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									Summer 2008   1▼
Where to? View map.
                                           must always be taking. Culver-             the campus map, though also the
                                           Stockton College is like a city on a       constant presence of a red-brick
                                           hill, that is, a city on a map that is     classical order. In other words, our
                                           always changing, renovating, and           location remains superb.
                                           building. The campus map of five                Today, we have some of the best
                                           years ago is already out of date and in    advantages of any college in
                                           another five years, today’s map will be    America—rural, but not isolated,
                                           filed in the college’s archives. And       especially in understanding the global
                                           that fact of college life is the central   economy. We are a safe community;
                                           message in a master plan, the first        though perhaps never perfectly
                                           dual-purpose map of Culver-Stockton        secure, the percentages here favor the
                                           in two generations. And yet, there are     deepest concern of every parent with
                                           other implicit messages as we              a student going away to college.
                                           introduce our alumni, friends, and         Moreover, we are in a region that
                                           future students to the larger picture      gives students a chance to explore
                                           we have sketched for ourselves.            with some abandon (one of the
                                                My family, always vigilant in         named tenets of our new EXP@CSC
                                           reminding me that some of my               academic program), which is exactly
                                           personal technology is “retro” (witness    what our college founders intended.
William L. Fox                             my fountain pen and no-battery             So, the master plan makes a positive
                                           wristwatch), gave me a GPS receiver        statement about where we are; we
                                           for the car. Every time I turn the         take pride in our sense of place and
      A     college of our ambition and
                                           ignition, the screen fires up four
                                           words: “Where To” and “View Map.”
                                                                                      the unique qualities found here and
                                                                                      not in very many other communities.
direction ought to possess two maps.       Behind those overlapping choices,              Where are we going? The master
One map shows the way things are           however, are four major questions,         plan says that the college of our best
placed today, which will feature the       really the essential issues of life,       seeking will have additional green
stately buildings, lawns, and paths.       which a map must always answer if it       space features, become more
The other map presents the college as      is to be useful and trustworthy.           pedestrian-friendly, and be
it must some day become—a library          Where are we? Where are we going?          increasingly mindful of energy
properly fit to the age of information,    How do we get there? What                  sustainability. Students will soon call
the signature white colonnades with        surrounds us?                              for different residential choices
re-purposed spaces behind them, and                                                   emphasizing common and private
the landscaped overlook that lets the
eye sweep the Mississippi Valley for
                                                Where are we?                         space in new configurations. The
                                                                                      campus entrance will return as a
miles and miles.                              Where are we going?                     formal gate at the base of the
    The new Culver-Stockton Campus            How do we get there?                    Concourse and the streetscape along
Master Plan has just been rendered            What surrounds us?                      Washington will set the tone for the
after a year-long process of intense                                                  campus interior with attractive
study and discussion. It is a multi-                                                  lampposts, sidewalks, and banners.
                                                Where are we? The college’s
layered document that projects two                                                         How do we get there? The master
                                           master plan shows more than a one-
kinds of maps simultaneously—it                                                       plan, as now conceived, is organized
                                           hundred foot rise from the banks of
gives the actual appearance of today                                                  around three phases on a timeline
                                           the Mississippi River to the college
and also the vision of tomorrow in                                                    that extends from now until the year
                                           hill. The campus, like the symbolic
the shadings of imagination and                                                       2020 and beyond. It will take
                                           double-headed eagle of the ancient
possibility.                                                                          resources the college absolutely
                                           Roman Empire, faces both east and
     If our students are to understand                                                deserves to acquire. And this means
                                           west. It is high ground upon a
the college experience as a journey, so                                               not only the large ambition of raising
                                           beautiful rolling countryside. At one
that their studies and activities form a                                              capital and endowment funds, but
                                           time, as an old photograph shows,
map of that individual trek, then the                                                 also raising the level of confidence
                                           cows grazed on the quad near the well
college itself also needs a good map                                                  that Culver-Stockton can be the
                                           that supplied the college its fresh
for the journey that an institution                                                   difference-maker in thousands of lives
                                           water. This one image is enough to
                                           confirm the frequency of changes to        not yet born or yet old enough to be
                                                                                                         continued on page 3...

▼2                                                                                 C-SC Chronicle
                                            Inside this issue

Summer 2008 Volume 18 Number 2
                                            2      President Fox’s Perspective -
                                                   Where to? View Map.

                                            4      Flood fight forges strong parnership                                      8
Culver-Stockton Chronicle is published             between campus and community
two times a year by the C-SC
Communications Office for alumni
and friends to inform readers of            6      News Briefs
campus happenings and give insight
                                                   189 receive bachelor’s
into the mission and philosophy of the      8      degrees from C-SC
college and the expertise of its leaders.

                                            12     Picturing the future                      4
         Editorial Staff
                                            14     Master Plan phase III layout
       Monica Bayer Heaton
     Director of Communications             16     Class Notes

         Kimberly J. Guenther               24     Spring Sports
 Assistant Director of Communications

            John G. Schild
      Sports Information Director
                                            its students. It is a journey upon roads    leave a place devoted to thinking,
                                            defined every mile of the way by our        learning, and doing. Such is the place,
           Kyle Trudell                     distinctive mission to educate students     its representations and immediate
     E-Communications Director
                                            of promise, many of them the first in       surroundings—farm homes, Indian
             Lucy Ballard                   their families to attain a college degree   landmarks, the heritage of a one-room
           Class Notes Writer               accompanied by a life-changing              African-American school, river barges,
                                            experience.                                 and Amish buggies—that also tie our
                                                 What surrounds us? It is both a        college master plan to a world the
                                            nearby and a far-away question.
                                            Canton is, of course, our immediate
                                                                                        college keeps close as it also changes.
                                                                                             Maps hold a strange familiarity and
                                            point of reference. And Canton is the       attraction, which may explain why a
                                            quintessential American hometown, the       master plan for Culver-Stockton is
        Culver-Stockton College             “Mayberry” that many young people           infused with the spirit of adventure. A
           One College Hill                 from urban communities dream of             book that changed many lives, and
       Canton, Mo. 63435-1299
                                            claiming as their own. Were it not so,      persuaded many of us of the excitement
                                            would we have witnessed earlier this        found in mere reading, was Treasure
           Main Switchboard                 summer the scores of alumni from            Island. Young Jim Hawkins, the son of a
            573-288-6000                    miles away rushing back to Canton to
           Admissions Office
                                                                                        single mother running a tavern, found a
            800-537-1883                    help secure our levees against the          packet of papers in a sea chest left
          Advancement Office                terrors of the river? Meanwhile, with       behind by an old sailor who had just
            800-755-CATS                    renewed vitality, Canton itself enters a    died. He takes the bundle to a trusted
         Donald K. Gnuse ’56                new day of mapping and planning for         physician and, thus, begins his story:
           Chairman of the                  an improved downtown, signaled this         “The doctor opened the seals with great
           Board of Trustees                spring by the opening of the restored       care, and there fell out the map of an
             William L. Fox
                                            Lewis Street Playhouse.                     island, with latitude, longitude,
               President                         Going further philosophically, the     soundings, names of hills, and bays, and
                                            college also owes its students another      inlets, and every particular that would
            R. Joseph Dieker
                                            perspective on the question of              be needed to bring a ship to safe
       Vice President for Academic
                  Affairs                   surroundings suggested by a new map.        anchorage upon its shores.” In
           Dean of the College              Theologians and astronomers often           figurative terms, the campus master
                                            share the same wonder about the             plan is also a map of island topography.
           Melik Peter Khoury
      Vice President for Enrollment         universe that frames us. Is it friendly?    And upon it is stamped the words of
        Management and College              Do I matter? What can I do to tender        Robert Louis Stevenson’s most famous
                Marketing                   the world a better place for my having      story, “Bulk of treasure here.”—WLF
                                            lived? Those are questions that never

     Summer 2008
  Summer 2008                                                                                      3▼
Flood fight forges strong partnership
  between campus and community

▼4      C-SC Chronicle
Members of the National guard worked          Waters reached 27.73 feet at its highest       Jobs were available for all ages, young
side-by-side with local community             crest, falling just .15 of a foot below the    and old, from filling sandbags for the levee
members, Amish, low-risk inmates, and         record set in 1993.                            to passing out water to workers.
other volunteers.

    Culver-Stockton College faculty,          members of the neighboring Amish and
                                              Mennonite communities, church groups,
                                                                                             efforts. Nearly one million sandbags were
                                                                                             placed on the levee.
staff, students and alumni played a
                                              groups from the Christian Church                  “This is our community. This is our
pivotal role in flood-fighting efforts in
                                              (Disciples of Christ), college alumnae,        home. It is an inspiration to see the better
Canton, where the Mississippi River
                                              youth groups, and other area                   angels of the human community come
reached two near-record crests in June.
                                              organizations. Residents from the Canton       together and to see professors working
The river crested at 27.73 feet early
                                              Senior Housing Authority also found safe       beside farmers and city dwellers from
Wednesday morning, June 18, and again
                                              ground on campus.                              St. Louis and Chicago joined with people
at 27 feet on Sunday afternoon, June 22.
                                                 The flood-fighting effort was directed      from small town America,” said William
(The record crest was 27.88 feet on July
                                              from the Canton Emergency Operations           Fox, college president. “Canton held this
9, 1993.)
                                              Center (EOC), located on campus and led        levee during the flood of ’93, and we were
   The battle against the Mississippi
                                              by Jeff McReynolds ’81, Canton                 able to hold back the river’s force again in
floodwaters pouring out of the saturated
                                              emergency management director. Several         2008.”
upper Midwest appeared to be ending at
                                              businesses from the city temporarily              The City of Canton greatly appreciates
press time, although the river may
                                              operated from locations on campus,             the college’s hospitality and hard work
continue pressuring Canton’s levees until
                                              including two banks, the local newspaper,      throughout this flood crisis,” added
sometime this summer. Emergency
                                              and the Canton school district’s summer        Canton Mayor Joe Clark. “We have a
management officials cautioned that
                                              program. To help make room during the          strong team of police, fire and emergency
rainfall north of Canton would continue
                                              event, Culver-Stockton postponed its           management officials in Canton, and the
to affect the Mississippi River levels,
                                              summer sports camps and its Registration       college has put its resources at their
warning that the river could “yo-yo” all
                                              and Orientation program for new                disposal. College leaders have become part
                                              students entering this fall. One of those      of our united effort to maintain our levee
   C-SC and Canton have battled the
                                              freshman students came 100 miles to            system thereby preventing a devastating
elements of nature together several times
                                              volunteer anyway.                              flood. Especially in a small community
– during the flood of 1993 (when the
                                                 Campus leadership pitched itself into       like ours, it is important to know that we
levee held) and the tornado of 2003
                                              the total endeavor to feed and house           can count on each other.
(when the campus and parts of the city
                                              volunteers, support other agencies                “The college was fantastic in meeting
were heavily damaged).
                                              assisting with safety and the relief           our needs,” said McReynolds. “We moved
   In the current flood-fighting effort,
                                              planning effort, as well as assisting the      up here and started filling up the campus,
Culver-Stockton opened its campus to
                                              media, sustaining relocated businesses,        and everyone at the college worked with
house key volunteers – the National
                                              and supporting EOC operations. Others          us to make sure we got everything we
Guard, first responders from around the
                                              helped by volunteering daycare services        needed. It might be 7 p.m. and I’d ask for
state, AmeriCorps, the Red Cross, a group
                                              for levee workers, checking in volunteers,     45 more beds for the National Guard,
of Mennonites from the Ozarks, and even
                                              making sandwiches, taking food and             and the college made it happen. It might
low-risk inmates from the Missouri State
                                              water to front-line workers, and helping       be 7 a.m. and I’d need workers on the
Correctional System, to name a few – as
                                              their neighbors evacuate.                      levee, and the college found some. You
well as to host a Red Cross-operated
                                                 Countless hours were spent                  couldn’t ask for a better neighbor.”
emergency shelter for local residents.
                                              sandbagging and building up the three             Lewis County was declared a federal
   Nearly 3,000 volunteers came to
                                              miles of levees with numerous Culver-          disaster area on Wednesday, June 25.
Canton’s aid, including dozens of
                                              Stockton staff members leading the on-site
Photo lower left: C-SC President Bill Fox and Missouri Governor Matt Blunt assess the rising water.

