Jordanian EFL female Students by stariya


									      Jordanian EFL female Students' Reading Interests


      This study investigates the reading interests of Jordanian
EFL female Students' reading interests in English, the obstacles
hindering their reading efforts, the persons help them choose their
reading materials, the factors which determine their choice of
reading materials and the reasons why they read. The statistical
analysis of the questionnaire returned by 460 respondents
revealed that the students have a wide range of reading interests,
the top of which are stories, adventure books, books about
religion, magazines about the internet, newspaper world events,
magazines about computer, magazines about new advances in
technology, sports magazines, newspaper local interests,
newspaper sports sections, books about the internet, picture
magazines, books about computers, novels, poetry, and plays. On
the other hand, they are found to dislike books about economics.
The findings also showed that the obstacles that hinder their
reading efforts are rare visits to the library, disability to get
books quickly, unavailability of reading materials, time
constraints, lack of local libraries, beliefs of having better things
to do than reading, difficulty of reading materials provided by
English departments, beliefs that improving reading is not as
important as improving other language skills, beliefs that there is
no relationship between reading and other language skills, and
lack of family interests in reading . Furthermore, the findings
revealed that the student choose their reading materials by
interest, teacher's request, the main character, length, literary
quality, and coast. They also showed that the students read for
improving their language, learning something, improving their
academic achievement, keeping in touch with the local, economic,
cultural, scientific, and political developments, improving their
local statues, keeping in touch with what is happening around the
world, and entertainment . In addition, the students depend on
themselves, their teachers, and their friends for choosing their
reading materials.

Key Words: Literacy, Reading Interests, EFL Learners,
Reading, EFL female Students

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