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					                Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – in Jesus                                                                     1

                                            The Reformer
We, Trinity Lutheran Church, believe that our church exists to serve God’s mission, commanded by Him
to the church, through the Great Commission: “Therefore go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing
them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit – and teaching them to obey
everything I have commanded you. (Matt. 28: 19-20.) Recognizing the urgency of this message, we, the
church, promise to do all in our power to promote, extend and maintain his message. In order to
accomplish this, we need to nurture and build the spiritual lives of our members so that they reach out to
all people through a commitment to evangelism and missions.

            “The Reformer”
     is published monthly by Trinity
      Evangelical Lutheran Church,
             Lansing, Illinois.

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and space.                                                             Volume 11 - Issue 8
Editor-in-Chief: ........Rev. Paul Appold
Editor: ................................. Jan Koepke
Calendar: .................... Clement Lessner
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                                                                                                      TLC Newsletter August 2011
2            Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – In Jesus
                                   Culture Corner
When I was a student at Concordia Seminary, I         faithful and will purify us from all
was fascinated by Professor Ronald Feuerhahn.         unrighteousness. (Col. 3:23)
He was Professor of Historical Theology and
brought history to life through his lectures and      Simil Justus et Peccator
insightful stories. Dr. Feuerhahn was originally      This phrase means “sinner and saint at the same
from the Midwestern United States, but he spoke       time.” It became a hallmark statement of the
with a British accent. This was because he spent      Reformation and a favorite of Martin Luther. By
the bulk of his ministry serving a Lutheran parish    it we are reminded of the Biblical teaching that
in Cambridge, England.                                although we will always be sinners in this life,
                                                      through faith we are also saints because of Jesus.
Dr. Feuerhahn also believed that each person          Paul writes in Romans, “Wretched man that I
needed more “culture” in their lives. By this he      am! Who will deliver me from this body of
meant people need a higher appreciation for           death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ
foreign languages, music, and the arts. He            our Lord!” (Romans 7:24-25)
believed that Americans were particularly
deficient in culture. So, he made a point in          Deo Valente
sporadically giving us brief snippets of culture.     This wonderful little phrase means “Lord
Often, they were phrases in Latin. They may or        willing.” This is the experience of life. We live
may not have applied to the lesson of the day,        and breathe and move only because the Lord
but they sure did apply to life.                      wills it to be. Our life should be a thanksgiving
                                                      to the Lord for His will. James writes, “Come
These culture moments have taken root in my           now, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will
life and ministry. On various occasions, I have       go into such and such a town and spend a year
tried to pass these culture moments on to             there and trade and make a profit"— yet you do
confirmation students, with the hope that they        not know what tomorrow will bring. What is
will stick with them. I always write them on the      your life? For you are a mist that appears for a
board and call them the “culture corner.” Here        little time and then vanishes. Instead you ought
are three of those culture corner phrases from        to say, "If the Lord wills, we will live and do this
Latin that are particularly appropriate:              or that." (James 4:13-15)

Mea Culpa                                             In this season of Pentecost, I pray that each of
This phrase means “my fault.” I have found that       you would grow in “culture”. Dr. Feuerhahn’s
this is one of the most freeing statements in life,   culture had a way of rubbing off on me, and I
and it is good for the soul to confess our sins.      hope that it rubs off on you as well. Particularly,
When we try to cover up our sins it weighs            I hope that these statements have a way of
heavy on our soul. But, when we open up to            deepening your Christian faith.
God, and confess our sin, there is freedom and
joy. John writes in 1st John, “If we claim to be      Have a wonderful and cultural August!
without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is
not in us. If we confess our sins, He (Jesus) is      In the Peace of Christ, Pastor Appold

