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									                            BATH & NORTH EAST SOMERSET COUNCIL

                                          JOB DESCRIPTION

                                                                  20492A Team A
                                                                  20492B Team B
                                                                  20492 Team C

                                                                  GRADE: L (247 points)


                                     2 ASSISTANT PENSIONS OFFICERS


1.       PURPOSE OF JOB.

         Achieve an efficient and effective service for an allocated portfolio of participating
          employers (approx. 20) in the Avon Pension Fund (APF) and be responsible for all
          aspects of calculating and providing pension benefits for their members (currently
          over 10,000 actives).

         Direct, organise and manage the application by the Benefits Team of the Local
          Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Regulations on behalf of the Participating
          Employers (Local Authorities, Admitted Bodies and Scheduled Bodies) in APF.
          Similar duties exist for 750 members of the Fire-fighters Pension Scheme (FPS).

         To give advice and provide information to individuals, groups of staff,
          employers/admitted bodies and trade unions on all matters relating to the LGPS and


     (a) Functional

     1.    Organise the work of the benefits team ensuring correct interpretation of complex
           LGPS Regulations in the calculation of members’ benefits and give guidance to both
           employees and employers participating in the Fund.

     2.    To undertake and ensure completion and accuracy of calculations which require
           detailed knowledge of procedures and complex regulations. These will include
           redundancy, efficiency, death cases and spouses benefits calculations. Authorise
           payment of benefits up to a cash value of £25,000 per case).

     3.    Be the focal point for provision of information to employers’ staff. Provide training
           and guidance to them on any aspect of the Regulations or administrative process.
           Maintain effective working relationships with their key Personnel and Payroll staff.
4.   Provide advice and training to the employers’ staff on their responsibilities for the
     provision of information to allow the proper administration of the Avon Pension Fund
     and to contribute to the employers’ manual.

5.   Ensure timely provision of specialist pension information to solicitors in respect of
     pending divorce proceedings and insurance claims within strict legal deadlines

6.   Prepare and provide information for the DSS and Inland Revenue to enable
     calculation of contracting out and tax liabilities. Arrange and authorise the payment
     of the all sums required in accordance with current legislation.

7.   Respond to members’ enquiries on purchasing additional benefits in the Avon
     Pension Fund and provide information and non-financial advice on:

        the payment of AVCs - obtain and provide detailed information in conjunction
         with the in-house AVC provider on projected AVC benefits. Implement and
         monitor procedures to ensure that AVCs are invested within contracted dates.

        the purchase of Added Years, including estimates of cost.

        Conversion of AVC funds into service credits in the LGPS.

8.   In cases of severe ill health, visit members at home if required and give confidential
     and compassionate pensions advice.

9.   Make presentations to members, employers and councillors on various aspects of
     the Local Government Pension Scheme. Participate in regular meetings with unitary
     authorities and with education authority representatives to advise the effect of
     changes in the Local Government Regulations and to receive and act upon
     feedback on the standard of service provided to them.

10. Keep up to date on the changes in legislation affecting members’ pensions (such as
    the introduction of Partners Pensions, Pensions and Divorce, Stakeholder Pensions,
    Councillors Pensions) and their implications for members of the LGPS and FPS
    Provide advice to members as required.

(b)    Managerial
1. Plan and continuously monitor the work of the team to maximise efficiency and
    ensure the level of service is within the guidelines set out in Service Level
    Agreements. Interpret the Regulations governing the Local Government, Fire-
    fighters’ scheme and other relevant legislation and to ensure working practices are
    updated to incorporate any changes. Review work of the other benefits team, if

2.   Contribute to the continued development of the service, in particular, the delivery of
     service plan targets, efficient use of systems and the implementation of a call

3.   In accordance with the Service Level/Partnership Agreements, set up and attend
     quarterly meetings with employers’ senior representatives to review the
     performance of each partner. To identify and resolve any local issues/problems and
     continually seek ways of mutually increasing work efficiency to provide an improved
     and more effective service.
4.   Monitor work prepared by team members to ensure that the correct procedures are
     being followed and that all regulations are complied with. Review the calculations
     undertaken by the benefits team Authorise all new pensions coming into payment
     and lump sums up to a cash value of £25,000 per case.

5.   Promote and support the development of effective team working, ensuring that
     team members are both trained and motivated and have the opportunity to
     maximise and develop personal potential within the Council’s service aims and
     policies. Carry out annual appraisals of reporting staff.

6.   Recruit, develop and train staff in any new procedures and requirements that are
     introduced by the relevant Regulations. Provide team members with Council
     information following the issue of monthly Core and Local Briefs..

7.   Take on any other work allocated by the Pension Benefits Manager or Pensions
     Manager commensurate with the Grade.

8.   To deputise for the Pensions Benefit Manager, other team leaders and organise
     the work of that team in their absence.


1.   Educated to degree level or able to demonstrate substantial experience in this field
     at a senior level, preferably holding or studying for a relevant qualification in
     pensions, such as the Pensions Management Institute.

2.   At least 5 years experience in pension administration with at least 3 years at a
     supervisory level..

3.   Knowledge of the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations or an in depth
     understanding and significant working experience of final salary schemes. A
     working knowledge of relevant legislation including Inland Revenue Rules and DSS
     Regulations is essential.

4.   The ability to successfully lead and motivate a multifunctional pension benefits
     team. Excellent inter-personal skills with the ability to work well under pressure

5.   Experience of working with Lynx Heywood AXIS Pension Software desirable.

    (a) Individual

   There are 3 benefit teams which administer the pension benefits of over 30,000 active
   members of the Avon Pension Fund for more than 60 diverse employing bodies
   (including 4 unitary bodies, education and other admitted bodies).; in addition, it also
   deals with all aspects of the Fire-fighters Pension Scheme for fire-fighters in the Avon
   Fire Brigade.

    (b) Total
 Avon Pension Fund
       Size of Fund                                                      £1.51 billion
       Employing Bodies                                                  60+
       Total Income & Expenditure
               Contribution Income                                       £56 million
               Pensions in Payment                                       £61 million
               Lump Sums & Death Grants                                  £ 7million
               Transfers In                                              £10 million
               Transfers Out                                             £ 8 million
               Active                                                    34,048
               Pensioners                                                16,467
               Deferred                                                  10,626
                                                                         61,141 Total
 Firefighters’ Pension Scheme
                Pensioners                                                 582
                Actives and Deferreds                                      728
                Annual Payments                                             £4.7 million

 DATE EFFECTIVE: 31.03.2002

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