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                      Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
                               July-August 2005
Pioneer Tele-Topics                                                   1                                              July-August 2005

 At the conclusion of the last election cycle in April of 2005, it was brought to the attention of the
 Pioneer Board that the policy that had been in place for many years needed to be reexamined and,
 possibly, modified. The Board appointed a committee to review the policy concerning voting by members
 of Pioneer Telephone Cooperative who represent various business entities. Subsequently, at their
 Board Meeting on July 8th, the Pioneer Board of Trustees adopted the following policy:

 Only those properly identified will be able to cast a vote for specific business entities; they will be
 required to sign documentation to verify their position with the respective member.

 One registrar will handle all business entities that are eligible to vote, thereby bringing more effi-
 ciency and accountability to the voting process.

 The following individuals will be able to vote for the various business entities identified.

 1.     INDIVIDUAL (Either husband or wife can vote.)

        (We no longer permit people to sign up in joint tenancy status; however this could be voted by
        either joint tenant.)

 3.     SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP (These memberships can only be voted by the owner or co-owner.)

 4.     GENERAL PARTNERSHIP (Any general partner can cast a vote for the partnership.)

                                                                          Pioneer Board Adopts New Policy - continued next page

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                                EDITORIAL & CIRCULATION                                          please send the membership name, town
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                     Loyd Benson • Principal Executive Officer
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 Jim Eaton • Asst. General Manager              Pete Peterman • Asst. General Manager            Periodical Postage paid at Kingfisher, OK
 Jeff Martin • Asst. General Manager            Harold Logsdon • General Counsel                 73750 and other additional entry offices.
                             – B o a r d o f Tr u s t e e s –                                       Member subscription rate: $2.96/year
                                                                                                    Non-Member subscription rate: $6/year
      President - Loyd Benson, Frederick            Leroy Lage, Watonga
      Vice President - Mike Dobrinski, Okeene       Ralph J. Choate, Hennessey
                                                                                                POSTMASTER - Send address changes to:
      Secretary - Linda Dich Randall, Omega         Dennis Mueggenborg, Kingfisher
      Treasurer - Dave Krittenbrink, Okarche        Greg Heath, Canton                                     Pioneer Tele-Topics
      Asst. Sec./Treas. - Gail Parker, Thomas       David Shepard, Helena                                      PO Box 539
      D.W. Leathers, Crescent                       Mary Petty, Newcastle                                  Kingfisher OK 73750
      Gary Green, Blanchard
Pioneer Tele-Topics                               2                                  July-August 2005

Pioneer Board Adopts New Policy - continued

  5.   LIMITED PARTNERSHIP (Only a general partner can vote.)

  6.   CORPORATION (These memberships can only be voted by the general manager, or the president,
       or the vice-president.)

  7.   LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC) (Can be voted only by a member.)

  8.   LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP (Can be voted only by a member.)

  9.   TRUST (Can be voted only by a trustee.)

  10. HOSPITALS (Can be voted only by the administrator, or president, or vice-president of the

      the fire chief or assistant fire chief.)

      AND HELD IN THE NAME OF THE CHURCH (Can only be voted by the minister, or chairman,
      or vice-chairman of the governing body.)

  13. CLUB/LODGE/MISCELLANEOUS ASSOCIATIONS (Can only be voted by the chairman or
      the vice-chairman of the governing board.)

  14. SENIOR CITIZEN CENTER (Can only be voted by the chairman or vice-chairman of the governing

  15. SCHOOLS (Can only be voted by the superintendent, or president, or vice-president of the
      school board.)

  16. TRIBAL GOVERNMENT (Can only be voted by the chief, or assistant chief, or chairman, or

  17. MUNICIPALITIES (All city offices of any type can only be voted by the city manager, or mayor,
      or any elected member of the governing board of the city or town.)

  18. COUNTY GOVERNMENT (If all county offices are covered by one membership, the county can
      only be voted by one of the county commissioners or the county clerk. Those county offices that
      have individual memberships can be voted only by the elected official.)

  19. STATE GOVERNMENT OFFICES (Can only be voted by the individual in charge of the local
      office of the State agency involved, if it possesses a separate membership.)

  20. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OFFICES (Can only be voted by the individual in charge of the
      local office of the Federal agency involved, if it possesses a separate membership.)

  21. CONSERVATORSHIP/GUARDIANSHIP (These memberships can only be voted by the court
      appointed conservator or guardian.)

  22. POWERS OF ATTORNEY (No Powers of Attorney, including Durable Powers of Attorney, are
      authorized to vote.)
Pioneer Tele-Topics                                  3                                    July-August 2005

Richard Ruhl Named To Leadership Oklahoma, Class 2005-06
   Richard Ruhl, Pioneer             cation process and selected
Telephone Cooperative General        from across the state.”
Manager, Kingfisher, has been           Pioneer President and PEO
selected to participate in the       Loyd Benson recommended
next class of Leadership             Ruhl for this opportunity saying,
Oklahoma (LOK) which begins          “Richard has strong administra-
with an induction ceremony in        tive skills and impressive knowl-
August at the State Capitol.         edge of the industry. By empha-
   Leadership Oklahoma is a          sizing strong customer service,
statewide organization that          state-of-the-art technology and
annually selects 50 of the           the diversification of services,
state’s most outstanding leaders     Richard has helped Pioneer
for each class. LOK says, “The       maintain remarkable corporate
goal is to tap the energies of       growth.”
those leaders to initiate positive      “This is not only a very spe-
change for the benefit of all        cial honor for Richard,” Benson
Oklahomans. Participants are         concluded, “but for Pioneer         Richard Ruhl, General Manager, Pioneer
chosen through a rigorous appli-     Telephone Cooperative as well.”     Telephone Cooperative, Kingfisher.

                  Did You Know?
 Pioneer Cookbooks Are Available At Your Local Office
  Due to the overwhelming response to the Pioneer 50th Anniversary Family
  Cookbook, the cookbooks are available again.

  Cookbooks may be purchased at any Pioneer
  Telephone local business office for $10 each.

  With more than 440 pages of recipes that are
  separated into eight categories, the cookbook
  also includes helpful cooking tips and an index.

