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									A D VA N C E R E G I S T R AT I O N D E A D L I N E : A U G U S T 	 2 6 , 	 2 0 1 1

ALAN	L.	DEGRAW                            SEMINAR
CHRYSLER	GROUP	LLC                        SEPTEMBER 15–16, 2011
JAMES	G.	DERIAN                           THE DEARBORN INN,
                                          A MARRIOTT HOTEL
ANDREW	S.	PRIDE                           DEARBORN, MICHIGAN

JACOB	W.	CRAWFORD                             	     REASONS	TO	ATTEND
                                                    Learn the latest issues in automotive

CHARLES	S.	KIM                                      product liability litigation
OPERATIONS                                          Network with leading practitioners,
                                                  	 in-house counsel and experts
                                                    Listen to Gregory G. Garre, former U.S.
                                                    Solicitor General, as he discusses the
DON	A.	SCHIEMANN                                    Supreme Court’s federal preemption
                                                    decision in Williamson v. Mazda ,

(TAKATA)	                                           which he argued before the Court
DON	L.	MARSHALL                                     Hear O. Kevin Vincent, NHTSA Chief
                                                    Counsel, discuss NHTSA’s current

USA	INC.                                            initiatives
                                                    Earn up to 13 hours of CLE, including
                                                    1 hour of ethics credit
Strictly Automotive is the definitive national                     Program	Schedule	                       3
seminar devoted to advanced topics regarding the
defense of automotive product liability litigation. The
program will bring together leading practitioners from             General	Information	                    6
across the country, in-house counsel from numerous
domestic and international automotive manufacturers,
and the foremost experts who provide litigation support            Seminar	Sponsors	                       7
and testimony. Strictly Automotive is designed for those
who are already experienced in automotive product
liability litigation and for those who want to stay current        2011	Seminar	Schedule	                  7
on recent trends and developments. Newcomers to the
field are also encouraged to attend, since the program
offers an invaluable in-depth immersion in the key topics.         Faculty	Biographies	                    8
Due to its focus and location in the heart of the American
automotive industry, the seminar provides an unparalleled
opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from               Membership	Application	                 11
across the country. Attendees may also participate in a
fascinating tour of the Ford Rouge Factory, including its
working assembly line. See page three for more details.            Registration	Form	                      12

Roman	Lifson	               Jack	Laffey                       	    WHAT	YOU	WILL	LEARN
Program Chair and           Law Institute
SLG Chair                                                     n	   How emerging technologies affect defense
                                                                   of automotive product liability cases
                                                              n	   Latest developments in distracted driving
Presented by                                                       cases
DRI’s	Product	Liability	Committee’s		
Automotive	Specialized	Litigation	                            n	   New developments in roof crush cases and
Group                                                              the effect of the new FMVSS 216
                                                              n	   In-depth analysis of unintended
                                                                   acceleration claims, including a case study
                                                              n	   Case study of a successful motorcycle
                                                                   product liability defense
                                                                                       September	15–16,	2011               3

