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					    IDAHO FALLS POST 56                                                         SEPTEMBER 2009

Message from the Commander
It looks like summer is fast com-      your Department Officers and see       is growing in our Post, we have re-
ing to a close with lots of great      how the American Legion works          cruited several new members and
activities being completed by your     on a bigger scale, Veterans day is     we are all part of our membership
American Legion Post. We have          coming up with its normal activi-      team. You should carry around
conducted many graveside services      ties, we are going to try to have a    an application for the Legion in
for Veterans - in my opinion it is     Veterans Day/membership drive          your pocket and ask people if they
one of the most important things       combined effort dinner this year       are a Veteran and tell them about
we do to serve Veterans and their      - stay tuned for more informa-         our great programs and see if they
families. We have conducted nu-        tion, we will continue to conduct      would like to join and help us out.
merous flag ceremonies, manned a       graveside honors for all Veterans      Never be afraid to ask. If you
booth for the 4th of July, had our     - call Wayne Schneider to help us      ever have a question or need help
annual picnic and the list goes on     out, we will also continue to go to    talking to someone please let me
and on. Are you involved in your       schools, Churches, scouts, etc. to     know. I am here to help and will
Post? It is not only a great way to    provide flag programs and colors       continue to serve.
give back but it is also a great way   - call Ron Walquist to help out in
to stay active. Lots of things com-    that area, and the list goes on and    — Bob Skinner - Post 56 and
ing up to get involved in - Area C     on. If you want to do something          District 7 Commander
has a meeting in Idaho Falls and       that is very rewarding all you have
this is a great opportunity to meet    to do is get involved. Membership