  It makes a great wedding or Christmas gift! Stop
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  Purchase your copy today. You’ll enjoy the
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                                     Pioneer — Close Knit
Pioneer Tele-Topics                                           4                                          July-August 2005

   Students Receive Oklahoma Telephone Association (OTA) Scholarships
   The Oklahoma Telephone Association Scholarship Foundation was formed in
 1993 for the purpose of helping students pursue their academic careers in higher
 education. Scholarships are awarded to successful applicants who are dependents
 of employees of Oklahoma-based telephone companies. The scholarships are
 available for full-time students attending Oklahoma universities, four- and two-year
 colleges and post-secondary career technology curriculums. Students of Pioneer
 Telephone employees receiving $500 scholarships each include: Mallory
 Redwine, daughter of Reggie and Carol Redwine of Kingfisher; Marie Kadavy,
 daughter of Jerry and Kathy Kadavy of Kingfisher; Christy Biehler, daughter of
 Beelie and Marcella Biehler of Omega; Heather Eaton (not pictured), daughter of
 Sheila and Mike Eaton and Scott Kochenower (not pictured), son of Karen and
 Greg Kochenower of Kingfisher.

    Kay Seymour, Executive Vice President of OTA; $500              Kay Seymour, Executive Vice President of OTA; $500
    scholarship recipient Christy Biehler; Loyd Benson,             scholarship recipient Mallory Redwine; Loyd Benson,
    Principal Executive Officer, Pioneer Telephone and              Principal Executive Officer, Pioneer Telephone and
    Richard Ruhl, General Manager, Pioneer Telephone.               Richard Ruhl, General Manager, Pioneer Telephone.

                                    Kay Seymour, Executive Vice President of OTA; $500
                                    scholarship recipient Marie Kadavy; Loyd Benson,
                                    Principal Executive Officer, Pioneer Telephone and
                                    Richard Ruhl, General Manager, Pioneer Telephone.
Pioneer Tele-Topics                  5                       July-August 2005

                      Do you have a barn, grain
                      bin, silo or outside building
                      structure that you would like
              We would like to paint a partnership
            mural on your structure depicting your
            family or business & Pioneer.
         For consideration, please submit a picture
         along with your name, address, telephone
         number and directions to:
                      Pioneer Telephone Cooperative
                            Attn: Janice Wiese
                               PO Box 539
                          Kingfisher, OK 73750

                       or e-mail
                       or e-mail
                  D e a d l i ne is O ct o be r 1, 2 0 0 5
Pioneer Tele-Topics                              6                                July-August 2005

                I am a new business customer and am interested in placing an
              ad in the yellow pages of Pioneer’s Northwest Oklahoma Directory.
              Who would I contact, is there a deadline for contacting and who
              designs the ad? In addition, I have placed coupons in other tele-
              phone directories and found them to be very successful; does
              Pioneer offer coupons in this directory?

                Thank you for your interest in the yellow pages of Pioneer’s telephone directory.
              Pioneer has a staff of professional sales consultants available to design an
              advertising program to fit your individual needs. Currently, our staff is working
              on the 2006 Northwest Oklahoma Directory and will be until late October. Call
              1.800.977.3678 to speak with a sales consultant.

                Pioneer also has a design staff to assist with your ad layout, or Pioneer would
              be happy to use your design.

                We are very excited to offer coupons in the 2006 Northwest Oklahoma
              Directory. Be sure to ask how you can place a coupon for your business FREE
              of charge in the coupon section of the directory.

                Your ad in the yellow pages of the Northwest Oklahoma Telephone Directory
              works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call today — 1.800.977.3678 —
              to speak with a Pioneer sales consultant.

               The Pioneer Telephone Directory . . . Reliability with Competitive Pricing!

   BUSINESS &                                                    R E L AY O K L A H O M A
   RESIDENTIAL                                                   TDD/TTY RELAY SERVICE
   • REPAIRS                                                          Telecommunications
   • CUSTOMER SERVICE                                                       Relay Service
                                                                       For assistance in calling
   From your exchange. . .                                              between persons with a
   Dial 611 or call toll-free                                              Telecommunications
   1-888-PTC-COOP                                                       Device for the Deaf and
   (1-888-782-2667)                                                 hearing persons. . .Dial 711
Pioneer Tele-Topics                                                         7                                                   July-August 2005

                                                                BE WORRY-FREE WITH PIONEER SECURITY!
                                                        START PROTECTING YOUR HOME AND FAMILY TODAY!

   Purchase a Pioneer Security System for only $149.00 including installation! SAVE $100! System includes:
security panel and keypad, three door sensors, one motion detector, backup battery and siren.
   A monitored security system can save you up to 20 percent on your homeowner’s insurance! And Pioneer’s
local, UL-listed, reliable monitoring is as low as $19.95 per month! Offer requires three-year monitoring agree-
ment. Other restrictions may apply. If you already have a security system that is not currently being monitored by
Pioneer, call and ask about our THREE MONTHS FREE monitoring offer!            Limited time offer expires 9-30-05.
   — REMOTE ACCESS: You can call from any cellular or landline phone to activate or deactivate your alarm system. If
you are away from home and need to let someone in, you can deactivate the alarm without giving out your code.
   — REMOTE KEY FOB: Allows you to activate or deactivate your alarm system with a remote. Also provides you with a
panic button for use inside or outside of your home.
   — WATER BUG: This alarm monitor detects water levels and reports when the levels are too high. Want to monitor
your sump pump? Add a Water Bug anywhere a pump has been placed and if the water level rises too high an alarm will
be reported.
   — MED ALERT SYSTEM: The Med Alert system is an easy-to-use wireless electronic device designed to signal emer-
gency services, friends or relatives whenever help is needed. For just pennies a day, Pioneer’s Med Alert System can give
your loved ones the independence they’ve always had. A Med Alert Panic Button offers peace of mind knowing help is just
a phone call away. The Med Alert system includes a Vista 15 panel, keypad, backup battery, receiver and a water-proof
panic button. Additional panic buttons are available and a six month minimum lease is required.
   — FIRE SYSTEM: A Pioneer fire alarm provides a safer environment for your home, family, personal belongings or
business. Help is just moments away with a simple phone call from a monitored Pioneer fire alarm system. Commercial
equipment includes strobe lights, pull stations, smoke detectors and inspections. Residential
equipment includes siren and smoke detectors.

