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                | C1 of 105 | Next    D+    C              by darthgrader7-Oct-08 profile) Oct 7, 2008
                                                  It was boring               (movies
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                | B+ of 105 | Next
                                B     B+    B+              the hotties from the game? Jun 29, 2008
                                                                            (movies profile)
                                                  Wheresby dayhnt71729-Jun-08
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                                F     F     F              by lajollacindy 6-Jun-08
                                                  T & A for everyone (movies profile) Jun 6, 2008
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                | B+ of 105 | Next
                                C+    B+    A              by wonkasprouse (movies profile) May 29,
                                                  *TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOWS MOVIES* 2008
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                                A+    A+    A+                           25-May-08
                                                  great by (movies profile) May 25,
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                | C+ of 105 | Next
                                C+    C     C+             by Sake... It\\'s (movies profile) Apr 12, 2008
                                                  For Pity\\'scrashcordovaa movie based on a game!
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                | B7 of 105 | Next    B+    A-             by dieceseis (movies profile) Mar 27, 2008
                                                  Not great...but a decent watch
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                | B8 of 105 | Next    B+    A-             by gerrys_movie_tips (movies profile) Mar 1, 2008
                                                  Hardly DOA                1-Mar-08
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                                C+    C     B-             by dieselinjected (movies profile) Feb 21, 2008
                                                  Game --> Film = Bad Idea!21-Feb-08
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                | D10 of 105 | Next   F     C              waste...        13-Feb-08
                                                  What a by timelord76 (movies profile) Feb 13, 2008
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                                C     C-    B-                               (movies
                                                     2006 by flamepurge 7-Feb-08profile) Feb 7, 2008
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                                D+    D     D+             by not          28-Jan-08
                                                  Bad; fan orcrabdog62482 (movies profile) Jan 28, 2008
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                | A+ of 105 | Next
                                B-    B     A+             by gpkonicki 25-Dec-07
                                                                           ... ever
                                                  Best fight film ... well(movies profile) Dec 25, 2007
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                | F14 of 105 | Next   D+    F              by hamid_zaker1 the rating
                                                                            by (movies
                                                  Male Nudity is meant23-Dec-07 profile) Dec 23, 2007
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                | F15 of 105 | Next   C     C              by samuraifa451 (movies
                                                                          funny to watch
                                                  So bad it\\'s actually 15-Dec-07 profile) Dec 15, 2007
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                | B+ of 105 | Next
                                B-    B     A               it suz9991 (movies profile) Dec 1, 2007
                                                                             the One!!
                                                  For Fun,by is Definitely1-Dec-07
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                                A     A     A                                (movies
                                                  good by kenakers206-Nov-07profile) Nov 6, 2007
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                | B18 of 105 | Next   A+    A               good movie for a game!
