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Razzmatazz Program Book Here - Norwood Fontbonne Academy

VIEWS: 107 PAGES: 88

  • pg 1
									                          AUCTION COMMITTEE
             Co-Chairs                                        Decorating
    Mo Gerngross, Kari Lynn Hearn,                      Dan and Missy Hyman,
           Jackie Woolley                           Robin Comerford, Linda Smith,
                                                 Laura Eck, Chris Spratt, Liz Macoretta,
        Donation Coordinators                          Larry Flynn, Joan Longo,
            — Parents —                           Carolyn Bjornson, Kari Lynn Hearn,
     Deb Mustin, Kim Cwietniewicz                          Mary Chris Sehn
            — Class Gifts —
                                                        Gift Consolidation and
             Patty Kenney
                                                          Certificate Display
        — Business/Luxury —                                  Mo Gerngross
          Kari Lynn Hearn
           — Super Gifts —                                       Bank
    Audrey Schwenger, Chris Spratt                           Terry Brehony
             — Baskets —
              Sue Quirk                                       Invitations
                                                   Linda Newbold and Bonnie Lombard
   Randi Osborne and Maureen Ward                               Store
    Ann D’Emilio, Cathy Harrington,                  Margaret Doyle, Amy Christine,
   Tamara Banko, Mary Chris Sehn,                            Laura Savage
       Julie Eney, Peggy Flynn
            Tuition Raffle                                    Eileen Gimpel
           Cathy Harrington
       Publicity/ Auction Logo                           Jay Valinas, Tom Shaw
          Bonnie Lombard
              Data Entry                                      Claudia Huot
             Liz Macoretta
                                                         Technical Assistants
       Volunteer Coordinators                           Kate Ferry, Joyce Foster,
       Kim and Michael Burns                                 Lisa Rodriguez

*We would also like to thank the dozens of parents, teachers, administrators and friends,
     who gave of their time, energy and resources to make this evening possible.
                      GENERAL AUCTION RULES
1. The Auction is a fundraiser for Norwood-Fontbonne Academy conducted by the
   Academy’s Parents Association. All auction items are donated and have been made
   available for inspection prior to the sale. Neither the Academy nor the Association
   extends any warranties or makes any representations with respect to the item or
   services sold. The Academy and the Association specifically disclaim any express or
   implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
2. A winning bidder shall pay for all items the evening of the auction. Payments will be
   made by cash, check (payable to NFAPA), Visa or MasterCard. Items not paid for will
   be offered to the second highest bidder.
3. All sales are final. No refunds may be made, and unless otherwise specified, all items
   and services must be used before December 31, 2008, unless otherwise indicated. As
   a courtesy to the donor, please make arrangements as far in advance as possible.
4. “Retail values” shown are estimates only and are not warranted by the Academy or the
   Association for tax purposes or general value.
5. Bidders must be at least 18 years of age.
6. By bidding on the items in the Auction, the bidder agrees to be bound by the rules as
   stated in this program book.

                        SILENT AUCTION RULES
1. Items will be closed in groups. The closing time for each group will be prominently
   displayed in the Silent Auction area. Closing times will be strictly observed.
2. Bids are made by writing your name and bid amount on the bid sheets located directly
   in front of each item or item description. Bid sheets will indicate the minimum opening
   bid, as well as the minimum bid increment. For bid to be valid, it must increase the
   previous bid by the minimum amount stated on the bid sheet.
3. In the unlikely event of a dispute regarding the winning bid, the Co-Chairs of the
   Auction shall act as the final authority and shall determine the winning bid.

                          LIVE AUCTION RULES
1. The Live Auction will begin at 9:15 p.m. and will continue until all items have been
2. To enter a bid, the bidder raises his/her bidding number (located on the back of your
   program Book).
3. The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the
   event of a dispute, the auctioneer has sole and final discretion.
4. On the fall of the auctioneer’s gavel, title to the article will pass to the highest bidder,
   who thereupon assumes full risk and responsibility.
                              Hors d’oeuvres
                            Franks in a Blanket
                        Spinach & Pesto Turnovers
                           Southwest Quesadilla
              Coconut Chicken with Pineapple Dipping Sauce
             Crudités Display with Crackers and Assorted Dips
            Cocktail Reception Stations (Green Valley Room)

                                STATION 1
Pasta Garden – Selection of Penne & Cheese Tortellini prepared to order with
      Choice of Two Sauces: Alfredo, Pesto and Roasted Tomato Basil
             Complimented by an array of Fresh Condiments

                                STATION 2
        Tenderloin of Beef with Demi Glace and Horseradish Cream
                  Roast Turkey, Gravy, Cranberry Relish
                                Petite Rolls
                       Butler pre made sandwiches

                                STATION 3
            Thai Satay – Skewered Chicken, Shrimp, Beef and
                 Portobello Mushroom Grilled To Order.
                  Presented with Toasted Sesame Seeds,
            Chopped Green Onions, and Peanut Dipping Sauce
                             Ballroom Opens

                           DESSERT STATION
               Chocolate Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce
                   Apple Crisp with Whipped Cream
                  Assorted Mousses and/or puddings
    6:00        COCKTAILS
                Hors d’oeuvres/ Carving Stations
                Music by Emcee, Sandi Stabler
Time to preview the hundreds of wonderful auction items!

    7:45        TIME’S UP FOR TABLES
                Table 1   “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”
                Table 2   “Body Heat”
                Table 3   “The Glass Menagerie”

    8:00        CLOSING OF TABLES
                Table 4  “Places in the Heart”
                Table 5  “Toy Story”
                Table 6  “Pretty Woman”

    8:15        CLOSING OF TABLES
                Table 7  “Ratatouille”
                Table 8  “The Money Pit”
                Table 9  “It Happened One Night”

    8:30        CLOSING OF TABLES
                Table 10 “Caddyshack”
                Table 11 “Field of Dreams”

    8:45        CLOSING OF TABLES
                Table 12 “The Nutty Professor”
                Table 13 “Luxury Lane”

    9:00        Tuition Raffle/Key Box Drawing
    9:15        The Live Auction Begins with Josh Katz, Auctioneer
    9:30        The Bank Opens
  10:00         Music & frolicking
  11:00         The end of a wonderful evening!

          Joanna B. Creamer
      Gregory and Randi Osborne
       Joe and Lorraine Dugan
        The Schwenger Family
           The Spratt Family

           GOLD DONORS
         The Hinchey Family
          The Lynch Family
     Patrick and Deirdre McAleer
      Kevin and Valerie Melnick
     Mr. and Mrs. John Schaefer
       Beth and Greg Webster

          The Bennett Family
        Jim and Doreen Brown
          The Celano Family
          The Cipressi Family
         The DeCinque Family
          The Gilmore Family
        The Huot-Taylor Family
           The Monzo Family
            The Mraz Family
        Chris and Nancy Powell
          The Stenger Family
          The Woolley Family

           BLUE DONORS
    Joyce Foster and Lisa Rodriguez
            The Hall Family
      The Lesnak-Robins Family
         The Loonstyn Family
          The McGrath Family
         Jim and Kim Osborne

               GOLD SPONSORS
    Unkefer Brothers Construction Company
      Black & Gerngross, Attorneys At Law
     Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young, LLP

              BRONZE SPONSORS
            D.E. Duffey & Sons, Inc.
Susan K. Duffey – Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors
McGillin Architecture Inc. & Z & F Consulting Inc.
             William & Audrey Fasy
                             LIVE AUCTION ITEMS

1   Tuscan Dinner and Wine Tasting for 10
    Gather your friends, it’s time for a taste of Tuscany. Jim Mazzarelli will prepare a delectable,
    five course Tuscan dinner for ten including a wine tasting hosted by Luca Mazzotti. Luca is wine
    editor of LaCucina Magazine and founding partner of West Park Imports, an exclusive importer of
    Italian wines. Together, Jim and Luca will collaborate on the wines and cuisine to make the perfect
    Epicurean adventure! Enjoy this fantastic extravaganza with your friends at the Mazzarelli home.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The Mazzarelli Family

2   Carriage House Class Gift
    The Carriage House students have created a large mirror. This state-of-the-art mirror is surrounded
    by photos of the Carriage House children at work and at play. This will look beautiful in any room
    in the house.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by the Carriage House Students

3   80’s Murder Mystery Dinner
    Col. Mustard in the conservatory with the candlestick? This Murder Mystery Dinner takes Clue
    to a new level! Enjoy your (faux) 20 year high school reunion in true ‘80s style, complete with
    great music and an elegant dinner for 12 served by competent (?), lively (YES!) waitstaff. Relive
    those ‘glory days’ with your fellow classmates until ... a murder is discovered. Await your personal
    invitation defining your character for the evening and plan to come dressed in your totally tubular
    ‘80s attire. This Who-Dun-It is sure to unfold unpredictably for an unforgettable night of fun.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The Bjornson Family, The Harrington/ Seidel Family, The Hearn Family,
    The Hyman Family and the Woolley Family

4   Stone House Class Gift
    Professional quality DVD, “A Day at the Stone House” featuring your favorite little NFA students.
    From carline drop off to dismissal, see how they spend their happy hours at Norwood Fontbonne
    Academy. Plus, a class picture with artwork on the matte and frame were created by the children.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The Stone House Students

5   White House Class Gift
    Decoupage box featuring class picture and individual student pictures. Blue and Gold background
    honoring our Norwood colors.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The White House Students

6   Super Jazzy Cocktail Party Plus for 50
    This fantastic cocktail party will be served to you and up to 50 friends in the comfort of your own
    home! A fabulous selection of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres prepared by master chef Sandy Powell,
    Deb Mustin, Kim Burns and Lisa Garber – history suggests that the food will be FABULOUS,
    SCRUMPTIOUS and EXOTIC! Top-shelf spirits, beer and wine; Don Julio, Tanqueray, Ketel One,
    Johnnie Walker, Bailey’s, BV and Guinness. Special proprietary cocktails crafted for the event and
    “bar” tended by master mixologist, Brian Powell with ‘Stirrings’ mixers. You provide the servingware
    & setups, we provide the alcohol, food and fun! Entertainment provided by the renowned Jim
    Dragoni Trio. Jazz/Blues legend, Mose Allison suggests that Jim is one of “America’s greatest living
    guitarists”. “After Jim” party DJ’d till the weeeee hours. Three free (guitar, bass or piano) lessons
    provided by Jim Dragoni to the winning bidder’s FAVORITE child at Jim’s Chestnut Hill Studio.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The Burns Family ,The Garber Family, The Mustin Family, and The Brian Powell Family
                             LIVE AUCTION ITEMS

7   Kindergarten Class Gift
    Play table and chairs donated by the Kindergarten students. This one-of-a-kind, handpainted, play
    table has been decorated with the colorful handprints of the Kindergarten class. This unique
    keepsake comes with two chairs and is adorned with the Norwood Fontbonne Academy logo and the
    names of the students in the class. A treasured addition to any child’s playroom.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The Kindergarten Students

8   First Grade Class Gift
    A beautiful rendition of the American Flag painted on canvas and stretched on wood measuring
    3’ x 2’. The red stripes are made up of first grader’s hand prints, personally autographed by each
    one. The stars have been sponge painted on by each first grader.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The First Grade Class

9   Villa in Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic
    In the heart of this exclusive resort, Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic, lies the most luxurious
    five ensuite bedroom villa of the Caribbean. This exclusive retreat features a magnificent pool
    setting, is minutes from the beach and is staffed with a full time maid/ cook who will prepare a
    full breakfast each morning, and will tend to every need you and your family may have. There is no
    need to lift a finger! This premier oasis has 2 bedrooms with king size beds, and 3 bedrooms with
    2 double beds each. It is ideal for more than one family. You will experience the most incredible
    beaches, tennis, horseback riding, boating, fishing, sport shooting, shopping, feasting, relaxing and
    golf on the world renowned course, “Teeth of the Dog.” Not available Christmas week and Easter.
    You may contact Margaret Doyle for questions or to discuss availablility and potential dates at
    margaretdoyle@verizon.net prior to the auction or visit our website at www.casadecampo-villa.com
    (click on the Villa Las Pinas Sies property). Otherwise, date will be mutually agreed upon between
    high bidder and owner.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by Ann and Lou Gilmore
    (grandparents of Elizabeth, Michael & Adelaide Doyle and Lilly and Charlotte Gilmore)

10 JLC Class Gift
    This lovely, ornate bench was once an 18th century bed. Each of the twenty four doves were painted
    by the JLC students. The doves symbolize our hope for peace around the world. This one-of-a-kind
    bench would be a timeless addition to any home.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The JLC Students