Pioneer Security is a member of the Oklahoma Burglar and Fire Alarm Association,
licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health for burglar, fire, business and
residential monitoring. License #0027     405.375.0027 or 1.888.357.0027

                       Complete the entry form, clip out and mail to Pioneer Tele-Topics, PO Box 539, Kingfisher, OK 73750

  Name:                                                                            Your Pioneer Telephone #:
  Street Address and City:
 1.You can call from any cellular or landline phone to ______ or
 _______ your ______ system. (Choose all that apply.)                         4. Add a Water Bug anywhere a pump has been placed and if the
   a) access                b) activate                                       water level rises too high an alarm will be reported.
   c) deactivate            d) alarm                                            a) True                   b) False
 2. A monitored security system can save you up to 20 percent
                                                                              5. If you already have a security system that is not currently being
 on your homeowner’s insurance! a) True       b) False
                                                                              monitored by Pioneer, call and ask about our _______ _____
 3. Purchase a Pioneer Security System for only _____ including               FREE monitoring offer!
 installation!                                                                   a) FIVE DAYS             b) THREE MONTHS
    a) $249.00             b) $327.00                                            c) ONE MONTH             d) TWO MONTHS
    c) $149.00             d) $169.00

IF WE DRAW YOUR ENTRY AND YOUR ANSWERS ARE CORRECT, YOU WIN $25! ELIGIBILITY: Correctly answer all the questions. You must be
a current member/subscriber of Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc., 18 years of age or older. One entry per household. No photocopies. Employees of
Pioneer or its subsidiaries, and their immediate household members are not eligible to enter. Winners will be contacted by letter and announced in the
next issue of Tele-Topics. Clip out and mail to: Pioneer Tele-Topics, PO Box 539, Kingfisher, OK 73750.        Entries must be received by Sept. 16, 2005
Pioneer Tele-Topics                                         8                                      July-August 2005

                      First Pioneer DTV Customers
                                                             With the continued implementation of Pioneer Digital
                                                          Television (DTV), more Pioneer Telephone customers are
                                                          enjoying clear, crisp and reliable digital service, even
                                                          through inclement weather. Pioneer’s DTV package
                                                          includes local channels and CD-quality music channels.

                                                            Recently Cindy Gore and Partner visited first DTV cus-
                                                          tomers in Pond Creek, Nash and Lamont. Each customer
                                                          received a basket of goodies along with a “one-month free”
                                                          DTV service certificate.

                                                            Some of the reasons these customers like Pioneer DTV?
                                                            • Local company • Better price • More channels
                                                            • Dependable service • Quality of reception
                                                            • Bundled packages with DTV/High-Speed Internet
                                                            • No installation fee with 1-year commitment
                                                            • Convenience of paying one bill • Local channels

Art Curl (center) with Partner and Cindy Gore, Director
of Public Relations for Pioneer.

                                                                  FIRST PIONEER DTV CUSTOMER IN NASH!
                                                                  Jalene Hoffman (center) with Partner and Cindy Gore.

                                                          FIRST PIONEER DTV CUSTOMER IN LAMONT!
                                                          Carly Hoemann and Randy Hoemann (center) with
                                                          Partner and Cindy Gore.
Pioneer Tele-Topics                                              9                                           July-August 2005

        Pioneer Begins Expansion Of Cellular Service
    Pioneer Cellular announces phase            • Hwy 16 from Chickasha to I-35           a later date.”
 one of its expansion of wireless cellular      • Hwy 74 from Blanchard to Lindsay           Pioneer Cellular is a Partnership
 service throughout western Oklahoma            • Hwy 62 from Chickasha to                Group comprised of Pioneer Telephone
 and southern Kansas, since entering              Blanchard                               Cooperative, Inc., KanOkla
 into a roaming alliance with Sprint            The expanded coverage will pro-           Telephone Association, South
 recently.                                   vide Pioneer wireless customers              Central Communications of Kansas,
     As part of an estimated 30-month        with the most complete coverage in           and Hinton Cellular Company in
 project Pioneer Cellular will build or      western Oklahoma, and its nationwide         Hinton, Oklahoma. Established in
 lease an additional 167 PCS                 voice and data roaming arrangement           1988, the group serves customers
 (Personal Communications Service)           with Sprint permits Pioneer wireless         in 12 counties in the northwest
 tower sites in western Oklahoma             customers to have access to Sprint's         quadrant of Oklahoma, with plans of
 and southern Kansas, to add to its          network, which is one of the largest         expanding wireless coverage in all
 71 tower sites for a total of 238 sites.    100-percent digital, nationwide PCS          of Western Oklahoma and Southern
    This first phase of the eight-phase      wireless networks in the United States.      Kansas. Pioneer Cellular provides
 project, will expand and improve cel-          “Pioneer Cellular is looking forward      services with CDMA 1X technology
 lular service in the following areas:       to the expanded service areas for            such as Picture and Text
    • Hwy 74 from the Oklahoma county        our customers, along with new com-           Messaging, Data Browsing and
      line to the Garber county line         petitive rate structures,” said Richard      downloadable BREW™ applica-
    • Hwy 81 from Okarche to El Reno         Ruhl, General Manager. “Plans to             tions. Visit for more
    • Hwy 51 from the Logan county           commemorate this historic event with         information.
      line to I-35                           our customers will be announced at