                                                  A Damnby blu_jayc (movies profile) Nov 4, 2007
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                                C     B-    B-             by Kaan19 (movies profile) Oct 29, 2007
                                                  Ain\\'t that bad bro! 29-Oct-07
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                                B     B-    B+    doa                        (movies
                                                           by bclobes_61 7-Oct-07profile) Oct 7, 2007
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                | A21 of 105 | Next   B-    A              fun               3-Oct-07
                                                  A lot of by zipchewiebang (movies profile) Oct 3, 2007
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                                B-    C+    B              by rickv92c 29-Sep-07
                                                  What you pay for (movies profile) Sep 29, 2007
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                | B- of 105 | Next
                                C     C     B              by chantal9311 (movies profile) Sep 29, 2007
                                                  Game vs movie            29-Sep-07
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                                D+    C-    B              by tracer300 (movies
                                                  DOA - Dead or Alvie Review profile) Sep 22, 2007
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                | B- of 105 | Next
                                C+    B+    B              by or Alive 19-Sep-07
                                                  DOA: Deadeasilydissolvedinwater (movies profile) Sep 19, 2007
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                                A-    B+    A+             by zoraalam_14 (movies
                                                  great action movie! 18-Sep-07 profile) Sep 18, 2007
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                | A+ of 105 | Next
                                A+    A+    A+                             18-Sep-07
                                                  Perfect!by alexcbadion (movies profile) Sep 18, 2007
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                | C+ of 105 | Next
                                C     B+    A-             by Braunwyne (movies profile) Sep 18, 2007
                                                  Just what you\\'d expect 18-Sep-07
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                | D+ of 105 | Next
                                D     D-    C                              18-Sep-07
                                                  Damn! by dreamerbigger (movies profile) Sep 18, 2007
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                | C+ of 105 | Next
                                C     C     C+             by valarie_9503717-Sep-07
                                                  Not a bad movie after all (movies profile) Sep 17, 2007
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                | A31 of 105 | Next   A     A+              Game then Watch the profile)
                                                  Play theby devoted212 (moviesMovie! Sep 17, 2007
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                | B- of 105 | Next
                                C+    B-    C-             by              16-Sep-07
                                                  Not to Badcutiemiax (movies profile) Sep 16, 2007
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                | F33 of 105 | Next   F     F              by just doesn\\'t get (movies profile) Sep 15, 2007
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                | A34 of 105 | Next
                                A     A     A              by Movie 11-Sep-07
                                                  Very Goodcurtisstryker316 (movies profile) Sep 11, 2007
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                | B+ of 105 | Next
                                B-    B+    B+             by              11-Sep-07
                                                  Good fun (movies profile) Sep 1
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                | F36 of 105 | Next   F     F              worst           10-Sep-07
                                                  all time by (movies profile) Sep 10, 20
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                | A37 of 105 | Next   A     A+             by krazeeeeboi (movies profile) Sep 10, 2007
                                                  LOOOVED IT!!!!           10-Sep-07
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                | C+ of 105 | Next
                                B-    C     B+                             10-Sep-07
                                                  Um... by tlarseth (movies profile) Sep 10, 2007
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                | F39 of 105 | Next
                                F     F     F              by brushrop03 (movies
                                                  HORRIBLE MOVIE!! 10-Sep-07 profile) Sep 10, 2007
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                | B+ of 105 | Next
                                C+    B+    B               Pleasure. Surprisingly Entertaining!
                                                  A Guiltyby joeahinc (movies profile) Sep 10, 2007
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                | A41 of 105 | Next   N/A   N/A            by spectrecw 10-Sep-07
                                                  An Action Flick you\\'ll enjoy profile) Sep 10, 2007
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                | B+ of 105 | Next
                                B-    B-    B               bad. Probably not worth $10 ...
                                                  Not tooby adeadkid (movies profile) Sep 10, 2007
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                | F43 of 105 | Next   F     D+             by gave A+ must (movies profile) Sep 10, 2007
                                                  those who edensoul2002 be ...
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                | B- of 105 | Next
                                B-    B     B+              considering... 10-Sep-07
                                                  Not badby angellusravenix (movies profile) Sep 10, 2007
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                | D+ of 105 | Next
                                C     D-    C+              heck            (movies profile) Sep 10, 2007
                                                  wat theby ericchanlol10-Sep-07
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                | D- of 105 | Next
                                B-    C+    D+                             10-Sep-07
                                                  WHY!! by ilb_v5 (movies profile) Sep 10, 2007
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                | F47 of 105 | Next   F     F              by movie        10-Sep-07
                                                  Game into greenteam22003 (movies profile) Sep 10, 2007
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                | C48 of 105 |   Next
                                  D     C     B-             by Garbage! 10-Sep-07
                                                    Wonderfulsithlord_kerja_relon (movies profile) Sep 10, 2007
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                | A- of 105 |    Next
                                  B-    A     A               the 1st Mortal Kombat....
