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					                                                      13th. You may register by e-mail at
    SUMMERTIME AND INTERACT                  or by phone 262-367-
                   by Lee Breese                      4095. Please include your name, club name,
   I was waiting for someone to approach the          your phone number and e-mail address. For full
stand. The weather was perfect and the sounds         details, please see our website at
of music and laughter seemed to fit my mood of
reminiscence. I was shaken out of my reverie by       =6270
a teenage girl asking me if I was "Austin's                         Hope to see you there!
grandmother." She looked vaguely familiar to
me and as we talked we both came to the same
                                                            ELMBROOK ROTARIAN
realization at the exact same moment. She was
in the Central Interact Club. Suddenly, there                  RECOGNIZED
was a bond between us. We talked about the              FOR RECRUITMENT, RETENTION
excitement of the Alzheimer's Walk, the Seniors'      “The EACH ROTARIAN: REACH ONE,
Christmas Party (working with Rotarians), and         KEEP ONE Silver Award – Is Presented on
many other activities. She expressed excitement       behalf of the Board of Directors of Rotary
about the start of the school year and the many       International to John Allen, Member of the
plans for service of her club. In fact, ideas for     Rotary Club of Elmbrook (Brookfield) WI. This
service rolled naturally between the Rotarians in     Silver Award is presented with deep
the booth and the young Interactor. Shared            appreciation in recognition of sponsoring ten
enthusiasm seemed to build more ideas.                new members with eight still active after four
 Personally, I longed for a sheet of paper to write   years.” So reads the certificate presented to John
down the great suggestions!                           Allen at the Elmbrook Rotary Changing of the
    After a too short conversation, she headed off    Guard, June 2011.
to enjoy the rest of the events. All of the               In June, 2009, the RI Board of Directors
Rotarians working in the booth expressed pride        established a recognition program for individual
in this young woman as a representative of her        Rotarians in the area of membership and adopted
school and her club. We felt connected. Our           a new membership slogan which is “Each
conversation quickly began to focus on working        Rotarian: Reach One, Keep One”.
with Interactors in positive ways. I could hear           As was stated by one of the board members,
our young friend talking to her parents as they       “Reach One reminds us that because Rotary
strolled to another booth. "It is always about the    membership is by invitation, it is essential that
importance of service as a life-long endeavor."       each Rotarian reaches out and invites someone
    Perhaps she will be a future Rotary leader.       to join. Keep One reminds us that it's not
 Whether or not that happens, I can tell that         sufficient to simply sponsor someone into
service and loyalty are rapidly becoming              Rotary; we must also see that new members
keystones to her life. Rotary is making a             become active and involved Rotarians.”
difference in another life.                               John Allen is the first member of the
          THERE'S STILL TIME                          Elmbrook Rotary Club to be recognized through
                                                      this program. A Rotarian since 1988 and past
                                                      club president of Elmbrook and Milwaukee
                                                      Northwest Rotary Cubs, John has continuously
                                                      encouraged fellow club members to invite
                                                      members of the community who would make
                                                      good Rotarians.
                                                      [For more information about the three
Don't forget to register for this year's Fall         recognition levels of this recognition
Seminar to be held on October 22, 2011 from           program see
7:30 a.m. to Noon. This event is free of charge;
however, registrations must be in by October                   o   Dental (307 patients)
d               o   Vision (383 patients)
h+one&Action=submit]                                         o   Pharmacy
                                                      Served 88 girls from orphanage in
          POLIO PLUS EVENTS                           Cuilapa (1 ½ hours away via bus)
The Ripon Rotary Club prepared corn and took          First Year – Vision Professional
donations for Polio during their September-fest
                                                             o   First time we had an optometrist
on September 17th. They not only raised
awareness - they raised 300 dollars!                         o   He brought personal equipment
                                                                 to treat patients to more
                                                                 accurately prescribe eyeglasses
                                                      Ongoing educational scholarships for
                                                      local youth so they can continue beyond
                                                      6th grade
                                                             o   Established several years ago by
                                                                 a Madison Rotarian, Jeannine
                                                             o   She met with each current and
                                                                 potential recipient
                                                             o   $130 per child per year
                                                      Connected with Transitions in Antigua to
                                                      provide a wheelchair to a 21 year old man
                                                      who had polio when he was very
   GUATEMALA MEDICAL RELIEF                           young. Until he received his wheelchair,
           PROJECT                                    he walked on his hands (wearing flip
     OLIVEROS, GUATEMALA                              flops).