Proper Vaccination Protects Your Pets From Rabies
    Vaccinating companion animals —              Oklahoma rules and regulations           Laboratory can test the brain for rabies.
such as dogs and cats — against rabies       require that a veterinarian vaccinate        In order to conduct such testing, how-
is crucial for their protection as well as   dogs, cats and ferrets against rabies        ever, the brain tissues must be intact. It
the protection of you and your family        by the time the animal four months of        is important to remember not to shoot
from this disease, says the Kingfisher       age. The interval between rabies vacci-      the animal in the head or crush the
County Health Department. Already            nations and boosters will depend upon        skull of the animal in order to achieve
this year, more than 50 cases of animal      the age of the animal, type of vaccine       the best testing results.
rabies have been reported in Oklahoma,       administered and city licensing codes.           “In addition to vaccinating their pets,
with cases confirmed in skunks, cattle,      Rabies vaccines labeled for use in horses,   owners should also keep their dogs and
horses, dogs, cats and goats.                sheep and cattle are also available          cats close to home to reduce contact with
    “Vaccinating your pets may have the      and recommended for show animals             other animals,” Mr. Smith emphasized.
added benefit of protecting your family      and all valuable breeding stock.             Outdoor dogs should be kenneled, or
from exposure to rabies and avoid the            If an animal bites a person and the      kept within a fenced-in yard. Cats should
costly and uncomfortable process of          animal is a dog, cat or ferret not           be kept indoors as much as possible
receiving post-exposure shots,” said         owned by the bite victim and is not          and not allowed to roam freely at night
Kingfisher County Health department          currently vaccinated, it must be quar-       to cut down on possible exposure to rabid
Administrative Director Jay Smith.           antined with a licensed veterinarian for     animals. Parents should teach their
“Although most rabies cases in               10 days. If the animal remains healthy       children to never handle wild animals
Oklahoma occur in skunks, most               for 10 days, it is proof that the biting     or approach unfamiliar dogs or cats.
human exposures to rabies result from        animal was not infectious with rabies            “If you suspect your animals have
contact with unvaccinated pets or live-      at the time the bite occurred, so no         been exposed to rabies, immediately
stock that become rabid following an         rabies shots are needed for the person       contact the Kingfisher County Heath
encounter with a rabid wild animal.”         who was bitten. If another type of ani-      Department at 405.375.3008,” he
    Rabies is a viral disease that affects   mal caused the bite, the Kingfisher          warned.
the central nervous system and is            County Health Department sanitarian              For more information about rabies,
almost always fatal once symptoms of         should be contacted. Animals other           contact the Kingfisher County Health
the disease have started. Rabies virus       than domestic pets may need to be            Department or your veterinarian.
is found in the brain, spinal cord and       quarantined for 30 days under the care       Rabies information is also available on
saliva of infected animals and is trans-     of a veterinarian, or euthanized and         the Oklahoma State Department of
mitted through a bite or opening in the      tested for rabies.                           Health Web site at
skin or mucous membrane (eyes, nose              If it is necessary to euthanize the
or mouth).                                   biting animal, the State Public Health       bies.htm.
Pioneer Tele-Topics                                10                                 July-August 2005

         8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday
                 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday

District #1 winner was              District #5 winner was             District #9 includes Crescent,
Donald Anderson of                  Eddie Duvall of Loco.              Orlando, Marshall, Douglas,
Mooreland. District #1              District #5 includes Blanchard,    Covington and Garber.
includes the exchanges of           Dibble, Bradley and Loco.
Okeene, Quinlan, Mooreland,                                            District #10 winner was
Freedom, Buffalo, May, Longdale,    District #5 winner was             Forrest Masters of
Fort Supply and Selman.             Vernes ZumMallen of                Kingfisher. District #10
                                    Okarche. District #6 includes      includes Kingfisher and Dover.
District #2 winner was              Okarche, Apache, Temple,
May Ann Johnson of                  Comanche and Hastings.             District #11 winner was
Canton. District #2 includes                                           Loretta Young of
Canton, Chester, Seiling, Mutual,   District #7 winner was             Watonga. District #11 includes
Sharon, Harmon, Fargo, Gage,        Naravana Simons of                 Watonga, Geary and Calumet.
Shattuck and Arnett.                Ringwood. District #7 includes
                                    Hennessey, Ames, Drummond,         District #12 winner was
District #3 winner was              Lahoma, Loyal, Ringwood and        Dorothy Fletcher of
Dolores Kirk of Tipton.             Meno.                              Newcastle. District #12
District #3 includes Frederick,                                        includes Newcastle.
Manitou, Grandfield, Davidson,      District #8 winner was D.
                                    Ned Webster of Lamont.             District At Large winner
Chattanooga and Tipton.                                                was Forrest Rapp of
                                    District #8 includes Deer Creek,
District #4 winner was              Lamont, Pond Creek, Wakita,        Wakita. This district includes
Marvin McBee of Hollis.             Hunter, Nash, Hopeton, Cleo        all districts.
District #4 includes Thomas,        Springs, Aline, Waynoka,           Approximately 352 entries were
Fay, Putnam, Custer City,           Helena, Dacoma and Carmen.         received.
Carter, Sentinel, Hollis, Gould
and Oakwood.                        District #9 winner was
                                    James Carter of Douglas.
Pioneer Tele-Topics                          11                                      July-August 2005

In Appreciation
                June 8, 2005

Pioneer Telephone
PO Box 539
                                   V OICE M AIL S ERVICE
Kingfisher, OK

To Whom It May
                               W hether you’re out running errands, from your home,time with your
                                 family, on the phone or even away
                                                                     spending quiet
                               voice mail service answers your incoming calls and records the message.
                               There are no machines to buy or repair, no tapes that wear out and
  I would like to commend      no scratchy voice recording. Your messages are secure and easily
                               accessible from any touchtone phone — anytime, anywhere.
and thank the employees
in your Kingfisher office.     Pioneer’s voice mail allows you to have a reliable, simple and con-
During the time we were        venient answering service. Voice mail does everything an answering
getting hooked up to the       machine can do, and more!
new digital television
system in Hollis, we           Key benefits of voice mail from Pioneer include:
encountered problems
from the start.                   • ALWAYS AVAILABLE Callers can leave messages even when
  Everyone in Kingfisher             you’re on the phone, online or away.
and Hollis was so nice            • RELIABLE It keeps working, even during power failures.
and helpful. The person-          • POWERFUL Saves greetings and messages. Allows you the
                                    option to save or delete each message. Callers hear your greeting
nel in Hollis were won-
                                    in your voice and greetings may be changed anytime, from any
derful, especially Jamie            phone.
Boone. He went above              • USEFUL Provides the date and time each message was
and beyond to get the               received.
system right. He worked           • ACCESSIBLE Retrieve messages from any touch-tone phone.
off and on for nearly a
week to fix it. He is          Pioneer offers three levels of voice mail service. The service can be
such an asset to your          programmed for the call to be answered in a pre-determined number
company. We need more          of rings or if the line is busy.
caring and efficient
workers, like Jamie, in           — LEVEL I One greeting (maximum of 7 messages)
the work force today.             — LEVEL II One greeting (maximum of 14 messages), broadcast
  Thanks again for the                        list and pager notification
concern shown during              — LEVEL III Five greetings (maximum of 20 messages), broadcast
                                              list and pager notification
the hookup of our Digital
Television (DTV) service.
                                                      HOW? IT’S EASY!!
   Sincerely,                          SIMPLY DIAL 611 FROM YOUR HOME TELEPHONE OR
   Linda A. Powers                        1.888.PTC.COOP AND ASK FOR INFORMATION
   Hollis, OK                                ABOUT PIONEER’S VOICE MAIL SERVICE