                                                    Close toby dch_yang (movies profile) Sep 6, 2007
50   Previous      50     A+
                | C+ of 105 |    Next
                                  A+    A+    A+             by tedoboom22 (movies profile) Sep 6, 2007
                                                    Girls Girls Girls        6-Sep-07
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                | B- of 105 |    Next
                                  B     B     A+             by backinblack343 (movies profile) Sep 5, 2007
                                                    Best fighting action around..
52   Previous      52     B+
                | A+ of 105 |    Next
                                  A+    A+    A+             by              4-Sep-07
                                                    amazing! rhun_caradhras (movies profile) Sep 4, 2007
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                | B+ of 105 |    Next
                                  C     C+    A              by phat_tony_2003 (movies profile) Sep 1, 2007
                                                    hot chicks ^_^           1-Sep-07
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                | A+ of 105 |    Next
                                  A+    A+    A+             by flowerandpetal (movies profile) Aug 16, 2007
                                                    This show rocks!       16-Aug-07
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                | A- of 105 |    Next
                                  B+    B+    A+                             3-Aug-07
                                                    Great by kiki0000001 (movies profile) Aug 3, 2007
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                | C+ of 105 |    Next
                                  C     C+    B-             best but not the worst.
                                                    Not the by cloudn9ne2002 (movies profile) Jul 19, 2007
57   Previous      57     N/A
                | A+ of 105 |    Next
                                  N/A   N/A   N/A            by cripticmother (movies profile) Jul 15, 2007
                                                    D.O.A Dead or Alive Review
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                | F58 of 105 |   Next
                                  F     F     F              by and so so so movie of all time!
                                                    So so so.....mastermix01 (movies profile) Jul 10, 2007
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                | C+ of 105 |    Next
                                  C     C     A+             by aboveground65 (movies profile) Jul 6, 2007
                                                    Best fighting scenes.. 6-Jul-07
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                | B- of 105 |    Next
                                  C     B-    B+             by FUN         27-Jun-07
                                                    GOOD FORjhn_hadjioannou (movies profile) Jun 27, 2007
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                | D- of 105 |    Next
                                  N/A   N/A   N/A            by aceofall1984 (movies
                                                    Bad, bad and just bad25-Jun-07 profile) Jun 25, 2007
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                | F62 of 105 |   Next
                                  F     F     F              by boguss_2002 (movies profile) Jun 22, 2007
                                                    DOA is DOA              22-Jun-07
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                | B+ of 105 |    Next
                                  B     B+    B+             by chris7108922-Jun-07
                                                    good movie worth seeing  (movies profile) Jun 22, 2007
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                | F64 of 105 |   Next
                                  F     F     F              by m33rak (movies profile) Jun 22, 2007
                                                    Simply BAD!             22-Jun-07
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                | D65 of 105 |   Next
                                  D+    N/A   N/A            by kaitchison (movies profile) Jun
                                                    This project was doomed from the start 22, 2007
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                | A66 of 105 |   Next
                                  B     B+    A+             by gsoct29 (movies profile) Jun 22, 2007
                                                    not a bad job           22-Jun-07
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                | D- of 105 |    Next
                                  D+    C-    C              worst movie of a videogame profile) bad
                                                    Not the by rafael_vazquez89 (movies but still Jun 22, 2007
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                | F68 of 105 |   Next
                                  F     F     D-             by             21-Jun-07
                                                    ewwwww spongebobiscool2 (movies profile) Jun 21, 2007
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                | A69 of 105 |   Next
                                  B-    B+    A              by buellfirebolt03 it?
                                                                            like (movies
                                                    oh really you didn\\'t 20-Jun-07 profile) Jun 20, 2007
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                | F70 of 105 |   Next
                                  F     F     F               hate the series and this too
                                                    I alwaysby mystikher (movies profile) Jun 20, 2007
71   Previous      71     B-
                | B- of 105 |    Next
                                  B     B     B              by it was SUPPOSED to be funny
                                                    I hope thatadboorman (movies profile) Jun 19, 2007
72   Previous      72     A+
                | A+ of 105 |    Next
                                  A+    A+    A+             by is awesome!!!