TLC Newsletter August 2011
           Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – in Jesus                               3
                            In the Spotlight
                          Keeping the Sabbath
Many people look forward with excitement       God’s Old Testament people sometimes
to months with special occasions or            grumbled about getting the Sabbaths over
celebrations, like New Year’s Day in           with, so they could get back to selling
January, Valentine’s Day in February,          wheat, skimping the measure, boosting
Easter in March or April, Mother’s Day in      the price, and cheating with dishonest
May, Father’s Day in June, Independence        scales…(Amos 8:5). Rather than
Day in July, Labor Day in September,           observing the Sabbath as a day of rest,
Reformation Day in October,                    reflection and worship, they saw it as a
Thanksgiving Day in November, and              wasted day.
Christmas in December. August seems to
be one of those months when there is not       Perhaps August has been given to us from
much to celebrate. Major League baseball       God to use like a Sabbath rest. As God’s
players refer to this month as the “Dog        redeemed stewards we can use quiet times
Days of August.” It seems to be a month        for worship, reflection, meditation, and
that has simply been added to the              planning. This can be a very positive way
calendar to fill out 31 more days that will    to use time that some might think is
add up to 365 for the year.                    boring.

Even kids sometimes look at August as a        God’s redeemed stewards, in
boring month. Vacations are usually over,      cooperation with, and encouragement
the days seem to move by so slowly, and        from, fellow redeemed stewards,
they actually look forward to the end of       manage all of life and life’s resources
August or early September when a new           (including time) for God’s purposes.
school year starts again. Of course, that      Other life resources include money,
will change before very long.                  relationships, abilities, care of our bodies
                                               and creation, sharing the Gospel of
Life is like that. Not every day, week or      salvation in Jesus and so much more! Let
month is as exciting as some others, but       August be a reminder that we are God’s
each one presents another opportunity for      stewards 365 days a year, and that we live
service. Redeemed stewards look for            freely and joyfully as His stewards in
opportunities to make the most of time         August, as well as the other eleven
because that is an important gift from         months of the year.
God. Making the most of time can take us
in a number of different directions.           Have a refreshing, relaxing, and blessed
Included among these directions are time       August!
for mediation and reflection, time for rest,
and time for planning ahead.
                                               Trinity’s Stewardship Board
                                                                   TLC Newsletter August 2011
4           Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – In Jesus

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TLC Newsletter August 2011
Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – in Jesus              5

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                                       TLC Newsletter August 2011
6           Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – In Jesus
                 Memorials & Special Gifts Received Between
                        June 26, 2011 and July 24, 2011

            Memorials Given to the Glory of God
                     In Loving Memory of:

           Dorothy Wiese                             (Endowment Fund)
           By:        Harold & Donna Schroeter

           Matthew Schmidtke                         (School Athletic Fund)
           By:       Rev. Gary & Dorothy Schmidtke

           Matthew Schmidtke                         (Choir Fund)
           By:       Rev. Gary & Mrs. Dorothy Schmidtke

           Matthew Schmidtke                         (Blessed to Be a Blessing)
           By:       Rev. Gary & Mrs. Dorothy Schmidtke

TLC Newsletter August 2011
            Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – in Jesus                           7
                    BIRTHDAYS THIS MONTH
Frost, Margaret      8/01    Brinkman, Eugene     8/07    Buffano, Kristin      8/19
Schultz, Clayton     8/01    Chmielewski, Kelly   8/07    Haugner, Lorraine     8/19
Botkin Jr., Forest   8/02    Mosley, Thomas       8/07    Wiley-Matthews, Nakia 8/19
Marsee, Mallory      8/02    Boardman, Ralph      8/08    Wilkens, Mary         8/19
Marsee, Terri        8/02    Snell, Megan         8/09    Cunningham, Madeline 8/20
Montpetit, Nickolaus 8/02    Brundage, Nicole     8/10    Perez, Robin          8/21
Ogborn, Mildred      8/02    Hannagan, David      8/10    Duey Sr., Kenneth 8/22
Poortenga, Jennifer 8/02     Martin, Ashley       8/10    Martinson, Amy        8/22
Reid, Daniel         8/02    Ostroski Jr., Robert 8/10    Rozenich, Gabrielle 8/22
Wessler, Brett       8/02    Graham, Danielle     8/11    Adams, Betty          8/23
Aboagye, Wilhemina 8/03      Schultz, Rosalie     8/11    Sitarski, Charlott    8/23
Craig, Jeffrey       8/03    Anderson, Nigel      8/12    Appold, Elise         8/25
Davis-Jones, Ramona 8/03     Heyer, Irma          8/12    Lewis, Tyler          8/25
Kilbury, Carlee      8/03    Marwitz, Richard     8/12    Thurn, Michael        8/25
Pottorf, Trinity     8/03    Toth, Roxanne        8/12    Ogunlana, Emmanuel 8/27
Schultz, Dustin      8/03    Waldmarson, Nicolas  8/12    Parsons, Delrae       8/27
Bournes, Gwen        8/04    Rigg, Michael        8/13    Paden, Destiny        8/28
Duey, Dolores        8/04    Leehaug, Kyle        8/16    Walls, Tammy          8/28
Thieme, Margaret     8/05    Wojciechowski, Corey 8/17    Thurn, Aaron          8/29
Heckwine, Sally      8/06    Braschler, Ethel     8/18    Appold, Paul          8/31
Oyebiyi, Olivia      8/06    Stemp, Nicole        8/18    Waldmarson, Michael 8/31