                                  Pioneer. . . High-Tech Communication with Everyday Smarts.
Pioneer Tele-Topics                               12                                July-August 2005

        Happy Anniversary - Fifty & More
  MR. AND MRS. EDWIN                Cathy and Kurt Leichter,          their 50th wedding anniversary
ZUMMALLEN, OKARCHE,                 Edmond; LuAnn and David           with family on St. George
celebrated their 70th wedding       Kuhlman, Minco, and Rebecca       Island, Florida.
anniversary July 24th at the        Shank, Oklahoma City. They           Mr. and Mrs. Francis were
ZumMallen Reunion held in           have eight grandchildren and      married July 9, 1955, at the
the St. John’s Lutheran Church      11 great-grandchildren.           First United Methodist Church
basement.                                                             in Mountain View.
  Mr. and Mrs. ZumMallen              MR. AND MRS.                       Their children are Jacquetta
were married July 28, 1935, at      WENDELL BECKWITH,                 Francis, Claremore; Glen and
St. John’s Lutheran Church in       CLEO SPRINGS, celebrated          Donna Francis, Uxbridge,
Okarche.                            their 50th wedding anniversary    England, and Mark and Cindy
  Their children are Geraldine      on June 18th with a come-         Francis, Clayton, North
and George Schoelen,                and-go reception at the Camp      Carolina. They have five
Okarche; Jeanette and Ken           House in Cleo Springs.            grandchildren.
Robbins, Blue Springs,                Wendell Beckwith and Dixie
Missouri, and Evelyn and Louis      Ent were married June 18, 1955,     MR. AND MRS. KEITH
Kastens, Franklin, Tennessee.       at Oakdale Methodist Church       HARKER, CRESCENT, will
They have seven grandchildren       northwest of Cleo Springs.        celebrate their 50th wedding
and five great-grandchildren.         Their children are Debbie       anniversary September 4th.
                                    and Allen Cox, Larry and June       Keith K. Harker and Sharon
  MR. AND MRS. VERLIN               Beckwith and John A. and          G. Palmer were married
NANCE, CARMEN, will cel-            Juanita Beckwith, all of Cleo     September 4, 1955, at the
ebrate their 60th wedding           Springs; Jerry and Laura          Elpyco Church of Christ in
anniversary with a family cele-     Beckwith, Perry, and Cindy        Wichita, Kansas.
bration in September in Tulsa.      and Ivan Doll, Conway               Their children are Dana D.
  Verlin Nance and Jeane            Springs, Kansas. They have 15     Knapp, Moore, and Taryn L.
Shipler were married July 12,       grandchildren and seven great-    and Carey Fields, Crescent.
1945, in Enid.                      grandchildren.                    They have four grandsons and
  Their children are Larry and                                        two great-grandchildren.
Lloydene Nance, Ringwood;             MR. AND MRS. BOBBY
Rick and Sue Nance, Sand            L. BENNETT, BLANCHARD,               MR. AND MRS.
Springs, and Christee Jenlink,      celebrated their 50th wedding     RICHARD MOULSON,
Tulsa. They have six grandchil-     anniversary July 16th with        HENNESSEY, celebrated
dren and eight grandchildren.       family and friends.               their 50th wedding anniversary
                                      Bobby Bennett and Jo Nell       recently with family.
  MR. AND MRS. CARL                 Treadaway were married July          Richard Moulson and Della
SHANK, SEILING, celebrat-           15, 1955, at Cowden.              May Mesis were married July
ed their 60th wedding anniver-        Their children are Mike         23, 1955, at the home of the
sary August 11th with family.       Bennett (deceased) and Janet      bride’s parents, east of
  Mr. and Mrs. Shank were           Bennett, Blanchard.               Hennessey.
married August 11, 1945, in                                              Their children are Richard
Yuma, Arizona.                        MR. AND MRS. DAVID              Jr. and Janice Moulson,
  Their children are Carl Richard   J. “JACK” FRANCIS,                Hennessey, and the late Robin
and Virgie Shank, Piedmont;         BLANCHARD, celebrated             Moulson Croka. They have two
Pioneer Tele-Topics                           13                                July-August 2005

