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									IMPROVEMENT EAST UPDATE : 31 July 2009

Performance - 2009 Summer Picnic, menu items ready to order
Efficiency    - ‘Invest to Save’ fund, Overpayment Recovery Service and more…
              - East of England Procurement Hub goes LIVE
Efficiency and LAAs/LSPs - Total Place in the East of England
LAAs and LSPs - Support for meeting the Carbon Reduction Commitment
Improvement East - Team member update

Useful information:
Effective partnership data management – publication from CLG available to download

Events and learning:
Improvement East FREE events:
Use of Resources Improvement Programme
Mietool training

Other events:
The Future of Cost Control in Local Government

Job opportunities:

Performance : Improvement East’s Summer Picnic 2009
Improvement East’s Summer Picnic of support is now available. An allocation of £10,000 per
individual Local Authority and Fire and Rescue Service in the East of England is available to
help your organisation improve performance and increase efficiencies. Menu Items such as
Operational Assessments for Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) which offer a bespoke range of
training and support to FRS, or programmes on political Leadership are just some of the items
available but you must choose your item(s) by 18 September 2009. To access the full Picnic
menu of support and for further information on the Summer Picnic please click here

To learn more about any of Improvement East’s work on Performance, please contact
jane.sullivan@eera.gov.uk T: 01284 729462 M: 07920 257968

Efficiency : Package of Efficiency services to help deliver savings
Improvement East has launched a package of Efficiency services that will help your authority
transform services and deliver hard cashable savings.

The 'Invest to Save' fund can provide financial backing for innovative projects that will help
deliver firm savings to an authority. Interest-free loans from £20,000 - £200,000 are available,
subject to a business case. Click here for more details.

Value for Money (VfM) snapshots is a free service for authorities offered by Tribal Consulting
to provide a high level 'snapshot' of five key services in a local authority such as Adult Social
Care, Waste Disposal etc. The snapshot benchmarks expenditure and performance against
nearest neighbours to produce an easy-to-read summary. For more details on the VfM snapshot
service click here.
Overpayment Recovery Service is designed to lead to the identification and recovery of
overpayments to suppliers. A menu of services is available with the core service being recovery
of duplicate payments. Several authorities in our region have already taken this service up and
seen dramatic payment recovery sums. Improvement East is encouraging all authorities in the
East of England to take up this service. To find out more click here.

To learn more about any of Improvement East’s work on Efficiency, please contact
david.ellis@eera.gov.uk T: 01284 729466

Efficiency : East of England Procurement Hub – now LIVE
The East of England Procurement Hub is an on-line source of valuable information which can
help your authority improve the quality and efficiency of your procurement processes.
Procurement officers, budget holders and colleagues in organisations where there is little or no
procurement support may find it especially useful.

The Procurement Hub has a list of searchable national and regional framework contracts for use
which can avoid the need of having to conduct your own procurement process. A unique and
distinctive feature of our Hub is that it will offer you the ability to rate and review contracts which
may help you with your supplier selection process. It will also give users access to a set of
standard procurement documentation as well as links to information about training, events and
good practice.

Registration to use the Hub is free, please visit www.improvementeast.gov.uk/procurementhub/
or download the information leaflet here.

To learn more on Improvement East’s work on Procurement please contact
eddie.gibson@eera.gov.uk or T: 01284 729467

Efficiency and LAAs/LSPs : Total Place in the East of England
Excitement about the Total Place initiative is sweeping across the local government sector and
the East of England is leading the way, with projects rolling out right across our region. In
addition to the Communities and Local Government (CLG) funded pilot in Luton and Central
Bedfordshire, Improvement East has taken a decision to fund similar pilot projects in Essex and
Cambridgeshire and has provided support to work in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Total Place projects have two elements;

      A Counting aspect that develops a high level overview of public sector spend in a
       locality, followed by ‘deep dives’ into more focused areas of spending. The latter
       may provide an opportunity to identify where a more targeted effort could deliver
       efficiency gains and deliver improved performance.

      This is complemented by the Cultural aspect. This looks at the barriers to partnership
       working and aims to build improved relations between partners. It is intended that these
       improved relations, combined with a better understanding of available resources, will
       enable local authorities and their partners to maintain and improve outcomes for the
       public as budgets shrink.
Improvement East is working with participating local authorities, the Government Office for the
East of England (GO-East) and the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) to ensure
learning from Total Place is shared across our region. Events and other opportunities to share
learning across the East of England will be made available over the coming months.

To find out more on Improvement East’s Total Place work please contact
michelle.nuttall@eera.gov.uk or T: 01284 729479.

For questions or suggestions about the Counting aspect of Total Place, please
contact ricky.fuller@eera.gov.uk or T: 07920 466995.