PROGRAM SCHEDULE                                                            Jacob W. Crawford, Kia Motors America Inc. ,
                                                                            Irvine, California
WEDNESDAY,	SEPTEMBER	14,	2011                                               Stephen G. Morrison, Nelson Mullins Riley &
                                                                            Scarborough LLP, Columbia, South Carolina
12:30 p.m. Ford	Rouge	Factory	Tour                              9:00 a.m. Preemption	After	Williamson	v.	Mazda
           Take advantage of this opportunity to see                      The attorney who argued this case at the U.S.
           an operating truck assembly line. The Ford                     Supreme Court and in-house counsel who was
           Rouge Factory Tour is a self-guided, five-part                 deeply involved in the case will discuss the
           experience that includes the Legacy Theater;                   Williamson holding and its implications.
           the Art of Manufacturing Theater; Observation                  Gregory G. Garre, Latham & Watkins LLP,
           Deck; Dearborn Truck Plant; and the Legacy                     Washington, D.C.
           Gallery. Cost of this optional tour is $12.75,                 Charles S. Kim, Mazda North American
           payable in advance to DRI. Please refer to the                 Operations , Irvine, California
           registration page. Busses leave the Henry Ford
           Museum to go to the plant at 12:30 p.m. and          9:45 a.m. Daubert 	Challenge	Case	Studies:	Challenges		
           will return to the museum at 3:10 p.m.               	         That	Worked	Recently	and	Those	That	Did	Not
                                                                          Daubert and amended Rule 702 provide a
6:00 p.m. Registration                                                    useful tool to keep unsound expert testimony
                                                                          out of the courtroom. This session will focus
6:00 p.m. Networking	Reception                                            on all aspects of Daubert challenges, including
                                                                          the effective use of Daubert motions to win
                                                                          cases at the summary judgment stage and to
THURSDAY,	SEPTEMBER	15,	2011                                              restrict plaintiffs’ testimony properly at trial;
                                                                          recent challenges that worked and those that
                                                                          did not; defending against Daubert challenges;
            Boarding	Pass	Kiosk                                           and working with expert witnesses under the
	           Sponsored by Frost Brown Todd LLC                             Daubert standard.
                                                                          Franklin P. Brannen, Jr., King & Spalding LLP,
7:00 a.m. Registration                                                    Atlanta, Georgia
7:00 a.m. Continental	Breakfast                                           Paul J. Widzinski, General Motors Company,
                                                                          Detroit, Michigan
	         Sponsored by Exponent
                                                                10:30 a.m. Refreshment	Break
8:00 a.m. Welcome	and	Introduction
                                                                           Sponsored by Carroll Burdick & McDonough LLP
	         Jack Laffey, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek SC ,
          Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                  10:45 a.m. Adding	to	the	Complexity	I:	Lawsuits		
          Roman Lifson, Christian & Barton LLP,                 	          Involving	Component	Suppliers
          Richmond, Virginia                                               An increasing number of product liability
                                                                           cases are being filed against automotive
8:15 a.m.   “His	Car’s	Smarter	Than	Mine!”—Defending		                     component suppliers. This session will cover a
	           Claims	Regarding	Emerging	Technologies		                       variety of issues that arise in product liability
	           and	Active	Safety	Features                                     cases in which a component supplier has
            Lane departure warning systems, forward                        been named as a defendant, including the
            collision warning systems, sleeping driver                     legal standards that exist from state to state
            alerts, night view assistance systems, rear view               regarding the potential liability of component
            cameras and tire pressure monitoring systems                   suppliers; unique discovery issues, such as the
            enhance consumers’ driving experience,                         availability of OEM employees and documents
            but they may also expose manufacturers to                      in cases where the OEM is not a party; joint
            liability claims, such as “my car should have                  defense and expert-sharing considerations;
            had it” or “it didn’t work.” An experienced trial              and indemnification and contribution issues.
            attorney and an in-house counsel will provide       	          Moderator
            an overview of active safety features currently                Patrick G. Seyferth, Bush Seyferth & Paige
            on the market and give examples of specific                    PLLC , Troy, Michigan
            litigation risks associated with the technology.    	          Panel
            Strategies for minimizing liability exposure
            through technician training, managing supplier                 James G. Derian, Delphi Automotive Systems ,
            relationships, user manuals and warnings will                  Detroit, Michigan
            be discussed.                                                  Don A. Schiemann, TK Holdings Inc. ,
                                                                           Auburn Hills, Michigan
4           Strictly	Automotive	Seminar

11:30 a.m. Adding	to	the	Complexity	II:	Lawsuits		              3:20 p.m. NHTSA	Update
	          Involving	Automobile	Dealers                                   National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
           Mr. DeGraw will cover a variety of unique                      Chief Counsel will cover the agency’s latest
           challenges and opportunities that arise in                     developments.
           product liability cases in which a dealer has been             O. Kevin Vincent, National Highway Traffic
           named as a defendant, including the different                  Safety Administration , Washington, D.C.
           legal standards that exist from state to state
           regarding potential dealer liability; available      4:00 p.m. “Mismatch”	Cases,	a	Biomechanical	Approach
           legal challenges; unique discovery issues; joint               As the size disparity between vehicles grows,
           defense and expert-sharing considerations; and                 litigation emphasizing that disparity has
           indemnification and contribution issues.                       become more frequent. Using evidence from
           Alan L. DeGraw, Chrysler Group LLC ,                           actual cases, Dr. Cormier will analyze and
           Auburn Hills, Michigan                                         explain the biodynamic implications of these
12:00 p.m. Lunch (on your own)                                            Joseph M. Cormier, Ph.D., PE, Biodynamic
1:15 p.m.   How	Distracted	Are	We?	Laboratory		Research		                 Research Corporation , San Antonio, Texas
	           vs.	Real	World	Findings	on	Distracted	Driving	      4:45 p.m. Event	Data	Recorders	(EDR):	Inside	the		
            Between 1995 and 2009, cell phone                   	         Automotive	Black	Box
            subscriptions in the U.S. increased 1,000                     “Is it live or is it Memorex?” Discern the
            percent, yet crash rates and fatality rates                   real from recordings and employ recorded
            have fallen. Insight into this phenomenon is                  information to support your automotive
            provided by naturalistic driving research that                litigation defense. Discussion will include the
            records people driving where they wish, as                    current statutes and cases regarding EDR and
            they wish, for weeks and months, every time                   how EDR evidence should and should not be
            they drive. These naturalistic driving studies                used in the defense of automotive product
            conclude that “eyes off road” is a major                      liability cases.
            factor associated with crash and near-miss
            involvement. Dr. Tijerina will review driver                  Donald R. Parshall, Jr., Nissan North America
            distraction research to provide insight into the              Inc. , Farmington Hills, Michigan
            interpretation of the studies, as well as their               Kevin C. Schiferl, Frost Brown Todd LLC ,
            proper use in legal and regulatory contexts.                  Indianapolis, Indiana
            Louis Tijerina, Ph.D., Ford Motor Company,
            Dearborn, Michigan                                  5:30 p.m. Automotive	SLG	Meeting	(open to all)