War Bonnet Rodeo
I am sure that everyone knows that the War Bonnet         us - just bad news that the Rodeo did not happen this
Roundup Rodeo did not happen this year. Given             year. Next year we plan to do it up big since it will
the downturn in the economy and the fact that the         be the 100th anniversary of the War Bonnet Rodeo
majority of our sponsors (Bish’s RV, Smith Group,         so we are planning a big splash for the event next
Sportsman’s Warehouse, Docutech, etc.) are having         year. More to follow as we get closer to next year.
a tough time it looked like our sponsors would not        Thanks for your patience.
have been able to help us much this year. Without                                               — Bob Skinner
sponsors the Rodeo could not happen because the
people through the gate does not equate to enough
money to make the Rodeo happen. For a time it                POST MEETINGS
looked like the Chukars might take over the Rodeo            Post 56 meets the 1st and 3rd
which would have resulted in us losing the conces-
                                                             Monday each month at 7:00 p.m. at the
sion stand earnings - a major fund raiser for us. Now
the same team will run the Rodeo next year and we            Veterans Memorial Building,
will have the concessions as before. Good news for           485 Constitution Way, Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Message from the Adjutant
The 2010 Membership Year began        The 40/ 8 Veterans Organiza-           considering a PUFL at the current
on July 1. 2009. Membership re-       tion has a Nurse Scholarship           rates need to submit their request
newal has been good to date with      Program to assist a student with       by September 21, 2009, so that
61% renewal for 2010. In these        tuition in an accredited nursing       the application can be processed
troubled economic times it is im-     training program. The program          and received at National Head-
portant to have a voice speaking      collects aluminum cans as a fund       quarters before October 1st.
for the veterans. THE AMERI-          raiser. If anyone wishes to donate
CAN LEGION speaks for all             aluminum cans for the scholar-                 — Al Arnold
veterans at the national and state    ship program, please contact Bob                 Post 56 Adjutant
levels. I urge each member to         Skinner.
renew your membership and ask                                   UPCOMING EVENTS
your fellow veterans to join us in    We have received
securing the benefits all veterans    information from          Fall Area C Meeting
have earned by proudly serving        National Headquar-        September 26, 2009
our nation.                           ters that dues for        Area C Meeting (Districts 6, 7, and 8)
                                      Paid Up For Life          Meeting will be held at the Idaho Falls Parks
The American Legion telephone         (PUFL) will be in-        and Recreation Activity Center located on
number has been consolidated          creased significantly     Skyline Drive near the Airport
with other Veterans Service           beginning October         Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.
Organizations. The American           1, 2009. The dues
Legion, VFW, and Veterans Help-       will be about $200 to     POW/MIA Activities
ing Hands Outreach Center have        $300 more than the        POW/MIA Luncheon 9/15/09 at Red Lion
a common Phone Number, (208)          current rates, but a      150 Tickets available
528-8387.                             3 year payment plan       POW/MIA Observance 9/18/09
                                      will also be available.   For Information contact Mike McLendon
                                      Those members
                                                                Veterans Day/Membership Dinner
        AMERICAN LEGION POST OFFICERS                           November 7, 2009
                  2009 – 2010                                   A combined American Legion and VFW dinner
                                                                in the Veterans Memorial Building
 Commander                 Bob Skinner            529-9423      Social Hour 5:00 p.m. with Dinner about 6:00
 1st Vice Commander        Ron Walquist           419-0959      p.m.
 2nd Vice Commander        Jim Sparks             524-2215
                                                                Post Everlasting
 Finance Officer           Bob Woods              522-1883
                                                                November 11, 2009
 Sgt-at-Arms               Bill Robinson          524-3806      8:00 a.m. - Flag Raising at Veterans Memorial
 Chaplain                  Wayne Schneider        522-5319      9:00 a.m. – Post Everlasting Ceremony in Veter-
 Historian                 Richard Zopff          552-5330      ans Memorial Building
 Executive Bd. Member      Floyd Hensley          522-0149
                           Tommy Ogawa            522-5962      Food Convoy
                           John Mucci             529-3620      November 20, 2009
 Service Officer           Jerry Schmidt          221-1724      Food Convoy to Pocatello Veterans Home
 Adjutant                  Allen Arnold           529-0445      November 21, 2009
                                                                Food Convoy to Boise Veterans Home.
 Past Commander            Richard Webber         523-7072
                                                                For Information Contact George Donahue at
 Quartermaster             Leroy Meyer            523-7306
Message from the Auxiliary
Three members from our unit            Auxiliary Americanism Program.         in the mail, remember you don’t get
served on the staff at Syringa Girls                                          reminders for Junior members, so
State this year, Toni Gimpel and       President Chris has asked for          include their $3.00 when you send
Shannon Clements were Deans            members to assist in the collec-       your $25.00 into Lianne. The Mem-
and Adrean Casper was Legislative      tion manufacture coupons for the       bership year is from August 1 until
Chairman, Idaho Falls sent 10 del-     Military Commissary project. Just      July 31 each year, and you’re consid-
egates to Girls State. They excelled   cut out the coupons in the Sunday      ered delinquent after December 31.
in their cities and counties as they   paper and any magazines you might      Please help our unit make our goal
learned about the political process    have, these coupons can be used by     and assist us with the many projects
and how our government works as        military families stationed overseas   that the paying of our dues permit
they established their parties and     at their base commissaries, as a bo-   us to do for our Veterans, their chil-
then ran for city, county and state    nus they can have an expiration date   dren and our community.
offices.                               up to six months expired and still
                                       be used. Chris asks that you bring     We meet at 7 PM on the third Mon-
Once again our unit assisted with      them with you to meetings or get       day of the month. Please call for
the Field of Flags and tied over 200   in touch with any officer and we’ll    a ride if you need one, and try and
yellow ribbons that were put on the    arrange to get them from you. So       invite your neighbor to join with us.
flags for the “Title of Liberty Pa-    bring your coupons and we will add
rade” on June 27th. Sylvia Hansen      them to what we collect and send       Looking forward to the Area C
worked alongside Colleen Ham-          out monthly.                           Meetings in Idaho Falls on Sep-
mond, both unit members, as they                                              tember 26, 2009, as our own Li-
                                 We are also recording our Service/
prepare annually for this event that                                          anne Christesen is our 7th District
gets National recognition for ourVolunteer hours and if you need in-          President and will be conducting the
                                                        formation on          meeting.
                 AMERICAN LEGION                        that please
                AUXILIARY OFFICERS                      call President        SPECIAL NOTE--At this year’s
                     2009 – 2010                        Chris.                Department Convention, Idaho
                                                                              Falls Unit took first place in the
    President                   Chaplain                      You should      History competition.
    Chris Holden                Joyce Stultz                 be getting
    522-2119                    529-2468                     your mem-        — Toni Gimpel - Secretary
                                                             bership re-        Bonneville Unit #56
                                                             newal notices
    Vice President              Sergeant-at-arms
    Lianne Christesen           Shannon Clements
    529-5710                    523-9184

    Secretary/Treasurer         Executive Board
    Toni Gimpel                 Members
    522-5693                    Norma Hart
    Historian                   Sylvia Hansen
    Sherry Dokos                782-0041
P.O. BOX 50275

                                                                 Boys State
  Bonneville County Veterans Ceremonial Team
                                                                 I had the distinct privilege of going to Boys
  The Bonneville County Veterans Memorial has a busy year.
  The team provided Military Honors for over 90 Veterans.        State again this year and serving as one of the
  The Team, along with the Idaho Military Honor Guard, is        Boys State Counselors. What a great experi-
  privileged to provide a final tribute to a deceased veteran.   ence interacting with the leaders of tomorrow.
  The request for Military Honors is usually requested and       Our Post sent six boys and two of them were
  coordinated through the Funeral Service Provider.              elected Governor and Lt. Governor. Hav-
                                                                 ing two of our boys elected to the two top
  The Team is getting smaller due to passing and illness of
                                                                 spots in the organization speaks volumes to
  our members. If you would like to join our team, please
  give me a call.                                                the quality of boys we send from Idaho Falls.
                                                                 You can be very proud of the boys and their
  If any members or former members of the Veterans               accomplishments. I would like to send more
  Memorial Team no longer desire to participate in Military      boys next year and am already working on
  Honors, we would appreciate the return of jackets and          ways to make that happen. If you would like
  coats so they will be available to new members.                to become involved in this effort please let
                                                                 me know.
  Wayne Schneider – 522-5319
                                                                                                 Bob Skinner

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