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					Southwest Vermont Career Development Center

Adult Education,                      Sept. to Dec. 2011
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                                                  Bennington, VT 05201
                                                  321 Park Street

Bennington, VT 05201
   Permit No. 98

                                                         Southwest Vermont Career Development Center
Computer Software Specialist Certificate                             Graphic/Web Design Certificate                                       Medical Office Specialist Certificate
Completion of 4 courses: Intro to Computers, Word, Excel, Access     Completion of 3 courses (on campus or online)                        Completion of 4 courses (on campus or online)
(on campus or online)                                                Social Media for Business                                            Medical Transcription 1 & 2
Computer Basics—A or B                                               S. Wiltshire, Mon , 5:30–8:30 p.m., Oct. 3, rm. 156C, 3 hrs.,        N. Smith, Mon , 5:30–8:30 p.m., Sept. 26–Nov. 21 (no class Oct.
M. Letourneau, Tues & Thurs , 5:30–8 p.m., Sept. 29–Oct. 18,         $40. Learn how to use social websites e.g. Twitter, Facebook,        10), rm. 222C, 24 hrs., $295. Pre-req. typing/word processing,
rm. 222C (A); or M. Pellon, Tues & Thurs , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 18–       YouTube and blogs to market your business, expanding promo-          medical terminology. Learn techniques, formats, practice
Nov. 1, rm. 057C (B), 15 hrs., $195. Basics of using a computer,     tion at minimal cost.                                                transcribing on computer from medical tapes. Past completers
Windows, Internet, editing, saving, printing, communicating          Web Design 101                                                       may continue skill building with case dictation.
with others, plus topics requested. For the beginner with little     S. Wiltshire, Mon & Wed , 5:30–8:30 p.m., Oct. 17–Nov. 9, rm.        Medical Office Procedures
to no experience.                                                    156C, 24 hrs., $275. Pre-req. file management. Learn to design       S. Daugherty, Mon & Wed , 6–9 p.m., Sept. 28–Oct. 6, rm.
Intro to Computers A or B                                            a web page and organize content, using free web sites, and           073C, 15 hrs., $195. Learn medical office administrative proce-
J. Estey, Mon & Wed , 5:30–8:30 p.m., Oct. 3–31 (no class Oct.       learning basics of HTML and CSS.                                     dures including patient coordinator role and customer service.
10), rm. 057C (A), or N. Jozefiak, Tues & Thurs , 5:30–8:30 p.m.,    Adobe InDesign—Level 1                                               Medical Insurance Billing
Oct. 27–Nov. 22, rm. 222C (B), 24 hrs., $275. Learn basics of        A. Boey, Tues & Thurs , 5:30–8:30 p.m., Sept. 29–Oct. 25, rm.        S. Daugherty, Mon & Wed , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 31–Nov. 28 (no class
MS Office software, word processing, spreadsheets, graphics,         156C, 24 hrs., $275. Pre-req. computer skills. Learn page layout     Nov. 23), rm. 073C, 24 hrs., $295. Pre-req. medical terminology
through simple projects. Increase your effectiveness with            skills with Adobe InDesign, tools to manipulate and edit text        or experience. Learn medical billing for commercial, govern-
computers.                                                           and graphics, with simple projects e.g. flyer, newsletter, poster.   ment, other insurance programs, claims forms, codes, regula-
MS Excel 2007—Level 1 A or B                                         Adobe InDesign—Level 2                                               tions, visit physician’s practice.
M. Douglas, Tues & Thurs , Sept. 26–Oct. 12 (no class Oct. 10)       A. Boey, Tues & Thurs , 5:30–8:30 p.m., Nov. 1–29 (no class          Medical Terminology 1
(A), or B. Houle, Mon & Wed , Nov. 7–21 (B), 5:30–8:30 p.m.,         Nov. 24), rm. 156C, 24 hrs., $275. Pre-req. Adobe InDesign 1.        K. Slade, Tues , 6–9 p.m., Nov. 1–Dec. 6, rm. 073C, 15 hrs.,
rm. 220C, 15 hrs., $195. Learn to design worksheets, editing,        Learn additional software features, tips and tricks, increase the    $195. Intro to medical terms for body systems, diagnostics,
viewing, printing, formulas and functions, data appearance,          sophistication of your design, for a professional quality look       procedures, and treatments, and the structure and meaning of
charting, saving.                                                    in print.                                                            medical terms. Med. Term. 2 runs Jan. 17–Feb. 14.
MS Excel 2007—Level 2                                                Adobe Photoshop—Level 1                                              Intro to Massage Therapy
B. Houle, Mon & Wed , 5:30–8:30 p.m., Nov. 28–Dec. 12,               S. Wiltshire, Mon & Wed , 5:30–8:30 p.m., Nov. 16–Dec. 14 (no        M. Freitas LMT & F. Freitas, Wed , 6–9 p.m., Dec. 7, rm. 073C,
rm. 220C, 15 hrs., $195. Pre–req. Excel. Sorting data, adding        class Nov. 23), rm. 156C, 24 hrs., $275. Pre-req. file manage-       3 hrs., $30. Intro to field of massage therapy, history, types,
graphics, templates, protecting workbooks, creating tables/          ment. Learn to edit and enhance quality of photo imagery for         ethics, safety issues, basic anatomy & physiology, reference
outlines, linking cells and formulas, sorting, filtering.            graphic design, web, or photography, with coaching on projects.      materials, and practical demonstration of techniques.
Computer Certification Prep                                          Digital Photography                                                  EMT Certification
A. Sebborn, Tues & Thurs , 2:30–4:30 p.m., Oct. 4–Nov. 10,           G. Palmer, Tues , & Thurs , 7–9 p.m., Dec. 6–15 & Jan. 3–10,         W. Hathaway, Mon & Thurs , 6–10 p.m., & some Sat ,
rm. 226C, 24 hrs., $195. For individuals interested in preparing     rm. 156C, 14 hrs., $150. Learn professional techniques with your     8:30–4:30 p.m., Sept. 12 start, Bennington Rescue Squad, 120
for A+ or Cisco Certified Network Administrator certifications.      digital camera—light, composition, editing, archiving photos.        hrs. didactic + 20 hrs. observation with ambulance service or