Summer 2008                                                                                                5▼
                                                                           culver-stockton news briefs                        culve

                                                                 Students receive awards at C-SC
Survey gives high marks to C-SC                                  Honors Day Convocation
                                                                     ”Today is a day that stands out like silver in the
teacher education
                                                                 sun,” said Dr. William L. Fox, Culver-Stockton College
                                                                 president, as he opened the annual Honors Day
                                                                 ceremony to honor the accomplishments of C-SC
                                                                 students. Awards, prizes, and trophies were awarded.
                                                                    Fox urged returning C-SC students to “become
                                                                 inspired” and to set their sights on earning and
                                                                 receiving their own honors during their academic

The 2008 C-SC student teachers gather for a group photo during
                                                                    More than 77 graduating seniors and other
the semester.                                                    outstanding students were honored.

    The Culver-Stockton College teacher education
 program received high marks in a survey by the
 Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary
 Education (DESE). The survey was given to first-year
 teachers and their principals. Culver-Stockton’s results
 showed many areas measured were at or above the
 state average.
    The survey rated the quality of college/university
                                                                 Award winning graduates line up on stage to receive their
 teacher preparation programs in the state based on the          honors.
 responses from both principals and from first-year
 teachers, rating their own preparation.
    Culver-Stockton ranked significantly higher, by 10 or
 more percentage points, in facilitating higher levels of           For these complete stories and more
 learning by employing a variety of instructional                   news, see the news archives online at
 strategies, using communication skills to effectively               
 foster learning, and using ethical instructional practices.

C-SC receives funding for DNA sequencer
   Culver-Stockton College has been awarded matching funds to acquire a DNA sequencer package for students’
use thanks to a $37,654 commitment from LI-COR Genomics Education Matching Funds (GEMF) program. College
funding used to acquire the match was provided by a gift from the James O. Weldon family.
   The package will allow students to conduct research that requires DNA sequencing of single stranded, double
stranded or polymerase chain reaction products. The technology will expose students to more practical molecular
and cellular biology, thereby providing opportunities for developing greater critical thinking skills in an active learning
environment. The DNA sequencer should be installed on campus this fall.

▼6                                                                                  C-SC Chronicle
ulver-stockton news briefs                       culver-stockton news briefs                        culver-stockton news briefs

        IMA honored for “Outstanding Student Chapter” and “Best Practices”
          The Culver-Stockton College Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)
        Student Chapter is one of four chapters nationwide to be named a 2008
        Award of Excellence/Outstanding Student Chapter.
          The chapter was also recognized for the second consecutive year for the
        Best Practices Award for its strategic plan and will be presented with a
        trophy this summer. In addition to the trophy and plaques, C-SC will receive
        a monetary award of $1,000 for being an outstanding student chapter and
        $500 for its best practice award. Several C-SC students also received
                                                                                            Dr. Dell Ann Janney, far left, stands with
        national scholarships from IMA.                                                     members of the IMA at the 2008 National
                                                                                            IMA banquet.

        C-SC dedicates                             Scholarship recipients, Irwin donates artwork
        Mathieson Physics                          donors “do lunch”       to C-SC
        Resource Room                                 Culver-Stockton College held its         Culver-Stockton College has
           The Robert Mathieson Physics            Annual Scholarship Luncheon in           received 11 works of art from the
        Resource Room in the C-SC                  April. Students, parents, and staff      collection of George M. Irwin,
        Science Center was officially              were in attendance to honor              Quincy, Ill. The artwork is the third
        dedicated April 17, in honor of Bob        scholarship donors. During the           donation to the college from Irwin’s
        Mathieson, professor emeritus of           event, donors were able to explain       collection including painting,
        physics and computer science, who          why they decided to fund                 drawing, watercolor, etching, and
        died in September 2007. Mathieson,         scholarships. Students also had the      lithograph, which will be put on
        who taught at Culver-Stockton              opportunity to meet with their           permanent display at the college.
        College for 41 years, from 1963-           scholarship donor and thank them            Irwin, a native of Quincy, founded
        2004, was remembered fondly by             personally for their contribution.       the Quincy Little Symphony, which
        friends, family, and co-workers at         This event allowed for donors and        was later expanded and renamed as
        the dedication.                            recipients to make a lasting             the Quincy Symphony Orchestra.
           Mathieson’s wife, Dr. Carol             connection.                              Irwin also served on the Culver-
        Mathieson, professor of music,                ”It was nice to finally meet my       Stockton Board of Trustees from
        unveiled the plaque that hangs             donor, in person, and to thank that      1966 to 1981.
        outside the resource room.                 person for helping me pay for my
                                                   education,” said Jim Varner,
                                                   sophomore at Culver-Stockton.

                                                         Revamped full-day Summer
                                                         Registration and Orientation
                                                         programs are packing the Hill as
                                                         redesigned sessions provide
                                                         more information to new
         Mathieson’s family members unveil the           students and their families.
         new plaque at the dedication.

        Summer 2008                                                                                        7▼
189 receive bachelor’s degrees from C-SC
   C     ulver-Stockton College presented        president of First Bankers Trust Co.,        Prize for Innovation in Student Learning.
bachelor’s degrees to 189 students during        Quincy, Ill,                                 The Reuling Prize was created this year to
the 152nd annual commencement                       William L. Fox, college president, also   honor former Culver-Stockton President
ceremonies on Saturday, May 10.                  addressed graduates, reminding them of       Walter S. Reuling, who died in March
   Donald M. Claycomb, president of              his welcoming remarks during their           2007. The cash award goes to a faculty
Linn State Technical College, Linn, Mo.,         freshman matriculation ceremony and          member selected by his or her peers.
delivered the commencement address,              adding, “The story of this class is just     Kimberly A. Gaither, assistant professor of
urging students to “dream, work, trust           beginning. We are already very proud of      finance, received the 2008 Helsabeck
God, and never forget.” He told graduates        you. And over the years, we will be          Prize for Excellence in Teaching. The cash
that by practicing the “six simple words”        keeping an eye on you, just as I             award goes to a faculty member
for a lifetime “you will be happier as well as   promised when you arrived.”                  nominated by students and faculty.
the world being a better place.”                    Culver-Stockton honored two faculty         Three members of the Class of 2008
   Claycomb, who serves on the Culver-           members during the event. Robert A.          received “honors scholar” medallions for
Stockton Board of Trustees, was one of two       Sadler, professor of physical sciences,      completing college honors program
members of the board to receive honorary         received the 2008 Walter S. Reuling          requirements, and 68 students graduated
doctor of humane letters degrees from the                                                     with honors distinctions (cum laude,
college. Also honored was Donald Gnuse,                                                       magna cum laude, or summa cum laude).
chairman of the C-SC Board, and retired                                                          The 2008 C-SC Honors Scholars were
                                                                                              Phil Anciaux, biology major from Iowa
                                                                                              City, Iowa; Jillian Bentley, business major
                                                                                              from Homer Glen, Ill.; and Michael
                                                                                              Zehnle, math major from Center, Mo.

▼8                                                                                           C-SC Chronicle
                               Grads head out to
                               the world
                                  Members of the C-SC Class of
                               2008 fanned out into the world
                               following commencement exercises
                               this spring, headed to careers as
                               teachers, nurses, managers and a
                               variety of other positions. Many also
                               headed to graduate school to
                               continue their education. Here’s a
                               sampling of next steps for graduates:

                               · Kristin Allen, graduate school,
                                 physical therapy, Rockhurst
                               · Phil Anciaux, graduate school,
                                  pharmacy, University of Iowa
                               · Jillian Bentley, intern, Arthur J.
                               · Erica Coffman, match specialist,
                                  Big Brothers/Sisters
                               · Kyle Daugherty, graduate school,
                                  business, Ohio University
                                · Tracy Elliott, elementary music
                                  teacher, Hannibal Schools
                               · Melissa Goehl, 2nd lieutenant,
                                  United States Marine Corps
                               · Chris Haverstick, lender,
                                  Martinsburg Bank
                               · Heather Meyer, graduate school,
                                 theatre, Oklahoma State
                               · Jessica Norman, registered nurse,
                                  Mayo Clinic
                               · Kyle Otten, graphic designer,
                                  Reed Media
                               · Joseph Rue, special ed teacher,
                                  LaSalle Peru High School
                               · Melinda Schneider,
                                  cost accountant, Knapheide
                               · Matt Silvey, assistant manager,
                               · Katie Truster, high school
                                 English teacher, ROWVA Schools
                               · Rebecca Wendle, graduate
                                  school, human services,
                                  University of Illinois
                               · Ashley Wort, staff accountant,

Summer 2008                                  9▼
                                      Rev. Brent Reynolds
                         A source for faith and support on campus
                                                                                                  By sophomore Sarah Frazier