11 Trip to New York, Regis and Kelly Live!
    Enjoy the wacky antics of Regis and Kelly LIVE from the New York studio audience! You and three
    friends will be audience members at this popular morning TV show. Date must be mutually agreed
    upon. This amazing auction item includes round trip limousine service. After the taping you have
    a full day free in New York to spend as you wish. See a show, shop, go to a museum – take a bite
    out of The Big Apple. Date to be mutually determined by both parties.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The Super Gift Sponsors
                              LIVE AUCTION ITEMS

12 JLA Class Gift
     This whimsically crafted ceramic wall clock set in an antique mahogany wall frame will be a delight
     in any room. Hand painted by the students of JLA, this clock features ceramic mosaic inserts as
     well as individualized “hands” of time adorned with personalized trinkets.
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Dontaed by The JLA Students

13   JLB Class Gift
     The JLB students have created this one-of-a- kind fountain. It is a cube shaped fountain that
     the children have painted twenty-one fish swimming around the base. The additional three fish
     swimming at the top represent the teachers. This piece is a beautiful mosaic made with sea glass
     and stone. The waves and the seagrass are made of clay art and the base is grouted in a deep sand
     color. This is a wonderful treasure to add to any home.
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Dontaed by The JLB Students

14   Pub Night at Cake
     Treat up to 50 of your friends to a night at the hottest new venue in Chestnut Hill, Cake, the
     Robertsons’ Greenhouse on Highland Ave. Live entertainment by two talented NFA dads! Recording
     star, Matt Maguire, will rock your guests with his unique style of American Music. Matt is the front
     man for The Miners, who recently played at the Grape Street in Manayunk. Comic genius, Dave
     Comerford, will open for Matt with an NFA flavored stand up act! We will provide drinks and hors
     d’oeuvres. It will be a BLAST. Expires in June 2008.
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by The Matt Maguire Family, The Mansfield Family, The Chris Powell Family,
     The David Smith Family, The Comerford Family

15 2nd Grade Class Gift
     The Second Grade Class has made a truly amazing quilt, depicting the new Fontbonne Commons
     Building. All of the detailed work on the quilt was hand sewn by these talented students. The quilt
     is hand-washable and includes hardware for hanging. Do not miss the opportunity to own this
     piece of NFA history which will be treasured for generations.
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by The 2nd Grade Class

16 3rd Grade Class Gift
     The third grade is happy to present a hand painted bookcase illustrated by artist Barbara Doyle
     with the assistance of the students. A special interest of the third grade this year is the Rainforest
     and it is reflected in the bookcase. The shelves are filled with personal favorite selections of the
     class of 2013.
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by The 3rd Grade Class

17 Puerto Rico – The Shining Star
     Enjoy a one week stay on the beautiful and exciting island of Puerto Rico. Seven nights in a private
     villa at the Wyndham Resort in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. Villa has 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and
     sleeps six.
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by Evelyn and Joe Devine
                             LIVE AUCTION ITEMS

18 4th Grade Class Gift
    The Fourth Graders have decoupaged a beautiful Shaker Style Bench with white doves. Each
    Fourth Grader has handwritten a description of a moment in time when they have felt God’s grace.
    The heartfelt spirit of these words, along with the beautiful craftmanship and quality of the bench,
    will make this a beautiful addition to any room.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The 4th Grade Class

19 5th Grade Class Gift
    Store all of your NFA memorabilia in a cedar keepsake trunk personalized with the engraved
    signatures of the class of 2011. Inside the trunk is a warm NFA blanket with the embroidered names
    of the class of 2011. There is no chance you will forget your classmates with this gift...especially
    since we have enclosed a time capsule in which each child has recorded detailed descriptions of
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The 5th Grade Class

20 Permanent Naming of the New Fontbonne Car Line Driveway
    Name the long and winding road through Fontbonne after your family or special loved one. Perhaps
    you and your siblings would like to honor an elderly relative whose life was changed by attending
    NFA. Not any alums in the family? Take this once in a life-time chance to leave your family’s legacy
    on Norwood Fontbonne Academy. This is a PERMANENT road sign.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by Sr. Jean Laurich and The Norwood Fontbonne Academy

21 6th Grade Class Gift
    This large locker – 7’ tall, 18” wide – was decorated by the 6th grade class with their favorite
    memories from 6th grade including hundreds of decoupaged photos from the year. It also includes
    a memory book created by the students and their teachers. This unique gift is a perfect reminder
    of your child’s first experience using a locker at NFA! It is great for storing art supplies, sports gear
    and the memorabilia of childhood.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The 6th Grade Class

22 7th Grade Class Gift – Mosaic Mirror
    The 7th graders have created this beautiful mosaic framed mirror by glazing the tiles, then smashing
    them and setting the pieces on the frame. Look closely and you will see that they have added
    symbols that represent themselves or their interests. Students initials are also in the frame.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by The 7th Grade Class

23 Avalon Weeklong Summer Retreat
    Make this a Summer to remember in this 5 bedroom 4 bathroom upside down style house which
    sleeps 12 and features modern ammenities with spectacular water views, while still enjoying the
    peace and quiet of the North End in Avalon. Choose one week mutually agreed upon with the owner.
    Expires March, 2009.
    Value: $ 5,000
    Donated The Crooks Family
        Visit the NFA Boutique to outfit your children in the latest
                 and greatest NFA fashions to hit Norwood.
These items have never been seen before and you won’t want to miss them.

                   Long sleeve white T-shirt with
              Norwood Fontbonne Academy onthesleeve
           Navy Blue Soffe shorts with NFA embroidered
    Navy and White striped Rugby with the NFA logo on the chest
  NFA embroidered white sport socks with gold pawprints on the bottom
                     NFA white oval car magnet
              Navy and White striped beach towel with
              NFA in gold twill sewn on in the center
    NFA team jerseys, have your name thermo printed on the back!
                          Stone House DVD
               Photograghs: Candids and class photos,
                can be ordered in a variety of sizes

                       A special thank you to:
         Wave One for the creation of the new merchandise items.
         Janine Mazzarelli for her creative eye in taking all of the
               wonderful photos that will last a lifetime.
                              LIVE AUCTION ITEMS

24 8th Grade Class Gift – Mosaic Message Mirror
    This exquisite full size mirror has been hand decorated by each member of the 8th grade graduating
    class of 2008. Richly colored, fadeless specialty papers affixed to a gold base enhance the all over
    Art Nouveau design created by Mrs. Carmella Tuliszewski, NFA art teacher extraordinaire! Look
    into the mirror to read the special script written by the students. This work of art can be leaned
    up against a wall as an accent piece or it can be hung vertically. Measures 74 3/4” x 37”and is
    57 lbs. Mounting hardware included.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by 8th Grade Class of 2008

25 Dr. Slawek – Designer Braces
    Dr. Stephen Slawek has again generously donated a full set of braces along with all of the necessary
    consultations. Dr. Slawek is highly regarded and is conveniently located on Norwood Ave in Chestnut Hill.
    Value $ 5,420
    Donated by Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Slawek

26 One Week Vacation Anywhere in the World
    7 Night stay at any RCI resort or hotel worldwide with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Resort
    locations all over the world including Hawaii, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, France, London, Spain,
    Bermuda and many more. Over 4000 resorts in one hunderd countries to choose from. Some
    restrictions apply. This generous hotel donation is accompanied by a $1,000 unrestricted airfare
    gift certificate to use on airline of your choice. Expires March 2009.
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Chris & Tamara Banko have generously donated the lodging. Airfare provided through the support
    of The Super Gift Sponsors

27 One Week in Ocean City – America’s Greatest Family Resort
    Beautiful and spacious shore house in the quiet South End of Ocean City. Located on the bayside
    of 51st and Haven with a totally unobstructed view of the bay/meadows. Fabulous birdwatching
    and sunsets. 3 block walk to the beach. 4 Bedrooms, sleeps 10. 2 full baths with Jacuzzi in master
    bath. Large great room and dining area. State of the art home theater system with DVD and digital
    cable. Air conditioning, full washer/dryer. Beach Tags, bikes and beach chairs provided.
    Value: $ 4,000
    Donated by Angie and Tom Nader

28 Take ‘Us’ Out to the Ballgame – 2 Teachers, A Limo and
   The Phillies – The Rockenbach/Alfarano Experience!
    You and up to 3 friends will join Mr. Rockenbach and Mr. Alfarano for this once in a lifetime
    experience! Imagine this perfect day... you wake up, and who is knocking on your front door?
    None other than, science teachers extraordinaire, Mr. Rockenbach and Mr. Alfarano! They escort
    you to your stylish ride waiting outside... A LIMOUSINE... Yes, that’s right, you will be driven in
    luxury by a chauffeur and accompanied by your two favorite NFA teachers. Next stop; pull up like
    a celebrity to …The Phillies Game! The six of you will bask in the sun at Citizens Bank Park, taking
    in America’s favorite pastime and ‘root, root, root for the home team’ while eating all the popcorn,
    peanuts, crackerjacks, cotton candy and hot dogs your belly can stand. ’You may not care if you
    ever get back’, but your “sweet ride” will be waiting to drive you home in Rock Star Style with
    memories of the most PHANTASTIC field trip ever! All 4 children must be in grades 4, 5, or 6 during
    the 2007-2008 school year! Date to be mutually agreed upon by winning bidder and teachers
    during 2008 season
    Value: $ PRICELESS
    Donated by Jim Rockenbach and Marc Alfarano and Advanced Limousine
                       SILENT TABLE #1

100   Carnelian Wood and                             106   Freshwater Pearl and
      Thai Silver Pendant Necklace                         Silver Bracelet
      and Earring Set                                      Take home this casual silver and pearl
      This fun necklace is made of alternating             bracelet. The beads alternate ivory fresh
      silver, carnelian and wood beads with                water pearl, gray fresh water pearl and
      a silver medallion in the center stating             silver.
      “Peace.” Matching earrings of silver and             Value: $ 40
      Thai wood.                                           Donated by Mary Haney
      Value: $ 70
      Donated by Mary Haney                          107   Handcrafted Sterling Silver
                                                           and Amber Necklace
101   Designer Inspired Jewelry                            Handcrafted Silver and Amber necklace,
      36’ Silver and gold necklace. At this price,         16 inches in length, made up of 15 silver
      it’s a steal!                                        strands. Rival design carried by Museum
      Value: $ 80                                          of Modern Art for twice the price!
      Donated by Bennick and Company                       Value: $ 120
                                                           Donated by Carolyn Bjornson
102   Designer Inspired Jewelry
      20’ Pearl and Smoky Topaz necklace.            108   Handcrafted Sterling Silver and
      This versatile piece will compliment jeans           Amber Necklace and Earring Set
      and a t-shirt or dress down that “little
                                                           Amber is believed by many in Europe to
      black dress.”
                                                           have a calming and healing effect. See for
      Value: $ 50                                          yourself!
      Donated by Bennick and Company                       Value: $ 65
                                                           Donated by Carolyn Bjornson
103   Designer Inspired Jewelry
      Cuff bracelet with cubic zirconium. Zena       109   Handcrafted Sterling Silver
      the Warrior has nothing on you! Make a               and Amber Ring
      bold statement in this up-to-the minute
      piece. (Muscles not included.)                       Discretely adjustable. Designed by an
                                                           architect. Wear this ring to add some and
      Value: $ 65
                                                           fun and funk to your day!
      Donated by Bennick and Company
                                                           Value: $ 50
                                                           Donated by Carolyn Bjornson
104   Designer Inspired Jewelry
      Two toned silver and gold nail-head            110   One-of-a-Kind Beaded Necklace
                                                           with Stone Medallion
      Value: $ 50
                                                           Take home this unique beaded necklace
      Donated by Bennick and Company
                                                           with a stone medallion.
                                                           Value: $ 30
105   Designer Inspired Jewelry                            Donated by The Mud Shack
      White and gold enameled bangle bracelet.
      Summer fun at it’s best. Looks great with
      a tan!                                         111   Sterling Silver and
      Value: $ 40                                          Amethyst Bracelet
      Donated by Bennick and Company                       Handcrafted silver and amethyst bracelet.
                                                           Value: $ 180
                                                           Donated by Maryanne Gilbert
                       SILENT TABLE #1

112   Designer Inspired Silver                     115   Two-Tone Bracelet
      Bangle Bracelet                                    This funky two-tone silver/ gold bracelet
      This thin silver bangle with a matte finish         is adorned with black onyx stones.
      has three cubic zirconium stones. What a           Value: $ 60
      great piece to jazz up your outfit!                 Donated by Bennick and Company
      Value: $ 40
      Donated by Bennick and Company               116   Cable Necklace
                                                         This 16” cable necklace comes with an
113   Designer Inspired Gold                             extender to 18” and has a beautiful
      Bangle Bracelet                                    square enhancer outlined in cubic
      This thin gold bangle has a matte finish            zirconium.
      with three cubic zirconium stones. Pull            Value: $ 80
      this out for your next special occasion!           Donated by Bennick and Company
      Value: $ 40
      Donated by Bennick and Company

