K0001 First Year Seminar

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					The Institute for the Liberal Arts (ILA) Course Syllabuses 2011

Institute-Wide Courses
First Year Seminar I                                    K0001      Bruce WHITE      Spring
First Year Seminar I                                    K0001       David UVA       Spring
First Year Seminar I                                    K0001       Gill STEEL       Fall
First Year Seminar II                                   K0002      Bruce WHITE       Fall
First Year Seminar II                                   K0002       David UVA        Fall
Library and Information Science Skills                  K0005        Qiang MA       Spring
Library and Information Science Practicum               K0006        Qiang MA        Fall
Basic Japanese Conversation I                           K0007    Junko TAKAHASHI    Spring
                                                                 Azusa KITAMURA
Basic Japanese Conversation I                           K0007                        Fall
                                                                   Miyuki ARAI
Basic Japanese Conversation II                          K0008    Tomoyoshi INOUE     Fall
Art Communication                                       K0009   Randall CHANNELL    Spring
Academic Presentations                                  K0010   Susanna PAVLOSKA     Fall
Academic Writing                                        K0011     Robert J. CROSS   Spring
Japanese Issues and Topics 1 (Social and Cultural)      K0014      Bruce WHITE      Spring
Japanese Issues and Topics 2 (Politics and Economics)   K0015       David UVA        Fall
Introduction to Japan Studies                           K0016     Gregory POOLE      Fall
Introduction to Kyoto Studies                           K0017    Emiko YAMANAKA     Spring
Aspects of Kyoto Traditional Culture                    K0018    Emiko YAMANAKA      Fall
Doshisha, Christianity and Modern Japan                 K0019      Doron COHEN       Fall
Japanese Human Geography                                K0020    Taro FUTAMURA      Spring
Japanese Natural Ecology                                K0021    Akira HAYASHIDA    Spring
Nature Conservation and the Environment                 K0022     Hiroshi TAKEDA     Fall

Japanese Society and Global Culture Cluster
Introduction to Contemporary Socio-Cultural Studies     K0101      Bruce WHITE      Spring
Introduction to Japanese History                        K0102       David UVA       Spring
Introduction to Japanese Culture                        K0103      Bruce WHITE       Fall
Introduction to Japanese Religion                       K0104    Katsuhiro KOHARA    Fall
Introduction to Japanese Society                        K0105     Gregory POOLE     Spring
Introduction to Japanese Education                      K0106     Gregory POOLE     Spring
Media in Contemporary Japan                             K0107   Takesato WATANABE    Fall
Japanese Traditional Arts                               K0108   Haruhisa KAWAMURA    Fall

Japanese Business in the and Global Economy Cluster
Introduction to Contemporary Economics and Business     K0201      Colin DAVIS      Spring
Introduction to Japanese Economy                        K0202     Yoshinori WADA     Fall
Macroeconomics                                          K0203      Colin DAVIS      Spring
Microeconomics                                                    K0204     Kazuo NISHIMURA     Spring
Introduction to Finance                                           K0205        Colin DAVIS       Fall
Introduction to Business Administration                           K0206      Naoko OKUYAMA      Spring
Introduction to Accounting                                        K0207       Chitoshi KOGA      Fall
                                                                              Tadashi YAGI
Society and Economy in Kyoto                                      K0208        Alex KERR         Fall
                                                                             Hisakazu TAKAGI

Japanese Political Science and Global Studies Cluster
Introduction to International Cooperation                         K0301   Rahman SHAHHUSEYNLI   Spring
Introduction to Japanese Law                                      K0302       Hiroyuki OTA       Fall
Introduction to Japanese Politics                                 K0303      Ofer FELDMAN        Fall
Bureaucracy and Parliament in Contemporary Japan                  K0304        Gill STEEL        Fall
Political Parties and the Election System in Contemporary Japan   K0305        Gill STEEL       Spring
Japan and Asia                                                    K0306        Aysun UYAR       Spring
Japan and the Middle East                                         K0307   Rahman SHAHHUSEYNLI    Fall
Japan and Africa                                                  K0308        Yoichi MINE      Spring

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