Continue individualized work with Cisco course until completed.                                                                           SVMC ER, $400. Successful completion of the course and the
MS Word 2007—Level 1                                                 Business Certificate                                                 National Registry Written and Practical Exam results in National
M. Madison, Mon & Wed , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 17–31, rm. 220C, 15                                                                                Registry of EMT’s certification. For details and application,
hrs., $195. Learn word processing basics, editing, formats, how      Completion of 3 courses, Excel acceptable                            contact William Hathaway, 442-5817.
to produce high-quality documents e.g. letters, reports, flyers,     QuickBooks Pro—Level 1 A or B                                        Reiki—Level 1
graphics.                                                            T. Roan, Tues & Thurs , 6–9 p.m., Sept. 29–Oct. 13 (A), or Nov.
                                                                                                                                          A. Mazur, Mon , 6–7:30 p.m., Sept. 26–Oct. 17 (no class Oct.
                                                                     3–17 (B), rm. 057C, 15 hrs., $195. Business accounting software
MS Word 2007—Level 2                                                                                                                      10), rm. 127C, 4.5 hrs., $65. Reiki is an ancient method of natural
                                                                     to set up, manage accounts payable/receivable, payroll, inven-
M. Madison, Mon & Wed , 6–9 p.m., Nov. 7–21, rm. 057C,                                                                                    healing that uses energy channeled through a practitioner’s
                                                                     tory, bank reconciliations, budget, general ledger, reports.
15 hrs., $195. Learn more software features, shortcuts, and                                                                               hands to restore health and a sense of well-being. Become
apply to your projects and work. Use more of the power of the        QuickBooks Pro—Level 2                                               attuned to Level 1 by Reiki Master Teacher.
program, and more features.                                          T. Roan, Tues & Thurs , 6–9 p.m., Nov. 29–Dec. 1, rm. 057C,
                                                                                                                                          Pharmacy Technician Certification
                                                                     6 hrs., $90. For current QuickBooks users, problem solving,
MS Access 2007—Level 1                                                                                                                    W. Bennett, J. Sherman, M. Iglinski, Tues & Thurs , 6–9 p.m.,
                                                                     troubleshooting for the business environment, increase effec-
J. Shultz, Tues & Thurs , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 4–18, rm. 220C, 15 hrs.,                                                                         Jan. 17–June 14, 2012, rm. 147C & SVMC Pharmacy, 120 hrs.,
                                                                     tive use of program.
$195. Learn how to use, build, manage, maintain and document                                                                              $1600. Pre-req. medical terminology, HSD/GED. Study pharma-
a database.                                                          Office Accounting 1 & 2—Spring 2012                                  cology & clinical skills to prepare for PTCB national certifica-
MS Access 2007—Level 2                                               TBA                                                                  tion exam. Hands-on practical activities for pharmacy work.
J. Shultz, Tues & Thurs , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 25–Nov. 8, rm. 220C, 15     Financial Planning                                                   Certification required in NY/MA, some places in VT.
hrs., $195. Pre-req. Access 1 or experience. Learn how to design     B. McKenna CFP®, Mon , 6:30–8 p.m., Oct. 17, rm. 147C, 1.5
and query a relational database, customize input forms, and          hrs., free. Learn investment basics and retirement strategies         Pan Seared Porcini
create custom reports.                                               from a professional financial planner. Course is intended for         Crusted Filet Mignon
                                                                     those interested in working towards a secure financial future.        with Beetroot Purees
MS PowerPoint 2007                                                                                                                         and Baby Carrots,
M. Pellon, Wed , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 5 & 12, rm. 222C, 6 hrs., $90.       Optional follow-up session available on an individual basis.          Chef Robert Andrew
Develop a slide presentation for business and education uses.
Visually inform others/make the sale.                                Culinary Arts
MS Publisher 2007                                                    Culinary Workshops
N. Jozefiak, Wed , 5:30–8:30 p.m., Oct. 19 & 26, rm. 222C, 6 hrs.,   With Chef Michael Galbraith, Chef Robert Andrew, Chef Gary
$90. Develop flyers, brochures, newsletters, cards, and print        Yeung, and Bakers Natasha Garder and Matt Littrell. See our
publications with this graphics software tool.                       website, for dates and descriptions.
The Digital Office                                                   Culinary Courses
M. Pellon, Tues & Thurs , 6–9 p.m., Nov. 29–Dec. 13, rm. 222C,       With Chef Michael Galbraith, focusing on skills for the aspiring
15 hrs., $195. Learn multiple functions in office work today,        chef, ranging from beginning safe-serve and prep skills
including basics of public and staff contact, digital equipment,     to creative presentations. A series of courses are planned
records, schedules, marketing and media relations, and efficient     throughout the year leading to a Culinary Certificate.