114   Diamond Tipped Cable Bracelet
      This fabulous piece of jewelry is sure to
      spice up any outfit!
      Value: $ 60
      Donated by Bennick and Company
                                  SILENT TABLE #2
                                     BODY HEAT

200   Pamper Yourself                             205   Lets Get Physical, Physical!
      Pamper yourself with a $50 gift                   Has your New Year’s resolution already
      certificate for salon services at one one          slipped? Get back on track at Gold’s
      of Philadelphia’s best salons; 3000 BC in         Gym in Conshohocken. This is the total
      Chestnut Hill.                                    package. 2 two month memberships
      Value: $ 50                                       to Gold’s gym for you and your training
      Donated by 3000 BC                                partner. A complete training session
                                                        with Jeffrey Dukes and a passport for
                                                        10 complimentary protein shakes. Don’t
201   Two “Get You Started” Personal                    have a training partner? Use both
      Training Sessions                                 memberships yourself for a total of four
      Two personal training sessions with               months!
      Page Gilmore to get you started. Pilates,         Value: $ 450
      ball, weights and cycling together for a          Donated by The Hamilton Family,
      fabulous new you. To be scheduled when            Gold’s Gym and Jeffrey Dukes
      both parties individually agree to date
      and time.
                                                  206   Manicure/Pedicure at the
      Value: $ 150
                                                        Jean Madeline Salon
      Donated by Page Gilmore
                                                        Pamper yourself with this manicure and
                                                        pedicure at the Jean Madeline Salon in
202   A Whiter Brighter Smile!                          Plymouth Meeting Mall.
      Dr. Robert Slawek offers a professional           Value: $ 52
      tooth whitening procedure. Winner                 Donated by Jean Madeline Salon
      chooses either an in-office procedure, or
      a customized take-home kit of bleaching
      trays.                                      207   Nicole Miller Tie
      Value: $ 600                                      This fabulous Nicole Miller Attorney Tie is
      Donated by Dr. Robert Slawek                      100% silk and handsewn.
                                                        Value: $ 60
                                                        Donated by Mo Gerngross
203   Estate Planning Services
      A packet of estate planning documents
      prepared by attorney, Kelly Wall. The       208   Original Oil on Canvas
      packet includes a will, living will and           Original oil on canvas painting. This is
      power of attorney. This package can be            a discreet nude by artist Jane Forrence.
      used for singles or married couples.              The size is roughly 42” x 24”. Think
      Value: $ 700                                      about replacing the Monet Water Lilies
      Donated by Kelly Wall                             with original art!
                                                        Value: $ 250
204   Lady’s Spa Basket                                 Donated by Regina and Ted Forrence
      A lovely spa basket containing a white
      comfy robe, Lancome make-up bag,            209   Original Oil on Canvas
      scented candles, foot soak, Josh Groban           Original oil on canvas painting. This is an
      ‘Closer’ CD, bottle of Chardonnay and             abstract nude by artist Jane Forrence. A
      deluxe soaps.                                     masterfully painted piece that will add
      Value: $ 95                                       style to any room in your home.
      Donated by NFA Families                           Value: $ 175
                                                        Donated by Regina and Ted Forrence
                                  SILENT TABLE #2
                                     BODY HEAT

210   Put Your Best Face Forward!                212   You Don’t Need to Be a Star to
      Get that rosey glow with high end facial         Have a Personal Trainer!
      treatments! This package includes a              Karen Volpe will help you get in shape
      microdermabrasion, face wash, face               or take you to the next level with two
      cream, exfoliation scrub, body lotion,           sessions of personal training. Each
      intensive eye cream, tinted sunscreen            session is one hour.
      and a headband.                                  Value: $ 100
      Value: $ 335                                     Donated by Karen Volpe
      Donated by Chestnut Hill
      Aesthetic Center

211   Spider Veins Be Gone!
      One consultation and one 20
      minute session of sclerotherapy by a
      board certified vascular surgeon at
      Pennsylvania Hospital. Your spider veins
      will disappear!
      Value: $ 400
      Donated by Dr. Matthew Dougherty and
      Society Hill Vein Center
                               SILENT TABLE #3
                             THE GLASS MENAGERIE

300   Chestnut Hill Gallery &                       305   Christmas in February!
      Frame Shoppe                                        This timeless Lenox China Hostess set
      Take advantage of this $50 gift certificate          comes with a Holiday pattern. The set
      to The Chestnut Hill Gallery! This is               includes a pedastal cake plate, candle
      a thriving art gallery and full-service             stick holders, and 7” and 4” diameter
      custom framing center located in the                bowls.
      heart of Chestnut Hill’s historic district.         Value: $ 212
      They represent over 40 local, national              Donated by Cathy & Mike Cipressi
      and international artists offering a
      diverse and rich collection of landscapes,
      urbanscapes, and still lives from the         306   Philadelphia Candle Company
      realist to impressionist traditions.                Enjoy one double scented jar candle a
      Value: $ 50                                         month for an entire year. You select the
      Donated by Chestnut Hill Gallery                    scent: pear, cranberry, cinnamon, vanilla,
                                                          Value: $ 120
301   Abstract Marble Sculpture                           Donated by Philadelphia
      This is an original sculpture and the               Candle Company
      medium is marble mounted on a wood
      base. It is a modern abstract original by
      artist Theodore Forrence, Sr.                 307   Sheridan Waterford Picture
      Value: $ 1,000                                      Frame
      Donated by Regina and Ted Forrence                  This is the perfect 8X10 frame for your
                                                          family portrait!
302   Framed Print of Jasper Johns                        Value: $ 100
                                                          Donated by Chris Thistle
      Famous “Flag”
      Large framed print of Jasper Johns
      famous Flag from the “Pallidio” Home          308   Waterford Crystal Bud Vase
      Store in Ambler. The frame measures 30”             This sweet Waterford bud vase is both
      x 41”.                                              timeless and traditional and stands
      Value: $ 200                                        approximately 6 1/2” tall.
      Donated by Fred Gerngross, Sr.                      Value: $ 50
                                                          Donated by Mary Regina Gerngross
303   Galway Irish Crystal Vase
      Spring is coming, do you have a vase for      309   Crystal Pedastal Cake Plate
      your posies? Take home this beautiful               and Dome.
      Galway Irish Crystal Vase. This is the
                                                          After you bake your favorite desserts,
      Longford pattern, 10” footed bulb vase.
                                                          show them off on this beautiful Princess
      Value: $ 90                                         House crystal pedastal cake plate and
      Donated by Cathy and Mike Cipressi                  dome.
                                                          Value: $ 100
304   Glass Art Bowl                                      Donated by Donna and Mike Barnett
      This beautiful glass bowl was created               (Kailey Hyman’s grandparents)
      by the Chatham Glass Company. The
      Trademark of the Chatham Glass Co.,
      established by artist Jim Holmes, is the
      daring use of brilliant color. A functional
      work of art.
      Value: $ 150
      Donated by Caleb Meyer Studio
                                 SILENT TABLE #4
                               PLACES IN THE HEART

400   Glen Center Pharmacy                           405   Chestnut Hill Camera Shop
      and Gift Shop                                        Get all of those pictures off of your
      Pick out the perfect gift with this $20 gift         camera and into a photo album.
      certificate to the Glen Center Pharmacy               Bi-directional natural photo album with
      and Gift Shop in Maple Glen, PA.                     300 optimally clear slip-in pockets.
      Value: $ 20                                          Archival, Acid Free and PVC Free.
      Donated by Glen Center Pharmacy                      Value: $ 25
      and Gift Shop                                        Donated by Chestnut Hill Camera Shop

401   4 Passes to the 2008                           406   Lock & Lock Canister Set
      Philadelphia Flower Show                             Do you need to organize your kitchen?
      Every year Spring comes a little early to            Lock & Lock Canister set. 1 X Gallon
      Philadelphia with the Philadelpia Flower             Drink Container, 1 X Bread Loaf Saver,
      Show. This is perhaps Phildelphia’s                  1X Butter Saver, 2 X Quart Pourable
      best event! This certificate entitles the             Containers, and 1 X Two Quart
      winning bidder to 4 passes to the show               Scoopable Container.
      March 2 – 9, 2008. Choose any date that              Value: $ 30
      fits your schedule!                                   Donated by Dan and Missy Hyman
      Value: $ 112
      Donated by Burke Brothers Landscape            407   Dan Brody Photography
                                                           A $400 gift certificate towards studio
402   Baby Boy Moses Basket                                black & white or sepia portrait
      This baby boy Moses basket has a Winnie              purchases. Gift certificate expires
      the Pooh theme. It includes blankets,                11/3/08
      outfits, socks, frames, a photo album,                Value: $ 400
      Pooh stuffed animals, bibs, Pooh card                Donated by Dan Brody Photography
      game and Pooh mug.
      Value: $ 150                                   408   Ikea Pull Out & Games
      Donated by Charles & Kelly Guller and                Are you ready for the
      Anthony & Tosha Giovannone                           next sleepover? Does your child’s
                                                           room need a love seat fold-out sleeper
403   Baby Girl Moses Basket                               (approximately 54” long and 31” deep
      Traditional Moses basket for a baby                  and 29” tall)? Take home this brand new
      girl. This basket is filled with dresses,             dark gray IKEA Solsta sofa bed. Also
      shoes, blankets, onesies, photo albums,              includes: High School Musical 2 card
      a stuffed bear, socks, a pink baby                   game, magnetic checker/chess set,
      bathrobe, and four adorable outfits sizes             Discovery Channel 5 DVD Set, and an
      6 – 12 months.                                       American Girl 6 Book Set plus Mini Molly
                                                           doll, Upwords scrabble game, Harry
      Value: $ 150                                         Potter Magic Puzzles, and a 500 piece
      Donated by Charles & Kelly Guller and                dog puzzle.
      Anthony & Tosha Giovannone                           Value: $ 200
                                                           Donated by The Hyman Family
404   Boys’ Baby Shower Basket
      Baby shower basket containing denim            409   Handmade Peruvian Blanket
      jacket and jeans, turtlenecks, sleepers, a
                                                           This beautiful handmade Peruvian 100%
      sweater, baby’s 1st Teddy bear, a musical
                                                           Alpaca wool blanket will be perfect to
      pull toy and a baby blanket.
                                                           snuggle up with on a cold winter night!
      Value: $ 165
                                                           Value: $ 200
      Donated by The McBride Family
                                                           Donated by Chris & Tamara Banko
                                SILENT TABLE #4
                              PLACES IN THE HEART

410   Delicious Handmade                            414   Hand Crocheted Afghan
      Scottish Shortbread                                 This soft, colorful, afghan was crafted
      Better than you could ever bake                     and handmade with love.
      yourself! A 2lb. tin of handmade scottish           Value: $ Priceless
      shortbread. A mixture of plain and                  Donated by Annette Gargane
      chocolate dipped.
      Value: $ 25                                   415   Handmade Quilt by an
      Donated by Regina and Ted Forrence
                                                          NFA Grandfather
                                                          Beautiful twin sized handmade quilt.
411   Family Protrait                                     This quilt was made by Charles Simms
      Amateur photographer, Janine                        – grandfather of Caleb Reed.
      Mazzarelli, will take your family portrait          Value: $ PRICELESS
      at the location of your choice. All                 Donated by Charles Simms
      children, family pets, etc. welcome. Two
      rolls of film will be taken and given to you
      for your own developing pleasure.             416   Memories of Norwood
      Value: $ 100                                        Shadowbox from Palladio
      Donated by Janine Mazzarelli                        The Madzin family and Padillo Framing
                                                          have donated a beautiful 32” x 40”
                                                          framed shadowbox to elegantly and
412   Five Hours of Babysitting by                        forever display your NFA momentos.
      Maddie Hinchey                                      Padillo will custom mount and prepare
      Five hours of babysitting provided by               your shadowbox with your personal
      this responsible Norwood 7th grader,                momentos.
      Maddie Hinchey.                                     Value: $ 400
      Value: $ 50                                         Donated by Padillo Framing and The
      Donated by Maddie Hinchey                           Madzin Family

