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A. This simulator has been compared to Guitar Hero/Rock Band for user input,
feedback, and (hopefully) user satisfaction. Research additional arts-based
simulators for the following information:

1. Creators/Designers
           Developed by FreeStyleGames and published by Activision
           Rhythm game spin-off of guitar hero
           Producer: Will Townsend

2. Parent Company/Funding Source
           Guitar Hero Franchise

3. Summary of simulator components and the goals of the simulator.
           The Goal of this simulator is very similar to that of Guitar hero. It is more for entertainment
            than for actual training. But the main concepts of learning the how the DJ works are there.
           The team used a combination of MIDI software along with the music sequencer program,
            Ableton Live; the MIDI information was used to construct the gameplay elements such as
            crossfading and scratching with additional custom export software.

3. Advantages of User Interface
           Failing is not possible in DJ Hero. Rather the song will just cut off.
           The advantages of this User Interface is that it is set to work perfectly with the peripheral
            (controller) of the game, and that it is logical based on previous uses of guitar hero or rock
4. Disadvantages of User Interface
           The disadvantages are that you MUST use the peripheral in order to play the game, earlier
            versions of guitar hero (at least on the XBOX) allowed the user to use the XBOX controller
            so that the player would not be required to buy multiple controllers. With DJ hero, there are
            certainly limitations in attempting to use a normal game controller, which could be the reason
            why the developers do not allow the use of the system controllers. Another major
            disadvantage of the UI is that the controller does not properly operate the menu with just the
            deck which has the record on it. A panel must be flipped up in order to access that menu.
            Another disadvantage is that when the turntable is flipped to “lefty” mode, the scrolling
            display does not change.

5. What feedback is shared immediately and in what format?
           A feature called “Euphoria” is displayed on screen when there has been a stretch of accurate
            patches of the song.
           Immediate feedback comes in two forms, first, the line that the button is on (which goes for
            the track being played) goes from illuminated to off, second, the track that the button
            represents stops, the remaining tracks continue to play.
6. What feedback is shared at the end of the simulation?
           Feedback at the end comes in the form of longest streak, points per song, point total,
            percentage of hits per song and percentage of hits total. A little background is that there are 2-
            3 mixes for one sequence, so you get percent hit per mix, total percent hit, point per song and
            total points.

7. Is this simulator intended for an educational setting? Are there additional education components such
as explanations, lessons, tutorials?
           This simulator is intended for entertainment. It has a tutorial, but for a beginner to the game,
            the tutorial is not thorough enough to explain the things past basic movements. Also, there is
            no way to select a tutorial to start at, which makes getting to the desired tutorial very difficult.

8. How is the simulator distributed?
           It is sold in stores or online. But it cannot be downloaded. However, additional songs can be
            downloaded after the game has been purchased.
9. What are the hardware requirements?
           The Hardware that is required for this game is the DJ Hero Disk, and the DJ Hero Controller.
            The gaming device is also required. (Example: Playstation 3, DJ Hero Disk, and DJ Hero
           A TV and connecting cables are also required.
10. How many performances are included in the simulator and what is their total running time?
           Each song is about the length of an average song. So between 3 and 6 minutes.
           There are 80 “mixes” and they can be combined in many ways, Total Runtime is decided by
            the user, if they want to play for 4 hours, they can connect 4 hours of mixes together, if they
            want to play for 15 minutes, they can connect 15 minutes of mixes together.
11. What is the price for this simulator for a single user? Is the price off-set by grants or marketing?
           Price was $70 for the PS3 version, the wii version is $50. This includes the controller and the
            game. However, with previous hardware from DJ Hero 1, the game is about $30. If the game
            is already purchased, the controller may be purchased for about $50-$60.

12. What platforms does this simulator support?
           DJ Hero is available for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PS2.

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