   For many, college is a time to start        religious life. This past year, he offered
                                               students a variety of opportunities to get
over. It is a chance to get away from
everything and everyone you know and           involved with spiritual life, through
explore other ways of thinking, other          contemporary worship services, morning
cultures, and different beliefs. In college    Bible studies, and lunchtime meditation.
you get to make your own choices. These        All are available to students with different
choices may be bad, good, or have little       religious backgrounds, from the avid
effect on your life whatsoever; the point is   Christian to the agnostic. He wants
you make them. You have the choice to go       everyone to have the chance to explore his
to class or sleep-in. You have the choice to   or her faith.
do your homework or go out partying.              Reynolds said his biggest success of the
You also have the choice to go to church or    year was the C-SC mission trip to Mexico
spend your time on “Facebook.” The good        over spring break. Reynolds, along with
news is Rev. Brent Reynolds is here to help    12 students, three staff and alumnus Mike
make decisions easier.                         Snell, ’90, went to Los Villareales, a small,
   Reynolds became chaplain at Culver-         poverty-stricken village in northern            Rev. Brent Reynolds stops for a photo in
Stockton College in July 2007. An              Mexico. During the week, the group              Los Villareales, Mexico.

experienced pastor, C-SC is his first          painted a church, roofed a pavilion,
college-related job.                           brought food and water to the                   you can actually feel the Holy Spirit in
   “I wanted to work at a college because I    community, led Bible studies and prayer         the room. We have so much, and yet she
have a love for education, for the college     services, and served community meals.           is saying thanks to God for all that he has
experience, and for college students,”            Bradley Baker, a sophomore from              given her.”
Reynolds said, “I want to help students        Kansas City, Mo., talked about how                  For the future, Reynolds’ goals are to
explore spiritual questions and connect        emotional the prayer sessions were. “One        continue to be a positive presence on
faith with action.”                            sick and frail woman stood up, barely, and      campus, offer more varied religious
   One major obstacle Reynolds has had to      prayed deeply. It was very hard to watch        opportunities, and increase the level of
face is trying to get students involved with   because she would cry and say, ‘Give            religious thinking on campus.
                                               thanks to God.’ It’s times like these that

Culver-Stockton College students traveled to Mexico over spring break to work in the village of Los Villareales.

▼ 10                                                                                          C-SC Chronicle
EXP@CSC changing academic                                                                     Student applauds
landscape                                                                                     expanding green
                                              business have been reconfigured to
                                                                                              space in plans for
   At the same time
the master plan is                            include finance, accountancy, and               future of campus
proposing a new look                          business (with six specializations).               For senior Nicole Gravedoni, the
for the Hill, the                             Biochemistry and political science have         master plan’s attention to preserving and
EXP@CSC program is                            been added as majors.                           expanding green space on campus is one
reshaping the                                    STUDY-ABROAD COURSES –                       of its most important features.
academic landscape on                         The C-SC study abroad program also has             “Maintaining the green on campus
campus. The academic                          been enhanced. Rather than one, three-          helps us keep our identity as ‘the college
calendar has been restructured; courses       week trip annually, C-SC now offers a           on the hill,’” said Gravedoni, a senior
have been changed; support programs           three-week study-abroad course every            biology major from Linn, Mo. “The plan
have been built; and faculty and students     semester. Each three-credit course will         is based on evaluating what space, indoor
are looking forward to the launch of the      meet academic goals and objectives.             and outdoor, we have on campus
new curriculum this fall.                     Scheduled currently are courses in Turkey       currently, how it is utilized, and what we
   “We are really pleased with the way this   (Fall ’08), the British Isles (Spring ’09),     still need to provide for the campus
new program is rolling out and how            Egypt (Fall ’09), and the Netherlands           community.
students are responding to it,” said          (Spring ’10). Students can accrue up to             “The plan equally focuses on buildings
William L. Fox, college president. “We        $1,500 through the EXP@CSC Rewards              and on the aesthetic and functional
had an excellent turnout by returning         program to help pay for these courses or        qualities of our green spaces on campus. It
students for registration, and incoming       pay fees related to other experiential          shows that the college places a great deal
students were eager to reserve space in       courses.                                        of importance on green space because we
their favorite FYE course.”                       FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE                       are doing a lot of work to regain green
   C ALENDAR – C-SC will retain the           COURSES – Under EXP@CSC, every                  space that is now taken up by roads,
two 15-week semesters, but each will be       incoming freshman and any transfer              parking, and sidewalks, which break up
divided into a 12-week long-term and a        student with less than 24 credit hours          the beauty of our landscaping. The new
3-week short term. During registration for    must take a First-Year Experience Course.       green space is going to improve outdoor
Fall 2008 classes, students have been         Each course focuses on a different topic        gatherings, recreation, and the overall
selecting three or four courses to take       but works on achieving identical                appearance of our already beautiful
during the long term and, typically, just     academic objectives. In addition, the           campus.”
one course to focus on during the short       course helps new students learn about               Although the new plan ultimately
term. The new calendar shifts final exams     available resources on campus. Each             relocates most of the parking away from
for the 12-week courses to earlier in each    course includes an intensive writing            the center of campus, Gravedoni said that
semester, lengthens the Thanksgiving          component and an emphasis on critical           any inconvenience will be offset by
break, and ends classes in the spring on      thinking and problem solving.                   parking improvements such as paving and
the day before commencement. The                 GUIDED PURSUIT FOR                           increased surveillance. “Once paved
complete 2008-09 academic calendar is         SUCCESS (GPS) – Designed for the                                              continued on p. 12
online at      student who hasn’t declared a major, the
registrar/acacalendar/.                       GPS program works in tandem with the
    COURSES – Redesigning the                 C-SC Career/Internship Center to help
curriculum meant reconfiguring C-SC           students identify their skills and interests,
courses to fit into the new schedule and      pick a major, decide on a career, and
learning how to teach a three-week course.    graduate in four years.
C-SC faculty have worked together in
seminars as well as visited other campuses
that offer three-week classes to learn from   For more information on EXP@CSC visit
best practices. Majors in the division of                                                     Senior Nicole Gravedoni relaxes on the Quad -
                                                                                              some of the college’s current “green space.”

Summer 2008                                                                                              11 ▼
Picturing the Future
Master Plan crafts new vision for campus on the Hill
   T   o support future growth, the             Culver-Stockton have had significant          senior associate with The Collaborative,
Master Plan developed for Culver-               input into this plan,” said Michael           said that involvement of the Culver-
Stockton College places the top priority        DiNardo, architect and partner for The        Stockton community throughout the
on students, re-emphasizes the human            Collaborative Inc., consultants to the        planning process was crucial.
element on campus by moving motor               project. “This plan is not what any of us
vehicles to the perimeter, “triples or          expected when we started, but this is the      “It became obvious through
quadruples” the green space, and re-            plan that C-SC collectively created and it
purposes many of the existing buildings         makes sense for Culver-Stockton. We feel
                                                                                               town hall meetings that the
to “right size” classrooms to meet academic     really great about the final outcome.”          focus needed to be on the
                                                   DiNardo and his colleague Philip G.
needs.                                                                                             needs of students...”
   “The students, faculty, and staff of         Enderle, who is landscape architect and

                                                                                                  “This was an inclusive process that was
                                                                                              thoroughly embraced by the college,”
                                                                                              DiNardo said. “You must have that
                                                                                              participation or there is no ownership of
                                                                                              the plan. The process allowed input from
                                                                                              300 to 400 people and, without it, the
                                                                                              plan wouldn’t have made as much sense or
                                                                                              been nearly as good.”
                                                                                                  Input from students, faculty, and staff
                                                                                              not only altered specifics from the first to
                                                                                              final drafts of the plan but shifted the
                                                                                              overall concept as well, they said. Initially,
                                                                                              the college had a new academic building as
                                                                                              its top priority for a master plan.
                                                                                                  “It became obvious through town hall
                                                                                              meetings that the focus needed to be on
                                                                                              the needs of students – residence halls,
                                                                                              etcetera. The college needed to end the
                                                                                              ‘suitcase campus’ image where you never
                                                                                              unpack because you go home every
Campus landscaping - Creating more “green space” on campus is important, as the               weekend,” he added. “Now student needs
Master Plan looks to re-emphasize the human element. Shown are Phase I plans.                 dominate Phase One of the plan. That was

continued from page 11...                       Campus Beautification and Recycling           possible,” Gravedoni said. “The SGA’s goal is
parking lots with security are available for    committees have assessed what recycling       to have campus-wide recycling in the
all students, I think the issues with           facilities are available in the area and      residence halls and Greek houses by Spring
parking spaces will become a thing of the       what are the best options for campus          2009.”
past regardless,” she added.                    recycling.                                       Other SGA efforts include campus clean-
    Gravedoni, is president of the Student         “It’s going to take a lot of cooperation   up days, Earth Day observances, and
Government Association and has been a           between the campus community and the          providing reusable polycarbonate bottles for
leader in the effort to increase recycling on   city of Canton to make recycling              all students to use in the Cat’s Pause starting
campus. Under her leadership, the SGA                                                         next fall.