413   Geneology – Search Your                       417   Memory Book of the
      Family History                                      White House
      Are you just a wee bit curious about                This memory book contains pictures and
      your family stories? Where your family              priceless memories of the 2007 White
      members came from, how they got                     House Christmas Play. This treaured
      here, and where they lived? Work with               keepsake is a must-have for any White
      Elizabeth Dale, as you go backwards in              House student!
      time to trace where your famly members              Value: $ PRICELESS
      lived in America. We will look for them             Donated by Sonya Lynch
      in the US census records and City
      directories. We hope to locate your
      immigrant ancestors on passenger lists        418   Mrs. Wood’s Ice Cream Truck
      and to find your ancestral village or town           Mrs. Wood’s Ice Cream Truck – a cool
      in the “old country.” We will search for            treat on a sunny spring day!!! What
      birth, baptismal, marriage and death                grade wants this special treat?? The
      records both here and abroad to flesh out            winning bidder gets to have ice cream
      the story of your family. 2 – 4 hours of            treats for the whole grade!! And, the
      research time. Expires June 30, 2008.               opportunity to co-host the event with
      Research time does not include cost of              Mrs. Wood! I scream, you scream, we all
      document, record or access fees.                    scream for ice cream!
      Value: $ 100                                        Value: $ PRICELESS
      Donated by Elizabeth Dale                           Donated by Deborah Wood
                                SILENT TABLE #4
                              PLACES IN THE HEART

419   Open Dialogue                              421   Sitting with Deana Michie
      Take advantage of this $25 Gift                  Photography
      Certificate for stationery at Open                Take that priceless family beach portrait
      Dialogue now located in East Norriton!           that you have been wanting for so long.
      Choose from unique stationery or one of          This certificate entitles you to a beach
      the many fun gift ideas!                         sitting with Deana Michie.
      Value: $ 25                                      Value: $ 350
      Donated by Open Dialogue                         Donated by Deana Michie Photography

420   Personalized Stationery                    422   Two Hand Crafted Children’s
      Personalized Stationery up to a $60              Halloween Costumes
      value. Party invitations, childrens              Two custom made Halloween costumes
      stationery, graduation invitations, etc.         for your children. Past projects have
      Value: $ 60                                      included: Harry Potter themes, Disney
      Donated by Sue Dougherty,                        princesses, pirates of all types, dinosaurs
      Ms. Write Stationery                             and veggies for babies.
                                                       Value: $ 150
                                                       Donated by Lizabeth Macoretta

                                                 423   The Free Shop in Ambler
                                                       Stop in and shop at this trendy boutique
                                                       in Ambler with this gift certificate. Fun
                                                       clothing lines that you won’t find in other
                                                       Value: $
                                                       Donated by The Free Shop
                                   SILENT TABLE #5
                                      TOY STORY

500   Flynn & O’Hara                                505   Beautiful Baby Girl Gift Basket
      Get set for September with this $100 gift           Beautiful basket filled for a little princess.
      certificate to Flynn & O’Hara. Be the first           This HUGE basket contains: baby book,
      in line to get the new uniform!                     handquilted photo album, silver plated
      Value: $ 100                                        Noah’s Ark picture frame album, dresses,
      Donated by Flynn & O’Hara                           outfits, shoes and much more!
                                                          Value: $ 150
                                                          Donated by NFA Families
501   $100 Uniform Gift Certificate
      from Flynn & O’Hara
      Has football at recess taken its toll on
                                                    506   Children’s Art Lesson
      Johnny’s pant knees? It’s time to replace           Foster your child’s creative spirit and
      them!                                               self-esteem with this terrific gift of a one
      Value: $ 100                                        hour art lesson with Miss Petruska. Miss
                                                          Petruska will bring all supplies needed
      Donated by Flynn & O’Hara                           for the project.
                                                          Value: PRICELESS
502   Little Gym Birthday Party                           Donated by Jennifer Petruska
      Enjoy your child’s party for a change
      and let professionals twist and flip and
      run the kids ‘til they drop with this $50
                                                    507   Children’s Butterfly Wheel Barrel
      certificate for a Little Gym Birthday Party!         & Garden Set with Cabbage
      Value: $ 50                                         Patch Kid
      Donated by The Little Gym                           Pink butterfly wheel barrel and garden
      of Springhouse                                      set. Your little girl will be ready for
                                                          spring with this fabulous set. Includes
                                                          wheel barrel, garden boots, garden
503   Artistic Party for Four                             gloves, garden tool tote set, watering can,
      A party for four at the Mud Shack in                spade, butterfly net, 6 packages of seeds.
      North Wales. Your choice of fused glass,            Let your little girl make her own personal
      sculpture & pottery wheel, beading or               garden. Her new Cabbage Patch Kid can
      paint your own pottery.                             join her in the garden for days in the sun.
      Value: $ 75                                         Value: $ 85
      Donated by The Mud Shack                            Donated by NFA Families

504   The Little Gym – One Month                    508   Decorated Daily Bag
      Membership                                          Decorated daily bag for girls 4th – 8th
      One free month of classes for children              grade. Has your child’s daily bag seen
      ages 4 months to 12 years in any of                 better days? Do you have a 3rd grader
      the following classes: Karate, Sports,              ready to make that big move to 4th?
      Cheerleading, Dance, Gymnastics.                    They’ll enter with confidence carrying
      Value: $ 72                                         this terrific bag decorated by a fellow NFA
      Donated by The Little Gym
      in Springhouse                                      Value: $ 50
                                                          Donated by Colleen McNamara
                                     SILENT TABLE #5
                                        TOY STORY

509   Dream Party for Little Girls -                 513   Hours of Fun –
      All Dressed Up and Runway to Go                      Little Girl’s Toy Basket
      Girls, its time to strut your stuff on the           This fully stocked toy basket includes: 4
      catwalk! A party of 8 girls. It’s a dance            Princess Polly Pockets, 1 Cabbage Patch
      party to get everyone pumped up for the              Doll, 2 Bratz Dolls, 1 Butterfly Wing Craft
      show. Then its off to Glam Central to                Kit, 1 Ariel Drawing Tablet, 1 Princess
      get dressed up, have your hair done in               Book and 1 Hello Kitty Craft.
      sassy up-dos, get glam girl makeovers                Value: $ 150
      and your nails painted to perfection.                Donated by Kim and Walt Cwietniewicz
      Then when the disco ball gets going and
      the announcer gets rolling, you’ll strike
      a pose as you make your way down the           514   Ice Skating Party –
      runway. And, because no fashion show                 March 9, 2008
      is complete without pictures, a photo                Ice skating party for you and 15 of
      shoot rounds out this fabulous party,                your closest friends. Party will be held
      and each girl gets a group photo. Finally,           on March 9, 2008 from 3:15 – 4:15.
      its time for cake and presents. Located              Admission, skate rentals and use of
      at Sweet & Sassy in the Shoppes at                   the locker room included. Gloves and
      English Village, North Wales.                        helmets REQUIRED.
      Value: $ 250                                         Value: $ PRICELESS
      Donated by Randi & Greg Osborne                      Donated by Wissahickon Skating Club

510   Exciting Art Set and                           515   Kid’s “Creativity” Basket
      Gift Certificate                                      Basket includes: ceramic allowance bank,
      This art set includes 16 color pencils in            twisty balloons, magic writer, “Tigger”
      a case, 2 mini sketch books, power clip,             puzzle, kid’s mosaic stepping stone kit.
      2 5” x 5” canvasses and 5 “Paintastic”               Value: $ 35
      paintbrush pens. Also included is a $10              Donated by Gerngross Mo
      gift certificate to the Keystone Art Supply
      and Studio for a class or merchandise.         516   Pony Party for 20
      Dry erase set including one 9 x 12 lined
      dry wipe board, 8 dry erase markers and              A pony party for up to 20 children at
      1 eraser.                                            Sunset Farm in Fort Washington or,
                                                           depending on location, the ponies will
      Value: $ 55                                          be transported at the discretion of Mrs.
      Donated by Keystone Art Supply                       Maguire.
      & Studio
                                                           Value: $ 250
                                                           Donated by Lisa Maguire
511   Extreme Stunt Vehicle –
      the Toy, Not the Hummer                        517   Remote Control Dinosaur
      Pottery Barn Extreme Stunt Vehicle.                  Remote control Dino – Listen to me
      Variable Tracks for any position. Flexible           ROAR! Watch me walk! See my eyes
      arm track spins, flips over and walks                 light up! Watch my head move!
      vertically! Ages 6 and above.
                                                           Value: $ 35
      Value: $ 30                                          Donated by Fred and Joe Gerngross
      Donated by Fred and Joe Gerngross
                                                     518   Sally Foster Wrapping Paper
512   Girl’s Book Basket for Ages 7–12                     Big beautiful basket of Sally Foster
      A basket of girl’s favorites. A perfect gift         wrapping papers and gifts.
      for your young reader.
                                                           Value: $ 100
      Value: $ 100                                         Donated by Sally Foster
      Donated by the Christine Family
                                   SILENT TABLE #5
                                      TOY STORY

519   Red Schwinn Bike –                           524   The American Girl
      Chopper Style                                      Goes to Norwood
      Ride away with this already assembled              Does your Norwood Girl love her
      red Schwinn chopper style bicycle. The             American Girl doll? Then she must have
      perfect gift for your child this spring.           a matching NFA uniform. NFA jumper
      Value: $ 150                                       with blouse and matching hairband sized
      Donated by The Messa Family                        to fit the standard American Girl doll.
                                                         Value: $ PRICELESS
                                                         Donated by Robin and David Comerford
520   Blue Schwinn Bike –
      Chopper Style
                                                   525   The American Girl
      Ride away with this already assembled
      blue Schwinn chopper style bicycle. The
                                                         Goes to Norwood
      perfect gift for your child this spring.           Does your Norwood Girl love her
                                                         American Girl doll? Then she must have
      Value: $ 150
                                                         a matching NFA uniform. NFA jumper
      Donated by The Messa Family                        with blouse and matching hairband sized
                                                         to fit the standard American Girl doll.
521   Six Passes to the                                  Value: $ PRICELESS
      Please Touch Museum                                Donated by Robin and David Comerford
      Six passes for the Please Touch Museum
      in Philadelphia. A great adventure for all   526   Children’s Clothing Patch Gift
      little hands.
                                                         Certificate and Teddy
      Value: $ 66
                                                         Sweet white teddy bear in black bomber
      Donated by Terri Hutsell                           jacket and a $25 gift certificate to the
                                                         Children’s Clothing Patch.
522   Star Wars at the                                   Value: $ 40
      Franklin Institute                                 Donated by The Children’s
      Four passes to experience the Star Wars            Clothing Patch
      exhibit at the Franklin Institute.
      Value: $ 100                                 527   The Little Gym –
      Donated by Dennis Wint and the                     One Month Membership
      Franklin Institute                                 One free month of classes for children
                                                         ages 4 months to 12 years in any of
523   The American Girl                                  the following classes: Karate, Sports,
      Goes to Norwood                                    Cheerleading, Dance, Gymnastics.
      Does your Norwood Girl love her                    Value: $ 72
      American Girl doll? Then she must have             Donated by The Little Gym
      a matching NFA uniform. NFA jumper                 in Springhouse
      with blouse and matching hairband sized
      to fit the standard American Girl doll.
      Value: $ PRICELESS
      Donated by Robin and David Comerford
                                   SILENT TABLE #6
                                   PRETTY WOMAN

600   “NFA In The City” Gift Basket              606   Paraffin Treatment & Manicure
      Basket contains vodka, triple sec, lime          at Gail Devereaux Salon
      juice, cranberry juice, martini glasses,         Winter is tough on your nails, relax and
      Sex and the City Game, recipe and large          enjoy a paraffin treatment and manicure
      framed Sex and the City poster.                  at the Gail Devereaux Salon in Lafayette
      Value: $ 200                                     Hill.
      Donated by Stephanie Belzer and the              Value: $ 24
      NFA Development Office                            Donated by Gail Devereaux Salon

601   $100 Gift Certificate for                   607   Phoenix Salon & Spa –
      Zsuzsanna’s Salon in Wayne                       Salon Services
      $100 gift certificate to Zsuzsanna’s in           The Phoenix Salon & Spa in Center
      Wayne. This is a full service salon.             City offers this day of pampering. A 60
      Value: $ 100                                     minute Signature Phoenix Facial,
      Donated by Zsuzsanna’s Salon                     A Spa Pedicure and a Classic Manicure.
                                                       Value: $ 160
602   Gift Certificate to the                           Donated by Phoenix Salon and Spa
      Laurentius Salon
      Go ahead. Bid on this for your wife.       608   Pierre & Carlos
      She deserves it!                                 Spoil yourself with this Best of
      Value: $                                         Philadelphia Package! Enjoy a half-hour
      Donated by Laurentius Salon                      facial and massage, manicure, pedicure,
                                                       and a hairstyle at this luxurious Center
                                                       City Salon.
603   Beach Basket                                     Value: $200
      Value: $ 200                                     Donated by Pierre & Carlos
      Donated by Mariann & Gerry Owens
                                                 609   Pink Lady Basket
604   Treat Yourself                                   Kick back and relax with this spa basket
      Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure         containing a pink plush robe & slippers,
      with this $25 gift certificate for salon          Lancome make-up bag, creams &
      services at the Diamond Spa in                   lotions, scented candles and a bottle of
      Chestnut Hill.                                   Lindemans Chardonnay. Cheers!
      Value: $ 25                                      Value: $ 95
      Donated by Diamond Spa                           Donated by Kim and Jim Osborne