                                                    This Moviegmr2000s (movies profile) Jun 19, 2007
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                | D+ of 105 |    Next
                                  F     D     B              by             18-Jun-07
                                                    ok at best musicman40012002 (movies profile) Jun 18, 2007
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                | D74 of 105 |   Next
                                  D     D     B+             by yp_ed_oswego (movies profile) Jun 18, 2007
                                                    90210 with spies        18-Jun-07
75   Previous      75     A+
                | A+ of 105 |    Next
                                  A+    A+    A+             Silly Movie!!!18-Jun-07
                                                    A Great by ChefHyde (movies profile) Jun 18, 2007
76   Previous      76     B
                | A- of 105 |    Next
                                  B     A-    A-             by             18-Jun-07
                                                    LOVED IT! chuyito25 (movies profile) Jun 18, 2007
77   Previous      77     C
                | B- of 105 |    Next
                                  C     B-    B              by tuong_ng89 (movies profile) years 2007
                                                    Better than Mortal Kombat if it were 12Jun 17,ago.
78   Previous             B-
                | B78 of 105 |   Next
                                  B-    B+    A+             by x1999sonata (movies profile) Jun
                                                    Much better than most of the crap out there17, 2007
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                | C79 of 105 |   Next
                                  B-    D     B                             17-Jun-07
                                                    Belatedby hhhshadydave (movies profile) Jun 17, 2007
80   Previous      80     C
                | B- of 105 |    Next
                                  C-    C+    B-             by mumblesorus (movies
                                                    So bad its kinda good.17-Jun-07 profile) Jun 17, 2007
81   Previous             F
                | F81 of 105 |   Next
                                  D-    F     D-             by ps3forchampion
                                                    This is not Dead or Alive (movies profile) Jun 17, 2007
82   Previous      82     A+
                | A+ of 105 |    Next
                                  A+    A+    A+              Action Movie! 17-Jun-07
                                                    Kick Assby movieexp3rt (movies profile) Jun 17, 2007
83   Previous             C
                | B83 of 105 |   Next
                                  C     B+    A-             by is          17-Jun-07
                                                    It is what itthe_leaden_echo (movies profile) Jun 17, 2007
84   Previous             F
                | F84 of 105 |   Next
                                  F     F     D-             by (movies profile) Jun 17, 2007
                                                    HORRIBLE!!!             17-Jun-07
85   Previous      85     D-
                | D- of 105 |    Next
                                  F     F     D-              Half naked girls
                                                    Dead orby erdiawanputra (movies profile) Jun 17, 2007
86   Previous      86     N/A
                | D- of 105 |    Next
                                  N/A   N/A   N/A            be Merciful 16-Jun-07
                                                    I would by dimitrispappous (movies profile) Jun 16, 2007
87   Previous      87     N/A
                | C+ of 105 |    Next
                                  N/A   N/A   N/A            by layneisnotreal (movies
                                                    Nancy Drew: A breath of fresh air!profile) Jun 16, 2007
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                | A88 of 105 |   Next
                                  C+    B     A              by emharris2003 (movies profile) Jun 16, 2007
                                                    Action-Packed           16-Jun-07
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                | F89 of 105 |   Next
                                  F     F     C                             16-Jun-07
                                                    Rubbishby skatersonic2002 (movies profile) Jun 16, 2007
90   Previous      90     C
                | A- of 105 |    Next
                                  B     A     A+             by keanpat (movies
                                                    DON\\'T TAKE IT SERIOUS profile) Jun 16, 2007
91   Previous      91     C
                | C+ of 105 |    Next
                                  C     C     C+              it zero0jrn (movies profile) Jun 16, 2007
                                                                             10 dollars?