▼ 12                                                                                           C-SC Chronicle
the importance of getting student input.”
   One element that has remained constant
throughout the planning process, according
to Enderle, is the emphasis on removing
roadways from the center of campus,
pushing parking to the perimeter and
maximizing green space to create a much
more pedestrian-focused campus with “a
real collegiate atmosphere.”
   “From the very first, the core committee
embraced the idea of replacing the roads
through campus with a loop road around
campus; but it was a staff member who had
the idea that we’re going with—to take
advantage of the existing road by Greek
housing and extend the loop road north
and back to campus,” DiNardo added. “It
was a great idea.
   “The process was great. Most of the
major changes came through committee
                                                  Phase II includes enhancing and repurposing buildings like Herrick, Johann,
work, through four focus groups, and
                                                  and Shannon.
through our town hall meetings,” he said.
“They were very committed to the process,         and student activities space. We decided     is designed for people, and we think that’s
very responsive, enthusiastic, and excited.       there is enough classroom space on           a tremendous improvement.”
They didn’t hesitate to question, to              campus if you use it better and ‘right          For the landscape architect, the “rebirth
challenge, and to suggest. I have a lot of        size’ it,” he explained. “That led to the    of Herrick” takes high marks. “From a
confidence that in 10 years there will be         decisions to convert Shannon Hall,           building standpoint, giving the old
significant improvement because the people        which is ideal for the smaller classes and   gymnasium a new life is remarkable,”
who were involved took ownership and              conference rooms needed for the new          Enderle said. “It is a classic building with
want to see it happen.”                           curriculum, and to add new residence         an immense volume of space not being
   “There was a wonderful receptivity to          halls in order to improve housing stock      utilized. To be able to re-purpose it as a
look at things differently and to take            and create a better configuration of         student center, to reopen that space and
advantage of the amenities you have. For          living space. Without increasing space       connect through all the old levels will be
example, the presence of the river. No one        and with this plan as an impetus, we can     something to get excited about.”
else has that great view you have, and it         grow and sustain the campus to 1,000            “What’s neat about a campus master
became a stepping stone to the whole plan,”       students.”                                   plan is the sense of confidence in the
Enderle added.                                                                                 future,” DiNardo concluded. “What’s
   Another theme that became pivotal to                                                        exciting is that Culver-Stockton now has a
the plan is to build as little new as possible.   “This new plan is designed                   picture of the future and everyone can
Noting that Culver-Stockton is challenged                for people...”                        move forward for the next 10 to 15
by a limited amount of flat ground on                                                          years.”
campus, DiNardo said the planning
                                                     DiNardo’s favorite element of the
committee focused on using existing space
                                                  master plan is the greening of campus
better and differently.
                                                  and “taking it back from the automobile.     The layout on the next page
    “We did a study on space utilization,
                                                  If we take down vegetation, we’re            provides an overview of the full
assessing what C-SC currently has for                                                          plan as received by the Board of
                                                  interested in replacing it. This new plan
classrooms, office space, residential facility,                                                Trustees June 7.

Summer 2008                                                                                                13 ▼
Master Plan Highlights
 The new Master Plan is designed as a three-phase plan that
could take as long as 25 years to fully implement. The first phase
(2-6 years) is expected to improve student housing, add curb
appeal, and beautify campus. The second phase would encompass
the major construction initiatives, and the third phase would
complete the remainder of the plan. Consultants DiNardo and
Enderle note that most organizations assess the master plan after five
years and continue to assess implementation periodically to ensure
the plan remains aligned with changing needs. Although specific
priorities undoubtedly will alter over the lifetime of the Master
Plan, the following list summarizes some of the major projects:

Student Life
    · Re-purpose Herrick Hall to create a new Student Center
    · Raze Ziegler and McDonald
    · Build three residence halls
    · Construct new Greek house

   · Re-create Shannon as an academic building
   · Build major addition on Johann
   · Convert Crown Center to academic use

Campus Circulation
   · Create loop road and eliminate interior roads
   · Move parking to perimeter and near new residence hall area
   · Re-emphasize Concourse as main entrance
   · Add lighting and banners
   · Expand green spaces and enhance landscaping

    · Create Athletic Gateway
    · Add stadium lights, and new turf
    · Add softball field

Campus Core
   · Create overlook to Mississippi River view
   · Enhance Henderson as an all-administrative building

    · Create additional landscaping and greenspace
    · Reduce water consumption
    · Build in passive solar energy in new buildings
    · Utilize “green” building materials
    · Reduce impact of motor vehicles on campus
    · Add recycling stations
         Date: October 1959
A C-SC Master Plan, drafted more than 40 years ago proposed a new look for campus that included a student union, a fine arts complex, and a chapel. The plan was revised over
the years, with substitutions like the Science Center, the Field House, and the Performing Arts Center. Residence hall additions and other renovations were completed as planned.
Note that this rendering of the proposed master plan increased access for cars throughout campus, appropriate for a time period that emphasized the convenience of the
automobile. Under the new Master Plan, green spaces would replace many of the interior roads, in keeping with today’s emphasis on ecology and the environment.
      Class Notes
                                            paintings. She does solo and choral       Collinsville, Ill. He and his wife, Jane,
                                            work with her church and loves water      live in Edwardsville, Ill.
                                            aerobics. Barb and her husband,
                                            William, live in Leesburg, Ga.            William J. Pieper ’66 retired after 34
’50s                                                                                  years teaching at Monmouth Public
                                            Frank Nardi ’58 retired from              Schools. He and SuzAnn have three
Audrey (Maas) Finney ’50 is retired         education after 49 years. He lives in     sons, Scott, Erik, and Aaron, who all
from teaching junior high for 20 years.     Goodyear, Ariz.                           joined Lambda Chi Alpha. William
Audrey lives in Lansing, Ill.                                                         and SuzAnn live in Monmouth, Ill.
                                            Bill Swinford ’58 is retired. He lives
Nancy (Slogenhop) Klein -51 teaches         with his wife, Phyllis, in Easley, S.C.   Art Zimmerman ’67 retired in June
art at a lifelong learning college for                                                2008 after 30 years at GE Trailer Fleet
seniors. She lives in Lady Lake, Fla.       Charles Watts -58 has held various        Services. He and his wife, Sharon,
                                            engineering and operations positions      reside in Bolingbrook, Ill.
Phyllis (Niemann) Simmons ’53 and           with General Telephone, TWA and
her husband, Ronald, have five              Finley Engineering. He is now             Peggy (Leamer) Dagley ’68 is
children, Terry, Toni, Ted, Todd and        president of Communications               director of Professional Education
Tom. They have six grandchildren.           Engineers, Inc., a company he             Services at Auburn University in
Phyllis and Ronald live in Cottage          founded in 1979. Watts is a member        Auburn, Ala. She and her husband,
Grove, Minn.                                of the National Society of Professional   John ’64, live in Auburn, Ala.
                                            Engineers and the Institute of
Charles Staff ’54 is the director of        Electrical and Electronic Engineers.      Joyce M. Martello ’68 was a recent
food processing at the University of        He is also the president of the           recipient of the Neal Bishop Award
Louisville, Ky. He and his wife,            National Association of                   from the Colorado Chiropractic
Glenda, live in Louisville.                 Communications Engineers. He is the       Association. The award is given to an
                                            brother of Wade R. Watts, DMD ’54         individual who has provided service to
Carol (Bodeen) Blair ’56 has been           and the late David L. Watts, -60.         the association and profession above
married to her husband, Rolland, for        Charlie and his wife, Pat, live in        and beyond the call of duty. Joyce
51 years. They celebrated with an           Springfield, Ill.                         married her high school sweetheart,
extensive car trip across the eastern                                                 James A. Laurie, in 2006. The couple
United States. Their grandson James                                                   reside in Colorado.
Anderson is a 2008 graduate, and their      ’60s
granddaughter Casandra (Anderson)                                                     Charles D. Peters ’69 is territory
Cass is a 2006 graduate of Culver-          Ronda (Scott) Sherrill ’62 has            manager for SCI Products in St.
Stockton. Carol and Rolland live in         published two of her books: The Year      Charles, Ill. He lives in Libertyville,
Galesburg, Ill.                             of the New Barn and Going to Long         Ill., with his wife, Paulette.
                                            Valley, historical fiction for families
Barbara (Nelson) Haupt ’56 is an            and stories of her father’s boyhood.      ’70s
artist specializing in equestrian           Ronda lives in Neosho, Mo.
                                                                                      Ron Donelson ’70 is a consultant for
                                            Marlan R. Graham ’63 retired in           Deloitte Consulting in Tulsa, Okla. He
                                            February 2008 as regulatory               and his wife, Linda, have two
                                            compliance officer at Archway Sales,      daughters, Danielle and Brandy. He
                                            Inc. His wife, Jean Ann, retired in       and Linda look forward to retiring
                                            2007 as a computer resource specialist    soon and moving to Colorado to enjoy
                                            at Parkway South High School. They        the outdoor activities available there.
                                            reside in Manchester, Mo.                 They currently live in Broken Arrow,
                                            Rocky Lane ’65 is president of
From left: John Watson ’56, Dick Gigante    Creative Business Forms in
’55, and Chuck Burlingame’56 playing golf
in Naples, Florida.

▼ 16                                                                                C-SC Chronicle
Jim ’70 and Karen (Hasse) Stickler         in the insurance investigation field,     Army. In April 2008 she competed at
’71 are owners of Gent-L-Kleen             has returned to law enforcement at his    her 13th consecutive U.S. Adult
Products, Inc. in York, Pa. They enjoy     original police department in             National Figure Skating
boating on the Chesapeake Bay.             Raytown, Mo. Larry and his wife,          Championship in Lake Placid, N.Y.
                                           Sandie, have three children: Robyn,       Last year her interpretive program
Patricia (Prucha) Weichle ’70 retired      Landon, and Troy. They reside in          placed second. She is one of the
from teaching. She and her husband,        Lee’s Summit, Mo.                         oldest ladies in her bracket. Patricia
Richard, have two sons, Joseph and                                                   lives in Hampton Cove, Ala.
Thomas. They resides in Lisle, Ill.        Susan (Black) Moody ’72 has a ranch
                                           where she trains and shows cutting        Rob Larsen ’74 is sales manager for
Clyde Zaver ’70, and his wife, Patte,      horses. She has three sons: Chase,        the Gates Corporation in Willowbrook,
have two sons, Adam and Scott, and         C.L., and Cory. Susan lives in            Ill. He resides in Westmont, Ill.
five grandchildren. Clyde is currently     Batesville, Ark.
semi-retired. The couple resides in                                                  Tom Claxton ’75 is a social science
Cortland, Ill.                             John Vetter ’72 is production manager     teacher at Pikeland Community
                                           for Aspen Surgical in Caledonia, Mich.    School, in Pittsfield, Ill. He and his
Thomas Langford ’71 is retired from        He and his wife, Christine, live in       wife, Donna (Trautwein) ’73, live in
government finance for the State and       Jenison, Mich.                            Pittsfield, Ill., and have two sons and
Local Government in Springfield, Ill.                                                two grandsons.
He and his wife, Nancy, live in            Ken Biggs ’73 is a teacher at
Springfield, Ill.                          Schaumburg High School in                 Woodson Hebert ’75 is chief deputy
                                           Schaumburg, Ill. He and his wife,         clerk for the First District Court of
Sarah (Stine) Yerkes -71 owns              Karen (Nordli) ’73, have a son, Kyle,     Appeals in Texas. He graduated from
Courtney Brook Inc. After 20 years in      and live in Wauconda, Ill.                C-SC as a part of the Operation
corporate life, she now commutes 10                                                  Bootstrap program and retired as a
minutes to the Keeping Room, a home        Ellyn (Schleiffarth) Bennett ’74 is       master sergeant from the U.S. Air Force
decor and gift shop in Long Grove, Ill.,   CEO of the Girl Scout Council of          in July 1992. He has a son, Woodson
which she purchased in 2001. She and       Mount Magazine Area. She and her          Hebert II, and is married to Brenda.
her husband, Jim, live in Hawthorn         husband, John, live in Fort Smith, Ark.   They reside in Houston, Texas.
Woods, Ill.
                                           Patricia (Landrith) Blackman ’74          Rod Pool ’75 is a pilot for American
Larry Doty ’72, after his initial career   retired in January 2008 after 33 years    Airlines. He and his wife Joan live in
in law enforcement and then 21 years       as a civilian employee of the U.S.

