. Also known as Cupid in
Roman mythology. winged boy or
infant, with his bow and arrows in hand.
two kinds of arrows: one was golden
with dove feathers that caused instant
love; the other was lead with owl
feathers that caused indifference.

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