605   Indulge Yourself                           610   Salon Services at Babi Nails
      A facial and blow dry with Stephanie at          Treat yourself as well as you treat others.
      Chestnut Hill’s finest, Fringe Salon and          A gift certificate for services at Babi Nails
      Apothecary.                                      in Erdenheim.
      Value: $ 113                                     Value: $ 42
      Donated by Spa Elysium Ltd.                      Donated by Babi Nails
                                  SILENT TABLE #6
                                  PRETTY WOMAN

611   Spa Essentials Gift Basket                  614   West Chester Shopping and
      This luxurious basket includes; shower            Lunch
      gel, bath tea, foaming bath gel, pear             Spruce up your office with this elegant
      blossom hand cream, body lotion and               footed tray filled with office accessories
      much more! Indulge!                               from “The Details,” a new home store
      Value: $ 75                                       in West Chester. Then take the $100
      Donated by Loretta Masciantonio                   gift certificate back to The Details and
                                                        select something yourself. When you are
                                                        finished, stop by Carlino’s Italian Market
612   Spaaaaah Basket                                   and enjoy lunch in the cafe or carryout
      Relax and say “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.”                 dinner with the $50 gift certificate.
      Everything you need to ease away your             Value: $ 250
      cares. Basket includes salt scrub,                Donated by Schwenger Family
      hand cream, lip gloss, silk eye pillow,
      cucumber eye pads, lavender candle, $25
      gift card to the Spa Elysium, a book, and   615   Dan Brody Photography
      other fabulous items.                             A $400 gift certificate towards studio
      Value: $ 150                                      color portrait purchases. Gift certificate
      Donated by The Longo Family                       expires 11/3.08.
                                                        Value: $ 400
613   Vera Bradley Large Duffle Bag                      Donated by Dan Brody Photography
      Vera Bradley large duffle bag in the
      Windsor Navy Pattern. Fashionable,          616   Philadelphia Museum of Art
      durable and timeless. This makes a great          2 tickets to the Frida Kahlo Exhibit at the
      gift,too!                                         Philadelphia Museum of Art. Call or visit
      Value: $ 80                                       the museum for times and dates. Your
      Donated by Mary and Bob McNamara                  tickets of choice expire on 05/18/08.
                                                        Value: $ 46
                                                        Donated by The Schwemler Family
                                   SILENT TABLE #7

700   A Taste of Italy Basket                       705   Classic Wicker Picnic Basket
      A tasty basket of Italian delights to               A classic wicker picnic basket which
      transport you to foreign lands. This                includes everything you need for an
      includes an Italian Essentials cookbook,            elegant meal outdoors.
      red & white Italian wines, breadsticks,             Value: $ 150
      pasta, pasta sauce, basil oil, Perugina             Donated by Jennifer Tilley
      chocolates, amaretto cookies and much
      more. Mangia!
      Value: $ 200                                  706   Delicious Handmade
      Donated by The Eney Family and                      Scottish Shortbread
      The Gimpel Family                                   Better than you could ever bake
                                                          yourself! A 2lb tin of handmade scottish
                                                          shortbread. A mixture of plain and
701   Tasty Twisters                                      chocolate dipped.
      Looking for the perfect snack to send               Value: $ 25
      into school? Or maybe that little extra for
      your child’s birthday party? Or maybe               Donated by Regina and Ted Forrence
      the end of a sporting event? Here is your
      chance to take home 100 mini pretzels         707   Gourmet Cook’s Basket
      from the best Philly has to offer!                  The perfect gift for a bridal shower
      Value: $ 40                                         or graduating student with a new
      Donated by Tasty Twisters                           apartment. This charming basket
                                                          contains the Silver Palate Cook Book – a
                                                          classic! Food Network apron, oven mitts,
702   Bottle of Red/Bottle                                dish towels and Penzey’s spices also
      of White Gift Basket                                included.
      Basket of merlot and chardonnay                     Value: $ 60
      wines, pasta, vodka sauce, roasted                  Donated by The Freitag Family
      peppers, olive bruschetta, dipping
      herbs and panettone bread.
      (Billy Joel music optional)                   708   I Scream, You Scream, We All
      Value: $ 50                                         Scream for Ice Cream
      Donated by Stephanie Belzer and the                 Everybody needs a little ice cream from
      NFA Development Office                               time to time. $15 Cold Stone Creamery
                                                          gift certificate, 2 lbs of assorted sundae
                                                          toppings, Jimmies, and four decorative
703   Bread for a Year at                                 ice cream bowls.
      Any Panera Bread                                    Value: $ 45
      Receive a free loaf of bread each month             Donated by The Guller/
      for a year at any Panera Bread.                     Giovannone Family
      Value: $ 60
      Donated by Panera Bread
                                                    709   Let them Eat Cake
      Corporate Headquarters
                                                          A year of desserts. One of McNally’s cakes
                                                          delivered each month for a year. Choose
704   Charming Blue and                                   between the Chocolate Moo’s Cake (dark
      White Tea Pot                                       chocolate with mocha frosting) or Rabbit
      Tea lovers agree, there is nothing like a           Karat Cake. Start date of March or April,
      freshly steeped, hot cup of tea. Enjoy the          buyer’s choice. Please allow three days
      experience and savor the moment.                    notice.
      Value: $ 40                                         Value: $ 420
      Donated by Bob’s Antiques & Furniture               Donated by Meg McNally
                                   SILENT TABLE #7

710   Longaberger 12”                               715   Picnic Back Pack and
      Traditional Cake Basket                             a Bottle of Wine
      Longaberger 12” traditional cake basket             Going on a romantic hike for two? Why
      includes riser, protector, woodcraft lid            not take along this cute, green picnic
      and over the edge Sunflower striped liner.           backpack with a bottle of red wine. Pack
      Value: $ 160                                        contains glasses and place settings for 2.
      Donated by Dona & John Schmidt                      Value: $ 45
                                                          Donated by The Osborne Family
                                                          and The Quirk Family
711   McNally’s Family Fun
      Night Basket
      Family Fun Night Basket. This basket of       716   Shoprite Gift Card
      goodies includes everything you need for            Going grocery shopping? Take along this
      a fun night at home: DVD player, movie,             $50 giftcard to Shoprite.
      popcorn, snuggly McNally’s blankets,                Value: $ 50
      gift certificate for McNally’s to-go-food &          Donated by Shoprite
      Value: $ 200
                                                    717   Upgrade your Next Soirée
      Donated by McNally’s Tavern
                                                          With a Personal Pianist
                                                          NFA student, Fred Gerngross, will add
712   Nobody Bakes a Cake as Tasty                        sophistication to your next event with
      as a Tastykake                                      his piano stylings. 30 minutes of playing
      Gift basket of Tastykakes and Tastykake             time for your next party, birthday, dinner,
      novelty items. Remember how you looked              etc.
      forward to opening your lunch box if                Value: $ 50
      you knew it held that Tastykake treat?              Donated by Fred Gerngross
      Value: $ 50
      Donated by The O’Malley Family

713   Peach Sangria Gift Basket
      A Peach Sangria Basket containing 2
      bottles of white wine, peach nectar, triple
      sec, peach salsa and chips, mexican
      cookies and a chip & dip platter. Basket
      includes recipe for peach sangria.
      Value: $ 65
      Donated by Stephanie Belzer and the
      NFA Development Office

714   Pennsylvania Dutch Gift Basket
      A Pennsylvania Dutch basket filled with
      Amish goodies including: cookbook,
      baking supplies, tea towels, coffee, tea
      and others.
      Value: $ 100
      Donated by The McGuire Family
                                  SILENT TABLE #8
                                   THE MONEY PIT

800   “Delightful Garden” Basket                  804   Custom Window Treatment
      Fill your springtime garden with these            10 hours of labor toward a custom
      delightful items. A Ceramic bird house, a         window treatment of your choice. If
      bumble bee thermometer, frog rain gauge           you’ve looked into replacing your window
      and turtle rain gauge.                            treatments recently, then you know well,
      Value: $ 45                                       this price is a gift!
      Donated by The Gerngross Family                   Value: $ 300
                                                        Donated by Inge Hamilton
801   Car Wash and Wax
      It’s a long dirty winter, let Craig         805   Dragonfly Fountain
      Zaroff wash and wax your car. Some                Use on Tabletop or counter. Made of
      limitations, this is a CAR wash. No vans,         Polyresin, whitewash finish. Unwind to
      SUV’s, busses, boats, trains, mobile              the soothing sound of flowing of water.
      homes, house boats, airplanes, etc.               Value: $ 40
      Value: $ 100                                      Donated by Sheila McPartlin
      Donated by Craig Zaroff
                                                  806   Garden Basket
802   Computer Consulting,                              Waysides Gardens gift certificate for $35
      Maintenance and Repair                            and catalogue, Jackson Perkins Perennial
      Is your computer running slow? Infected           Gardening Book, 8 x 10 framed photo
      with Spyware? Would you like to add a             of the new Knockout Rose, seed packets
      wireless network to your home? Do you             for cleome, cosmos and zinnia; one
      need expert help in choosing between              shovel, gardening shears, hand soap for
      DSL, cable or fiber-optic? Trying to               gardeners, garden gloves, lavender hand
      choose between Windows XP, Vista, H-              lotion, lavender sachet, garden ornament
      P, Dell or Apple? Let Tom Shaw help.              from Primex studios, decorative brass
      The successful bidder receives 5 hours            planter.
      of consultation services and $150 worth           Value: $ 60
      of parts from Tom Shaw or the NFA                 Donated by Annmarie and Chris Strolle
      Technology Support Team.
      Value: $ 550                                807   Garden Collections
      Donated by Tom Shaw
                                                        This bird house and garden fairy will
                                                        create a magical scene in your garden.
803   Computer Diagnosis and Service                    Take home these keepsake accessories
      Running slow? Have a virus? Speaking              today.
      in a foreign Language? Let Donnel Reed            Value: $ 60
      diagnose and repair your computer                 Donated by Hill Company
      Value: $ 180                                808   Howard Miller
      Donated by Computer Services Unlimited
                                                        Grandfather Wall Clock
                                                        Beautiful Queen Ann style, cherry wood
                                                        clock with dual chimes. Clock chimes
                                                        on the quarter hour and has a beautiful
                                                        swinging pendulum. Sure to add a
                                                        traditional accent to any home.
                                                        Value: $ 250
                                                        Donated by The Cwietniewicz Family
                                    SILENT TABLE #8
                                     THE MONEY PIT

809   Locksmith Services                             814   Villeroy & Boch Large Serving
      $100 worth of locksmithing or handyman               Bowl in Neptume Pattern
      services from this NFA parent! Reputable             Fred and Joe Gerngross’ Aunt Sheila has
      and reliable, Jorge is a great find!                  donated this beautiful glass Villeroy &
      Value: $ 100                                         Boch serving bowl. Perfect for serving
      Donated by Jorge Luis Cruz                           large salads to the entire family. Use as a
                                                           serving piece at your next dinner party.
810   Men of Maintenence Gift Bucket                       Value: $ 35
                                                           Donated by Sheila McPartlin
      – NOT Basket – Bucket!
      5 Gallon bucket filled with all of your
      hardware needs. This is fully loaded:          815   World Clock Desk Pad
      25 ft. extension cord, level, hammer,                Handsome black leather and Cherry
      screwdrivers of all types, wrench, 4                 Wood desk blotter highlighted by four
      clamps, glue gun, dremmel accessories                clocks telling you the time around the
      set, tool apron, hacksaw, woodsaw,                   world. Impressive addition to the office of
      pliers/wire cutters of all sizes, tape               any professional.
      measure and carpenter pencils. If there              Value: $ 100
      is anything left out – use the $25 Killian’s         Donated by Dan and Missy Hyman
      gift certificate to complete the bucket.
      Value: $ 225
      Donated by NFA Men of Maintanence
                                                     816   Dan Brody Photography
      and Killians Hardware                                A $400 gift certificate towards studio
                                                           portrait purchases to take place in
                                                           Margate, NJ, during Summer months
811   Romantic Dinner in the Garden                        only. Beach sessions take place in the
      Beautiful all weather wicker bistro set.             morning only and space is limited. We
      One table and two chairs ready to be set             begin taking reservations in March, 2008.
      for a romatic dinner for two.                        Gift certificate expires 11/3/08
      Value: $ 750                                         Value: $ 400
      Donated by Alfresco Home                             Donated by Dan Brody Photography