2                                                                                                                          Information and registration 802-447-3596
On-Campus Courses / Adult Education & The Learning Institute
The Creative Economy                                                 Maintenance Systems Certificate                                        3 Hours to an Even Better Customer
The State of Vermont promotes the Creative Economy, craftspeople,    Completion of 4 courses (on campus or online)
                                                                                                                                            Service Reputation: Your Organization,
and their work.
                                                                                                                                            Team, Self
                                                                     Blueprint Reading—Mechanical                                           S. Mills, Thurs , 9 a.m.–noon, Oct. 20, rm. 220C, 3 hrs., $65.
Basic Watercolor Painting                                            J. Gauthier, Mon & Wed , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 3–19 (no class Oct. 10),       Gain a fresh perspective on customer service and the positive
T. Conner, Tues , 6–8:30 p.m., Oct. 11–Nov. 1, rm. 041C, 10 hrs.,    rm. 076-077C, 15 hrs., $215. Intro to blueprint reading for indus-     impact these changes can make for your organization and your
$85 + optional $65 materials fee. Learn the key fundamentals         trial applications, with a focus on interpretation, an essential for   personal reputation.
of this unique and beautiful medium. Class covers basic washes,      quality production.
color mixing, brush handling, and basic composition.                                                                                        Composites Training Program
                                                                     Autodesk Inventor                                                      Composites Basics
Getting Paid to Talk: An Introduction to                             J. Gauthier, Mon & Wed , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 26–Nov. 30 (no class           B. Andrews, Tues & Thurs , 7–9 p.m., Sept. 13–Oct. 25 (no
Professional Voice Acting                                            Nov. 23), rm. 076-077C, 30 hrs., $395. Learn features of 3D            class Oct. 10) and 6–9 p.m., Oct. 27–Nov. 22, rm. 076-077C, 48
Voice Coaches, Thurs , 6:30–9 p.m., Oct. 6, rm. 127C, 2.5 hrs.,      mechanical design software, for product simulation, tooling            hrs., USDA Rural Development grant project. Introduction to
$30. Explore voice-over work for TV, film, radio, the demo tape,     creation, other applications.                                          Composite Manufacturing for industrial applications, with focus
getting the job. Read commercial copy for critique by a voice        Computer Numerical Control (CNC)                                       on material properties and processing. Includes composites
coach. Learn more:                 B. Gabrus, Tues & Thurs , 5–8 p.m., Sept. 29–Nov. 1, rm. 031C,         basics, mold preparation, and prepreg material laminations
Intro to Italian                                                     30 hrs., $395. Learn how to plan, execute operations in auto-          with vacuum and non-vacuum processes.
Dr. L. Millington, Wed , 5:30–7:30 p.m., Oct. 12–26, Mark            mated manufacturing with CNC machines. Pre-req. computer,              Career Readiness Certificate Program
Skinner Library, Manchester, 6 hrs., $75. Learn about basic          machine skills.                                                        CCV/VT DOL, Tues & Thurs , 4–7 p.m., Sept. 13–Oct. 25. Prepare
conversational Italian, Italian geography and culture.Goals          AutoCAD 1 A or B                                                       and prove your readiness for work with a national certification
include greetings and how to introduce oneself, read short           G. Brimmer, Mon & Wed , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 3–31 (no class Oct.             covering skills in applied math, reading for information,
dialogues, describe people, places, and objects.                     10) (A), or B. Gabrus, Tues & Thurs , 5–8 p.m., Nov. 8–Dec.            locating information, teamwork & interpersonal skills, work
Learn to be a Roman                                                  8 (no class Nov. 22 & 24) (B), rm. 031C, 24 hrs., $295. Develop        ethic, learning and life skills, and basic computer skills. Contact
Dr. L. Millington, Mon , 5:30–7:30 p.m., Nov. 7–21, rm. 127C, 6      basic skill with AutoCAD software, computer-aided design for           Wendy Morse for registration at VT DOL, 447-2868. Info:
hrs., $75. Learn about ancient Roman society, family, rituals,       2D work.                                                     
life, and education with practical lessons, group work, and          PLC/Ladder Logic 1 & 2
creative exercises.                                                  M. O’Neil, Mon & Wed , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 3–Nov. 7, Abacus Auto-           Programs with Partners
Intro to Sign Language                                               mation, 30 hrs., $395. Level 1: Use of PLCs and electronic ladder      Commercial Drivers License (A and B)
N. Andersen, Wed , 6–7:30 p.m., Sept. 28–Nov. 2, rm. 127C,           logic to program and troubleshoot machinery operation in               Stafford Driver Training School, Sat , 8–4 p.m.,14 weeks, rolling
9 hrs., $95. Learn beginning sign language and info about            modern manufacturing. Level 2: more advanced programming.              admissions. CDL-A, CDL-B or B-A Upgrade (includes permit and
deaf culture. Open to anyone interested in learning sign with        Mechanical Inspection &                                                license test fees, books). Earn a CDL Class A or B license, with
everyday routines and conversations.                                 Measuring Tools                                                        classroom training and behind-the-wheel instruction. More
Sign Language 3                                                      E. Duda, Mon & Wed , 6–9 p.m., Nov. 7–21, rm. 031C, 15 hrs.,           info: Bill Lucci 802-770-1032,
N. Andersen, Thurs , 6–7:30 p.m., Oct. 13–Nov. 17, rm. 127C,         $215. This is a hands-on class to learn the basics of measuring        Licensed Nursing Assistant Certification
9 hrs., $95. Continue to learn sign language related to deaf         tools e.g. calipers, micrometers, gauges, calibration, accuracy        Stafford Technical Center, 100 hrs, 17 wks., $1195, max. enroll-
culture. More practice with sign for everyday routines and           and resolution, to determine acceptability of product according        ment 12 students per section. More info: Maryanna Ezzo