2:00 p.m. Roof	Crush	I:	New	Developments	in	the		               6:15 p.m.   Networking	Reception
	         Defense	of	Roof	Crush	Cases                                       Sponsored by Accident Reconstruction
          Recent trends in the defense of roof crush                                      Engineering Consultants Inc.
          cases, including the impact of side curtain
          airbags on the diving defense and plaintiffs’         7:30 p.m. Dine-Arounds
          attempts to exclude industry roof crush testing                 Join colleagues and friends at selected
          illustrating the diving theory, will be discussed.              restaurants for dinner (on your own).
          Emily E. Frascaroli, Ford Motor Company,                        More details on-site.
          Dearborn, Michigan
          M. Gary Toole, McDonald Toole Wiggins PA ,
          Orlando, Florida                                      FRIDAY,	SEPTEMBER	16,	2011
            Roof	Crush	II:	FMVSS	216                                        Boarding	Pass	Kiosk
            Mr. Thomas will address the effect of the new       	           Sponsored by Frost Brown Todd LLC
            FMVSS 216 and means of excluding evidence
            concerning the new standard from cases              7:00 a.m. Registration
            involving automobiles manufactured under
            the preceding standard.                             7:00 a.m. Continental	Breakfast
            D. Alan Thomas, Huie Fernambucq & Stewart                     Sponsored by Hinger Engineering
            LLP, Birmingham, Alabama
                                                                8:00 a.m. Announcements
3:00 p.m. Refreshment	Break                                               Roman Lifson, Christian & Barton LLP,
          Sponsored by Carroll Burdick & McDonough LLP                    Richmond, Virginia
                                                                                     September	15–16,	2011              5

8:05 a.m.   Battery	Electric	Vehicles:	Design		 	             10:30 a.m. Sudden/Unintended	Acceleration	II:	A	Case		
	           Considerations	and	the	Auto	Industry’s	Role		     	          Study
	           in	Educating	Occupants,	Pedestrians	and		                    As a natural companion to the preceding
	           Emergency	Responders	About	Potential	Risks		                 presentation, this session will focus on
	           Unique	to	High	Voltage	Vehicles                              an actual case study involving claimed
            With sales of hybrids, plug-in hybrids and                   unintended acceleration.
            all-electric vehicles growing every year,                    John Randolph Bibb, Jr., Lewis King Krieg &
            plaintiffs’ attorneys are sure to pursue                     Waldrop PC , Nashville, Tennessee
            new theories of product liability against
            automakers when these vehicles are involved       11:15 a.m. The	Truth	About	Toyota
            in accidents. Automotive defense attorneys                   Toyota’s lead counsel in the Federal MDL will
            need to know about the significant steps taken               explain the recent NHTSA and NASA report that
            by automakers to protect individuals before,                 found no electronic flaws in Toyota’s products
            during and after battery electric vehicle                    that could cause unintended acceleration.
            crashes. The speakers will discuss some high                 Learn the history that led to this investigation,
            voltage design considerations and emergency                  what the investigators did, what the reports
            responder education programs that are just                   mean, and how they can or cannot be used in
            some of the auto industry’s efforts to reduce                litigation.
            the risk of injury in accidents involving these
            popular vehicles.                                            Joel H. Smith, Bowman and Brooke LLP,
                                                                         Columbia, South Carolina
            Fred J. Fresard, Dykema , Bloomfield Hills,
            Michigan                                          12:00 p.m. Managing	Automotive	Product	Liability		
            Glenn	A.	Jackson, General Motors Company,         	          Litigation:	The	Inside	View
            Detroit, Michigan                                            A panel of in-house counsel experienced
                                                                         in managing automotive product liability
8:45 a.m. Motorcycle	Liability	Case	Study                                litigation will discuss what they expect of
          Hear a case study in disproving a commercial                   outside counsel and how outside counsel can
          airline pilot’s fabricated account of his                      forge the best possible relationship with their
          motorcycle accident, discrediting the plaintiff                clients.
          and his friends, deterring a threatened class                  Moderator
          action, and explaining in simple terms a
          complex and inherent characteristic of modern                  Roman Lifson, Christian & Barton LLP,
          motorcycles through the use of sophisticated                   Richmond, Virginia
          demonstrative exhibits.                                        Panel	
          Mark A. Kircher, Quarles & Brady LLP,                          Colleen P. Gillespie, Nissan North America Inc. ,
          Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                           Franklin, Tennessee
          Chimba Mkandawire, Ph.D., PE, CAISS,                           Michael A. Gruskin, General Motors Company,
          Exponent, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                           Detroit, Michigan
                                                                         Andrew S. Pride, Ford Motor Company,
9:30 a.m. Sudden/Unintended	Acceleration	I:	NHTSA		                      Dearborn, Michigan
	         Rejects	Electronic	Gremlins	Theory	Again
                                                                         Louann Van Der Wiele, Chrysler Group LLC,
          Part one of the unintended acceleration unit                   Auburn Hills, Michigan
          will focus on NHTSA’s rejection over the years of
          the various electronic defect theories suggested    1:00 p.m. Ethical	Implications	of	Third-Party	Funding		
          by plaintiffs’ experts. This includes Audi and      	         of	Product	Liability	Litigation
          Ford—rejection of Sam Sero; Chrysler—rejection
          of Bizzaz/Nocivelli/Salyer; and Toyota—NASA’s                 Professor Sebok will discuss the ethical
          rejection of electronic theories.                             considerations and pitfalls involved in the
                                                                        emerging pattern of third parties funding
          Bonnie H. Hanlon, Goldberg Segalla LLP,                       product liability litigation.
          Princeton, New Jersey
                                                                        Anthony J. Sebok, Benjamin N. Cardozo School
10:15 a.m. Refreshment	Break                                            of Law Yeshiva University, New York, New York
           Sponsored by Sandberg Phoenix &                    2:00 p.m. Adjourn
                          von Gontard PC
6           Strictly	Automotive	Seminar