Summer 2008                                                                                    17 ▼
                                                                                      Concessionaires, he has achieved and
      Class Notes                                                                     completed the requirements as an
                                                                                      Allied concession executive. In June
                                           Susan (Frazier) Goderstad ’81 is vice
Pleasant Plains, Ill. and have two                                                    2007, he was nominated and accepted
                                           president at Builders Finance, Inc. in
daughters, Alexandra and Jessica.                                                     to the association’s Board of Directors
                                           Wayzata. Minn. She and her husband,
                                                                                      as the Director of Food Equipment.
                                           Todd ’83, have two children, Lindy
Ron Dempsay ’76 and his wife, Mary                                                    Mark lives in Huntsville, Ala.
                                           and Erik. The couple lives in Eden
Ann, have two children, Lance, and         Prairie, Minn.
Tia (Dempsay) Ginter ’95. They                                                        Kathy (Stahr) Hertel ’84 lives in
have one granddaughter and five                                                       Geneva, Ill., where she works part-time
                                           Jim Haney ’81 is the administrator
grandsons. Ron is a victims’ advocate                                                 as a reading teacher. She enjoys
                                           for Community Living Options, Inc.,
for Victims for Justice. They reside in                                               traveling and serving the many
                                           in Bethalto, Ill. He and his wife, Joan,
Anchorage, Alaska.                                                                    ministries of her church. She and her
                                           live in Glen Carbon, Ill.
                                                                                      husband, Paul, have three children,
Stacy Taylor ’76 is choral director at                                                Abbey, Matt and Ben.
                                           Rick Hesse ’81 is property manager of
Unity High School in Mendon, Ill. He       Grand Anne Bed & Breakfast in
received the WGEM Golden Apple                                                        Kurt Sangmeister ’84 is court
                                           Keokuk, Iowa. He and his wife,
Award for Excellence in Teaching in                                                   administrator for the 12th Judicial
                                           Cretia, live in Keokuk.
May 2008. Stacy lives in Quincy, Ill.                                                 Circuit Court in Joliet, Ill. He and his
                                                                                      wife, Gina, have a daughter, Jordan.
                                           Connie (Snodgrass) Browning ’83,
Joe Brooks ’77 attended Culver-                                                       They reside in New Lenox, Ill.
                                           principal at Palmyra Elementary, is in
Stockton through the U.S. Air Force        the running for National
Bootstrap program. He served as                                                       Jennifer (Robertson) Taylor -84 is the
                                           Distinguished Principal honors after
house dad to the ATO Fraternity.                                                      administrative assistant for the capital
                                           recently being selected as this year’s
While at C-SC, he also received the                                                   programs division and is completing
                                           Missouri Distinguished Principal from
honor of being the welcome traveler of                                                her 26th year of service with the State
                                           the Northeast District of the Missouri
the year for Quincy, Ill. Joe retired                                                 of Illinois. She is looking forward to
                                           Association of Elementary School
from the USAF in 1995 at the rank of                                                  retirement in a couple of years. She
                                           Principals (MAESP). Connie and her
major, having served more than 30                                                     and her husband, Donald, enjoy
                                           husband, Jim, live in Palmyra, Mo.
years. He was a deputy commander                                                      camping with their 8-year-old nephew,
485th Engineering Installation Group,                                                 Jared, trail riding with their horses in
                                           Susan (Walz) Hardee ’83 is manager
Griffiss AFB at that time. He and his                                                 their free time, and being with their
                                           and salesman for Jim’s Piano & Organ
family live in Greenfield Center, N.Y.                                                children, David, Daniel and Darren and
                                           Galleries in Albany, Ga. She and her
                                                                                      their families. Jennifer and Donald live
                                           husband, Robert, live in Albany.
Doug Risch ’77 is president and CEO                                                   in Sherman, Ill.
of DMR Events, Inc. He lives in St.        Mary Gibbons ’84 is a Branch
Charles, Mo.                                                                          Ken “Jody” Whiteley -84 is a loading
                                           Manager for F&M Bank and Trust
                                                                                      associate for Tracker Marine in Miami,
                                           Company in Hannibal, Mo. She has
Connie (Steiner) Washburn ’78 is a                                                    Okla. He has one son, Kip, who is a
                                           been with the bank for 24 years. She
self-employed pianist/instructor. She                                                 sophomore at Adair High School. Ken
                                           lives in Hannibal.
and her husband, Gerald, live in Sierra                                               lives in Miami, Okla.
Madre, Calif.                              Vickie (Bowen) Gillihan ’84 works at
                                                                                      Annita (Lane) Best ’85 is a Lieutenant
                                           Quincy Farm & Home Supply in
Kathy (Kropp) Slayton ’79 is a master                                                 Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps and
                                           Quincy, Ill. She lives in Quincy.
teacher for Nysmith School for the                                                    is a public affairs officer in Stuttgart,
Gifted in Herdon, Va. She and her                                                     Germany. She has four daughters,
                                           Mark Hamilton ’84 has been working
husband, Bill, live in Centreville, Va.,                                              Rachel, Emily, Rebekah, and Lydia.
                                           in the popcorn and concession
and have two children, Zack and                                                       Her home is in Emerald Isle, N.C.
                                           business for the theatre industry since
Audrey.                                    he graduated from C-SC. After being a
                                                                                      Bill MacBeth IV ’85 married Lorelei
                                           member of the National Association of
                                                                                      Ellen Kirsch of Stevens Point, Wis., in

▼ 18                                                                                 C-SC Chronicle
            For a complete list of Homecoming events visit

2006. In attendance were his father,         Randal, Kevin and Paige. Susan is a      of 2008. She has been married 20
Bill MacBeth III, known as “Dad” to          reading teacher for Nauvoo-Colusa        years to her husband, Pat, who works
C-SC students, and his brother, Don          Elementary School in Nauvoo, Ill.        for General Motors as an
MacBeth ’02, John Freitag ’85, Gary          She and her family live in La Harpe,     environmental engineer. They reside
Gullion ’86, and Mark Grider ’85.            Ill.                                     in Franklin, Tenn.
On April 5, 2008, Bill and Lorelei
celebrated the birth of their first child,   Mari (Kramer) Helwig ’86 and her         Debbie (Munoz) Riddle ’87 and her
William Donovan MacBeth. The                 husband, Craig, have two sons,           husband, Jim, have been married 15
MacBeths reside in Chicago, Ill., and        Matthew Cole and Ethan Michael.          years. They have two children, Laura
are teaching art in local public             Mari is a finance/accounting manager     and Andrew. Debbie is a stay-at-home
schools.                                     for McCain Foods USA in Lisle, Ill.      mom who volunteers at the children’s
                                             They reside in Aurora, Ill.              schools, church and in the
Lori A. (Kroencke) Yost ’85 is a senior                                               community. They live in Greenville,
quality analyst/programmer for               Dawn (Van Horn) Van Ryckeghem            Ill.
Metaldyne Sintered in St. Marys, Penn.       ’86 homeschools her six children,
She and her husband, Ron, have two           Rose, Dane, Grace, Joy, and twins        Melissa (DuBuque) Walther ’88 has
children, Jacob and Tiffany, and one         Hope and Faith. Rose will attend         been in business at Settler’s Inn in
granddaughter, Aliss Rose. They              college in the fall. Dawn also teaches   Boonville, Mo., for 10 years. She and
reside in St. Marys, Penn.                   spinning classes and coaches different   her husband, Gene, have a son,
                                             swim teams. Dawn ran the Music City      Garrett. They live in Boonville, Mo.
Susan (Link) Bray ’86 and her                Marathon in 2004 and will be
husband, Wayne, have three children,         competing in triathlons in the summer    Larry Willis -88 is manager for
                                                                                      Hooters in Cape Coral, Fla. He has a