conversations.                                                       to blueprint specs. ASQ instructor.                                    802-770-1178,
Basic Quilting                                                       Introduction to LEAN                                                   Weatherization Skillshop
S. Burgess, Mon , 6–8:30 p.m., Sept. 26–Oct. 31 (no class Oct.       E. Duda, Tues & Thurs , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 4–18, rm. 147C, 15              CVCAC/Efficiency VT, Sat , 9 a.m.–4 p.m., Oct. 1, rm. 041C, 7
10), rm. 041C, 12.5 hrs., $100 (bring your own materials or          hrs., $215. Learn the basics of LEAN ways to improve processes,        hrs., $50 (includes lunch, reference text, access to tools and
receive purchase discount at The Scarlett Creation, 493 Main         organize and reduce waste, in places such as manufacturing,            supplies). Home energy efficiency skills for do-it-yourselfers,
St., Bennington; list of tools and supplies when you enroll).        offices, health care, and businesses. Methodologies include            taught by certified building performance inspector. Register at
Beginner classes will make three 12-inch squares that can be         Value Stream Mapping, 5 Why’s, 7 Wastes, 5 S’s, Pull vs. Push.         888-514-2151,, or email to info@
made into a wall hanging or table runner. Learn techniques of        ASQ instructor with Six Sigma certification.                 
cutting and piecing together top and bottom, hand quilting,          7 Quality Tools
and putting binding on. Limit 10 students.                                                                                                  Career and Job Expo
                                                                     E. Duda, Tues & Thurs , 6–9 p.m., Nov. 29–Dec. 13, rm. 147C,           Workforce Development Partnership of Bennington County,
Basic Cake Decorating                                                15 hrs., $215. Learn how to use the problem-solving quality            Thurs , 3–6 p.m., Oct. 6, Atrium & rm. 057C, 3 hrs., free. Meet
L. Raetz, Wed , 6:30–8:30 p.m., Oct. 26–Nov. 16, rm. 041C, 8         tools: Histograms, Control Charts, Pareto Analysis, Check Sheets,      employers, Human Resources staff, fill out job applications,
hrs., $75 + materials. Learn to do cake decorating, including        Process Flow Chart, Fishbone Diagram, and Stratification/              explore career information and resources from VSAC, DOL, CDC,
icing, edging, making roses, writing, fancy details, and putting     Scatter Diagrams to help locate, prioritize and resolve problems.      others.
it together for an attractive design. Limit 10 students.             Knowledge of these tools is needed for Six Sigma projects.
                                                                                                                                            Leading from Within™
Sewing Basics                                                        Time Management                                                        A leadership development program incorporating best practices
S. Martell, Mon , 6–8 p.m., Nov. 7–Dec. 5, rm. 041C, 10 hrs., $95.   M. Letourneau, Mon & Wed , 6–8 p.m., Oct. 24–Nov. 2, rm.               in areas of building a collaborative team, leading in a changing
How to sew by hand and machine (bring your own): buttons,            147C, 8 hrs., $100. Get control of your time and learn to become       environment, and setting expectations and managing perfor-
zippers, mending, simple projects e.g. finger towels, baby bibs,     more effective in all that you do. Learn time management tools,        mance; this results-oriented program addresses key knowledge
blankets, table napkins and runners, and other items of interest.    tips, and tricks.                                                      and skills for managers and supervisors in this challenging
A great way to make gifts! Limit 10.                                 Feedback for Performance Improvement                                   environment. Co-sponsored by the Workforce Development
Beginner’s Stained Glass                                             R. Mills, Wed , 6–9 p.m., Oct. 19, rm. 041C, 3 hrs., $65. For          Partnership of Bennington County, this program is designed and
J. Cardamone, Sat , 9 a.m.–4 p.m. with 1 hr. lunch break, Sept.      supervisors to learn to improve employees’ performance                 delivered by Action To Excellence, Inc. (ATX) of S.Burlington VT.
24, or Oct. 22, or Nov. 12, or Dec. 10, Glass Fusion Studios, 6      and enhance career development. How to effectively discuss             Fall Semester—Tues , 8–11:45 a.m., Oct. 4–Jan. 9 (no classes
hrs. $150. Students will create a stained glass window from          performance issues, establish objectives, give feedback that is        Nov. 29, Dec. 27, Jan. 2), CDC Assembly room. Cost $1,650.00 (VT
beginning to finish in just one day. Includes use of studio tools,   timely and motivating.                                                 State grant reimbursement for participating employers). Call
instruction, and all materials to make project.                                                                                             447-3596 to reserve space in the program.
                                                                     Saying the Right Thing at the Right
                                                                     Time: Assertiveness Skills                                             Daytime Technical Programs
                                                                                                                                            Adults without high school diplomas (or with a GED) may
The Learning Institute                                               S. Mills, Wed , 6–9 p.m., Nov. 9, rm. 147C, 3 hrs., $65. For life
                                                                     and business success, learn and practice skills that win respect       apply for free training in daytime technical programs. Tuition
Partners in business, industry, and education serving the training                                                                          is charged to adults with high school diplomas and for non-
                                                                     and build rapport in interactions. Invest in yourself and build
needs of the workforce                                                                                                                      Vermont residents for spaces available. Go to for
                                                                     confidence. Do this now.
                                                                                                                                            a list of the 20 CDC technical programs; call 447-3596 to apply.

