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									           East Lansing

East Lansing area youths are invited to participate in a one or two week camp at The East Lansing Soccer
Complex, run by the East Lansing High School Soccer Staff, with administrative support provided by the East
Lansing Soccer Club. The camp will be held the weeks of July 18th & July 25th. Sign up for one or both

Under the Direction of East Lansing High School soccer coaches, staff members and E.L. players, campers will
enjoy a positive soccer camp experience. Individual skills will be directed toward children that are age
appropriate and challenging. All campers will receive a T-shirt and instruction in the basic skills and tactics of
the game. It is our goal to deliver quality instruction to all campers in an atmosphere conducive to the
learning process. At each session goalkeeper instruction will be given to all interested campers.

Entering 1st to 4th Grade                                  Mon. thru Thur. 9am to 11am
Entering 5th to 8th Grade                                  Mon. thru Thur. 9am to 11:30am
All High School Students:                                  Mon. thru Thur. 6pm to 8:30pm

   The evening sessions are geared for the high school player who would like to sharpen their skills and prepare for the fall or spring season.

CAMP FEE:     $95 per camper for both sessions, $50 for 2nd member of family, 3rd member Free.
              $60 per camper for one session, $30 for 2nd member of family, 3rd member Free.
REGISTRATION: By mail prior to Saturday, June 4th or during the ELSC Registration Day at the HANNAH
COMMUNITY CENTER from 9AM to 12. There will also be on site registration, however space may be limited.
SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT: Each camper should bring a ball, shin guards, water bottle soccer or athletic shoes.

                       Complete separate registration for each camper, cut along dotted line and return registration(s) with payment.
CAMPER NAME: __________________________________________
I certify that my child named above is in excellent health and may                  Session 1 July 18th to 21st _________
participate in strenuous physical activities. I understand that soccer is a
                                                                                    Session 2 July 25th to 28th _________
physical sport, and will not hold East Lansing Public Schools, East Lansing
Soccer Club, their agents / employees responsible for any injuries                  Session 1 & 2 _________
sustained during participation in the camp. Permission is granted for my
                                                                                    GRADE ENTERING:__________ AGE:________
child to receive emergency medical treatment, if needed and that I certify
that there are no limits to my child’s participation except as stated in            STREET:_______________________________
writing and included with this application.
                                                                                    CITY:___________________             ZIP:_________

---------------------------------------------                   -------------       PARENTS PHONE:________________________               PARENTS
Signature of Parent/Guardian                                    Date
Please Circle T-Shirt Size                                                          MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:
                                                                                    EAST LANSING SOCCER CLUB
Youth       Small       Medium            Large                                     SEND PAYMENT AND APPLICATION TO:
Adult       Small       Medium            Large        XLarge                       EAST LANSING SOCCER CLUB, P.O. BOX 345,
                                                                                    EAST LANSING MI 48826-0345
         SOCCER CAMP
       JULY 18TH TO 21ST
       JULY 25TH TO 28TH

        CAMP IS AT THE

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