                   District 6270
                                                      Our traveling team consisted of 36
                January 21-26, 2011                   members. Thirteen of the team are
                                                      Rotarians from the following
Highlights of 2011 Mission                            clubs: Amigos, Berlin, Hartford, M-T
                                                      Sunrise, Madison, Menomonee Falls,
    Community Outreach                                Milwaukee Rotaract and Two Rivers
            o    Served alongside local               Noon. Two of the team members are
                 physicians and nurses                spouses of Rotarians of M-T Sunrise and
                                                      T-M Noon Clubs.
            o    Local people helped set up and
                 take down clinic                     Budget for 2011 mission - $13,500

            o    Taught the teachers how to                  o   69% spend on medications, 18%
                 properly brush teeth (and left a                on dental supplies, 13%
                 lot of toothbrushes behind)                     miscellaneous (baggage fees,
                                                                 orphanage transportation, et
    Served 1,071 people                                          al).
            o    Medical (959 patients)
                                                    Going Forward
        Plan on focusing on dental and vision          continues to do. In speaking to us about building
        during next mission in January 2012.           a dam that will supply fresh water for another 4
                                                       to 5 thousand people, Fr. Wally's message was
        Would like to help the local clinic sustain    quoted as follows; "We can live without
        their efforts throughout the year.             electricity, we can live without cell phones, but
        The community plans on building a clinic       we can not live without water!"
        on donated land across the road from              The water project has been a work in
        where we hold our clinic. We may               progress for the last three years. In January
        participate in that project.                   2012, there will be two groups of community
                                                       people and Rotarians going to Panama in
        Do more health education during next           an effort to complete the work, however we are
        clinic                                         in need of funds in order to buy the materials
·           There was an interim visit to the          needed. Fr. Wally needs our support. This will
    community in August to make more                   require the help from other Rotary Clubs
    connections and talk more with community           who will consider it their project and help us
     members.                                          financially. As Fr. Wally has said, "What better
                                                       people to people project is there, than giving
        We’d like to purchase the used auto            others what they absolutely need?"
        refractor that was used during our clinic         Please consider the Water Project and help
        and leave it in Guatemala.                     bring fresh water to those in need.
        **We are always interested in donations        Donations can be made out to: Ripon Rotary
        of sunglasses (please – no                     Charitable Foundation; in the memo, write Fr.
        prescriptions). Interested individuals can     Wally.
        apply for our next mission in January                 Send to: Ripon Rotary
        2012. Contact Barb Johnson, Group                              P.O. Box 455
        Leader,                                       Ripon, WI 54971
                                                             SHELTERBOX USA UPDATE
    FATHER WALLY'S WATER PROJECT                                By Dan Christianson
                                                       Hello fellow Rotarians. It has been a very busy
                                                       time for me and ShelterBox. Let me first update
                                                       you on some of my activities.
                                                           In May of this year I was one of 12 Reps
                                                       chosen out of 300 to spend a long weekend in
                                                       Texas. We flew into Austin and were driven
                                                       about 2 ½ to the west in the „Hill Country” We
                                                       were taken to a 200 acre ranch in the middle of
                                                       nowhere. There, we spend the next three days
                                                       living in the tents and taking part in a mock
                                                       disaster training exercise. This was the closest
    "Water is like the grace of God falling on the     thing to being on an actual deployment.
    mountains, coming to us." As quoted by Fr.             In July we were asked by the Oshkosh
    Wally Kasuboski, a Capuchin Priest, from           Morning Rotary Club to have a display at the
    Wacuco Panama. He has been in Panama for           2011 EAA conference. This was a weeklong
    over 23 years, bringing fresh drinking water to    commitment and with the clubs help it was great
    the people of Panama. Fr. Wally is a native of     fun.
    RiponWisconsin, where he is an Honorary                We then did a fund raising event with the
    Member of the Ripon Rotary Club. Recently he       Burlington Rotary Club. They had a live
    visited Ripon Rotary, where he received the Paul   auction and we raised enough money to
    Harris Award for his all that he has done and      purchase 4 ShelterBoxes.
    We have also done a number of presentations      4.     Must attend the international assembly for
to other Rotary groups and non-Rotarian groups.           its full duration just prior to taking office.
I was just asked to be on an 8 person committee
for ShelterBox USA that will work to develop         Duties of a Governor
training, programs, and relationships for            The governor is charged with the duty of
ShelterBox USA and ShelterBox UK.                    furthering the Object of RI in exercising direct
    ShelterBox has also been very busy on a          supervision of the clubs in the district. The
number of deployments. Please check the              governor shall be responsible for the following
ShelterBox USA web site for all the details.         activities in the district.
    I am looking for both Rotarians and non-         a)    organizing new clubs
Rotarians that would like to become involved in      b)    strengthening existing clubs
the ShelterBox mission. There are a number of        c)    promoting cordial relations between clubs
areas one can become involved. I have been a             and between the clubs and RI;
one person committee and really need to expand       d)    planning for and presiding at the district
due to the increased activity with ShelterBox.           conference and assisting the governor-elect
Please call or email me for additional details. If       in the planning and preparation for the
you need a program for your club, church or              presidents-elect training and district
school, let me know.                                     assembly.