812   Silk Floral Arrangement
      Exquisite silk floral arrangement to
      enhance the décor of your home!
      Value: $ 125
      Donated by Botanical Expressions

813   Tailored Transitions Design
      and Style Consultation
      A 2 hour design and space
      consultation with Tailored Transitions.
      Re-design your home to maximize your
      space and how to best live in it.
      Expires May 31, 2009.
      Value: $ 500
      Donated by Tailored Transitions
                                SILENT TABLE #9
                            IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT

900   $100 Gift Certificate to                     907   Babysitting by NFA 7th Grader,
      Bridget’s in Ambler                               Dominique Nyzio
      Find time for that romantic dinner out at         NFA 7th Grader, Dominique Nyzio offers
      Ambler’s high end restaurant, Bridget’s.          an evening of babysitting services.
      Value: $ 100                                      Value: $ 50
      Donated by Bridget’s                              Donated by Dominique Nyzio

901   $100 Gift Certificate to                     908   Babysitting by NFA 7th Grader,
      Center City Restaurant,                           Lauren Hamilton
      The Field House                                   NFA 7th grader, Lauren Hamilton offers
      Value: $ 100                                      an evening of babysitting services.
      Donated by The Field House                        Value: $ 50
                                                        Donated by Lauren Hamilton
902   $125 Gift Certificate to Mission
      Grill Restaurant                            909   Breakfast for 4 at Brunos
      Value: $ 125                                      Breakfast for 4 at Brunos. Juice and
      Donated by Mission Grill Restaurant               coffee included. Enjoy your breakfast
                                                        Monday – Friday, weekends excluded.
                                                        Perfect for a committee meeting after
903   $125 Gift Certificate to the                       NFA drop off or a powerwalk through the
      Public House                                      park.
      Value: $ 125                                      Value: $ 35
      Donated by Public House Restaurant                Donated by Bruno’s Restaurant

904   $25 Gift Certificate                         910   Bridgid’s Restaurant in
      From the Boot                                     Fairmount
      Enjoy delicious traditional Italian fare          Dinner for six at Bridgid’s Restaurant
      “From the Boot.” Eat in or take out.              in Fairmount. Treat the whole family!
      Value: $ 25                                       Alcohol not included.
      Donated by From the Boot                          Value: $ 300
                                                        Donated by Chris and Aileen Ryan
905   $25 Gift Certificate to
      Mom’s Bake at Home Pizza                    911   Brittinghams’ Gift Certificate
      Let Mom’s make your next pizza.                   $20 Gift Certificate to Brittinghams.
      Keep it in the freezer until it is time           Value: $ 20
      to throw in the oven!                             Donated by Brittinghams
      Value: $ 25
      Donated by Mom’s Bake at Home Pizza         912   Dinner for 4 at Bruno’s
                                                        Dinner for 4 at Brunos. 4 Italian entrees,
906   $25 Gift Certificate to                            plus drinks. Enjoy your dinner during the
      Sorella Rose in Flourtown                         week, weekends excluded.
      Enjoy an evening out of the kitchen.              Value: $ 75
      Traditional Italian cuisine.                      Donated by Bruno’s Restaurant
      Value: $ 25
      Donated by Sorella Rose and
      Cumpstone Family
                               SILENT TABLE #9
                           IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT

913   Dinner for Four at Delaware Park             918   Gift Certificate to
      at The Rail Restaurant                             The Palm Restaurant
      Dinner for four at the Rail Restaurant at          You want a juicy steak, a jumbo lobster?
      Delaware Park in Wilmington.                       The Palm has been serving them for over
      Value: $ 175                                       70 years. Enjoy fine dining at it’s best!
      Donated by Delaware Park                           Value: $ 150
                                                         Donated by The Palm
914   Dinner for Four at Legends at
      Delaware Park                                919   Have a Little CinCin Tonight!
      Dinner for four at Legends Restaurant at           Enjoy dinner out tonight with this $60
      Delaware Park in Wilmington.                       gift certificate to CinCin in Chestnut Hill.
      Value: $ 175                                       Come and taste the best spring roll in
      Donated by Delaware Park
                                                         Value: $ 60
                                                         Donated by Cin Cin
915   Dinner, Movie and a Sitter,
      Oh My – Dinner, Movie and
                                                   920   Maria’s Restaurant on Summit
      a Sitter, Oh My
                                                         Find that perfect date night and enjoy
      Do you remember dating? It was fun,                dinner for two at Maria’s Restaurant,
      wasn’t it? Here is your chance to try it           traditional Italian fare.
      again! A $40 gift certificate to Sorrento’s
      Restaurant in Lafayette Hill, a bottle of          Value: $ 50
      wine, two movie passes and 4 hours of              Donated by Ann and Anthony Demilio
      babysitting by NFA 8th grader, David
      Martosella.                                  921   NFA Graduation Party for 20!!
      Value: $120                                        Eight years of hard work deserves
      Donated by The Martosella Family                   a party. Let Sorella Rose cater a
                                                         graduation party for 20 family and
916   Drop Off Dinner for Four                           friends. Sorella Rose will deliver to your
                                                         home delicious specialty sandwiches and
      Tired of cooking? Let the Freitag family           chicken fingers.
      make dinner for you. A full dinner will
      be dropped off for you on a convenient             Value: $ PRICELESS
      evening. Dinner includes: bread, entree,           Donated by Sorella Rose
      salad and dessert. Delivery limited
      to the Chestnut Hill, Wyndmoor, and          922   School Bus and Driver
      surrounding areas. If you live a distance,
      drop off could be at NFA.                          for 5 Hours
      Value: $ 125                                       The best in group transportation! Do
                                                         you need to transport a big group of kids
      Donated by The Freitag Family                      for the next birthday party? How about
                                                         a bachelor party? Girls’ night of bar
917   Evening at Kimmel Center –                         hopping? Many creative uses for the bus!
      “Fear and Loathing,”                               School bus and driver for up to five hours
                                                         travel within the 5 county Philadelphia
      the Music of Phil Kline                            area. Certain restrictions apply.
      Satuday April 5, 2008 enjoy an evening
                                                         Value: $ 225
      at the Kimmel Center with two tickets
      to the concert presentation of “Fear and           Donated by Sague School Bus
      Loathing,” the Music of Phil Kline.
      Value: $ 75
      Donated by Will Dennis &
      The Kimmel Center
                                 SILENT TABLE #10

1000 9 Holes of Golf with                         1005 Foursome of Golf at
     Kate Ferry and Sister Rosemary                    Huntington Valley CC
     Sign up your 4th – 8th grader and a               An afternoon of golf and lunch for four at
     friend for an afternoon of fun with Sr.           the Huntington Valley Country Club.
     Rosemary and Kate Ferry. Play 9 holes             Value: $ 450
     of golf at the Flourtown Country Club.            Donated by Laura and Mike Savage
     Refreshments included.
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by Sr. Rosemary Golden
                                                  1006 Foursome of Golf at
     and Kate Ferry                                    Talamore Country Club
                                                       Foursome of golf at the Talamore Country
                                                       Club including use of the range, greens
1001 Chic Cooler Bag with                              fees and golf carts. May be used at
     Mike’s Hard Lemonade                              any time on weekdays or after 1pm on
     A chic cooler bag in brown and blue               weekends.
     design. Bag includes monogramming at              Value: $ 500
     Be Monogram. We have filled this little            Donated by Talamore Country Club
     cooler with Mike’s Hard Lemonade.
     Value: $ 65
     Donated by Be Monogram and Sue Quirk
                                                  1007 Leather Wine Caddy, Opener and
                                                       2 Bottles of Wine
                                                       For the couple that enjoys the trend of
1002 Five Private Golf Lessons                         BYOB restaurants, this handsome black
     at Delaware Park                                  leather wine caddy holds two bottles of
     A series of five private golf lessons at           wine. Stocked with a bottle of Riesling
     the golf Academy at White Clay Creek              and 2004 Paso Robles.
     Country Club at Delaware Park.                    Value: $ 75
     Value: $ 400                                      Donated by The Schwenger,
     Donated by Delaware Park                          Gerngross & Quirk Families

1003 Fore! A day of Golf at Seaview               1008 Need to Improve Your
     Golf for four at the scenic Marriott              Long Game Play –
     Seaview golf course, formerly the Seaview         Titleist is the Answer
     Country Club. This is a beautiful old             Titleist 906F2 18o Fairway metal
     club in Gallway, NJ, just West of Atlantic        club. Raises the bar for long game
     City. Date of outing is May 12, 2008.             performance.
     Value: $ 740                                      Value: $ 225
     Donated by Sisters of St. Joseph                  Donated by Bill Fasy

1004 Foursome of Golf and Lunch at                1009 Nicole Miller Attorney Tie
     Philadelphia Cricket Club                         Nicole Miller Attorney Tie, 100% silk and
     Enjoy an afternoon of lunch and golf at           handsewn.
     the Philadelphia Cricket Club.                    Value: $ 60
     Value: $ 450                                      Donated by Mo Gerngross
     Donated by Amy and Bill Christine
                                SILENT TABLE #10

1010 Round of Golf at Whitemarsh                 1013 Rum and Coke Ice Tub
     Country Club                                     Rum & Coke ice tub filled with fun! Two
     Joe Monzo will host three guests to a            bottles of fruit infused Captain Morgan
     round of golf at the Whitemarsh Country          Rum, classic coke in cool aluminum
     Club on a mutually agreed upon date.             bottles, Coke Zero in cool aluminum
     Value: $ 450                                     bottles, 2 Jose Cuervo visors, 2 Smirnoff
                                                      black t-shirts in size large, and 2 Jose
     Donated by Mary and Joe Monzo                    Cuervo logo bottle openers.
                                                      Value: $ 75
1011 Round of Golf with the                           Donated by The Nyzio Family
     Course Architect!
     Round of golf for three with the course
     architect Edward F. Shearon, III at the
     Raven’s Claw Golf Club in Limerick. The
     Raven’s Claw course is ranked number
     8 in Pennsylvania by Golfweek Magazine.
     Nominated Best New Course by Golf
     Digest Magazine.
     Value: $ 600
     Donated by The Nyzio Family

1012 Rum and Coke Ice Tub
     Rum & Coke ice tub filled with fun! Two
     bottles of fruit infused Captain Morgan
     Rum, classic coke in cool aluminum
     bottles, Coke Zero in cool aluminum
     bottles, 2 Jose Cuervo visors, 2 Smirnoff
     black t-shirts in size large, and 2 Jose
     Cuervo logo bottle openers.
     Value: $ 75
     Donated by The Nyzio Family
                                 SILENT TABLE #11
                                 FIELD OF DREAMS