Summer 2008                                                                                 19 ▼
       Class Notes                         Todd Wilson ’90 and, his wife, Mary,
                                           have a son, Fletcher Huell, born Nov.
                                                                                     daughter, Gracie Payton, born April
                                                                                     6, 2008.
                                           29, 2007, on Todd’s birthday. Todd is
15-year-old daughter, Nicole, and lives
                                           director of music at Bartlett United      Aaron Taylor ’91 is assistant
in Ft. Myers, Fla.
                                           Methodist Church in Bartlett, Tenn.       superintendent at Lake Bracken
                                           They reside in Bartlett.                  Country Club in Galesburg, Ill. He
Boyd Dugan ’89 works in human
                                                                                     and his family live in Oneida, Ill.
resources for Freeport McMoRan in
                                           Melissa (Beeler) Finlay ’91 is a high
Morenci, Ariz.
                                           school counselor at Hallsville R-IV       Steven Davis ’92 is store manager for
                                           School District. She lives near           Walgreens in University City, Mo.
Amy (Thomas) Larsen ’89 is owner of
                                           Centralia, Mo., with her husband, John,   Steven lives in Saint Charles, Mo.
Big AL Fitness in Okemas, Mich. She
                                           and daughters Kalin, Cady and Caris.
and her husband, Matt, have two sons,
                                                                                     Stacy (Smith) Hilgenbrink ’92 and
Sam and Mick.
                                           Todd Guzman ’91 and his wife, Teresa,     her husband, Greg, have two
                                           welcomed their third child, Nolan         children, Andrew and Madelynn.
Jenny (Willard) Palmer ’89 lives in
                                           Michael, born Sept. 10, 2007. Todd and    Stacy is program coordinator at the
O’Fallon, Mo., with her husband Scott,
                                           his family live in Fort Madison, Iowa.    Adams County Health Department in
and children Madison, Jack and Ethan.
                                                                                     Quincy, Ill. She and her family live
She continues to teach 8th grade at Fort
                                           Kimberly (Dolar) Johnson -91 has          in Loraine, Ill.
Zumwalt School District.
                                           twin boys, Nicholas and Collin, who are
                                           8 years old, love sports, and play        Sharon Palmer ’92 is a principal for
Damon Schildknecht ’89 is the owner
                                           football. Kim still comes to Culver-      Mexico Public School District. She
of Cargo Solutions, LLC, in Lexington,
                                           Stockton to visit, and is close to her    resides in Mexico, Mo.
S.C. He has three children, Luke,
                                           roommate, Amy (Mink) Saxton ’91.
Brilee, and Koen. Damon, his wife,
                                           Kim and her family live in Channahon,     Joey Thomas ’92 lives with his wife,
Farrah, and the children live in
                                           Ill.                                      Rhonda (Brooks) -95, in
                                                                                     Southhaven, Miss., with their two
                                           Lisa (King) Kinealy ’91 enjoys living     sons, Grant and Mason. Joey works
Tina Whittaker Scranton ’89 works
                                           in a beautifully wooded community         for The Moer Co.
for the U.S. Post Office in Quincy, Ill.
                                           with her husband, Rod, and children
Tina has a daughter, Tori, and lives in
                                           Madison and Cameron in Lake               Melinda (Murk) Hamby ’93 and her
New Canton, Ill.
                                           Sherwood, Mo. Rob owns a business         husband, Jeff, have two children,
                                           applying decorative overlays for          Austin and Katelyn. Melinda is
                                           concrete and closet organization          recreation supervisor for the Quincy
’90s                                       systems, and Lisa is a marketing          Park District in Quincy, Ill. They
                                           communications specialist for Millipore   reside in Quincy.
Kara (Piotrowski) Ryder ’90 is the
human resources manager for Aspen
                                                                                     Vanessa Bennett ’94 is an attorney
Marketing Services in West Chicago,
                                           Christina (Dedert) Mastio ’91 and her     with the Office of State Guardian in
Ill. Kara and her husband, Ronald,
                                           husband, Michael, have three children,    Chicago, Ill. She lives in Riverdale,
have one daughter, Taylor Marie. They
                                           Bren, Trey, and Keely. Christina is a     Ill., with children, Brianna and
reside in Aurora, Ill.
                                           nurse practitioner for Pediatric          Brooklyn.
                                           Associates of Barrington. They reside
Bryan Spencer ’90 was chosen the
                                           in Crystal Lake, Ill.                     Michelle L. Nuckols ’94 married
2008 Outstanding Young Educator of
                                                                                     Timothy Tuohy in April 2006 and
the Year by the Bridgeton/Maryland
                                           Peter Schram -91 is the regional sales    moved to Atlanta, Ga., in summer
Junior Chamber of Commerce. Bryan
                                           manager of the San Francisco Market       2007. She is a recruiter and program
lives in St. Peters, Mo.
                                           for IPM Chase. He and his wife, Traci,    manager for Georgia-Pacific, LLC.
                                           live in Danville, Calif., with their

      Need Culver-Stockton gear? Visit                 

▼ 20                                                                            C-SC Chronicle
     Now calling for 2009 Outstanding Alumni and Hall of Fame nominees.
          Nominate your favorite alumni today online at

Matt Ward ’94 works as a Category         2008. The Hayes family resides in Los      Ryan ’96 and Jenny (White) McCoy
Analyst for Nestle Purina. He and his     Angeles, Calif.                            ’99 have a third son, Benjamin Kyle,
wife, Sherri, have one daughter, Alaina                                              born April 24, 2008. He joins Jack,
Makenzie Ward, was born on                Rachael (Schroeder) Martens ’95 and        age 5, and Sam, age 3. Jenny is an RN
November 12, 2007. They reside in St.     her husband, Todd, were married in         in ambulatory surgery at the
Charles, Mo.                              June 1994. A substance abuse               Springfield Clinic. Ryan is an internal
                                          counselor at a mental health facility,     auditor for ADM. They live in
Marcey (Daggett) Wells ’94 is             she became a stay-at-home mother           Sherman, Ill.
principal at Adams Elementary in          after daughter Leah was born, followed
Quincy, Ill. She and her husband,         by Lydia, Michaela, and Grace. She         Phil McDaniel ’96 is the new head
Jeffrey, have one son, William. They      has been homeschooling for over            volleyball coach at Drake University,
live in Palmyra, Mo.                      seven years. Rachael and Todd also         Des Moines, Iowa.
                                          have three foster children currently
Ben Benedict ’95 is currently a full-     living with them. They reside in Niota,    Jennifer (Conrad) Morris ’96 is a
time touring musician with the band       Ill.                                       stay-at-home mom. She and her
“The Henhouse Prowlers,” performing                                                  husband, Brent, had a son, Luke
upwards of 200 shows a year. Recently     Ginger (Gunn) Payne ’95 and Jason          Conrad, in April 2007. He joined big
the group was asked to provide the        Payne -96 welcomed their second            sister, Leah, 3. They reside in Ozark,
soundtrack for the 12-part PBS series     child, Chance Jason, in August 2007.       Mo.
“The Ride of Our Lives.” Ben’s            He joins big sister MacKenzy, age 7.
original composition “Newsome             Ginger is student services and special     Kara (McMillen) Ruffcorn ’96 is
Ridge” was chosen as the opening          education coordinator at Olympia           employed as a first grade teacher at
credit theme for the series, which is     CUSD No. 16 in Stanford, Ill. Her          Canton R-V in Canton, Mo. Kara and
currently showing on PBS stations         family lives in Riverton, Ill.             her husband, Ryan, have a daughter,
nationwide. He lives in Chicago, Ill.,                                               Allie Lee, born in August 2006. They
with his wife, singer/songwriter, Naomi   Bridgett Reed ’95 is employed at           reside in Canton, Mo.
Ashley.                                   Harriet Tubman Elementary School in
                                          Dolton, Ill. Bridgett lives in Richton     Allynn (McClure) Knuffman ’97 is a
Molly (Propst) Brasfield ’95 and her      Park, Ill.                                 staff accountant at Blessing Hospital
husband, Steven, have two children,                                                  in Quincy, Ill. Allynn has three
Turner and Brooks. Molly is DFT/          Matt ’96 and Kristi (Baker) Durbin         children, Paige, Reese and Addison.
Quality Manager for CES Group/            ’98 have two daughters, Ella, born in      They reside in Liberty, Ill.
Webco, Inc., in Springfield, Mo. She      2003, and Lily, born in 2005. Kristi is
and her family live in Springfield.       a registered nurse at University of Iowa   Jason Lipsky ’97 and his wife,
                                          Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City,        Kimberley, have two children, Allison,
Jon D. Cross ’95 and his wife, Merri,     Iowa. Matt is an Assistant Public          born in February 2005, and Aaron,
had twin daughters, Penelope James        Defender for Rock Island Co. They          born in April 2007. They live in
Cross and Campbell Cartwright Cross,      reside in Davenport, Iowa.                 Chandler, Ariz.
in October 2007. Jon is operations
manager for Earthworks in                 Tom Kribben -96 is senior manager,         Travis Mitchell -97 and his wife,
Chesterfield, Mo. They reside in St.      campus recruiting for                      Ashley, have four children: Ericka, 12;
Louis, Mo.                                PricewaterhouseCoopers in Los              Austin, 6; Colby, 3; and Alicen, 2.
                                          Angeles, Calif. Tom lives in Los           Travis is employed as a police officer
Casey Hayes ’95 and his wife, Lynn,       Angeles.                                   in Moberly, Mo. They live in
have a son, Arden Joseph, born Jan. 30,                                              Huntsville, Mo.

Summer 2008                                                                                  21 ▼
Sonia (Crites) Coleman ’98 is             messages with each other. Stephanie        Inc., in Pekin, Ill. Richard and his
president/owner of Coleman Unlimited      lives in Murphysboro, Ill.                 wife, Cheryl, live in Peoria, Ill.
LLC, a communications company.
They offer marketing, public relations,   Jenn Ruholl ’99 married Tuli Tapuaiga      Amy Ward ’01 was recently named
writing and web development services.     in 2000 on the South Pacific island of     the new director of Serve DC, the
Sonia and her husband, Brett, live in     Upolu, Samoa, after meeting during         volunteer arm of the Executive Office
Ballwin, Mo.                              Jenn’s Peace Corps service. They had       of the Mayor of Washington DC. She
                                          an American ceremony in 2002. Dave         previously served as chief of staff for
Charla (Gallaway) Martin ’98 and          Burgos -99 was best man. Paul Fliege       the DC Fire & EMS Department. Amy
her husband, Ben, have twin               ’98 was a groomsman. Katie (Ruegge)        currently lives in Washington DC.
daughters, Jamie and Kelsey, born in      Kurz ’01 was matron of honor. Amy
September 1995. They reside in            Ward ’01, Ashley (Hatcher)                 Amie Bossi ’02 has been selected as
Palmyra, Mo.                              Lipscomb -01, and Katie Benwell ’99        one of the Rotary D 6060 Group Study
                                          were bridesmaids. Abigail Pauline          Exchange team members that visited
Charlie Wooten ’98 is a partner at        Tapuaiga was born in 2004. Jenn owns       Germany in May 2008. She traveled
Breeze, Roberts, Ponder-Bates and         and operates a home daycare. She and       throughout northwestern Germany for
Zimmer law firm in Festus and             her family live in Champaign, Ill.         four weeks with three other team
Hillsboro, Mo. He resides in Hillsboro                                               members and a team leader. She
with his wife, Jan, and 20-month-old      Sherri (Ehrhardt) Wiley ’99 and her        learned about nonprofits and
daughter, Avery.                          husband, Kevin ’90¸ welcomed a             businesses in Germany and told them
                                          daughter, Nora Wiley, to their family in   about U.S. nonprofits and businesses.
Victoria Buescher ’99 had successful      December 2007. Sherri is an                When she returned, she presented her
surgery at Barnes Jewish Hospital in      occupational therapist for the             experiences to Rotary Clubs in the St.
St. Louis in January 2008 to remove       Hannibal Public Schools. Kevin is a        Louis region. Amie lives in St. Louis,
endometrial cancer. She is in recovery    Branch Manager for Raymond James           Mo.
and receiving chemotherapy. Victoria      Financial Services. They live in
resides with her parents in St. Louis,    Hannibal, Mo.                              Bobby Tatman ’02 does outside sales
Mo.                                                                                  for Independent’s Service in Hannibal,
                                          ’00s                                       Mo. Bobby lives in New London, Mo.
Brent ’99 and Miranda (Lipper)
Goings ’04 have a daughter, Emery,        Brad ’00 and Stacy (Stephenson)            Paul Weinkein ’02 is the store
born in January 2006. Miranda works       Turner ’00 have a son, Gannon              manager at Walgreen’s in Yuma, Ariz.
as an advanced staff accountant for       George, born April, 5, 2008. He was        Paul and his wife, Whitney, live in
ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc. in           welcomed home by 5-year-old, Issac.        Yuma.
Quincy, Ill. Brent works for Goings       They reside in Brighton, Ill.
Transportation. They reside in Canton,                                               Devin and Jean (Hechler) Conkright
Mo.                                       Ericka (Olson) Dixon ’01 and her           ’03, announce the birth of a daughter,
                                          husband, Scott, have an 18-month-old       Ella Jean, on Feb. 10, 2008. Jean and
Brian Graf ’99 works for ProRehab as      daughter, Emma Sue. Ericka is a            Devin live in Barry, Ill. Grandparents
the clinic director-physical therapist.   special education teacher at Winfield      are Ron ’75 and Cindy (Gully)
He married Jessica (Moss) and they        High School in Winfield, Mo. They          Hechler ’75. Great-grandparents are
had a daughter, Elliana Jean, born in     reside in Foley, Mo.                       J.E. Gully and the late Bonnie
June 2007. They reside in Wentzville,                                                (Wendorff) Gully ’46. Great-uncle
Mo.                                       Jaryt ’01 and Amy (Duley) Hunziker         was the late Jim Hechler ’78 and aunt
                                          -06 had a daughter, Lorelai Catherine,     is Anna Hechler ’09.
Stephanie Graves ’99 received kudos       on Feb. 4, 2008. The Hunzikers live in
as the year’s top faculty member in       Kahoka, Mo.                                Emily Cooper ’03 is in a band called
library affairs at Southern Illinois                                                 “Not Without.” She is the lead singer
University-Carbondale. She led a team     Richard Sloan ’01 is residential           and plays the piano and guitar. Emily
that brought in Meebo, a website that     services director at Patterson House,      is also a music teacher at Tioga/
lets librarians and users of the major
instant messaging systems exchange