Visit the adult education page at                                                                                                                                                                3
                                                                   Anytime, anywhere…Just a click away

                                           Online Courses
                                           O     ur instructor-facilitated online courses are informative, fun, convenient,
                                                 and highly interactive. Our instructors ar e famous for their ability to
                                           create warm and supportive communities of learners. It’s no wonder that many
                                           long-lasting friendships have formed in our lively discussion areas.
                                           All courses include 12 lessons in 6 weeks, for a total of 24 hours of training.
                                           Courses are project-oriented and include lessons, quizzes, hands-on assign-
                                           ments, discussion areas, supplementary links, and more. You can complete any
                                           course entirely from your home or office. Any time of the day or night.
    New Online Tutorials
    for Business                           Just what you are looking for…
    Self-Paced Tutorials provide           Catalog sample from the 300+ courses available
    companies and students the             Business Courses                              Personal Finance
    ability to start right away and        Administrative Assistant Fundamentals         Debt Elimination Techniques That Work
    choose from more than 4,000            Mastery of Business Fundamentals              Real Estate Investing
    individual titles ranging from         Accounting Fundamentals                       Building Wealth
    Business to Skilled Trades and         Total Quality Fundamentals                    Where Does All My Money Go?
    Industrial. They’re great for          Purchasing Fundamentals                       Personal Finance
    quickly building industry skills       Managing Customer Service                     Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!
    or earning continuing education        Professional Sales Skills                     The Analysis and Valuation of Stocks
    credits, with support for students     Principles of Sales Management                Introduction to Stock Options
    who want independent study.            Distribution and Logistics Management         Keys to Successful Money Management
    The wide range includes                Introduction to Business Analysis
                                                                                         Personal Development
    Accounting and Business                Introduction to QuickBooks
                                                                                         Listen to Your Heart, and Success Will Follow
    to Health Care, Hospitality,           Project Management Fundamentals
                                                                                         Twelve Steps to a Successful Job Search
    Engineering, Industrial, Safety/       High Speed Project Management
                                                                                         Individual Excellence
    Environmental, to Teaching and         Understanding the Human Resources Function
    Technology subjects, to name           Successful Construction Business Management
                                                                                         Computer Skills for the Workplace
    just a few categories.
                                           Start Your Own Business                       Get Assertive!
    These tutorials can be completed       Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay                 Achieving Success with Difficult People
    in as little as a few hours and will   Start Your Own eBay Drop Off Store            Merrill Ream Speed Reading
    award students with a Certificate      Start and Operate Your Own
                                           Home-Based Business                           Grant Writing/Nonprofits
    of Completion with a passing
                                           Start Your Own Arts and Crafts Business       Starting a Nonprofit
                                           Business and Marketing Writing                Introduction to Nonprofit Management
    In the Online Instruction              Creating a Successful Business Plan           Marketing Your Nonprofit
    Center, students can view the          Marketing Your Business on the Internet       Get Grants!
    training options, register for         Secrets of the Caterer                        Writing Effective Grant Proposals
    courses, access their classrooms,      Wow, What a Great Event                       Advanced Grant Proposal Writing
    and more.                              Growing Plants for Fun and Profit             A to Z Grantwriting
                                           Start Your Own Consulting Practice            Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant
4                                                                          Information and registration at
Online Courses
Digital Photography                             Math & More
Discover Digital Photography                    Everyday Math                                     Enroll Now!
Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera   Introduction to Algebra
Photographing People with Your Digital Camera
                                                Teaching                                          Visit our Online Instruction
Secrets of Better Photography
Photoshop Elements 8 for the
                                                Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom       Center today:
Digital Photographer                            Teaching Preschool: A Year of Inspiring Lessons
Making Movies with Windows XP                   Teaching Writing: Grades 4–6
                                                Teaching Math: Grades 4–6
                                                                                                  or call:
Family & Friends                                Solving Classroom Discipline Problems                  802-447-3596
Ready, Set, Read!                               Survival Kit for New Teachers                     Courses start as low as:
Enhancing Language Development                  The Classroom Computer
in Childhood                                                                                         $99
                                                Using the Internet in the Classroom
Homeschool With Success                                                                           New course sessions begin on
                                                Creating a Classroom Web Site
Genealogy Basics                                                                                  the third Wednesday of each
                                                Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Assisting Aging Parents                                                                           month. Please visit our Online
                                                Working Successfully With Learning Disabled
Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals        Students                                          Instruction Center to see exact
Understanding Adolescents                       Singapore Math Strategies: Model Drawing for      start dates for the courses that
Get Paid to Travel                              Grades 1–6                                        interest you.
                                                Teaching Students with Autism: Strategies for
Health Care                                     Success                                           Requirements
Human Anatomy and Physiology
                                                Computer Applications                             All courses require Internet
Introduction to Natural Health and Healing
                                                Introduction to PC Troubleshooting                access, e-mail, and Mozilla
Handling Medical Emergencies
                                                Introduction to Microsoft Word                    Firefox or Microsoft Internet
Become a Veterinary Assistant
                                                Intermediate Microsoft Word                       Explorer web browsers. Some
Become a Physical Therapy Aide
                                                Advanced Microsoft Word                           courses may have additional
Become an Optical Assistant
                                                Introduction to Microsoft Excel                   requirements. Please visit our
Medical Terminology
                                                Advanced Microsoft Excel                          Online Instruction Center for
Certificate in End of Life Care
                                                Introduction to Microsoft Access                  more information.
Certificate in Gerontology
                                                Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
Law & Legal Careers                             Introduction to Microsoft Outlook
Business Law for Small Business Owners          Introduction to Microsoft Publisher
Introduction to Criminal Law                    Introduction to Microsoft Project
Legal Nurse Consulting                          Introduction to Microsoft Visio
Paralegal Preparation 1                         Introduction to Microsoft Office Accounting
Real Estate Law                                 Professional
Evidence Law                                    Introduction to Adobe Acrobat 9
Winning Strategy for the Courtroom              Design Projects for Adobe Illustrator
Constitutional Law: Bill of Rights              Introduction to Oracle
Employment Law Fundamentals                     Introduction to Photoshop
Worker’s Compensation                           Intermediate Photoshop CS3
                                                Introduction to CorelDraw
Languages                                       Introduction to Adobe InDesign CS3
Instant Italian                                 Introduction to Alice 2.0 Programming
Speed Spanish                                   Introduction to C++ Programming
Beginning Conversational French                 Introduction to SQL
Conversational Japanese                         Introduction to Database Development
Grammar for ESL                                 Performing Payroll in QuickBooks
Writing for ESL