                                                    DOA - Isby worth your16-Jun-07
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                | F92 of 105 |   Next
                                  D     C     A              by Hollywood16-Jun-07
                                                    When Will griff7882 (movies profile) Jun 16, 2007
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                | D93 of 105 |   Next
                                  B     D     B              by have to say anything?
                                                    UGHH do i (movies profile) Jun 16, 2007
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                | F94 of 105 |   Next
                                  C-    C     A+              movie last year!
                                                                            (movies profile) Jun 15, 2007
                                                    Had thisby yarbleman15-Jun-07
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                 | F95 of 105 | Next
                                 F      F     F                            15-Jun-07
                                                    OMG by carlos_garcia714 (movies profile) Jun 15, 2007
 96   Previous      96     B-
                 | D+ of 105 | Next
                                 D      D-    C-             by thewandererjb (movies profile) Jun 15, 2007
                                                    DOA is Dead            15-Jun-07
 97   Previous      97     C
                 | A+ of 105 | Next
                                 C      C     A+             by Wigs_01 But Lots Of Fun
                                                    Cheesy As Anything (movies profile) Jun 15, 2007
 98   Previous      98     N/A
                 | B- of 105 | Next
                                 N/A    N/A   N/A            by aim_high_20012001 (movies profile) Jun 15, 2007
                                                    Better than Street Fighter
 99   Previous      99     N/A
                 | A+ of 105 | Next
                                 N/A    N/A   N/A            by (movies profile) Jun 14, 20
                                                    great movie            14-Jun-07
100   Previous      100 105 | B-
                 | A- of A       Next   B     A+                           14-Jun-07
                                                    AOD by juana_pgenesis (movies profile) Jun 14, 2007
101   Previous      101 105 | D
                 | B- of C       Next   B     B+             by            12-Jun-07
                                                    a lot of funchaostear (movies profile) Jun 12, 2007
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                 | C102 of N/A | N/A    N/A   N/A            by steveo151500 action profile)
                                                                           the (movies
                                                    no doubt its bad, but 12-Jun-07 was good Jun 12, 2007
103   Previous      103 105
                 | B+ of B- | C+ Next   B-    A              by onslaught_7777 (movies profile) Jun
                                                                            but its fun
                                                    Ok not Oscar winning12-Jun-07 and watchable 12, 2007
104   Previous      104 105 | B
                 | B+ of B       Next   B     A               Video Game 12-Jun-07
                                                    Anotherby mb42375 (movies profile) Jun 12, 2007
105   Previous      105 105
                 | A+ of B- | A  Next   A+    A+             by or Alive (2007) Review
                                                    DOA: Deadwpark1982subzero (movies profile) Jun 12, 2007
That pretty much game movie usually arent that good as it is, but this one had some good idea, I mean it will remind
This movie is better than previous fighting game based games. Way better than Mortal Kombat (although all the characters o
                                                                1 of 3 from looking at the poster and advertising. I love that stuff c
These babes must have tight bodies to be in this film. That\'s justpeople found this review helpful
                         or Alive to be a good movie after seeingof 37trailer for it online. review helpful little worried that this mo
                                                                15 the people found this I admit I was a
I expected DOA Dead
                                                                4 a little boring during review helpful
movie. if you\'ve played the video game, you\'ll get it. it wasof 5 people found thissome parts, but i got the idea and left prett
                                                                19 the next time around, you should know
If you\'re looking for something that\'s going to win an Oscar of 25 people found this review helpful better than to attend su
I have to start off by saying that the game series is surely better than the movie, but this was still okay in its own way. A few of
This was a good, entertaining movie. Forget the d--- video game comparisons and whining. This film stands on its own as a go
                                                                1 of 3 people in bikinis review each other...I had to see it. But, I w
For some reason the trailer looked cool, and since there were hot babesfound thisfighting helpful
                                                                1 of based on the popular video fighting
DOA: Dead Or Alive(2007) was supposed to be a kickass movie 1 people found this review helpful game featuring busty babe
the film came out in 2006 not 2007 well in england it came out september 2006. The film was not that good anyway it focuse
DOA: The failed attempt at a movie, is another example of the movie industry not knowing jack crap about its demographics.