       Happy Anniversary - Fifty & More
granddaughters.                    Mr. and Mrs. Clark were mar-     MR. AND MRS. STANLEY
                                ried July 2, 1955, in Norman.     SUMMERS, AMES, celebrated
  MR. AND MRS.                     Their children are Dan and     their 50th wedding anniversary
RANDALL MARTIN,                 Lori Paxton, Milford, Illinois;   on July 16th with a reception
SHATTUCK, celebrated their Becky and Jay Badry, Parker,           at the Church of Christ in Ames.
50th wedding anniversary July Colorado and Tim and Victoria       They also celebrated with family
2nd with a reception at the     Paxton, Aztec, New Mexico.        on an Alaskan cruise.
First Baptist Church Fellowship They have seven grandchildren.      Stanley Summers and
Hall.                                                             Jtonne Bowles were married
  Their children are Douglas       MR. AND MRS. BOB               July 1, 1955, at the Church of
and Cynthia Martin, Mulvane,    RUSSELL, DOVER, cele-             Christ in Ames.
Kansas, and Trena and Greg      brated their 50th wedding           Their children are Jo
Higgins, Texhoma. They have     anniversary August 6th, at the    Summers, Glenpool; Kim Box,
four granddaughters and one     Dover School cafeteria.           Tulsa; and Sonya Tyau,
great-granddaughter.               Bob Russell and Wanda          Lewisville, Texas, and Karla
                                Black McKinnon were married       and Ron Creason, Sapulpa.
  MR. AND MRS.                  August 6, 1955, in Jacksboro,     They have seven grandchildren
WARREN MCCONNELL,               Texas.                            and three great-grandchildren.
HENNESSEY, recently cele-          Their children are Rick and
brated their 50th wedding       Frances (both deceased);            MR. AND MRS. DON
anniversary.                    Peggy Secondine and Eldridge      VAUGHN, AMES, celebrated
  Warren Lee McConnell and      McKinnon, Cleveland; Laquita      their 50th wedding anniversary
Margie Hancock were married Woodell, Casper, Wyoming;             recently with family in Texas.
July 1, 1955, at First United   Marvin and Brenda McKinnon,         Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn were
Methodist Church, Hoisington, Wilson; Donald and Sally            married June 11, 1955.
Kansas.                         Russell, Dover, and Ranee           Their children are Doug and
  Their children are Janice     and Randy Green, Woodward.        Tanie Vaughn, Decatur, Texas;
and Rick Kerr, Marshall; Linda They have 17 grandchildren,        Brent Vaughn, Ames and Joel
McConnell, Brewer, Maine;       21 great-grandchildren with       and Julie Vaughn, Golden,
Wayne and Charla McConnell, one on the way and nine               Texas. They have four grand-
Wellston; Kathy and Gerald      great-great-grandchildren.        children.
Stegall, Burns Flat, and
Warren and Jenni McConnell,        MR. AND MRS. R.D.
Lahoma. They have 16 grand- SCHULTZ, CANTON, cele-
children and 11 great-grand-    brated their 50th wedding          Send your 50th or more
children.                       anniversary July 23rd at the       wedding anniversary
                                Canton Community Center.           announcement to:
  MR. AND MRS. CLARK            Their grandchildren provided
PAXTON, TUTTLE                  musical entertainment.                    Sheila Ferris
(Newcastle exchange), cele-        Their children are Larry and        Pioneer Tele-Topics
brated their 50th wedding       Robyn Schultz, Roger and                  PO Box 539
anniversary with a reception    Annette Schultz and Stephen           Kingfisher, OK 73750
on July 9th at Eagle Heights    and Andrea Farriester.
Church in Oklahoma City.
Pioneer Tele-Topics                                             14                                        July-August 2005

 Comanche / Empire
                                              68th Annual Freedom Rodeo and
    District Fair                             Old Cowhand Reunion
                                              Freedom, OK— It’s that time of year       the “2005 Honored Old Cowhand”
   FRIDAY, AUGUST 19                          again when the little town of             during each night’s rodeo perform-
    Comanche American                         Freedom swells to about 25 times its      ance. The Queen Horsemanship
       Legion Hut                             normal size, as “The Biggest Open         Contest will be featured Thursday
                                              Rodeo in the West” unfolds August         evening at 7 p.m and on Friday night
      Comanche, OK
                                              18-20. Built on longstanding tradition    at 7 p.m. the fourth annual Freedom
  SATURDAY, AUGUST 20                         and plain old volunteer spirit, the       Rodeo Princess Contest will be held.
                                              Freedom Rodeo and Old Cowhand             The Rodeo Queen and Princess will
     Livestock Show                           Reunion continues to draw fans and        be crowned during Friday evening’s
                                              contestants from throughout the           performance.
  Comanche Ag Complex
                                              country to this quaint little town nes-       The American Legion will sponsor
     Comanche, OK                             tled along the banks of the Cimarron      dances following the rodeo on Friday
                                              River. The three-day event combines       and Saturday nights. Friday night the
  Entries will be taken at
                                              a unique blend of professional rodeo      Tulsa band “Western Justice” will be
      the Legion Hut                          action with hometown color, style         featured and on Saturday night
   Thursday, August 18                        and genuine hospitality into a cele-      “Redneck” from Albuquerque, New
 from 4-6 p.m. and Friday                     bration that has been recognized as       Mexico will hit the stage. Saturday
         morning,                             one of “Oklahoma’s Outstanding            promises a full day of activities start-
        7-8:30 a.m.                           Events of the Year.”                      ing with the Seventh Annual Red
                                                 The Freedom Rodeo boasts one           Bluff Classic 5K Run and Fun Run,
 Concession will be hosted by                 of the largest payoffs of any rodeo,      which will be held on a USA Track
     Oak College, OHCE                        with more than $10,000 added to           and Field Certified Course. The west-
                                              event purses by Freedom’s Chamber         ern art show and handmade craft fair
                                              of Commerce and area sponsors,            will begin at 10 a.m. At noon, the
Free Health Information                       bringing the total payoff to more than    public is invited to a free chuck-
Program For Senior                            $30,000. We are proud to announce         wagon-style beef and bean dinner
                                              that bull fighter and funny-man Greg      furnished by the Chamber and local
                                              Herrell from Hutchison, Kansas will       beef donors. The Cimarron Cowboys
   The first issue of the Kingfisher
                                              keep the crowd entertained while          Association will hold its traditional
County Healthy Living newsletter has
                                              announcer David McMahon, from             gathering for all “Old Cowhands” at
been mailed to enrolled participants.
                                              Huntsville, Texas keeps the crowd         the Cimarron Cowboy Monument,
Kingfisher County Healthy Living is a
                                              informed of rodeo events. This show       complete with live music and enter-
free health education program
designed for Kingfisher County resi-          includes all the major rodeo events       tainment. The highlight of the day’s
dents ages 55 and over. It consists of        and because of its humble beginning       activities will take place at 2:30 p.m.
informative newsletters and a six-week        as a Junior Rodeo, two junior events      when “The Great Freedom Bank
series of classes. Both will emphasize        are traditionally included. There will    Robbery and Shoot-Out” explodes to
healthy living and self-management of         be a $100 calf scramble each night        life in the unique cowtown setting of
diseases and conditions associated            for the little cowhands 12 and under.     Freedom’s Main Street.
with aging such as arthritis, asthma,         In addition to enjoying some of the           The Freedom Chamber of
diabetes and others.                          finest rodeo activity anywhere, fans      Commerce welcomes everyone to
   It’s not too late to sign up! To enroll,   will have the opportunity to win $100     Freedom for real rodeo at its best
or if you have questions or would like        each night from the drawing of a          during the 68th annual performance
more information, please call the             lucky number from their Freedom           of “The Biggest Open Rodeo in the
Kingfisher County Health Department           Rodeo Souvenir Program. Rancher           West.”
at 405.375.3008 and ask for Robert.           Vernon Bliss will be recognized as
Pioneer Tele-Topics                                                   15                                               July-August 2005