Cook, L.              8/01   Certa, Nicole         8/13   Gianoli, Shaina       8/26
Craven, Geraldine     8/01   Holland, Colleen      8/13   Hoskins, Logan        8/26
Dykman, Patricia      8/01   Schultz, Lorri        8/14   Mosley, Thomas        8/26
Haugner, Lorraine     8/01   Foster, Sherry        8/16   Reid, Jessica         8/26
Jansma, Ava           8/01   Lewis, Tyler          8/17   Reid, Kyle            8/26
Lessner, Clement      8/01   Ogborn, Mildred       8/17   Michalski, David      8/27
Schultz, Rosalie      8/01   Martin, Sharon        8/18   Montanez, Cynthia     8/27
Wilkens, Douglas      8/01   McNichols, Patricia   8/18   Svedberg, Roberta     8/27
Bermingham, Sharon 8/02      Wolski, Rebecca       8/18   De Mars, Charles      8/28
Corona, Rebecca       8/02   Chmielewski, Kelly    8/20   Foster, Eric          8/28
Macklin III, James    8/02   Gifford, Olivia       8/20   Pottorf, Brian        8/28
Weiler, Kevin         8/02   Reid, Laura           8/20   Schultz, Dustin       8/28
Wolski, Andrew        8/03   Webb, Andrew          8/20   Gianoli Jr., Daniel   8/29
Burnside, Sandra      8/04   Malone, Thomas        8/21   Logan, David          8/29
Viveros, Sarah        8/04   Breitweiser, Robert   8/22   Phelps, Calie         8/29
Kooi, Austin          8/07   Sheridan Jr., Charles 8/22   Marsee, Terri         8/30
Botkin, Jeffrey       8/08   Sheridan, Casey       8/22   Widstrand, Claire     8/30
Sterbenc, Melanie     8/08   Reid, Daniel          8/23   Witvoet, David        8/30
Bronaugh Jr., Terence 80/9   Samelak, Spencer 8/23
Grisham, Nicole       8/09   Brinkman, Eugene 8/24
Kilbury, Jayden       8/09   Buffano, Samantha 8/25
Alle, Blessing        8/12   Willmes, Carol        8/25
                                                             TLC Newsletter August 2011
8           Trinity – Loving, Connecting, Serving – In Jesus

          God’s Blessings on these Couples
         Jimmie & Gwen Bournes Sr.                     8/06/1982   29

         Daniel & Jennifer Gianoli                     8/12/2000   11

         Darald & Barbara Pieper                       8/13/1961   50

         Michael & Donna Sitarski                      8/13/1971   40

         Denise Armstrong-Erminger & Donald Erminger   8/14/2010   1

         James & LaTonya Macklin II                    8/19/1995   16

         Matthew & Mitzi Krucina                       8/21/1954   57

         Fred & Lisa Eitzen                            8/22/1987   24

         Erick & Jessica Kooi                          8/27/1994   17

         Eric & Charlott Sitarski                      8/30/2002    9

TLC Newsletter August 2011

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