See descriptions of all 300+ short online courses and 120+ career training programs at                                 5
                                 Southwest Vermont Career Development Center
                                         Certification Prep                               Writing
    Learn More…                          Basic CompTIA® A+ Certification Prep             Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers
                                         CompTIA® Network+ Certification Prep             Grammar Refresher
                                         CompTIA® Security+ Certification Prep            Fundamentals of Technical Writing
    • Expert Instructors                                                                  Effective Business Writing
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                                                                                          Writing for Children
                                         SAT/ACT Preparation—Part 1
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    • Convenient for everyone                                                             Advanced Fiction Writing
                                         GED Preparation
                                                                                          The Keys to Effective Editing
                                         Prepare for the GED Language Arts Writing Test
                                                                                          Introduction to Journaling
                                         Prepare for the GED Math Test
                                                                                          Write Fiction Like a Pro
                                         GRE Preparation—Part 1
                                                                                          The Craft of Magazine Writing
                                         GRE Preparation—Part 2
                                                                                          Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published
                                         GMAT Preparation
                                                                                          Research Methods for Writers
                                         LSAT Preparation—Part 1
                                                                                          A Writer’s Guide to Descriptive Settings
                                         LSAT Preparation—Part 2
                                                                                          Forensic Science for Writers
                                         Basic Computer Literacy                          Beginning Writer’s Workshop
                                         Keyboarding                                      Travel Writing
                                         Navigating the Internet
                                                                                          Web Design
                                         Introduction to Windows XP
                                                                                          Creating Web Pages
                                         Introduction to Linux
                                                                                          Creating Web Pages II
                                         Introduction to PC Security
                                                                                          Introduction to Dreamweaver
                                         Web Programming                                  Introduction to Microsoft FrontPage
                                         Introduction to Java Programming                 Designing Effective Websites
                                         Introduction to Ruby Programming                 Achieving Top Search Engine Positions
                                         Introduction to Perl Programming                 Introduction to Flash
                                         Introduction to PHP and MySQL                    Creating Web Graphics with Photoshop CS3
                                         Introduction to ASP.NET                          Introduction to CSS and XHTML