                                                                   of 1 people found this review art film.
If you are looking for top notch directing, acting, and story,1look elsewhere. This is NOT an helpful However, if you are looking
                                                                1 got MALE nudity.Story, Romance, Loyalty to game, its got none o
Action: GARBAGE! Don\' also go there to look at babes, theyof 4 people found this review helpful
I only watched this movie for two reasons: the first because one of my friends dumbly paid two bucks to watch this (and I stil
The story was but girls actions are always good to watch. Who likes Holly Valance or Sarah Carter, they must should no
this movie does a good job keeping your attention it has it all boats fast cars beautiful women it has pleny of action a must se
I heard a lot of bad stuff about this movie, but for what I seen, it was damn good, now if you look at back to back which I did i
No one can say the opposite:DOA is sure not going to be an Oscar winner!But this type of movies have a unique way of conne
this movie was acutally alot better than most people thought i was gonna be its a shame it didnt come out in thetre\\'s but a
                         movie that gets good reviews from critics. However, critics seem to only like romantic comedies and fore
                                                                4 of 5 people found this review helpful
This isn\'t the kind of
No this movie is not going to win awards. But you get exactly what you pay for. It has fighting, sexy wemon, and cheesy acting
not as long as i thought it would be, but it helped me understand whats going on in the game at least cuz i didnt know what t
Special effects were good, acting was poor, story line was poor. The action in the movie was okay, this was poor attempt on c
Okay, stop me if you heard this before...A secret tournament filled with some of the planet\\'s greatest fighters is run by a sha
outstanding movie ever. it is just like the game. the game is ofcourse better. in the movie Holly Valance(Christe) was the best
                                                                2 of 4 people found this review helpful
I love this movie, that\'s what i do always expectViva Kazumi!I like her moves in the movie. I like it because it\'s not boring an
                         video game (fighting and volleyball) and out of thisfound this review helpfulDOA is right up your alley.I w
                                                                5 of 7 people world fight scenes then
If you\'re a fan of the
                         has taken ages to get to the theatres, not 42 people found acting is really, really, bad. The fight scenes l
                                                                27 of a good sign. The this review helpful
Damn! For starters, it
                         another T&A movie and would not have rented this on my own. It was a 2-day rental that almost went
I did NOT want to see
I have seen a ton of bad reviews for this movie, gripes on the acting or the unrealistic fight sequences, and I am certain that al
                                                                1 of 1 people found paid for it. but i bought it and i thought it was
It reminded me of mortal combat. but it dont matter to me cause i aint gettingthis review helpful
                                                                1 of 1 people found this come helpful
What Hollywood doesn\'t get is that people want to see their favorite video gamesreview to life. The characters, the levels, an
DOA is a fantastic movie.I thought the fight scenes were amazing and the acting was just as good.To me DOA was action pack
The movie was fun and entertaining it did not revolve much into the game, but overall it was entertaining. If you are expectin
                          worst all time worstall time worst all time worst all time worstall time worst all time worst all time wors
all time worst all time
                                                                1 of its a FUN, fast this review helpful
Seriously, if u try to take this movie seriously dont even bother,9 people foundpaced movie, and the chicks r hot!!!i loved ever
                                                                1 is available for purchase on DVD, wonder where Yahoo Movies g
One thing, this movies has already been out in theaters, andof 3 people found this review helpful
                                                                2 of people found I LOVE DOA. PLAYED
                                                                4 movies, HATED shrek 3, hated helpful
I\'m normally really tough on movies... (i.e. hated the x-menof 11 people found this review just about every movie this year),
                                                                chicks in skimpy outfits. Some helpful