▼ 22                                                                               C-SC Chronicle
Chippewa Elementary School. She             Stefanie (Martinez) Ortman -05            Elementary in St. Louis, Mo. The
lives in Oak Park, Ill.                     graduated with an master’s degree in      couple resides in St. Louis.
                                            social work from Saint Louis
Blair Vacek -03 married Steve Kramer        University in January 2008. Stefanie      Brendan Mann ’06 was selected out of
in October 2007 in Western Springs,         works in access intake/therapy for        many nominees by the Phoenix, Ariz.,
Ill. Alpha Xi Delta sorority sister Kim     Mental Health Centers of Central          school district to receive the “You
Morrow ’03 was her maid of honor.           Illinois. She and her husband, Brian,     Make the Difference” award in May.
Blair is the daughter of Nancy (Stout)      live in Springfield, Ill.                 This is only Brendan’s second year of
Terrell -70 and Tony Vacek ’69. She                                                   teaching. Brendan lives in Phoenix.
is the niece of Harriett (Holford)          Cheri Provancha -05 has a daughter,
Vacek ’59, Gus ’65 and Susan (Stout)        Caytlyn Elizabeth, born in March          Mary Ann (Propst) Morris -06 has
Ditchman ’66 and the late Frank             2006. Cheri works full time, along        one son, Jake, who is currently
Vacek -58. Blair now owns her own           with being the church pianist for the     attending seminary at Phillips
interior design firm, EBK Interiors Inc.    Perry Christian Church (Disciples of      Theological Seminary in Tulsa, Okla.
Blair and Steve reside in Lombard, Ill.     Christ). She and her daughter live in     Mary Ann is pastor of the Clever
                                            Perry, Mo.                                United Methodist Church in Clever,
                                                                                      Mo. She lives in Springfield, Mo.
                                            Katie Scheuermann -05 is senior
                                            technical recruiter for Application       Tristin Redmon ’06 is a financial
                                            Engineering Group in St. Louis, Mo.       advisor for Merrill Lynch. He resides
                                            She lives in St. Louis.                   in Beaumont, Texas.

                                            Cassandra Anderson ’06 married            Marie Sievert ’06 is a paralegal for
                                            Darin Cass ’04 December 2007.             Millsop & Singer, LLC in St. Louis,
Vacek/Kramer wedding
                                            Cassandra earned her master’s degree      Mo. She lives in Ballwin, Mo.
                                            in forensic psychology in 2008. The
Mindi Davis ’04 is employed as a            couple lives in Roselle, Ill.             Bricelda Vazquez ’06 is an associate
teacher at Revere C-3 in Revere, Mo.                                                  counselor for Preferred Family
She and her husband, Tom, have a son,       Jillian Brown ’06 married Kyle Issleb     Healthcare in Hannibal, Mo. She lives
Luke, born in May, 2003. They reside        in December 2007. She is a seminary       in Canton, Mo.
in Keokuk, Iowa.                            student at Christian Theological
                                            Seminary in Indianapolis, Ind., where     Lori (Nelson) Flynn ’07 is a private
Matt Pistorius ’04 is head recruiter for    the couple lives.                         probation officer for Supervised
UHY Advisors, Inc in St. Louis. He                                                    Private Probation Services in
and his wife, Colleen, live in St.          Cristin Conley ’06 married Aaron          Hannibal, Mo. Lori and her family
Louis, Mo.                                  Wiggins in October 2007 in Hannibal,      live in Hannibal.
                                            Mo. Maid of honor was Michelle
Ashley Eveland ’05 married Issac            Marek ’08. Leslie Dobyns ’07 was a        Brandon Jack ’07 is a service
Gerard ’06 on April 12, 2008, on the        bridesmaid. Bethany Shannon ’08           manager for Loves Park Motorsports in
beach in Tulum, Mexico. Ashley is           sang, and Phil Forrester ’07 was an       Machesney Park, Ill. Brandon lives in
employed as an accountant at                usher. Cristin is employed as an          Roscoe, Ill.
Caterpillar, Inc. Isaac is a conservation   assistant manager for Maurices in the
police officer for the Illinois             Quincy Mall, in Quincy, Ill. Aaron is     Jamie Kenzler ’07 is a sales associate
Department of Natural Resources.            employed at Wal-Mart in Hannibal as       for Linens-n-Things in Manchester,
They live in Peoria, Ill.                   an assembler. Cristin and Aaron live in   Mo. Jamie lives in Manchester.
                                            Palmyra, Mo.
Adam Gist ’05 has one daughter,                                                       Bethany Shannon ’08 has accepted a
Emma Riley, born in March 2007.             Brynna Lavin ’06 married Tim              full-time position as group sales
Adam is a security officer at BASF          Keeton in August 2007. Brynna is a        associate at John F. Kennedy Center
Chemical Company in Palmyra, Mo.            kindergarten teacher at Hancock Place     for the Performing Arts. Bethany lives
They reside in Hannibal, Mo.                                                          in Arlington, Va.

Summer 2008                                                                                   23 ▼
Four former athletes to be enshrined in Hall of Fame
   Kevin Wiley, Jana (Larkin) Gudenkauf,         Kevin Wiley, a 1990 graduate and          first team as well as the Heart of America
Shelia (Suddarth) Meny and Steve             native of Point Orange, Fla., was a four-     Athletic Conference and all-district first
Zimmerman will be enshrined into the         year letterwinner in football who set         team. He was named a Culver-Stockton
Culver-Stockton College Athletic Hall of     school records for receiving and scoring      College Athletic Great in 1993.
Fame during Homecoming activities Oct.       during his time on the Hill. When Wiley          Jana (Larkin) Gudenkauf, class of
3-5,2008.                                    left in the spring of 1990, he held the       1991 and a native of Princeton, Ill., was a
   The inductees will be honored at the      school record for receptions in a season      two-sport athlete who lettered in
Culver-Stockton College Alumni               and a career with 87 and 144,                 volleyball and tennis for four seasons. As a
Recognition banquet from 6-8 p.m. on         respectively. Today, Wiley still holds the    setter on the volleyball team, she led the
Friday, Oct. 3, at the Holiday Inn-East in   school record for receiving touchdowns in     Wildcats in assists in 1988, 1989 and
Quincy, Ill. All current Hall of Fame        a game (4), pass receptions in a game (15),   1990, recording 2,794 assists in her
members, alumni and the general public       receiving yardage in a game (232),            career. Jana is currently seventh on the all-
are invited to the banquet and may           receiving yardage in a season (1,420) and     time assists list as well as in the top 10 in
purchase tickets by contacting the Alumni    receiving yardage in a career (2,520). He     service aces (3rd) and service percentage
Relations Office at (800) 755-CATS           also holds the school record for              (9th). In addition to her career marks, she
(2287). The honorees will also be            touchdowns receiving in a season and          holds top 10 spots for season production,
recognized before the Homecoming             career with 18 and 28, respectively.          including highest service percentage in
football game with Benedictine College       For his accomplishments, Wiley was
                                                                                                               continued on page 26
on Saturday, Oct. 4.                         named to the 1989 NAIA All-America

                                                                                                      Continued on page 26.