G E N E R A L I N F O R M AT I O N                             conference. Substitutions may be made at any time
                                                               without charge and must be submitted in writing.
This seminar has been approved for MCLE credit by the          COURSE	MATERIALS
State Bar of California in the amount of 13 hours, including   DRI will email a link to download the course materials to
1 hour of ethics credit. Accreditation has been requested      all registrants two weeks in advance of the seminar. The CD
from every state with mandatory continuing legal               will be included in the registration packet on-site. You can
education (CLE) requirements. Certificates of attendance       order additional copies by checking the appropriate box
will be provided to each attendee. Attendees are               on the registration form on the back of this brochure or
responsible for obtaining CLE credits from their respective    ordering online at
states. Credit availability and requirements vary from state   Sponsored by	 M.P.	Holcomb	Engineering	Corporation
to state; please check our website at for
credit information for your state.
                                                               SUPPLEMENTAL	MATERIALS
REGISTRATION                                                   Recommended supplemental material for this seminar
                                                               is Punitive	Damages:	A	State-by-State	Compendium .
The registration fee is $745 for members and those who         Order your copy by checking the appropriate box on the
join DRI when registering and	$975 for nonmembers.             registration form on the back of this brochure. You can also
The registration fee includes CD-ROM course materials,         view the entire list of DRI publications offerings and make
continental breakfasts, refreshment breaks and networking      purchases online at
receptions. If you wish to have your name appear on the
registration list distributed at the conference and receive
the course materials in advance, DRI must receive your         HOTEL	ACCOMMODATIONS
registration by August	26,	2011 (please allow 10 days for      A limited number of discounted hotel rooms have been
processing). Registrations received after August	26,	2011,     made available at The	Dearborn	Inn,	A	Marriott	Hotel,	
will be processed on-site.                                     20301	Oakwood	Boulevard,	Dearborn,	Michigan	48124. For
                                                               reservations, contact	the	hotel	directly	at	313.271.2700.
IN-HOUSE	COUNSEL                                               Please mention DRI’s	Strictly	Automotive	Seminar to take
                                                               advantage of the group rate of $129	Single/Double. The
In-house counsel are eligible for free registration to         hotel block is limited and rooms and rates are available
DRI seminars. In-house counsel are defined as licensed         on a first-come, first-served basis. You must make
attorneys, who are employed exclusively by a corporation       reservations by August	16,	2011, to be eligible for the
or other private sector organization, for the purpose of       group rate. Requests for reservations made after August	16
providing legal representation and counsel only to that        are subject to room and rate availability.
corporation, its affiliates and subsidiaries. In order to
qualify for free registration, the individual must also be
a DRI member and a member of DRI’s Corporate Counsel           TRAVEL	DISCOUNTS
Committee. Offer excludes DRI Annual Meeting.                  DRI offers discounted meeting fares on various major air
                                                               carriers for DRI’s	Strictly	Automotive	Seminar attendees.
SPECIAL	DISCOUNTS                                              To receive these discounts, please contact Hobson Travel Ltd.,
                                                               DRI’s official travel provider at 800.538.7464. As always,
The first and second registrations from the same firm          to obtain the lowest available fares, early booking is
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registration fee for additional registrants from the same
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status. All registrations must be received at the same         FLYERS
time to receive the discount.                                  Sponsored by	 Rimkus	Consulting	Group	Inc.
                                                                            SEA	Limited
REFUND	POLICY                                                  See your attendee packet on-site for information on these
The registration fee is fully refundable for cancellations     sponsors.
received on or before August	26,	2011. Cancellations
received after August	26 and on or before	September	2,         HOTEL	KEY	CARD
2011, will receive a refund, less a $50 processing fee.
Cancellations made after September	2 will not receive          Sponsored by	 Biodynamic	Research	Corporation
a refund, but the course materials on CD-ROM and a
$100 certificate good for any DRI seminar within the           The taping or recording of DRI seminars is prohibited without the
next 12 months will be issued. All cancellations and           written permission of DRI.
requests for refunds must be made in writing. Fax to           Speakers and times may be subject to last-minute changes.
DRI’s Accounting Department at 312.795.0747. All refunds       DRI policy provides there will be no group functions sponsored
will be mailed within four weeks after the date of the         by others in connection with its seminars.
                                                                                   September	15–16,	2011               7