DOA is exactly what you think it is. An action flick with hot 2 of 2 people found this reviewgood fight scenes. A story that is sim
                         are worth $10 anymore.This was quiteof bit better foundboth review helpful and Street Fighter. The sto
                                                                2 a 2 people than this Mortal Kombats
but not many movies
                                                                 are 9 people found this review helpful
those who gave this movie A+ must be retar_ _. or idio_!!!3 of they on the director\'s payroll or something?? .. or maybe they
                         based off of a game license. With that of 3 people found this for the helpful it does change up several
                                                                3 said, prepare yourself review fact that
First off, it\'s a movie
                                                                4 of 8 in 2005 or earlier??? i swear it\'s
wasn\'t this movie released in cinemas sometime back? perhaps people found this review helpful been available on DVD for s
                          MOVIE WAS AWFULL ONE OF THE ALLof 19 people found this review helpful this I love the game but t
                                                                8 TIME WORST it could be an better than
I knew the game . but
                                                                10 out yourself, Double Dragon Super Mario, Street Fighter, Morta
Do really needed to write a review? Couldnt you just figure it of 20 people found this review helpful
                                                                  cinemas or what? DOA came out helpful
Man, has it taken long enough for this film to hit American10 of 14 people found this review in the UK in September 2006 for
You know this movie was actually better than I thought it would be. There a few flaws, but the entire movie wasn\\'t bad. 1st
This movie had the potential to be outright amazing. It wasn\\'t. The fight scenes were rather spectacular. But the main draw
This movie isn\\'t all that great as far as acting goes although I would call it a step above all the cheesy kung fu movies. The fig
excellent since the beginning up to the ending. WOW! I never expected that!!! I hope to see a second part.
                         movie stuck to the concept of the DOA videogames, which is a bunch of hot chicks and some very good
I like the fact that the
I love this show, it has so much action! I even have that X-box game! It is a must watch! After I watched it, I could not sleep!!!
If you like the video game then you will like this movie. The fight scene\\'s were really good. Non stop martial arts. Amazing. I
90% of video game movies never live up to the hype as always so I guess this is just another victim. I must say I feel this was w
I loved this film because it had a ot of great acting they picked the perfect people. This film rocks because it takes after my fav
I never thought this film is ever gonna make it in the US Market...It was the most so so so and more so so so movie of all time
This movie had the best fighting scenes I have ever seen basically. The acting and storyline could have used alittle push howe
doa is certainly a movie made for funthere is no much of a story, the acting is nothing special only the visuals and the fight sce
                                                                 4 of 8 a month ago this review helpful
I guess I must have seen a bootlegged copy, but i saw this movie people foundand it had the worst story, action and everythin
That fact that this movie even existed at all is a disgrace to the video game. Spare yourself the agony and stay away from this
the girls are hot, and that makes it ten times better. the story was good too... it kept your attention. I\\'d recommend it to m
                        this movie is 100% DEAD, sorry but if you liked this flick, I dont know what to say. A movie named after
Dead or Alive, please
                        this, so I\\'ll just come out and do so. I\\'m a fan of DOA. And I will be the first to admit that one of the m
Nobody else has said
It was a good movie, nice women to look at. This movie is not to taken serious but to be watch as a fun movie. The video gam
This is Dead or alive and it sucks. Hope the people doing Soul Calibur Doesnt Screw upBy the way the first place of bad game m
                        the worst film of the year. its even hard to call it a film. this film should be banned from every theater.
one word yuck this is
Now if you didn\\'t enjoy this movie your one of two thing, some who can\\'t sit back and enjoy some mindless entertainmen
I watched it and thought it wasn\\'t worth my 8 dollars at the theather. I don\\'t know why i even watch it. my brother forced
I want to think that the people who made this film had their tongue in cheek when they made it.It was funny. The fight scenes
               has a lot of action and a lot of cool moves too. YEAH!!!! THIS MOVIE ROCKS!!!!!