                                                     e)    personally visiting every club as early in
Dan Christianson                                         the year as possible, but preferably during
ShelterBox USA                                           the first six months;
414-852-1624                 f)      issuing a monthly letter to each club
                                                         president and secretary in the district;
     SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL                           g)    reporting promptly to RI as may be
                                                         required by the president or the board;
                                                     h)    supplying the governor-elect, prior to the
     District Governor Nominations                       international assembly, full information as to
                                                         the condition of clubs with recommended
Now is the time to nominate one of your past             action for strengthening clubs;
presidents to be a candidate for District            i)     transferring continuing district files to the
Governor for the Rotary year 2014-15. The                governor-elect; and
application deadline is November 1, 2011.            j)     performing such other duties as are
                                                         inherent as the officer of RI.
The successful candidate will experience a once
in a lifetime opportunity as THE officer of          Look around, Rotarians! There are highly
Rotary International in District 6270. He/she        qualified leaders in District 6270 who meet these
will have the fantastic opportunity to meet and      qualifications.
work closely with all of the Rotarians and clubs
in District 6270, as well as forming new lifelong    If you know of a Rotarian meeting the above
friendships with 500+ other governors from           qualifications, take the initiative today, and talk
throughout the world of Rotary International.        to that person about becoming a candidate for
                                                     Governor, then contact PDG Bill Wresch
To qualify a candidate, a Rotarian must meet         ( Application forms are
these basic criteria:                                online at the district web site --
1.    Be a member in good standing (except 
    honorary) of a Rotary club that is in good       =6270
    standing with Rotary International.
2.    Have served one full term as club                               Stay Up to Date
    president.                                            Please visit our District 6270 website at
3.    Have completed at least seven years of             
    membership in one or more Rotary clubs.                     for all up to date information.
Fox Cities Morning Rotary Club Member                                       SAVE THE DATE
           Makes the Billboard                                             Rotary District 6270
   (Congratulations Dr. Pat Mahoney!)                                        Conference 2012
                                                                          An International Affair
                                                                             April 27-29, 2012

                                                                        Green Lake, WI USA
                                                                   Hosted by District Governor Nancy
Mark Your Calendar                                                              Rhodes
October 22         District Fall Seminar, Hartford Middle           The Rotary Club of West Allis
November 3         Foundation Celebration, Schauer Center -
                                                                         Super Bowl Raffle Update
November 8         Executive Committee, MJ
Stevens,Hartford                                               To: All District 6270
December 14        Annual District Holiday Party (Leadership   Rotary Club Presidents and Secretaries:
January 15-21      International Assembly DGE Training,
                                                                   The State of Wisconsin Gaming
                                                               Commission, which is responsible for issuing
                                                               the raffle license for our annual Rotary fund
                   Diego, CA                                   raiser, has informed us that our raffle does not
February 3-4       Central States Rot. Youth Exchange,         comply with the Gaming law. Therefore, they
                    Schaumburg Hyatt-Schaumburg, IL            cannot allow us to run the raffle as we have in
February            Executive-Finance Committee, MJ            the past. It is their position that the existing law
                                                               does not allow it.
                                                                   Our local attorneys, Congressman and the
                    Hartford                                   mayor of Brookfield, a member of the Elm
March 9-11          PETS , Westin Inn, Itasca, IL              Brook Club, have been involved and agree with
April 14             District Assembly, Hartford Middle        this legal position. We plan to follow up on the
School                                                         requirement to change the law so that we can
April 27-29          District Conference - Heidl House,
                                                               again have a district raffle.
                                                                   The time required to do this is such that we
Green Lake,
                                                               will not be able to accomplish it for this year's
                     WI                                        raffle.
May                  Executive Committee, TBD                  If you would like further information, please
June 16-22          World Affairs Seminar, Carroll             contact
                                                                        Joe Gilsinger at 262-782-0445 or
June 28              Changing of the Guard, TBD
    New Assistant Governor On Board                5:00 p.m. or Tuesday, September 13 from 11:00
                                                   a.m. - Noon.
   Jim Asplin has had to resign due to health
issues. Karen White of the Plymouth Rotary         Please go to the following website for
club has accepted the role. She will have the      registration, information on system requirements
3 Sheboygan clubs, Plymouth and Port               and more information on these programs.
Washington Saukville.