Star Bike Ride No. 5 Scheduled September 17                                                             5th Annual Garber
    Star Bike Ride No. 5 riders will gather at   9/I-35 Interchange (construction zone) that         Firefighters Association
the First Baptist Church parking lot, Main       will route the riders onto a county road to
Street and Green Avenue in Purcell for reg-      Goldsby south to Thomas’ Feed Store and                 Golf Tournament
istration at 7 a.m. The ride starts at 8 a.m.    then back to Purcell on Hwy 24. The                     September 24th
    The purpose of this event is to raise        Norman Chapter will have a refreshment                9 a.m. Shotgun Start
money for Multiple Sclerosis Research.           stand at Thomas’ Feed Store.
Sponsors include Oklahoma Medical                    Sag wagons are furnished for each                Rolling Meadows Golf
Research Foundation and Eastern Star             route in case riders have bike trouble or                 Club - Garber
Chapters from Blanchard, Del City,               need assistance.
Lexington, Norman, Moore, Purcell and                  Registration is $20 with a $2 discount               $70 PER TEAM
Washington.                                      if registered before September 10.                  Carts $20 per team (pay for the
    The three rides include:                         All riders in the long rides receive a Star       carts the day of the tournament)
    A 10-mile ride inside the Purcell limits.    T-shirt, a ride goodie bag, a chance at a
This is for inexperienced riders, ages under     door prize and free food from some of the          Mulligans 1 tee shot and 2-foot putting
15, who have no drivers’ licenses. Children      finest cooks in Oklahoma! Riders will              string $20 each (one per person)
ride free. Riders must attend the 7:30 a.m.      receive Gatorade and water, as well as
Safety Talk that morning, wear a helmet          food. Goodie bags include a Star Ride              There are not enough carts for all teams
and have a permission slip signed by a           Penny, Multiple Sclerosis pin, an                  if bracket fills up - you can bring your
parent. They will be able to buy a T-shirt for   Alzheimer’s pin, coupons and other gifts           own (36 team maximum).
$5, if they desire. Refreshments will be fur-    from local businesses.                             Rolling Meadows Golf club is 17 miles
nished at the starting place and in                  Phantom Riders! We have a new cate-            east of Enid on 412, 1 1/2 miles south,
Chandler Park by Lexington Eastern Star.         gory! With a $20 entry fee, Phantom Riders         1/4 mile east. Or - 3 miles east of 74 and
    A 23-mile ride with riders meeting south     receive a Ride T-shirt and goodie bag. All         412, 1 1/2 miles south, 1/4 mile east.
of the meeting place at Main and Green           Phantom Riders will be listed on the honor-
Avenues to Hwy 39, west to Woody                 able roster of Phantom Rides who support           • Two flights with 36 team max
Chapel, north to Washington and back to          our cause: Multiple Sclerosis Research             • Closest to hole
Purcell on Hwy 24. Refreshments will be          through the Oklahoma Medical Research              • Longest drive inbounds contest $10 for
served at Woody Chapel by the                    Foundation, as well as our undying love            half the pot
Washington Eastern Star and at Thomas’           and apprciation!                                   • 44 & under
Feed Store, north of Washington, by the              For further information, call DeeAnn           • 45 & over
Norman Chapter.                                  Simpson at 405.820.8615 or Catharine
                                                                                                    For more information, call Paul Grimes
    The 53-mile riders will ride past Woody      Simpson at 405.344.6312. Email address-
                                                                                                    at 580.863.5373. Ask for Paul or leave a
Chapel through Dibble and north through          es are and
                                                                                                    message. Make checks payable GFFA
Blanchard to Highway 9, then east on Hwy For more information, go
                                                                                                    Golf Tournament.
9. There will be a detour to avoid the Hwy       to our website at

O.A.S.I.S. Community Parental Support Group
   With the availability of drugs and under-     the utmost importance. Attendees will be          charge except Victim’s Impact Panel.
age drinking, a parental support group has       guided to adhere to the same principals.          O.A.S.I.S. counselors attend all V.I.P. meet-
been requested. Oklahoma Addiction                   O.A.S.I.S. offers an array of programs        ings, aid in facilitating the meetings and
Specialist, Inc (O.A.S.I.S.), 404 N. Grand in    for youth and teens, including smoking            can enroll individuals. Direct services pro-
Enid has scheduled the 1st and 3rd               Cessation: Eliminating the “Gateway Drug,”        vided by O.A.S.I.S. that may be needed for
Mondays of each month from 6-7 p.m. for          Alcohol and Drug Education; “Get Real,”           license reinstatement: ADSAC Assessment,
the support group.                               Abuse/Addiction Seminar: “Coming Back,”           10-hour D.U.I. school, 24- hour D.U.I.
   The parental support group will be facili-    and individual analysis. Fees for these pro-      school, all levels of therapy groups and
tated by an O.A.S.I.S. staff member —            grams vary from program to program.               intensive outpatient treatment programs.
donations are accepted but not required.             Private drug and nicotine screenings are          For more information on the O.A.S.I.S.
The group will offer parents supporting par-     available for either on-site or home use and      Parental Support Group or any other serv-
ents, with the exchange of thoughts and          alcohol tests are obtainable for home use         ices provided by O.A.S.I.S., please call
ideas of struggling youth and teens, and         only. All screenings are FDA approved.            580.234.8222, 1.888.27.OASIS or email us
options of choices and consequence. In               O.A.S.I.S. also provides all services         at
conjunction with helping individuals and         necessary for license reinstatement in
families, O.A.S.I.S. views confidentiality of    regards to an alcohol or drug-related
Pioneer Tele-Topics                                                     16                                               July-August 2005

                                                                             minutes. Drain well. Combine soup and sour cream. Stir in

     F erris                                                                 carrots. Fold in drained squash and onion. Melt butter or
                                                                             margarine; toss with stuffing mix. Spread half of the stuff-
                                                                             ing in a large rectangular baking dish. Spoon vegetable

     W heel                     Sheila Ferris
                                                                             mixture on top. Sprinkle with remaining stuffing mixture.
                                                                             Bake at 350 degrees until heated through, 25-30 minutes.
                                                                             Makes 6 servings.