LAAs and LSPs : Support for meeting the Carbon Reduction Commitment
As part of Improvement East’s commitment to supporting authorities with their Carbon Reduction
Commitment (CRC), and along with other Regional and Improvement Partnerships (RIEPs), we
are funding the roll-out of a toolkit as part of this support. Funded and developed by Capital
Ambition, the RIEP for London, the tool-kit comprises:

      Electronic user guide (non-strategic)
      Self assessment checklists. These are incorporated throughout the User Guide and
       include a marking system to grade user’s preparations and to allow for peer review
      A range of communication material aimed specifically at associated persons, for example
       schools, executive officers and elected Members.
      A set of Word or pdf information leaflets
      A set of PowerPoint slides
      A CRC qualification flowchart and checklist
      A record keeping template which highlights budgetary, cash flow and accrual issues of
       allowance purchase, recycling payments and potential bonus or penalty payments
      A model financial plan for managing cost apportionment and any bonus or penalty

For details of how to access the tool-kit please contact Improvement East’s Climate Change
Partnership Manager davidwebb@eeda.org.uk or call 01223 484685

For further details on Capital Ambition’s London Energy Project, please visit

Improvement East : Team member update
Ricky Fuller joins the Improvement East team on a part-time secondment from Essex County
Council. Ricky will be supporting authorities to facilitate regional learning on all Counting aspects
of the Total Place work. He can be contacted at ricky.fuller@eera.gov.uk or T: 07920 466995

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                      Improvement East updates are online and available at:

Events and learning

Improvement East FREE events:

Use of Resources Improvement programmes
Improvement East is committed to improving the performance of Local Authorities across the
East of England. To help us achieve this, together with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance
and Accountancy (CIPFA) and Grant Thornton, we are delivering a series of Use of Resources
Improvement Programmes, which allow participants to learn about emerging best practice from
experts, share their experiences to date and plan for further improvement.

Dates have now been finalised for the last in our series of Use of Resources Improvement

Each programme lasts for two days and focuses on improvements around the Managing
Resources section of the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE). The courses will be relevant to all
authorities regardless of which KLOE you were assessed against for 2008/9.

3.1 Natural Resources
Date: 7 September and 28 September 2009
Venue: The Trinity Centre, Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0FN
Who should attend ? Heads of Environmental Services/Sustainability or other officers with this

3.2 Strategic Asset Management
Date: 7 October and 21 October 2009
Venue: The Trinity Centre, Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0FN
Who should attend ? Heads of Asset Management or other officers with this remit.

3.3 Workforce
Date: 8 September and 22 September 2009
Venue: The Trinity Centre, Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0FN
Who should attend ? Heads of HR or other officers with this remit.

Each day lasts from 10am until 4pm, with registration from 9.30am. Delegates are expected to
attend both days of the programme.

If you would like to book a place at any of these events, or receive further information, please
contact sue.holder@eera.gov.uk

To learn more about Improvement East’s work on Use of Resources please contact
michelle.nuttall@eera.gov.uk or T: 01284 729479.

Mietool Training
Date: 15 September 2009
Venue: Bedford Lodge Hotel, Newmarket CB8 7BY

For more information and to book for this free training go to:
Other events:
The Future of Cost Control in Local Government
Date: 7 and 8 December 2009
Venue: Crowne Plaza St James, Central London

Hear case studies from leading public sector figures and discover new approaches and
strategies to dealing with cost efficiency guidelines. Speakers include; Lord Filkin, Former
Minister and Chair, 2020 Public Services Trust, Richard Crouch, Head of HR and
Organisational Development at Somerset County Council and Director of Improvement East,
Cecilia Tredget. For more information please click here

                         Information on all Improvement East events are available at

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Interchange opportunities
Interchange is a scheme for the East of England run for the benefit of the Local Government
family. Interchange is the exchange of personnel and good practice between organisations.
Interchange can only be used by organisations within the family and their employees. By
registering you gain access to search the current opportunities available and be alerted to new
opportunities as they arise. If there is nothing that currently meets your requirements, please
contact your Interchange Manager who will be able to make a request on your behalf.

Interchange is now hosted at the Improvement East website for full details of all
opportunities please visit https://interchange.improvementeast.gov.uk All log in details will
remain the same

If you have any difficulties accessing the new system please contact daniel.thorp@eera.gov.uk

Feedback ? Improvement East would like to hear from you. Please contact helen.gregorios-
pippas@eera.gov.uk with comments or suggestions on any aspect of our work.
Improvement East is firmly committed to respecting your privacy. We do not share your information with any third party. If you feel
you have received this email in error or wish to unsubscribe from receiving these updates, then simply click here.

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