1100 $20 Gift Certificate to                        1106 Danny Briere’s Autographed
     Chestnut Hill Sports                               Flyers Jersey
      Take your sports star shopping at                  Official Briere Flyers jersey in size XL
      Chestnut Hill Sports with the                      signed by Danny Briere and other Flyers.
      $20 Gift Certificate.                               Value: $ 200
      Value: $ 20                                        Donated by the Woolley Family
      Donated by Chestnut Hill Sports
                                                   1107 E-A-G-L-E-S!!
1101 4 Tickets to the                                   Tickets for 2008 – 2009
     Phillies vs. Los Angeles A’s                        2 Eagles tickets for a game in the
      Come enjoy the game at Citizens Bank               2008-2009 season. Seats located in
      Park Saturday, June 21st, 2008 for a               Section 120, Row 15, 50 Yard Line. GO
      7:05pm game! 4 tickets to the Phillies vs.         EAGLES!!!
      Los Angeles A’s. Luxury Box and Parking            Value: $ 180
      Pass.                                              Donated by Bob & Jeannie Kelly
      Value: $ 500
      Donated by Anonymous
                                                   1108 Flyers vs. Islanders – 2 Tickets
                                                         Two tickets to the Flyers vs. the
1102 76ers Game This Wednesday!                          Islanders, Saturday March 8, 2008.
      Three tickets to the 76ers game this               Value: $ 178
      Wednesday, February 27, 2008. Tickets              Donated by Lisa and Tom Margiotti
      include reserved parking pass.
      Value: $ 205
      Donated by Janice and Mike Rose
                                                   1109 Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
                                                         4 Club Box Seats and VIP Parking for the
                                                         last game of the season, Sunday
1103 76ers vs. Detroit Pistons                           April 6, 2008.
      4 Club Box Seats and VIP Parking to see            Value: $ 625
      the Philadelphia 76ers v. Detroit Pistons          Donated by Anthony and Kellyann Cilio
      on Wednesday, April 9, 2008.
      Value: $ 625
      Donated by Anthony and Kellyann Cilio
                                                   1110 Large Wheeled Tennis Bag
                                                         Large wheeled tennis travel bag filled with
                                                         tennis items.
1104 Bill Bergey Autographed Football                    Value: $ 300
      Football autographed by Eagles MVP and             Donated by Shaun O’Malley
      Pro-Bowler, Bill Bergey. Take home a
      piece of Philadelphia Eagles History.
      Value: $ PRICELESS                           1111 Let’s Go Flyers!
      Donated by Brendan and Linda O’Malley              4 Flyers tickets to a Game in March
                                                         2008. Tickets are in the First Level.
                                                         Value: $ 400
1105 Converse! Converse! Converse
                                                         Donated by The Quirk Family
      Faux leather athletic bag filled with
      Converse merchandise! 2 pair of Men’s
      Size 11 court shoes, three kids red star     1112 Let’s Play Tennis!
      t-shirts, 2 large mens t-shirts, 4 womens          Come work on your backhand with
      t-shirts size medium and one XL mens               2 hours of court time at the Magarity
      Villanova t-shirt.                                 Tennis Club.
      Value: $ 300                                       Value: $ 160
      Donated by Kate Ferry                              Donated by Jackie Woolley
                                 SILENT TABLE #11
                                 FIELD OF DREAMS

1113 Penn Relays!                                 1116 Chrome Tennis Ball Hopper
     Come experience one of Philadelphia’s             This chrome tennis ball hopper has been
     greatest sporting events. 2 tickets               creatively filled with Toegoz canvas tote, a
     for all three days of the Penn Relays             chilly pad, a Sigg water bottle (an Oprah
     Carnival 2008, to be held at Franklin             exclusive), a variety of tennis grips,
     Field, on the grounds of the University of        tennis stationary, a Three Chickadees
     Pennsylvania. Relays take place on                alligator watch! This is a must-have gift
     April 24, 25 and 26.                              for the active tennis player!
     Value: $ 200                                      Value: $ 225
     Donated by Penn Athletics                         Donated by Dan and Jane Weiss
1114 Penn State vs. Temple at Penn
     State!!!!                                    1117 Phillies vs. Washington Nationals
     4 Tickets for the Penn State vs. Temple           Come enjoy two tickets for this
     Game at State College 9/20/08. Club               businessman special at Citizens Bank
     seats, South End Zone. Access to Club             Park on Thursday, April 3rd for a 1:05 pm
     House and 2 Parking Passes.                       game! What a perfect way to get into the
     Value: $ 212                                      baseball spirit!
     Donated by The Cwietniewicz Family                Value: PRICELESS
                                                       Donated by Michael Rouse and ESF
1115 Tennis Gift Basket
     A beautiful gift basket for any tennis       1118 Jimmy Rollins’ Baseball
     player. Basket includes: Ame & LuLu               Authentic signed baseball by 2007
     bag, Ame & LuLu racket cover, a tennis            National League MVP, Phillies shortstop,
     racket, a beautiful 27” wicker storage            Jimmy Rollins.
     trunk, Toegoz sandals,a keychain, a               Value: $ PRICELESS
     headband, tennis stationary, a chilly pad,        Donated by The Masucci Family
     a Three Chickadees ribbon watch & a
     Sigg water bottle. This incredible package
     also includes a TENN TUBE ball pick-up.
     Value: $ 650
     Donated by Dan and Jane Weiss
                             SILENT TABLE #12
                           THE NUTTY PROFESSOR

1200 A Day on the Hill                           1205 Economics Tutoring
     with Mrs. Bergin                                   One hour of tutoring in microeconomics
     Enjoy a fun-filled day with Mrs. Bergin in          or macroeconomics by Karen Yancey.
     Chestnut Hill. Design a piece of jewelry           Value: $ 50
     at the Village Earth Bead Market, and              Donated by Karen Yancey
     dine at the popular Cosimo’s Pizzeria.
     Value: $ PRICELESS                          1206 Economics Tutoring
     Donated by Megan Bergin
                                                        One hour of tutoring in microeconomics
                                                        or macroeconomics by Karen Yancey.
1201 An Afternoon of Baking                             Value: $ 50
     with Mrs. Hosmer                                   Donated by Karen Yancey
     Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join
     Mrs. Hosmer as she invites 2 for lunch
     and baking in her beautiful home.
                                                 1207 Fairfield Hockey Shirt and Visor
                                                        Fairfield University field hockey shirt and
     Value: $ PRICELESS
                                                        visor — any hockey player is sure to love!
     Donated by Roe Hosmer
                                                        Value: $ 35
                                                        Donated by Ann Marie Croney
1202 Cheese Tray Handcrafted from
     Belvedere Vodka Bottle
                                                 1208 Family Game Night
     Belvedere vodka bottle molded and
     shaped into a modern cheese board.                 A great big basket of fun! Games
     Would look great at your next                      include family favorites: Mexican Train
     martini party.                                     Dominoes, Twister, Guess Who and a
                                                        mixed tin of family favorites. Combine
     Value: $ 30                                        this with a $10 gift certificate from
     Donated by Sr. Joan Daly                           Cosimo’s Pizzeria for an evening of family
1203 Dinner with Mrs.Greenberg                   Value: $ 65
     Annmarie Greenberg hosts you                Donated by The Loft Staff and Cosimo’s Pizzaria
     and a friend for a dinner of exciting
     conversation and fun at Halligan’s Pub.     1209 Framed NFA Field Hockey
     Value: $ PRICELESS                               Championship Kilt
     Donated by Annmarie Greenberg                      Framed field hockey championship kilt.
                                                        Value: $ PRICELESS
1204 Drop Off Dinner for Four                           Donated by Anne Porter
     From the Gourmet Kitchen of
     Carole Tippett                              1210 High School Entrance
     Mrs. Tippett will prepare a gourmet              Exam Preparation
     dinner for four. A gourmet menu
     selection has been presented. Choose               Six session high school entrance exam
     your favorites: crab, smoked salmon,               preparation. Can be used this spring or
     pork tenderloin, sole, scallops and more!          next fall.
     Value: $ PRICELESS                                 Value: $ 300
     Donated by Carole Tippett                          Donated by Jo-Ann Carroll
                              SILENT TABLE #12
                            THE NUTTY PROFESSOR

1211 Homework! Homework!                          1216 Math Tutoring with Mr. Aspen
     Give Me a Break…                                  Mr. Aspen will provide one-on-one
     Okay, Grandmom’s 80 birthday party no
                            th                         tutoring in math for your 6th – 9th
     longer seems like a viable excuse for your        grader.
     child not having done her homework?               Value: $ 225
     No problem! This packet of homework               Donated by George Aspen
     passes for every 4th Grade subject is the
                                                  1217 Memories of Groundbreaking
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by Teachers for 4th,
                                                       and Lasting History
     5th and 6th                                       Specially donated by Sr. Jean – Take
                                                       home the construction shovel and
1212 Homework! Homework!                               hard hat used at the groundbreaking
                                                       ceremony. And, also, be a part of NFA’s
     Give Me a Break…                                  future forever with a brick to be inscribed
     The dance instructor informed you that            with YOUR name to be installed in the
     the recital Friday means three extra              Outdoor Science Area.
     rehearsals this week. Pull out this packet
                                                       Value: $ PRICELESS
     of homework passes for every 5th Grade
     subject!                                          Donated by Sr. Jean Lurich
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by Teachers for 4th, 5th and 6th     1218 Day on the Ave. with
                                                       Ms. Craige and Ms. Waldron
1213 Homework! Homework!                               Ms. Craige and Ms. Waldron invite you
     Give Me a Break…                                  for a day on Germantown Ave. What a
     By this point, you know the routine.              treasured memory your child will have
     What you don’t know, is how the                   forever! Enjoy fun, frolic and lunch with
     heck the routine seems to be so easily            two of your favorite NFA teachers.
     disrupted. It’s 9:00pm and your angel is          Value: $ PRICELESS
     just opening his assignment book. This            Donated by Ms. Craige and Ms. Waldron
     packet of homework passes for every 6th
     grade subject is definitely the answer
     tonight!                                     1219 One Year of Mrs. Hutsell’s
     Value: $ PRICELESS                                Homemade Fudge
     Donated by All 4th, 5th and                       Mrs. Hutsell’s fudge of the month
     6th Grade Teachers                                club. Each month a “themed” pound of
                                                       homemade goodies will be yours to savor!
1214 Lunch and a Movie                                 12 months of decadence.
     with Mrs. Canuso                                  Value: $ PRICELESS
     Two students will spend the day with              Donated by Terri Hutsell
     Mrs. Canuso and enjoy lunch at Pizzeria
     Uno and a movie at the Regal Theater.        1220 Pizza and Pottery with
     Value: $ PRICELESS                                Ms. Hendricks
     Donated by Marianne Canuso                        Spend the afternoon with Ms. Hendricks
                                                       at Suburban Square. You and a friend
1215 Lunch and Matinee Movie                           will lunch at Peace-of-Pizza and paint
     with Mrs. Parris                                  your original piece of pottery.
     Two children will join Mrs. Parris for            Value: $ PRICELESS
     an entertaining afternoon of lunch                Donated by Jessica Hendricks
     and a movie.
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by Kathy Parris
                             SILENT TABLE #12
                           THE NUTTY PROFESSOR

1221 Soup and Bread Delight                    1223 Three Hours of Math Tutoring
     Once a month homemade soup and                 Three hours of math tutoring with NFA
     bread dinner for three months. Sister          faculty member, Anna Marie Croney.
     Roseann and Sister Marjorie will do the        Value: $ 150
     cooking, you do the eating. One dinner         Donated by Anna Marie Croney
     per month for three months.
     Expires in May 2008.
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by Sister Marjorie
     and Sister Roseann

1222 Spend The Day With Sister Jean!
     Sister Jean hosts a student and friends
     to a visit to the Liberty Museum.
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by Sister Jean Laurich
                                SILENT TABLE #13
                                  LUXURY LANE

1300 Autographed Flyers’                          1303 Be Your Own DJ
     Hockey Stick                                      Party includes a 30 minute training
     You’ve witnessed first-hand how your               session with Philly’s premier DJ, Sandi
     kid jumps out of bed at 5:30am for that           Stabler of Futuristic Dee Jays, Inc.
     away hockey game. Or, maybe you know              Learn how to mix, fade and crush music.
     someone who lives and dies for this sport.        Learn how to use the microphone and
     Now you can capture the excitement of             what to say. Also includes a 90 minute
     Flyers’ hockey by owning a true treasure-         DJ party with you starring as the DJ
     a Men’s hockey stick signed by every one          and a party pack for 3 dozen of your
     of the Philadelphia Flyers!                       closest friends. Party pack includes hats,
     Value: $ 450                                      musical instruments, leis, maracas and
                                                       microphones. It will be a night you will
     Donated by Amy and Bill Christine                 never forget.
                                                       Value: $ 675
1301 Autumn Weekend in Sea Isle                        Donated by Sandi Stabler
     Spend a fall weekend at the Sea Isle
     home of Mary and Joe Monzo. Great
     for a romantic getaway, girls’ weekend,
                                                  1304 Bose SoundDock Portable
     father/son time. A mutually agreed upon           Music System
     time in September, October or                     The SoundDock portable digital music
     November 2008.                                    system reproduces music with fullness
     Value: $ 500                                      and clarity unmatched by any other
     Donated by Mary and Joe Monzo                     battery-powered iPod speakers, from a
                                                       design even slimmer than the original.
                                                       A rechargeable lithium-ion battery
1302 Avalon Vacation Home                              (included) provides more power and
     Beautiful Avalon Vacation Home. Select            longer playing time than most other
     the week, or weekend, of your choice.             rechargeable batteries. The rotating dock
     Any one week or weekend in April 2008,            dissappears for storage and protection
     the week of May 10th – May 17th 2008,             during transit and a molded handle
     or the week of May 31st – June 7, 2008.           makes it easy to carry the system from
     This home has 6 bedrooms and 5 baths.             place to place. A great carrying case is
     Please inform owner of selected date as           also included.
     soon as possible, but no later than March         Value: $ 470
     23rd. Donated by the grandparents of              Donated by The Super Gift Sponsors
     Colin, Sean, Ryan and Madison Sehn.
     Value: $ 500
                                                  1305 Cameo Role in
     Donated by Mary & Jerry Maier
                                                       Is your 2nd or 3rd grader anxious to
                                                       move up to Dramakonnections? Here
                                                       is the opportunity they have been
                                                       waiting for! A speaking role in the
                                                       Dramakonnections production of Back to
                                                       the ‘80s ... The Totally Awesome Musical.
                                                       This auction item incudes a DVD of your
                                                       star’s performance. Your child will be the
                                                       envy of all of their calssmates when they
                                                       join the “big kids” on stage.
                                                       Value: $ PRICELESS
                                                       Donated by Kari Lynn Hearn,
                                                       Missy Hyman & The Dramakonnections
                            SILENT TABLE #13
                         THE NUTTY PROFESSOR
                              LUXURY LANE