    It’s Time to Earn Your High School Diploma and Train for a New Career…
    From the Comfort of Home: on the Career Training Programs page

    Southwest Vermont Career Development Center is offering a fully-accred-
    ited online high school diploma giving you an affordable, flexible, and
    convenient way to learn at your own pace and prepare for a career!
    Choose a Career Path:                 Career Support:
    • Childcare Education                 • Academic and career coaching
    • Office Management                   • Certified instructors offer academic
    • Protection Services                   support
    • Homeland Security
    • Transportation Services             • Career Portfolio to give you the tools you
    • Healthcare                            need to find a job

    It’s never too late to complete your education! Contact us for more information:
    802-447-3596 • Southwest Vermont Career Development Center Adult Education
6                                                                        Information and registration at
Comprehensive Career Preparation & Certifications

Online Career                                                                                       Enroll Now!

Training Programs
                                                                                                    To learn more, visit:
                                                                                                    or call:
P   repare for employment in some of today’s hottest careers with a compre-
    hensive, affordable, and self-paced online Career Training Program.
You can begin these Programs at any time and learn at your own pace. Upon
                                                                                                    Programs are available in the
                                                                                                    following areas:
successful completion of all required coursework, you will receive a Certificate                    • Business and Professional
of Completion.
                                                                                                    • Healthcare and Fitness
Catalog sample from the 120+ programs available                                                     • IT and Software Development
                                                                                                    • Management and Corporate
Administrative Professional with                    Travel Agent Training—200 hours
Microsoft Office Specialist 2007                                                                    • Media and Design
                                                    Management for IT Professionals
Training—320 hours                                  —390 hours                                      • Hospitality and Gaming
Certified Bookkeeper—120 hours                      Six Sigma Black Belt—200 hours                  • Skilled Trades and Industrial
Certified Global Business                           Project Management—40 hours
Professional—400 hours                                                                              • Sustainable Energy and Going
                                                    AutoCAD 2009—150 hours
Chartered Tax Professional—180 hours                                                                  Green
                                                    Cisco® CCNA® Certification Training
Entrepreneurship: Start-Up and Business             —100 hours                                      • High School Diplomas with
Owner Management—360 hours
                                                    Forensic Computer Examiner—150 hours              Career Options
Purchasing and Supply Chain
Management—300 hours                                Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support
                                                    Specialist—80 hours                             Features
Paralegal—300 hours
Search Engine Marketing—250 hours
                                                    Microsoft Certified Desktop Support             • Facilitators and mentors are
                                                    Technician (MCDST)—200 hours                      available to answer questions
Administrative Dental Assistant                     Web Database Developer—267 hours
—150 hours                                                                                            and help you through your
                                                    Webmaster—150 hours                               studies.
Pharmacy Technician—300 hours
                                                    Veterinary Assistant—240 hours
Medical Coding and Billing—240 hours                                                                • Career Counselors will help
                                                    Digital Arts Certificate—420 hours
Administrative Medical Specialist with                                                                you prepare for the transition
Medical Billing and Coding—300 hours                Fine Arts Certificate—420 hours
                                                                                                      from the classroom to the
Personal Fitness Trainer—250 hours                  Multimedia Arts Certificate—420 hours
Medical Terminology—60 hours                        Graphic Design with Photoshop
Medical Transcription—240 hours
                                                    CS4—200 hours                                   • Courses are all open-enroll-
Nutrition for Optimal Health, Wellness,
                                                    Carpentry—80 hours                                ment and self paced.
and Sports—200 hours                                HVAC Technician—320 hours                       • No additional charges—all
Certified Wedding Planner—300 hours                 Modern Automotive Service                         materials, workbooks, and
                                                    Technician—380 hours
Event Management and Design                                                                           software are included in the
—300 hours                                          Principles of Green Building—30 hours
                                                                                                      course fee.
Interior Design—350 hours                           Solar Power Professional—120 hours
                                                                                                    • Payment plans available.
All materials are included in the Program fees. Each course has an instructor assigned to answer
student questions and solve student problems.
                                                                                                                   Just w
careerwebschool                                                                                                     you ar t
                                                                                                                 lookin e
Southwest Vermont Career Development Center is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer online
real estate courses. Go to our website or call 802-447-3596 for more information on
                                                                                                                       g for
real estate, appraisal, and home inspection approved courses with our partner.

