Wesley by linzhengnd


									This is a 206 acres of land is the island I bought.
I had a new bought schooner to get there all I wanted to do is
check it out when I saw it.
There was a giant submarine it was a yellow submarine then it
was quiet and boom!! I was flying through the air I landed and a
hard flaky sandy beach.
The beach was covered with palm trees I remember that I was
in boy scout three years before and had to be stranded by a lot
of palm tree’s which have fronds on them to make a shelter all I
could here is
• Protection from the sun is very You’ll need
  it so what you’ll need to do is, climb a
  coco-nut tree a certain way that I don’t
  now what to do important.
• As I search the island I find many
  places to set up camp so I just pick
  one closer to sea I see a plane but I
  do not have a signal fire a signal fire
  is something that signals a plane
  luckily I have a book of matches in
  my wallet ill probably have to burn
  money to get fire to survive.
• I remember the annual air show
  in my home town Willemstad
  the planes land in Africa maybe
  they will see my signal fire. I
  need fire so then I hear hem and
• I used a lot of the links of of the
  page for senerio4 and 3 it was
  very helpful I used the buy an
  island. I used some of the stuff
  from my reading
• The Cay
• By: Theodor Taylor
What should you use for
• You should use coconut oil

   How many acres is my
• My island is 206 acres of land
• I hoped you enjoyed my

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