SEMINAR SPONSORS                                              2011 SEMINAR SCHEDULE

DRI wishes to thank our sponsors for their support at         May 5–6           Drug and Medical Device
this year’s seminar!                                                            Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers ,
                                                                                Chicago, IL

                              Accident Reconstruction
                                                              May 12–13         Strictly Retail
                              Engineering Consultants, Inc.
                                                                                Swissôtel Chicago , Chicago, IL
                                                              May 18–20         Employment and Labor Law
                                                                                The Westin Kierland , Scottsdale, AZ
                                                              June 9–10         Young Lawyers
                                                                                Hilton Austin , Austin, TX
                                                              June 16–17        Diversity for Success
                                                                                Swissôtel Chicago , Chicago, IL
                                                              June 22–24        Insurance Bad Faith and Extra-
                                                                                Contractual Liability
                                                                                The Westin Washington, D.C. City
                                                                                Center, Washington, D.C.
                                                              July 21–22        Class Action
                                                                                The Madison , Washington, D.C.
                                                              September 15–16 Nursing Home/ALF Litigation
                                                                              Boston Marriott Copley Place, Boston,
                                                              September 15–16 Strictly Automotive
                                                                              The Dearborn Inn, A Marriott Hotel ,
                                                                              Dearborn, MI
                                                              September 22–23 Construction Law
                                                                              JW Marriott Desert Ridge , Phoenix, AZ
                                                              September 22–23 Hospitality
                                                                              FireSky Resort , Scottsdale, AZ
                                                              October 26–30     Annual Meeting
                                                                                Washington Marriott Wardman Park ,
                                                                                Washington, D.C.
                                                              November 10–11 Asbestos Medicine
                                                                             Bellagio , Las Vegas, NV
                                                              December 15–16 Insurance Coverage and Practice
                                                                             Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers ,
                                                                             New York, NY
                                                              December 15–16 Professional Liability
                                                                             Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers,
                                                                             New York, NY
8           Strictly	Automotive	Seminar

F A C U LT Y                                                     Emily	E.	Frascaroli is an attorney at Ford Motor Company
                                                                 in Dearborn, Michigan. Her primary focus consists of
                                                                 handling automotive safety, regulatory and product
John	Randolph	Bibb,	Jr., is special counsel in the Nashville     liability matters. Prior to joining the Office of the General
office of Lewis King Krieg & Waldrop PC. He has more than        Counsel, Ms. Frascaroli worked as an engineer at Ford
25 years’ experience defending product liability and toxic       from 1996 to 2002.
tort claims and lawsuits across the United States. Mr. Bibb
has served as lead trial counsel representing product            Fred	J.	Fresard is a member in Dykema’s Bloomfield Hills,
manufacturers in more than 25 states from California to          Michigan, office. His practice focuses on the defense of high
Virginia. Much of his work has been the defense of motor         exposure, complex civil cases, including product liability,
vehicle manufacturers in claims involving restraint systems,     mass tort and commercial litigation. Mr. Fresard has served
unintended acceleration and inadvertent vehicle                  as national counsel and trial counsel for several major
movement, and numerous other defect theories.                    manufacturers. He has tried dozens of automotive product
                                                                 liability cases in venues across the nation against some of
Franklin	P.	Brannen,	Jr., is counsel at King & Spalding LLP in   the country’s top trial attorneys.
Atlanta. Mr. Brannen focuses his practice primarily on the
defense of automotive and pharmaceutical manufacturers           Gregory	G.	Garre is a partner in the Washington, D.C., office
in product liability cases and has served as trial counsel for   of Latham & Watkins LLP and chair of the firm’s Supreme
automotive manufacturers across the country. He has              Court and appellate practice. He has argued 30 cases before
successfully used the Daubert standard to win cases in five      the U.S. Supreme Court, including Williamson v. Mazda
different states, including the first-reported use of the        Motor Corporation , and numerous additional matters before
Daubert standard in a Georgia state court trial, which he        the federal courts of appeals on a broad range of subjects of
successfully defended on appeal.                                 concern to the automotive industry. Prior to joining Latham,
                                                                 he served as the 44th Solicitor General of the United States.
Joseph	M.	Cormier,	Ph.D.,	PE,	has been employed by
Biodynamic Research Corporation in San Antonio for over          Colleen	P.	Gillespie is senior counsel at Nissan
seven years. Dr. Cormier performs injury causation analyses      North America Inc., headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee.
in a variety of product related high severity events, as well    Ms. Gillespie is responsible for managing automotive
as minor events including low speed vehicle impacts. He          product liability litigation regionally and in specialized areas
holds a Masters of Science degree in mechanical                  throughout the United States. This includes responsibility for
engineering and his Ph.D. is in biomedical engineering. He       managing asbestos litigation throughout the United States,
has been involved in publications pertaining to accident         as well as litigation involving Nissan forklifts.
reconstruction, injury epidemiology and injury tolerance.
                                                                 Michael	A.	Gruskin is the global process leader and
Jacob	W.	Crawford serves as national litigation counsel for      practice area manager for litigation on the General Motors
Kia Motors America Inc. in Irvine, California. He manages        Company’s legal staff in Detroit. In that capacity, he
warranty/lemon law and product liability matters filed in        supervises the attorneys, legal assistants and support staff
the United States. Mr. Crawford is a member of DRI and the       who manage GM’s litigation in North America, is involved
ABA. He is also a member of the Alabama State Bar and the        in global litigation issues and manages GM’s litigation
State Bar of California.                                         budget. Mr. Gruskin has handled a variety of litigation
                                                                 matters, including complex commercial cases, class actions
Alan	L.	DeGraw is senior counsel with Chrysler Group LLC in      and securities litigation.
Auburn Hills, Michigan, where he manages product liability
matters. More than 16 of his 20+ years of practice have been     Bonnie	H.	Hanlon is a partner in the Princeton, New Jersey,
as in-house counsel with multiple Fortune 500 companies.         office of Goldberg Segalla LLP. She practices primarily in the
Prior to joining Chrysler Group LLC, Mr. DeGraw practiced in     areas of product liability, transportation and personal injury
the areas of automotive class actions and product liability      litigation, representing a number of automobile and truck
at Ford Motor Company. An established speaker, Mr. DeGraw        manufacturers. Ms. Hanlon has served as national counsel
has given hundreds of presentations to internal client           to a major automobile manufacturer, representing its
groups, trade associations and seminars.                         interests in litigation throughout the country in cases
                                                                 involving allegations of sudden acceleration and unwanted
James	G.	Derian is a litigation attorney at Delphi               vehicle movement.
Automotive Systems in Detroit. Mr. Derian is a former
shareholder at a nationally recognized law firm, where he        Glenn	A.	Jackson is a senior staff attorney with the legal
focused his practice on commercial and other business            staff of General Motors Company in Detroit. While at GM,
litigation, including the representation of large automotive     Mr. Jackson has been involved in managing the company’s
industry suppliers. He also has extensive litigation             product liability defense in a range of geographic areas and
experience involving class actions, insurance coverage,          for a variety of specialty product liability allegations. Prior
product liability, debtor/creditor rights, real estate and       to joining the GM legal staff in 1990, Mr. Jackson was a
zoning issues. Mr. Derian serves as an arbitrator and is         litigation attorney defending product liability and personal
active in local government.                                      injury claims on behalf of corporate defendants at the
                                                                 Detroit office of a national law firm.
                                                                                            September	15–16,	2011               9