   We wish Jim our very best and thank Karen
for agreeing to fill this important position.      LTIMEDIA/WEBINARS/Pages/ridefault.aspx

         RI Offers Free Webinars                        Polio Eradication Within Reach –
                                                               Despite Concerns
   Three free webinars are being offered by RI                      By Dan Nixon
                                                       Rotary International News -- 25 August 2011
during the months of September, October and
November.                                              Among the key goals of the Global Polio
   The first one is by Rotary's new General        Eradication Initiative(GPEI) is interrupting
Secretary, John Hewko, who will talk about his     transmission of the wild poliovirus by the end of
experience and background as well as his goals     2012. Although the GPEI Independent Monitoring
for his first year as general secretary. He will   Board (IMB) reported in July that this goal may be in
also respond to questions and ask participants     jeopardy, it also noted signs of progress and provided
                                                   several recommendations that could help get the
for feedback on how the professional staff at
                                                   program back on track.
Rotary can better serve you.                          T he GPEI has made significant steps forward
   The second one is called "Using Social          since the launch last year of its new strategic plan and
Media to Promote Your Club or District. This       the bivalent oral polio vaccine. Among the four
free one-hour webinar will offer Rotarians         polio-endemic countries, India has reported only one
information and ideas on maintaining and           case of polio so far this year. The country “is on track
effectively using social media sites, such as      to interrupt transmission this year,” the
Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. The first two       report states.
webinars will focus on the basics of social            “The northern part of India, where most of the
media. The third webinar will focus on more        problem had been, hasn‟t had one case in 15
                                                   months,” adds Robert S. Scott, chair of Rotary‟s
advanced social media skills.
                                                   International PolioPlus Committee.
   The third webinar is called "Closing the Back       The other polio-endemic countries are
Door," which will discuss challenges that clubs    Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Pakistan. The IMB report
are experiencing with keeping membership and       cites good progress in Afghanistan while spotlighting
learnings about resources, solutions, and best     the challenge of immunizing children in conflict
practices available to clubs to combat these       areas. Nigeria also has been making good headway
challenges.                                        but, following elections in April, needs to sustain the
   John Hewko's webinar will be offered on         political commitment required to ensure eradication
Monday, September 12 at 10:00 a.m. and on          of the disease.
Thursday, September 15 at 6:00 p.m. This is             In Pakistan, cases doubled in the first six months
                                                   of 2011, compared with the same period in 2010. The
limited to 500 seats, so register now.
                                                   report commended the country‟s high-level
   The social media webinar will be held on        commitment to polio eradication through its national
Wednesday, October 12 at 11 a.m. or on             emergency action plan, launched in January, but
Wednesday, October 19 at 6:00 p.m. This is for     added that the plan needs to make a stronger impact
the first session. The more advanced webinar       at the local level.
will be held on Wednesday, November 16 at              The report also expressed concern about
6:00 p.m.                                          controlling polio in countries with reestablished
   The Membership Retention webinar is             transmission, including Angola, Chad, and
scheduled for Tuesday September 6, from 4:00-      Democratic Republic of the Congo.
                                                       Despite these challenges, polio cases
                                                   worldwide decreased almost 50 percent during the
first six months of 2011, compared with the same                   Rotarians in every country must continuously
period in 2010.                                            talk it up with their fellow Rotarians and, at
    “Type 3 polio numbers have dropped to 15 this          every opportunity, with their political leaders, to
year,” says Scott, referring to one of only two strains    ensure support, both financial and moral.”
of the wild poliovirus that remain. “It appears type 3         During a TED conversation in July, Bruce
will soon be eradicated completely.”                       Aylward, the World Health Organization‟s assistant
    Health experts believe that eradicating polio,         director-general for polio eradication and related
rather than trying to control the disease, is both         areas, called Rotarians‟ efforts at the international
feasible and essential.                                    and grassroots levels “incredibly powerful for a
    “There are approximately a dozen countries where       global health initiative like polio eradication.”
polio gets reported sporadically, and those cases can          Everyone can help end the disease, Aylward said,
all be traced back to the four countries where             by providing funding and reminding their
transmission has continued,” says Robert Murphy,           communities and government leaders that polio still
director of the Center for Global Health at                exists and causes tremendous suffering.
Northwestern University in Illinois, USA. “If we               “We have the chance to ensure that no child ever
focus on those four countries, the cases in the other      suffers from polio again, and each of us plays a role
countries are going to evaporate.”                         in that,” he said.
    “It‟s very important to finish the job soon, because   For more information:
we‟re so close. If we back off now, the problem is               Read more about polio and what you can
going to get bigger and even more expensive.”                     do to help.
    Finishing polio once and for all, the IMB report
states, will require enhanced political commitment,              Watch a video "The Last Hurdle" about
secure funding, and strengthened technical capacity.              Rotary's work to eradicate polio
 “The eradication of polio is the responsibility of              Ask questions of RI General Secretary
every government,” says Scott, noting the unanimous               John Hewko during a free webinar
decision in 1988 at the World Health Assembly to
pursue that goal.

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