▼ 24                                                                                       C-SC Chronicle
Track and Field - off and “running”
    The first year of the new Culver-               Meanwhile, Rosenberger, a                    Other highlights of the outdoor
Stockton College track and field program        sophomore from Columbia City, Ind.,          season were a strong showing at the
came to a close with Jordan Bucklew and         completed his outstanding season by          Heart of America Athletic Conference
Zach Rosenberger each earning All-America       placing sixth in the pole vault with a       Championships in late April.
honors in their respective events at the        height of 15 feet, 5 inches. Two other           The Wildcats finished with 65 points
NAIA Outdoor Track and Field                    participants also reached that height;       in the meet and finished ahead of
Championships in Edwardsville, Ill.             however, Rosenberger was awarded the         William Jewell, Benedictine, Graceland
   The top six finishers in each event          spot because of fewest misses at that        and Evangel. Lindenwood won the
earned All-America status.Bucklew, a junior     height. The winning height was 15 feet,      event with 239 points, followed closely
from Fresno, Calif., placed sixth in the        11 inches by Ryan Musselman of               by MidAmerica Nazarene with 171
decathlon. He totaled a personal-best 6,385     Southern Oregon University.                  points.
points to finish 80 points ahead of the            The All-America finish was the fitting        In addition to the success of
seventh place finisher, Adolphus Jones of       end to an athlete who won the pole vault     Rosenberger and Bucklew, two other
Paul Quinn (Texas) University.                  competition at five different                athletes captured all-conference honors
   Bucklew was consistent throughout the        competitions this spring, including the      at the HAAC meet for finishing third or
competition, finishing between fourth, fifth    University of Missouri Relays, March 28-     higher in their respective events. Tyler
or sixth in seven of the 10 events. His         29, in Columbia, Mo. Rosenberger also        Buckman placed second in the 400-
highest finish was a second in the long         captured the Heart of America Athletic       meter dash, while Anthony Jahr placed
jump when he reached 21 feet, 8 ½ inches.       Conference (HAAC) title in late April,       third in the hammer throw with a
Jonathan Hilton of Oklahoma Baptist won         and set a personal best with a height of     distance. Other athletes also performed
the event with 7,012 points.                    16 feet at the Culver-Stockton Open on       well, barely missing out on all-
   Bucklew advanced to the national             April 19. He also won two events at          conference honors. Marcus Barnett
competition on the strength of his previous     Central Methodist University in Fayette,     placed sixth in the 100-meter dash,
personal high of 6,170 points in winning        Mo., the Easter Open on March 21-22,         Ryan Thoroman placed fifth in the
the Heart of America Athletic Conference        and the Asics Invitational on April 4-5.     5000-meter race walk and Jahr placed
(HAAC) title in April.                              Despite having just two team             fifth in the shot put.
                                                members involved in the national                 Besides the pole vault, Rosenberger
                                                championships, Culver-Stockton totaled       also placed sixth in the javelin throw,
                                                six points and finished 41st out of 57       while Jordan Cox placed fourth and
                                                teams that scored. Azusa Pacific             sixth, respectively, in the triple jump and
                                                University won the men’s overall team        the long jump.
                                                title with 61 points.                            In women’s action, Megan
                                                                                             Woodworth provided the only highlight
                                                                                                                       for the women’s
                                                                                                                       track team,
                                                                                                                       placing fourth in
                                                                                                                       the long jump
                                                                                                                       with a leap of 15
                                                                                                                       feet, 7 inches,
                                                                                                                       good enough to
                                                                                                                      give the women’s
                                                                                                                      team its only
                                                                                                                      points of the
Junior Jordan Bucklew races toward the
long jump pit during the Culver-Stockton          Sophomore Zach Rosenberger clears a personal-best 16 feet in
Open on April 19. The long jump is one of 10      the pole vault during the Culver-Stockton Open on April 19.
events in Bucklew’s specialty, the decathlon.     Rosenberger won the pole vault at five different meets this spring.

Summer 2008                                                                                              25 ▼
Continued from page 24 - Hall of Fame athletes inducted

season (5th and 7th) and assists in a season    1991, is currently in the top 10 for most        Jason Kaiser as C-SC’s all-time hits leader
(10th).                                         triples in a career. She led the Wildcats in     with 221, and with Dan Munoz for the
    Jana’s honors during her stint on the       hitting with a .392 average during the           most doubles with 43. In addition, he is
volleyball court include being named to         1990 season and runs batted in during the        ranked on the career list in nine other
the HAAC and all-district first team in         1991 season.                                     categories, including the all-time walks
1990 and HAAC honorable mention in                 Her basketball career was defined by the      leader with 96.
1989.                                           3-point shot, which was introduced to the           During his career, Steve recorded a
    On the tennis court, Jana played            game one year prior to her coming to the         .372 batting average (7th), scored 170
number two singles and number one               Hill in 1987. She still holds the school         runs (2nd), tallied seven triples (5th) and
doubles the majority of her career. She         record for most treys in a game with seven,      17 home runs (7th), and had 149 RBI
topped off her tennis career by teaming         and she is seventh on the all-time career list   (2nd). He also netted 326 total bases (2nd)
with Stacy Knoop to win the HAAC                and ninth on the all-time list for treys in a    and pilfered 59 bases (3rd). He also holds
doubles championship in 1990.                   single season.                                   the school record for most at-bats with
    Shelia (Suddarth) Meny, class of 1991          Zimmerman, class of 1998 and a native         594.
and a native of Troy, Mo., was a two-sport      of Woodstock, Ill., was four-year                   His best season was his senior year
athlete, lettering in basketball and softball   letterwinner in baseball and helped the          (1998) when he batted .427 with 48
all four years.                                 Wildcats to two HAAC championships, a            runs scored, eight doubles, five triples
    On the softball field, Shelia was twice     regional championship and the program’s          and nine home runs. He added 70 hits,
named to the HAAC all-conference team,          first trip to the NAIA World Series in           54 RBI and a .701 slugging percentage
including a first-team honor in 1990. She       1998.                                            while helping the Wildcats to their first
was an all-district first team selection in        Zimmerman was a three-time All-               national tournament appearance. He was
both her junior and senior seasons. Shelia,     HAAC selection and a two-time HAAC               an honorable mention selection to the
who was a team captain in 1990 and              Player of the Year honoree. He is tied with      NAIA All-America team that season.

   In Memoriam                                  Charles M. DeWitt ’47 of Fredrick, Md.,          James J. Ballinger -64 of Weatherby
                                                died Jan. 22, 2008.                              Lake, Mo., died April, 4, 2007.
Callie B. (Crump) Smith ’31 of                  John S. Finney ’48, of Webster Groves,           Karen (Crossland) Scott ’70 of
Memphis, Mo., died March 28, 2008.              Ill., died Dec. 1, 2007.                         Mexico, Mo., died Aug. 23, 2007.
Ann A. (Steffen) Winkelman -33 of               Jack F. Stork ’49 of Monte Vista, Colo.,         Larry E. Russell -75 of Jefferson City,
Canton, Mo., died Jan. 10. 2008.                died April 3, 2008.                              Mo., died Nov. 8, 2007.
Thelma (Cox) Wortmann ’36 of Tempe,             Wallace A. Rodgers ’50 of Arlington,             Margaret E. Carroll ’76 of Folsom,
Ariz., died April 2, 2008.                      Va., died Dec. 5, 2007.                          Calif., died Dec. 9, 2007.
R. H. Bowlin -37 of Tucson, Ariz., died         Robert “Bob” Exon ’51 of Evergreen,              James E. Hechler ’78 of Old Monroe,
Jan. 15, 2008.                                  Co. died June 4, 2008.                           Mo., died Jan. 13, 2008.
Arlene (Weigner) Dickinson -37 of               Robert K. Johnson ’51 of Berwick,                D. James Dayton, ’81 of Keokuk, Iowa,
Roseville, Calif., died April 5, 2008.          Maine, died Jan. 9, 2008.                        died May 11, 2008.
Betty (Dawson) Turk ’40 of Arlington,           J. Diane (Armstrong) Weber -52 of                Robert A. Califf ’84 of Hamilton, Ill.,
Mass., died Jan. 11, 2008.                      Roselle, Ill., died Feb. 26, 2008.               died May 2, 2008.
Robert O. Yates ’41 of Lansing, Mich.,          Roberta L. Hoy ’54 of Lisle, Ill., died          William E. Cohn -84, died March 7,
died Jan. 9, 2008.                              Jan. 2, 2008.                                    2008.
Horace R. Hughes ’42 of Boonville,              Kenneth J. Jameson ’54 of Lee’s                  Donna A. (Bastean) Siebers ’89 of
Mo., died Feb. 26, 2008.                        Summit, Mo., died Jan. 24, 2008.                 Quincy, Ill., died Oct. 22, 2007.
William F. Burnett -43 of Garnett Park,         Freeda O. (Voorhees) Luker ’56 of La             Jennifer E. Ross -92 of Beardstown,
Md., died Jan. 31, 2008.                        Belle, Mo., died Aug. 19, 2007.                  Ill., died Aug. 1, 2007.
Jane (Kessler) Kurtiss -44 of                   James J. Kraml ’59 of Willowbrook, Ill.,         Marcia Kump, former staff, of
Centennial, Colo. died Oct. 15, 2007.           died March 3, 2008.                              Flowood, Miss. died.
Dorothy (Shirey) Schwartz -44 of                Rayford L. Wright ’59 of Springfield,            Audrey J. Weathers, former staff, died
Spring Hill, Fla., died.                        Ill., died Dec. 20, 2007.                        Dec. 21, 2007
Anna May (Durkee) Barkley -45 of                Mary L. “Charlie” (Wiseman) Reid ’62
Canton, Mo., died Dec. 30, 2007.                of Maywood, Mo., died Feb. 25, 2008.

▼ 26                                                                                            C-SC Chronicle
Alumni and Friends,
     As I reflect on my years as a      weekend, but with a common                   2 . Support the college by
student and member of the               purpose of protecting the place we               engaging in alumni
Canton community I remember             called home for a season.                        events, sponsoring an
the often seamless relationship             This event serves my mind as a               internship, and giving a
between the college and the             metaphor for the critical role our               financial gift annually to
community. In times of trial an         alumni play in preserving and                    ensure the continued
established relationship can take       investing in our Culver-Stockton;                excellence in educating
on a sense of family and can fill the   yesterday, today and tomorrow.                   today’s students.
gap in a questionable journey. As I     When we were students there were             3 . Share your story. Talk
write, this is one of those times.      alumni who gave (and continue to                 about your positive
The great Mississippi is reminding      give) of their time and financial                experience at our beloved
us that she is indeed a force to        resources to ensure our learning                 Culver-Stockton in your
consider as record rain and             and scholarships and they                        social circles, with friends
flooding threatens life as we know      protected our boundaries for sacred              and from your church
it in the Midwest. Volunteers are       learning. Our time here as a                     pew.
hard at work sandbagging to             student may be a distant reflection         So take a moment to
strengthen her established              but our relationship continues and      remember and then take a
boundaries. Your alumni board           the time is now for YOU to be a part    moment to act. What can you do
will meet on campus in the              of our critical work.                   today to help strengthen our
morning and with the same driven            There are three things you can do   college? You really do make a
intention will tend to business         to ensure our presence as a premier     difference! Your response and
quickly then head to the river to       liberal arts college:                   care helps us continue to
help with the effort. I can’t help           1 . Refer a student every year.    strengthen our established
but reminisce about time well                    You can contribute to our      success and continued excellence.
spent at the river developing                    goal of growth by
relationships that can and have                  identifying and referring a       --Kellie (Cox) Capps
lasted a lifetime. For a different               student to Culver-Stockton          June 14, 2008
reason we will gather there this                 each year.

Summer 2008                                                                           27 ▼
                                         U.S. Postage
                                         Canton, MO
One College Hill                          Permit #10
Canton, MO 63435

Address Service Requested
Parents: If this issue is addressed to
your son or daughter who no longer
maintains a permanent address at
home, please notify the Advancement
Office of the new mailing address at
800-755-CATS or at

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