Charles	S.	Kim is the assistant general counsel of product         personal injury and business litigation. He has tried more
litigation at Mazda Motor of America Inc., d/b/a Mazda             than 200 cases to jury verdict and has argued more than
North American Operations (MNAO), in Irvine, California. He        60 appeals before state and federal courts, including the
manages all of MNAO’s product liability, consumer                  U.S. Supreme Court. Mr. Morrison has served as lead trial
litigation and asbestos cases throughout the U.S. and also         counsel in more than 20 states and four foreign countries.
handles some class action suits and advertising review.
Previously, Mr. Kim spent two years as general counsel for         Donald	R.	Parshall,	Jr., is senior counsel with the legal staff
Mazda Canada Inc. in Toronto. Prior to joining MNAO,               of Nissan North America Inc. in Farmington Hills, Michigan.
Mr. Kim worked in the Los Angeles office of an                     His responsibilities include supervising a variety of
international law firm, focusing on product liability and          automotive product liability matters throughout the United
government contracts.                                              States involving catastrophic injuries and rollover, airbag,
                                                                   seat belt, roof, seat and ejection claims. Mr. Parshall also
Mark	A.	Kircher is a partner in the Milwaukee office of            represents Nissan at trials and mediations, reviews owners
Quarles & Brady LLP. His practice focuses on the defense of        manuals and other customer literature, advises on new
product liability cases involving motorcycle crashworthiness       vehicle programs—including the Nissan Leaf—and handles
and handling, construction and agricultural equipment              supplier cost recovery matters.
accidents, motor vehicle accidents and lemon law claims.
Mr. Kircher has represented products clients as national or        Andrew	S.	Pride is an attorney in the product litigation
regional counsel in 46 states, and has tried product liability     group of Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, where
cases to verdict in 19 states. He is a member of DRI’s Product     he is responsible for litigation arising from various vehicle
Liability Committee.                                               defect allegations. Mr. Pride joined Ford in 2004, following
                                                                   five years of private practice with a law firm where he
Jack	Laffey, a shareholder in the Milwaukee office of Whyte        focused on defending motor vehicle manufacturers in
Hirschboeck Dudek SC, focuses his practice on product              complex product liability litigation. Prior to joining the firm,
liability, transportation litigation, toxic tort, catastrophic     he spent three years at General Motors Corporation,
injury defense and insurance and commercial litigation             managing various product liability claims.
matters. Mr. Laffey is a member of DRI’s Law Institute and is
a former chair of DRI’s Trucking Law Committee.                    Don	A.	Schiemann is general counsel for TK Holdings Inc. in
                                                                   Auburn Hills, Michigan. He is primarily responsible for
Roman	Lifson is a partner with Christian & Barton LLP in           product liability litigation and other legal matters for
Richmond, Virginia. He has tried cases in federal and state        Takata Corporation and its subsidiaries in the United
courts across the country and focuses his practice on              States. Prior to joining Takata in 2001, Mr. Schiemann spent
product liability and catastrophic injury litigation. Mr. Lifson   30 years on the General Motors Company legal staff,
serves as chair of DRI’s Automotive Specialized Litigation         managing the corporation’s defense of product liability,
Group and as chair of the Virginia Bar Association’s Civil         general and environmental litigation.
Litigation Section. He participates in automobile racing
events through several club racing national sanctioning            Kevin	C.	Schiferl	is a member of Frost Brown Todd LLC,
bodies. Mr. Lifson is the program chair for this seminar.          residing in Indianapolis. A trial attorney, he focuses on
                                                                   product liability litigation and mass torts, defending
Chimba	Mkandawire,	Ph.D.,	PE,	CAISS, addresses issues              corporations and individuals in personal injury claims
involving injury biomechanics, human tolerance, occupant           involving automobiles and other consumer products.
kinematics and rigid body dynamics for Exponent in                 Mr. Schiferl is also engaged in the defense of professional
Philadelphia. His work includes accident reconstruction and        liability and business claims. With over 60 jury trials and
biomechanical analysis of trauma in transportation, sport          hundreds of bench trials and hearings, he is one of
and racing activities, heavy equipment, falls, consumer            Indiana’s most active litigators. Also maintaining an
products and the workplace. Dr. Mkandawire has published           active appellate practice, Mr. Schiferl has been involved in
research in foot-ankle biomechanics, forklift operations,          over 50 published cases. He is an active DRI member.
vehicle collisions, balance retention and postural stability.
He holds academic appointments at Drexel University and            Anthony	J.	Sebok, a professor at Benjamin N. Cardozo
Princeton University.                                              School of Law Yeshiva University in New York City, is an
                                                                   expert on mass torts, litigation finance, comparative tort
Stephen	G.	Morrison is a partner in the Columbia,                  law and legal philosophy. He has authored numerous
South Carolina, office of Nelson Mullins Riley &                   articles about litigation finance and mass restitution
Scarborough LLP. A highly regarded litigation lawyer who           litigation involving tobacco, handguns and slavery
has represented such Fortune 500 clients as General                reparations. His casebook, Tort Law: Responsibilities and
Motors, Ford and AT&T, Mr. Morrison has more than 20 years         Redress , which he coauthored with John Goldberg and
of experience in technology litigation, product liability,         Benjamin Zipursky, is used at several leading law schools.
10          Strictly	Automotive	Seminar