See descriptions of all 300+ short online courses and 120+ career training programs at                                   7
Southwest Vermont Career Development Center / Regional Technical School District
Adult Education, Learning Institute & Online Learning
Our Mission                                                                  aid resources so that you can benefit from our programs. It is
The Southwest Vermont Career Development Center is commit-                   important to apply early, as grant funds may not be available
ted to preparing secondary and post secondary students for                   after the beginning of the semester.
career and lifelong learning in a rapidly changing world.
                                                                             Refund Policy
                                                                             Full refund if course cancelled, or if you withdraw two weeks
Registration                                                                 before a course begins. 100% less $50 registration fee before
For Classroom-based programs                                                 1st class, 90% less $50 and book fees for withdrawing before
Please mail the attached form with full payment or a $50 deposit,            2nd class, 50% less $50 and book fees before 3rd class, 0% after
or register in person for SVCDC Adult Education & Learning                   3rd class.
Institute training two weeks before a course starts, although                Credit
space may still be available up to the start date. You are respon-           High school credit may be granted for courses that meet
sible for payment in full before a course starts. Organization/              criteria for number of hours and skill competencies. Educators
company vouchers or financial aid award letters may be used                  and other professionals may submit courses for recertification
to register. A minimum number of students is required to run                 credit. Colleges may award advanced standing/life experience
a course and will be determined by paid registrations. Unless                credit. The Southwest Vermont Career Development Center
otherwise notified, consider yourself accepted into your                     is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and
course(s) and report to the class on the first night scheduled.              Colleges.
School closings for the day will also include evening Adult
Education and Learning Institute classes in the SVCDC building.              Onsite Customized Training
                                                                             Available for employers—call 447-3596 to discuss training
For Online Courses and Career Training Programs                              to fit your needs, improve performance; grant funds may be
(                                                              available.
ed2go 6 week courses: Complete the online registration prior
to course start date. Payment may be made online by credit                   Vermont Training Program
card, or by check, cash, voucher, purchase order, or grant with              Grants for 50% of training cost for manufacturers, health
the Office.                                                                  care, information technology, and environmental technology
Online Career Training Programs: View over 120 longer                        employers in Vermont, for Learning Institute and other work-
programs at Online Instruction Center (link on right side of page)           relevant training e.g. business and computer software.
and enroll by contacting Bob Mazur at 447-3596. Payment or                   Tutoring
authorization documentation to the Office.                                   When personalized instruction is needed, call us at 447-3596
Tuition Assistance                                                           to discuss your needs and to explore options. Grant funds may
10% Discount for seniors 60 and over; VSAC                                            also be available.
Non-degree Grant, DOL, Vocational Rehabilitation,                                      Non-discrimination
Workers Compensation, Reach Up, employers; grants                                      The Southwest Vermont Career Development Center
based on eligibility, must have financial aid documen-                                 is committed to maintaining a learning environment
tation to register. Please call VSAC Outreach Counselor                                free from discrimination on the basis of race, color,
Patty Toth (1-800-642-3177 x 427) for information                                      national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, or sexual
or to apply. We will also help you explore financial                                   orientation.

September–December 2011 Registration Form

Name                                               Date                  Phone: Home                    Work                  Cell

Mailing Address

Please register me in the following Adult Education program(s). I’m enclosing a check payable to the Southwest Vermont Career Development Center:

Please register me in the following Learning Institute program(s). I’m enclosing a check payable to The Learning Institute:

             Please mail registrations to:
             Southwest Vermont Career Development Center, Adult Education, 321 Park St., Bennington, VT 05201

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