Yeah this movie kicks
the acting was HORRIBLE script and HORRIBLE emotions if the actors had any? The story --- obviously if your expecting an osc
                         something chick flick, yeah bad girls with nice butts....all good if you turn off your mind and say I wanna
okay it\\'s another 20
I went with the finacee and her 16 year old daughter...As a guy it was awesome, non-stop action and hot ladies... The finacee
                        movie and well what do you expect. Its a fun movie to watch; love all the fighting scenes. I especially lov
Yeah it a game-based
                         the bone, my cousin could not stop laughing at the horrible acting and predictable plot. But the fight sc
This movie is corny to
                        those guys who finds cheap entertainment out of lowbudget, lowquality films I find myself greatly supri
Seeing as I am one of
This was a good movie when i saw it 5 months ago. I guess it was leaked onto the internet, but i was awaiting the day that it w
This really isn\\'t the best movies in the world, but its highly enjoyable to watch. The acting isnt that great, in fact some of it i
Just don\\'t watch this movie at all. Don\\'t rent!! Don\\'t Buy!! Even if your die hard fan like me!! I play every game in this Se
This movie is awsome, it has so much action, and fighting and hot babes. Go see this movie its worth seeing over and over ag
Yahoo\\'s recommendation was that I would not like this movie. Wrong!Sure it\\'s cheesy, but it is not offensive and any movi
Another trash movie based o a video game. Bass, Zack, Ayane, Gen Fu look like stupid *****in freaks. Really terrible acting an
I saw the whole movie for the two sexy blondes and the pretty hot ,ADMIT Asian girl. It was absolutely the worst sci-fu flickie
It was such a joy to go to a movie that was wholesome and had no bad language, nudity or drug use/drinking... Fun for my wh
This movie was packed with action and it had lots of fighting in it and the fighting wasn\\'t crappy.If your in to action movies y
                                                                   of ***** would someone make a movie about this? There is no p
Video game into movie = bad, in this case, VERY BAD! Why1the 2 people found this review helpful
                         be taken light hearted. It is funny, with great fight fights. Do not go to this movie looking for a story line
This movie is made to
I will be perfectly honest.The movie is not much more then a B movie.Its a game knockoff, you cant expect much.BUUUT If yo
                        learn that movies based on fighting games, (Mortal Combat,Street Fighter and now DOA)don\\'t transla
When will hollywood
My daughter watched this movie off of youtube. believe me it stunk! the game DOA is off the hook but the movie just makes
                        in theatres, but downloaded it in 2006, funny how it took this long to come out in theares! Fun movie to
Never saw the movie
What the hell was that? what is the deal with the acting...and the visuals, does it have to be just like the game?
Save your money or go see Nancy Drew which has to be better than this very poor effort. The only saving grace is Eric Robert
I liked it. Okay so maybe "DOA" won\\'t win any awards for plot or acting. The movie was still quite enjoyable. The action was
I honetly think it will always be difficult to make a movie out of a fighting game, Street Fighter was horrible, the first MK was
I think this movie is really great movie. and I really have aq passion for action packed moviesto the movie fans go see it don\\
                          pretty fair to me. its not not too strong, and either it is a childlike story... other words, the movie se
the whole plot seems
Theres a lot of bad acting but the film is a lot of fun to watch. The action is well choreographed and the story isnt the most w
                          this one doesn\\'t pan out to the critics. I didn\\'t like this movie and I will most likely never see it again
of course a movie like
Hey its not Titanic or Braveheart but is fun and enjoyable it was suppose to come out last year Sept. but got push back till this
                         love video games, but I hate almost every movie made that is based on one. There have been tons of m
Let me say first that I
After seeing this film for the first time, it\\'s not all that bad. Compare to other video game feature length films, such as Stree









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