                                                                                  COUNTRY RIBS WITH PEACH JALAPENO
12 pieces chicken breast strips  1 c. of water
                                                                             1 (15 to 16-oz) can peach slices, 1/2 c. peach chutney
4 med. potatoes, sliced (skins   3 T. oil
                                                                               drained                         1 to 2 fresh jalapeno peppers,
  left on by choice)             Paprika
                                                                             1 med. onion, chopped               stems and seeds removed,
4 med. onions, peeled and sliced
                                                                             1/4 c. light corn syrup or honey    finely chopped
   Place four chicken strips in the bottom of a crockpot.                    2 T bottled steak sauce           2 1/2 to 3 lbs. pork country-style
Sprinkle with paprika. Layer potatoes and onions over the                    1/4 tsp. ground cumin               ribs, fat trimmed
four chicken strips. Add one tablespoon of oil. Then sprinkle
generously with paprika. Then start over with four more                         For the sauce, combine the peach slices, onion, corn
pieces of chicken strips following the steps above for three                 syrup or honey, steak sauce and cumin in a food proces-
complete layers. Pour one cup of water in the crockpot                       sor. Cover and blend or process until nearly smooth. Pour
(down sides so not to wash off the paprika). Cook on low                     into a small saucepan. Stir in the chutney and jalapeno
temperature 6-8 hours or until cooked. Carrots can be                        pepper. Cook and stir over low heat until heated through.
added.                                                                       Grill ribs on grill rack for 1-1/2 to 2 hours or until tender,
                                                                             adding more coals as necessary. Brush two or three times
      BROWN SUGAR CHICKEN (CROCKPOT)                                         with the peach mixture during the last 10 minutes of
2 lbs. boneless chicken pieces      2-3 T. minced garlic                     grilling. Boil any remaining sauce for 2 minutes; serve with
1 c. packed brown sugar             2 T. soy sauce                           ribs. Makes 4 servings.
2/3 c. vinegar                      1 tsp. black pepper
1/4 c. lemon lime soda                                                                               HAWAIIAN CAKE

   Place chicken pieces in crockpot. Combine remaining                       1 box yellow cake mix              1 envelope whipped topping mix
ingredients and pour over the top of chicken. Cover and                      1 1/4 c. cold milk                 3 oz. cream cheese, softened
cook on low for 6-8 hours or until cooked. Serve with rice.                  1 (3.4 oz.) box instant vanilla    1/4 c. granulated sugar
Serves 4.                                                                       pudding mix                     1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
                                                                             1 (20 oz.) can crushed             1/2 c. flaked coconut, toasted
      POTATOES & CARROTS ON THE GRILL                                           pineapple, drained
2 c. thinly sliced peeled potatoes 1/4 c. Miracle Whip Light Dressing           Prepare and bake the cake according to package direc-
1 c. thin carrot slices            2 T. chopped fresh parsley                tions, using a greased 13 x 9-inch baking pan. Cool.
1/2 c. plus 1 T. grated parmesan cheese, divided                                In a bowl, whisk together milk and pudding mix; let
                                                                             stand to thicken. Stir in pineapple. Spread over cake.
   Preheat grill to medium heat. Place potatoes and carrots
                                                                                Prepare whipped topping mix according to package
in microwavable bowl. Add 1/2 cup water; cover. Microwave
                                                                             directions; set aside. In a mixing bowl, beat cream cheese,
on high 5 minutes; drain well. Mix 1/2 cup of the cheese
                                                                             sugar and vanilla extract until smooth. Beat in 1 cup
and dressing. Add to potato mixture; mix lightly. Spoon
                                                                             whipped topping. Fold in remaining topping.
onto middle of a double layered 20-inch piece of foil
                                                                                Spread over pudding. Sprinkle with coconut. Cover and
sprayed with cooking spray. Fold ends of foil over vegetables;
                                                                             refrigerate for 3 hours or overnight.
seal ends, then roll up sides. Place on upper shelf of grill.
Cook 15 minutes. Open packet. Sprinkle potato mixture
                                                                                       BOYSENBERRY SOUR CREAM PIE
with parsley and remaining 1 T. cheese. Serves 6.
   In the oven: Assemble potato packets as directed. Bake                    4 c. fresh or frozen               1 c. sugar
at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until potatoes are tender.                    boysenberries                    1/4 tsp. salt
                                                                             1 c. sour cream                    1/4 c. fine bread crumbs
                                                                             3 T. flour                         1 T. butter or margarine (melted)
2 lbs. squash, thickly sliced       1 c. shredded carrot
1/4 c. chopped onion                1/4 c. butter or margarine                 Combine sugar, sour cream, flour and salt. Place
1 can cream of chicken soup         2 c. cornbread stuffing mix              berries in pie shell. Spread sour cream mixture on top.
1 c. sour cream                                                              Combine bread crumbs and remaining sugar and butter.
                                                                             Sprinkle on top. Bake 375 degrees for 40-45 minutes or
   Cook squash with onion in boiling salt water for 5-10                     until done.
 With “routes” in our communities for more than fifty years and
 expert service just around the corner, Pioneer is your best choice
 to bring state-of-the-art Internet service into your home.
                                   • “Always-on” connection!
                                   • Talk on the phone and surf the Web at
                                     the same time!
                                   • Up to 30 times faster than dial-up!
                                   • Three speeds to choose from!
                                   • Up to 50 Mb of personal Web space and
                                     10 Mb of E-mail storage!

         For more information

              or 405.375.0786
     High-Tech Communications with Everyday Smarts.
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• Long Distance, Inc.                                             • Yellow Pages Advertising                                                

                                          • Digital TV (DTV)

   Pioneer Tele-Topics is located in Kingfisher. If long distance from your area, call toll free — 1.888.782-2667 and
   ask for extension 0116 (Sheila Ferris). If Kingfisher is not a long distance call, please call (405) 375.0116. The
   fax number for Tele-Topics is (405) 699.3053. You may also notify Sheila by e-mailing

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