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					                                KENNEDY COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE – PROGRAM SELECTIONS – 2011-2012
             GRADE 9                                       GRADE 10                                       GRADE 11                                         GRADE 12

                                           English                   ENG 2D 2P 2L     English                           ENG 3U 3C 3E      English                         ENG 4U 4C 4E
English              ENG 1D 1P 1L
(Those students who choose ENG1P or                                                   Math - Functions                         MCR 3U
                                           Math                            MPM 2D                                                         ARTS
ENG1L must also choose GLS10C)                                                        Math - Functions &Applications           MCF 3M     Band - Repertoire                   AMR 4M
                                           Math                            MFM 2P     Math - Foundation - College              MBF 3C     Guitar                               AMG 4M
                                           Math                            MAT 2L     Math - Workplace                         MEL 3E     Visual Arts                           AVI 4M
Math                       MPM 1D
                                                                                                                                          VA Media (Film & Video)              AWR 4M
Math                       MFM 1P          Science                     SNC 2D 2P 2L                                                       Painting & Drawing                  AWM 4M
Math                       MAT 1L                                                     ARTS                                                Dramatic Arts                        ADA 4M
                                                                                      Band - Repertoire                       AMR 3O      Media Arts                           ASM 4M
                                           History                       CHC 2D 2P    Guitar                                  AMG 3O
Science              SNC 1D 1P 1L                                                     Visual Arts                              AVI 3M
                                           Career Studies (½ credit)      GLC 2OH     Dramatic Arts                           ADA 3M
                                                                                                                                          Accounting                           BAT 4M
                                                                                      Media Arts                              ASM 3M
French                    FSF 1D 1P        Civics (½ credit)              CHV 2OH                                                         International Business               BBB 4M
                                                                                                                                          Business Leadership                  BOH 4M
Geography                 CGC 1D 1P                                                   Accounting                               BAF 3M
                                                                                                                                          COMPUTER STUDIES
                                           ARTS                                       Marketing                                BMI 3C
                                                                                                                                          Computer Science                      ICS 4U
                                           Band                             AMI 2O    Information and Communication
                                                                                                                                          Computer Programming                  ICS 4C
Phys Ed (Female)            PPL 10F        Guitar                          AMG 2O
                                                                                      Technology in Business                   BTA 3O
        (Male)              PPL 10M        Visual Arts                      AVI 2O                                                        ENGLISH
                                                                                      COMPUTER STUDIES
                                           Dramatic Arts                   ADA 2O     Introduction to Computer Science          ICS 3U    Writer’s Craft                       EWC 4U
                                                                                      Introduction to Computer Programming      ICS 3C    Ontario Literacy Course               OLC 4O
                                           Media Arts                      ASM 2O
ARTS                                                                                                                                      GEOGRAPHY / HISTORY
Arts Dramatic                   ADA 1O                                                ENGLISH
                                           BUSINESS                                   Media studies                            EMS 3O     Canadian & World Issues           CGW 4U
Visual Arts                      AVI 1O    Intro to Business                 BBI 2O                                                       Environment / Resource Management CGR 4M
Music (Band)                    AMU 1O                                                GEOGRAPHY / HISTORY                                 World History                   CHY 4C 4U
Guitar                          AMG 1O     COMPUTER STUDIES                           Travel & Tourism                        CGG 3O
                                                                                      World History (16th Century )           CHW 3M      GUIDANCE
                                           Intro to Computer Studies         ICS 2O                                                       Navigating the Workplace              GLN 4O
                                                                                      American History                         CHA 3U
BUSINESS                                                                                                                                  *Peer Mentoring                       IDC 4U
Information and Communication              HUMANITIES                                 GUIDANCE
                                           Food & Nutrition                 HFN 2O    Designing Your Future                    GWL 3O     HUMANITIES
Technology in Business          BTT 1O                                                                                                    Food & Nutrition                     HFA 4M
                                                                                      HUMANITIES                                          Challenge & Change in Society        HSB 4M
                                           LANGUAGES                                                                                      Canadian & International Law         CLN 4U
CAREER EDUCATION                           French                       FSF 2D 2P
                                                                                      Parenting                                HPC 3O
                                                                                      Fashion                                  HNC 3O
Learning Strategies        GLS 1OC         Spanish                        LWS BD      Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology      HSP 3M     LANGUAGES
(This course is only for students          Spanish                        LWE BD      Canadian Law                             CLU 3M     French                             FSF 4U 4O
choosing ENG1P or ENG1L)                   (for Spanish as First Language students)   Religious Studies                        HRT 3M     Spanish                              LWS DU

                                                                                      LANGUAGES                                           MATHEMATICS
TECHNICAL                                  PHYSICAL EDUCATION                         French                                 FSF 3U 3O    Foundation-College Math              MAP   4C
Exploring Technologies            TIJ 1O   Phys Ed (Female)               PPL 20F     Spanish                                  LWS CU     Calculus & Vectors**                MCV    4U
Technological Design             TDJ 1O    Phys Ed (Male)                PPL 20M                                                          Data Management                     MDM    4U
                                           Personal & Fitness Activities PAF 2O       PHYSICAL EDUCATION                                  Advanced Functions**                MHF    4U
                                                                                      Phys Ed (Female)                         PPL 30F
                                                                                      Phys Ed (Male)                           PPL 30M    PHYSICAL EDUCATION
                                           SCIENCE                                    Personal and Fitness Activities           PAF 3O    Phys Ed (Coed)                        PPL 4O
                                           *Physics in Engineering           SNC 21   Phys Ed (Coed)                             PPL 3O   Exercise Science                      PSE 4U
                                                                                                                                          *Recreation & Leadership              PLF 4C
                                           TECHNICAL                                  SCIENCE                                             Personal & Fitness Activities         PAF 4O
                                           Construction Tech                TCJ 2O    Biology                               SBI 3U 3C
       COMPULSORY COURSES                                                             Chemistry                               SCH 3U
                                           Technological Design (CAD)       TDJ 2O                                                        SCIENCE
                                                                                      Physics                                 SPH 3U      Biology                               SBI 4U
* - must obtain prior administrative                                                  Environmental Science                   SVN 3M      Chemistry                          SCH 4U 4C
     approval                                                                                                                             Physics                            SPH 4U 4C
** - co-requisite courses                                                             Custom Woodworking                       TWJ 3E     TECHNICAL
                                                                                      Technological Design (CAD)               TDJ 3M     Custom Woodworking                    TWJ 4E
                                                                                      Custom Woodworking (Female only)         TWJ 3EF    Technological Design (CAD)            TDJ 4M

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