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					1st Housing Early Recovery Housing Sector Working Group Meeting Quetta, Balochistan

                                              MINUTES OF THE MEETING
   HOUSING EARLY RECOVERY WORKING GROUP-BALOCHISTAN                                              Meeting Held on
                                                                                             9th May 2011 , 10:30 am
   Chair : Muhammad Siddiq Aftab, Director PDMA Baluchistan
   Contact:                                                         PDMA Conference room
   Co-chair: Mr. Javed Zehri, UN Habitat

      1-      Recitation from Holy Quran
      2-      Welcome & introduction
      3-      Action points of last meeting
      4-      Discussion on Housing Sector early recovery working group
      5-      Updates by UNHCR on shelter construction
      6-      Discussion on Gap Analysis and the recent need assessment report on damaged houses
      7-      Discussions on construction of permanent houses and transitional shelters
      8-      Sharing of weekly progress by the Housing partners
      9-      AOB
List of participants

             Name               Organization       Designation                          Email                   cell
        Neelam kasi           ADO              Provincial program                03009383938
        Khalid latif Abbasi   CRS              Program Manager                  03478383502
        kashif Ghauri         PROUD Pakistan   Manager media     03337945479
                                               and publication
        Nasir Ahmed           IDO              Manager shelter                 03448030844
        Yasmeen Mughal        CTE              ed               03003855719
        Sana durrani          TWO              CEO                    03327942169
        Junaid azam           WESS             Manager                  03337890985
        Abdul baseer          UNHCR            P.I.Associate               03458314919
        M Rahim kakar         BRSP             SPO                         03473989875
        Farrukh anwar         UNHCR            Snr. Field Assistant
        Muhammed              PDMA             Director PDMA           03337801902
        Siddiq Aftab
        Javed zehri           UNH              Wash coordinator       03337848525
                                               and housing co-
        Muhammed khalil       UNH              Program Assistant   03337814579
        Sarah mir             UNH              Im-assistant 
        S zakir shah          EHROS            ed                               03335736774
Activity                               Comments                                    Action points

1.Welcome remarks and introduction     The meeting started with the recitation All the participants are requested to
                                       of holy Quran followed by brief ensure participation in the Provincial as
                                       introduction of all the participants     well as District early recovery working
                                                                                group meetings
                                       Mr. Javed Zehri gave a short briefing to
                                       the participants about NDMA ERWG
                                       meeting held at Islamabad and formally Note: All the participants are requested
                                       announced the start of “ HOUSING to use the name “ Housing Sector Early
                                       EARLY RECOVERY WORKING GROUP”            Recovery Working Group” in future

2. Action points of previous meeting                                               Minutes of the previous meeting was
                                                                                   not circulated
3. Proceedings of the meeting
                                             The agenda of the meeting was
                                              to discuss early recovery phase
                                             The participants of the meeting
                                              shared the progress of
                                              previously constructed shelters(
                                              Year 2010)
                                             U.N.H.C.R has Carried out its
                                              House damage assessment /
                                              gap analysis and it is shared with
                                             It was agreed by the PDMA and
                   U.N.H.C.R that the damages
                   assessment report is officially
                   endorsed by PDMA and the
                   requirement presented in report
                   is actual need of Baluchistan and
PDMA Baluchistan   that has to be treated as Gap
                   analysis data . Director PDMA
                   further said that as the
                   assessment carried out by the
                   UNHCR does not include data
                   from District Dera Bugti which
                   has been obtained by PDMA
                   from the district and the final
                   figure of house damages
                   including Dera Bugti is as under
                   Naseer Abad Division
                   Jafar Abad        Partially/ Fully
                   Damaged 46322
                   Kachhi Total 4171
                   Jhal Magsi Total 1600
                   Naseerabad Total 8086
                   Sibi division
                   Sibi Total 5740
                   Dera Bugti 1644
                   KOHLU 799
                   Harnai 240
                   Zhob Division
                   Loralai Total 3350
                   Kila Saifullah 860
                   Barkhan 1432
                   Musa Khail 1692
    Zhob 942
    Sherani 201

    The      number     of    Partially
    damaged comes to 22171 and
    number fully damaged is 53908
    and Total damaged Houses in
    14 districts are 76079
   PDMA Shared that there are 14
    districts affected and only 2
    districts have been selected for
    Early recovery
   Each organization must obtain
    NOC from PDMA Baluchistan in
    order      to    perform     their
    operations in flood affected
    districts , this will help in
    avoiding duplication
    P.D.M.A further added that
    before finalizing any field
    program it should be first
    finalized with P.D.M.A.
   It was also informed that the
    transitional shelters constructed
    must      be     replaced    with
    permanent shelters , 8200
    Transitional shelters by CRS in
    Jaffarabad and 1500 Transitional
    Shelters in Sibi by UNHABITAT
    have to be mentioned in the gap
           It was also agreed that
            transitional shelters are over
UNHCR      The progress of previously
            constructed shelters was shared
            along with updates of camps
           UNHCR         have        received
            transportation cost of relocating
            the IDPs to their places of origin
            and cattle farm
           District Authorities will be
            providing information regarding
            the cattle farm Camp and it was
            shared that up to 36 hectare
            space is available for cattle farm
           UNHCR have requested the local
            Authorities to perform the
            mapping analysis
           It was highlighted on the forum
            by UNHCR Representative that
            the 15500 shelters which have
            been constructed are Semi-
            Transitional/Transitional Proto type
            and have been endorsed with
            PDMA but these shelters cannot be
            counted as gap and hence no need
            to rebuild these shelters again
           Statement duly acknowledged by
            the UNHCR Representative (Mr.
            Farrukh Anwar, field assistant)
           Preference will now be given to
            those not having any type of
                              Shelters/ Houses

UNHABITAT                    Two Persons have been
                              nominated by UN-HABITAT as
(district focal points)       district   focal    persons    in
                              Jaffarabad and Naseerabad ,
                              their contact details are present
                              in the email
                             These focal persons will work in
                              close     coordination       with
                              Government and other agencies
                              to develop a Gap analysis on
                             Formats of gap analysis and
                              questionnaire has already been
                              provided to them
                             UNHABITAT shared the 3 W
                              matrix developed at the national
3 W matrix                    level
                             It was highlighted by the
                              participants that the format
                              needs to be amended and has
                              some issues
                             It was agreed with the
                              participants that this format will
                              be shared with them and if they
                              have any comment they can
                              send it to UNHABITAT for
                              amendment and necessary
                              The meeting participants were
                                                          also briefed that at national
       Gap Analysis data                                  level    Baluchistan’s    shelter
                                                          requirement is considered only
                                                          10,000 shelters, which have
                                                          been committed by various
                                                          humanitarian organizations but
                                                          Baluchistan needs more than
                                                          27,000 shelters (Including the
                                                          2011 commitments)
                                                         This must be highlighted and can
                                                          only be done through a proper
                                                          gap Analysis
                                                         Balochistan Shelter requirement
                                                          is around 27,000
              The meeting concluded with vote thanks

Next HERWG meeting will be held on 16th of May, 2011 at PDMA Conference room, Quetta (10:00 A.M sharp)

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