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Marking Rubric for Visual Reflection - TeacherWeb


									                    Scoring Guide for Visual Reflection

                        Ideas and Impressions                            Presentation

                   Quality of ideas, and quality of the Effectiveness of the voice, and appropriateness
                    impressions that the student has    for the form chosen. Quality of language and
                 formed. Effectiveness and consistency expression. Development and unifying effect.
                     of the support for those ideas.                   Number of errors.

                 Perceptions are insightful and
                                                        Voice is engaging and tone is confident.
                 carefully considered. Support is
5 Excellent                                             Choices are precise and effective. Writing is
                 precise, purposeful, and strongly
                                                        developed, and unifying effect is sustained.
                 connected .

                 Perceptions are thoughtful and         Voice is edistinct and tone is well considered.
4 Proficient     considered. Support is relevant,       Choices are specific and effective. Writing is
                 detailed, and clearly connected.       coherently and unifying effect is capable.

                                                        Voice is matter-of-fact and tone is appropriate.
                 Perceptions are appropriate but
                                                        Choices are adequate and occasionally
3 Satisfactory   generalized. Support is adequate and
                                                        effective. Writing is generally clear and
                 generally connected.
                                                        unifying effect is appropriate.

                 Perceptions are superficial or         Voice is inconsistent or inappropriate. Choices
2 Limited        ambiguous. Support is imprecise,       are inappropriate, imprecise, and ineffective.
                 unclear, or vague.                     Writing is unclear or incoherent. Not unified.

                 Perceptions are underdeveloped or     Voice is confused or no attempt to address the
1 Poor           incomprehensible. Support is lacking, audience. Choices are ineffective. Ineffectly
                 inappropriate, or unrelated.          developed, or no unifying effect.

                 No evidence of attempt to fulfill the  No evidence of attempt to fulfill the
INS              assignment, OR deficient in length and assignment, OR deficient in length and not
                 not possible to assess.                possible to assess.

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