Patrick	G.	Seyferth is an experienced civil trial attorney         M.	Gary	Toole is a shareholder with McDonald Toole
and one of the founding shareholders of Bush Seyferth &            Wiggins PA in Orlando, Florida. He serves as local,
Paige PLLC in Troy, Michigan. He specializes in the defense        regional and national counsel for product manufacturers
of high exposure product liability cases, commercial               and excess insurance carriers throughout the United
litigation and class actions. Mr. Seyferth and his firm serve      States. Mr. Toole also assists a domestic manufacturer in
as national coordinating and trial counsel for a major             coordinating discovery throughout the United States and
automotive manufacturer and have responsibility for all            with its foreign subsidiaries. He has served as lead trial
aspects of discovery, fact investigation, expert selection         counsel in catastrophic injury cases in Alabama, California,
and case preparation, and also serve as lead counsel in            Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Carolina
certain product liability matters. Mr. Seyferth has obtained       and Texas.
successful results in significant litigation in 23 states.
                                                                   Louann	Van	Der	Wiele is vice president and associate
Joel	H.	Smith, a managing partner with Bowman and                  general counsel in the Office of the General Counsel of
Brooke LLP in Columbia, South Carolina, focuses his practice       Chrysler Group LLC in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Her
on the defense of product liability litigation, with an            responsibilities include overseeing employment litigation,
emphasis on automotive and pharmaceutical cases. He has            environmental litigation and class action, warranty and
represented manufacturers of automobiles, tires, forklifts         product liability litigation involving Chrysler, Dodge and
and other equipment, as well as consumer products in               Jeep vehicles. She also advises the company on other
venues across the country. He has also served as MDL and           vehicle-related consumer protection matters, regulatory
lead counsel in pharmaceutical cases. Mr. Smith has taught         affairs and risk management issues. Ms. Van Der Wiele
trial advocacy at the University of South Carolina, and has        joined Chrysler in 1989. She has been recognized by Midwest
lectured nationally on automotive, pharmaceutical and              In-House and Michigan Lawyers Weekly as an “In-House
trial advocacy issues.                                             Leader in the Law.”
D.	Alan	Thomas, a partner with Huie Fernambucq & Stewart           O.	Kevin	Vincent is chief counsel of the National Highway
LLP in Birmingham, Alabama, specializes in the defense of          Traffic Safety Administration in Washington, D.C. Prior to
automotive product liability actions in local and regional         his appointment in July 2009, he was in private practice for
state and federal courts. He has successfully tried numerous       15 years in the Washington, D.C., office of an international
rollover and handling and stability cases across the United        law firm, specializing in government contracts law.
States. Mr. Thomas serves as lead trial counsel and                Previously, he worked at law firms in Rockville, Maryland,
coordinating counsel throughout the Southeast and on a             and Birmingham, Alabama, and began his legal career in
national basis. He is listed in the Best Lawyers in America        the Pentagon as a captain in the Office of the General
(2001–present) and in the recently published edition of            Counsel of the Air Force.
Alabama Super Lawyers .
                                                                   Paul	J.	Widzinski is an attorney on the General Motors
Louis	Tijerina,	Ph.	D., was recruited by Ford Motor                Company legal staff in Detroit. He has been responsible for
Company in Dearborn, Michigan, from the National                   managing product liability cases for 22 years, handling both
Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to research          specialty and geographic cases, with an emphasis on
driver distraction and driver warning systems. While at            rollover cases and seat belt specialty allegations.
NHTSA’s Research and Test Center, he co-authored NHTSA’s           Mr. Widzinski also provides counsel to GM’s vehicle sales
first comprehensive report on cell phones and highway              service and marketing organization and manages dealer
safety. He holds an M.S. in industrial engineering and a           litigation in the northeast United States. Prior to joining
Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Ohio State                   General Motors in 1988, he was in a private practice in
University. Dr. Tijerina serves on the editorial board of          Michigan, defending and trying product liability cases.
Human Factors and the Transportation Research Board’s
Committee on Road User Characteristics.