1306 David Yurman Necklace                        1309 Executive Coaching or
     From David Yurman’s Thoroughbred                  Personal Coaching
     Collection, comes this sterling silver and        Powerful Workshops with Professional
     18-karat yellow gold cross pendant on             Coaches Angie Nader and Rosy Elliott.
     box chain, 20” length. The perfect gift           Choose between Parenting from the
     for the special lady in your life or First        Inside Out or A Coaching Approach for
     Communicant.                                      Business Professionals. The parenting
     Value: $ 275                                      workshop can focus on: Promoting Self
     Donated by The Super Gift Sponsors                Reliance and Independence in Your Teen;
                                                       Call Forth Your Authentic Self: Chosing
                                                       How Your Children Experience you as
1307 Deep Sea Fishing on the Atlantic                  a Parent; Vision Your Birth Experience
     for 3 People                                      – Creating a Life Affirming Birth Plan,
     Summer 2008 – DEEP SEA FISHING                    Creating a Compelling Vision for 2008.
     TRIP. Climb aboard the 31 foot center             The coaching for Executives can focus
     console twin 250’s Firecracker for deep           on: Designing a Compelling Vision for
     sea fishing adventures. Boat, fuel, bait,          2008, Live a Life in Allignment with
     lunch and soda provided. Boat departs             Your Values; What’s Next? A Coaching
     from the Cardinal Yacht Marina in                 Perspective.
     Somers Point, NJ. Expires September               Value: $ 500
     30, 2008                                          Donated by The Nader Family
     Value: $ 1,000
     Donated by Anne Marie and                    1310 Germantown Academy Child
     Michael Martin                                    Enrichment Summer Camp
                                                       Choose from Germantown Academy’s
1308 Dilworth’s Custom                                 highly regarded summer camps. Camp
     Kitchen Design Services                           experiences include your choice of
     Kitchen or bath custom design services            academic, day camp, Art Quest, science
     and plans. Is there a big project in your         & technology, visual & performing arts,
     future, let Dilworth’s Custom Design              sports, enrichment and more.
     help. (Ask Dan and Missy Hyman for                Value: $ 400
     references.)                                      Donated by The Super Gift Sponsors
     Value: $ 1,500
     Donated by Dilworth’s Custom Design          1311 Germantown Academy Child
                                                       Enrichment Summer Camp
                                                       Choose from Germantown Academy’s
                                                       highly regarded summer camps. Camp
                                                       experiences include your choice of
                                                       academic, day camp, Art Quest, science
                                                       & technology, visual & performing arts,
                                                       sports, enrichment and more.
                                                       Value: $ 400
                                                       Donated by The Super Gift Sponsors
                                SILENT TABLE #13
                                  LUXURY LANE

1312 NBC Studio Tour & Lunch                     1315 One Week of Dog Sitting
     at Rock Center Café                              Did you bid on a week in Cancun or
     School’s out and what are we to do before        Puerto Rico? Who will watch Fido? The
     camp begins? Here’s your chance to               Hymans will. One week of dog sitting for
     enjoy Friday afternoon, June 20, 2008            your happy pooch.
     touring the NBC studios and this $100            Value: $ 175
     gift certificate for dining at the famous         Donated by Missy and Dan Hyman
     Rock Center Café in Rockefeller Center.
     The first stop on the tour is the NBC/
     Sharp History Theatre, where you will       1316 One Week of Dog Sitting
     learn about NBC’s early days in radio.           Did you bid on a week in Cancun or
     After learning about NBC’s past, you             Puerto Rico? Who will watch Fido? The
     will have the opportunity to enter and           Hymans will. One week of dog sitting for
     visit some of our most famous studios,           your happy pooch.
     including: The Today Show, Dateline              Value: $ 175
     NBC, NBC Nightly News, Late Night with           Donated by Missy and Dan Hyman
     Conan O’Brien, Football Night in America
     and Saturday Night Live! What a treat
     for your child to experience! NBC Studio    1317 OOH La La, Cancun
     tour is June 20, 2008 at 12:00 noon. 2           Spend a heavenly week at the five star
     adults and 2 children. No one under the          Royal Sands Resort Spa. Villa overlooks
     age of 6 permitted. Tour is 1 hour and           the pool and the Caribbean. Two
     10 minutes.                                      bedrooms and two baths sleeps up to
     Value: $ PRICELESS                               eight people. Full service spa, gym and
     Donated by The Super Gift Sponsors               sports center. Daily activities for children
                                                      and adults. Travel is for Thanksgiving
                                                      week, Saturday – Saturday.
1313 Off Season Weekend in Sea Isle
                                                      Value: $ 2,100
     Spend a quiet off-season weekend
                                                      Donated by The Harrington/
     (Spring ‘08/Fall ‘08) in this beautiful
     beach block. 5 bedroom, 3 bath home in           Seidel Family
     Sea Isle City, NJ. 2 1/2 decks, cable in
     all bedrooms, wireless internet access.     1318 Principal For a Day
     There will be wine and cheese in                 Every student’s dream – to be NFA
     refrigerator, plus $150 gift certificate          principal for a day, with the guidance of
     to local restaurant.                             Sister Jean, of course!
     Value: $ 1,000                                   Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by Linda Newbold/                        Donated by Sister Jean Laurich
     Carol Gannon Family

1314 iPOD Nano
     Brand new color for the iPOD Nano…HOT
     PINK! This 8GB luxury music gift is a
     must-have for any music lover!
     Value: $ 200
     Donated by the Super Gift Sponsors
                                SILENT TABLE #13
                                  LUXURY LANE

1319 Roller’s Holiday Dinner for 8              1322 Wii – You Know You Want It
     and Specialty Wine Basket                       The most popular gaming platform in
     Get out of the kitchen and enjoy the            the world. Don’t sit down and play when
     holidays this year! Gift Certificate from        you can run, jump, throw, hit and dance.
     Rollers Express-O for a full holiday            Fun for the whole family, including
     dinner for 8. Roast turkey, soup, all           Grandma and Grandpa.
     of the fixings and a pie. Available              Value: $ PRICELESS
     Thanksgiving to New Years Day. A                Donated by Mr. and Mrs. John Schaefer
     gourmet wine basket rounds out the
     meal. The Demilio family has donated a
     basket of wines not readily available in   1323 Williamsburg Vacation
     Pennsylvania.                                   Come live history as it was! Spend a
     Value: $ 465                                    week at a Williamsburg condo located
     Donated by Rollers Express-O and                minutes from Historic Williamsburg,
     Ann and Anthony Demilio                         Jamestown, Yorktown, Busch Gardens
                                                     and Water Country USA. Enjoy tennis
                                                     courts, swimming, mini golf and fitness
1320 Taste of the Far East –                         center on site. Great golf and shopping
     Dinner for Four in Your Home                    nearby. Condo has two bedrooms, two
     Traditional Chinese meal prepared in            baths and sleeps six. Full kitchen,
     your home at your convenience. We will          washer/dryer, fireplace and whirlpool tub
     supply all ingredients for your meal,           overlooking Williamsburg National Golf
     dining & kitchen utensils. Your chef,           Club. Available for the week of Friday,
     Catherine Fan, will handle all food             June 6 thru Friday, June 13, 2008.
     preparation and clean up, you just sit          Value: $ 2,100
     back, relax and enjoy a taste of the Far        Donated by June Hyndman and
     East.                                           Lisa and Jack Heuer
     Value: $ 150
     Donated by Catherine Fan                   1324 Williamsburg Vacation
                                                     Come live history as it was! Spend a
1321 Cameo Role in Dramakinetics                     week at a Williamsburg condo located
     Does your first grader, kindergartener,          minutes from Historic Williamsburg,
     or lunchbuncher aspire to be a star?            Jamestown, Yorktown, Busch Gardens
     Let him or her make their NFA début             and Water Country USA. Enjoy tennis
     in a cameo role in the highly acclaimed         courts, swimming, mini golf and fitness
     stage production of ‘Return to Camp             center on site. Great golf and shopping
     Walampampooka.’ Hear everyone                   nearby. Condo has two bedrooms, two
     applaud as your little one performs             baths and sleeps six. Full kitchen,
     lines with the 2nd and 3rd grade                washer/dryer, fireplace and whirlpool tub
     Dramakinetics cast. As if that weren’t          overlooking Williamsburg National Golf
     enough, you will receive a DVD of the           Club. Available for the week of Sunday,
     entire performance! It will become              June 8 thru Sunday, June15, 2008.
     a treasured keepsake and coveted                Value: $ 2,100
     memorabilia.                                    Donated by June Hyndman and
     Value: $ PRICELESS                              Lisa and Jack Heuer
     Donated by Kari Lynn Hearn and
     The Dramakinetics Program
                                SILENT TABLE #13
                                  LUXURY LANE

1325 Dance Dance Revolution                      1329 A Day in the Life of a
     for the Wii Platform                             Student Council Member
     Why sit down when you can get up and             Has your child ever wondered what it
     dance? What started out as the most              would be like to spend the day at the
     popular arcade game on the boardwalk is          upper campus? Or to spend the day in
     now available for home use. You cannot           the 6th grade? Well, now is their chance!
     find it in stores but you can find it at           The winning bidder’s child will be able
     Razzmatazz Goes Hollywood!                       to spend an entire day and shadow the
     Value: $ 70                                      student council member of their choice
     Donated by the Super Gift Sponsors               (6th, 7th, or 8th grader). They will also be
                                                      allowed to attend an otherwise closed
                                                      door student council meeting on that
1326 Guitar Hero                                      day! Take advantage of this incredible
     Are you a rock star in your own mind?            opportunity to see what goes on in
     Well, now you can be one in your own             another grade! This opportunity is open
     living room! Rock out with the most              for children in K-8.
     popular guitar songs. Be a “Hero” at             Value: $ PRICELESS
     home!                                            Donated by the 2007-2008
     Value: $ 90                                      NFA Student Council
     Donated by The Super Gift Sponsors
                                                 1330 Dan Brody Photography
1327 Autographed Phillies                             A $400 gift certificate toward a portrait
     Legend Baseball                                  purchase – session to take place in
     A treasure for any Phillies baseball fan.        your home garden during September or
     This ball is signed by legendary players         October 2008. Gift certificate expires
     including: John Kruk, Mariano Duncan,            10/31/08
     Greg Luzinski, John Denny, Mitch                 Value: $ 400
     Williams, Dave Hollins, and Dickie Noles.        Donated by Dan Brody Photography
     Value: $ PRICELESS
     Donated by Michael Rouse and                1331 John Eddie Private Party
     The Phillies Phantasy Camp
                                                      John and his band will come to your
                                                      home or the location of your choice for
1328 Big Night Out on the Town in                     a private show! Come on, you only live
     Downtown Philly                                  once! Have that blow out party that
     Enjoy a glamourous night on the                  will be remembered for years to come
     town. Start the evening by greeting              and rock out with John Eddie! Kick off
     your babysitter, available to you for the        the summer or ward off those winter
     evening. Your private limo will then             blues. Call those college roommates,
     wisk you into the city for dinner at             invite the neighbors and have a pahtay!!!
     the nationally acclaimed Capitol Grill.          Remember how much fun you USED
     Package includes babysitting, 4 hours of         to be! Mutually agreed upon date that
     limo service and $200 gift certificate to         has to revolve around travel dates and
     the Capitol Grill.                               recording schedule of John. MOST Friday
                                                      and Saturday nights are not available.
     Value: $700
                                                      Value: $ 3500
     Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smalley
                                                      Donated by John Eddie
        Joseph F. Campbell
        Senior Vice President
         Business Banking
            Bank of America
     4 Sentry Parkway, Suite 200
          Blue Bell, PA 19422
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     Ph# 888-852-5000 ext. 1075
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