                                                            DRI is the largest international membership organization of
                                                            attorneys defending the interests of business and individuals
                                                            in civil litigation. Diversity is a core value at DRI. Indeed,
                                                            diversity is fundamental to the success of the organization,
                                                            and we seek out and embrace the innumerable benefits
                                                            and contributions that the perspectives, backgrounds,
DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION                                     cultures and life experiences a diverse membership provides.
         IN DRI:                                            Inclusiveness is the chief means to increase the diversity of
                                                            DRI’s membership and leadership positions. DRI’s members
A STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLE                                    and potential leaders are often also members and leaders of
                                                            other defense organizations. Accordingly, DRI encourages all
                                                            national, state and local defense organizations to promote
                                                            diversity and inclusion in their membership and leadership.
    JOIN DRI NOw AND REGISTER AT ThE MEMbERShIP RATE—a                                                           $230 savings!
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MEMBER	                 o       Defense Attorney—$250	USD/year
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	                       o       Young Lawyer*—$130	USD/year	(admitted to the Bar for five years or less)
	                       o       Law Student—$20	USD/year
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OPTIONAL	               DRI is committed to the principle of diversity in its membership and leadership. Accordingly,
                          applicants are invited to indicate which one of the following may best describe them:
                        o African American                          o Asian American                 o hispanic
	                       o Native American                           o Caucasian                      o Other

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REFERRED	BY	(name of DRI member attorney, if applicable)
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the	above	and	hereby	make	application	for	individual	membership.

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SEMINAR	REGISTRATION:	                     o    $745        Member                                    * Those eligible for Young Lawyer
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	             		                           o    $975        Nonmember                                 for one free seminar when they join.
                                           o    $500        Government DRI Member                     ** In-house counsel is defined as a licensed
                                           o    FREE        Law Student DRI Member                    attorney who is employed exclusively
                                           o    FREE        In-house Counsel***                       by a corporation or other private sector
                                                                                                      organization for the purpose of providing
                                           o    $695        Special Discount                          legal representation and counsel only
                                           o    $12.75      Ford Rouge Factory Tour                   to that corporation, its affiliates and
MEMBERSHIP	(Check One):                    o    $250        Defense Attorney                          *** Must meet definition and also be a
                                                                                                      DRI member and a member of DRI’s
                                           o    $160        Government Attorney                       Corporate Counsel Committee. Offer
                                           o    $130*       Young Lawyer                              excludes DRI Annual Meeting.
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DRI		72225	Eagle	Way,	Chicago,	IL	60678-7252	                                 JP Morgan		Attn:	DRI—#72225
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PHONE	 	 312.795.1101 				n				 FAX	 	 312.795.0749 				n				 EMAIL				n				 WEB
      S T R I C T LY A U T O M O T I V E S E M I N A R
                                        SEP TEMbER 15–16, 2011
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o Law Student DRI Member: Free                                 EXP.	DATE                                2 01 1 - 02 01 B
o In-house Counsel: Free (see brochure for eligibility)
o Special Discount Price: $695
   (see brochure for eligibility)
o Ford Rouge Factory Tour: $12.75                              SIGNATURE	(as it appears on card)

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