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									The purpose of the ed conference is to provide staff with
                                                                     Our goal for the ed conference is tha you learn more about district
professional development opportunities relate to student
                                                                     initiatives and take home with you information/ideas/skills that will
achievement and district initiatives (e.g., strategic plan, SFA,
                                                                     help you increase student achievement. How well do you think the
QSM). How well do you think the district met that purpose this
                                                                     District met the goal this year?

Emerging                   1                                         Emerging                      1

Developing                12                                         Developing                    6

Proficient                67                                         Proficient                  64

Advanced                  31                                         Advanced                    34

Not Filled Out            70                                         Submitted Surveys          176

What do you want to hear about, talk about, learn about next,        How did the sessions you attended help focus your instruction on
in regard to raising student achievement?                            student achievement?

                                                                       The session I went tot gave me more of a understanding of how to
Learning More of SFA-seems like there is always a change to it.      teach to the students. Seeing how it was modeled gave me more of an
                                                                      Julie gave us some GREAT time-stretching activities. Head start did a
      Student (& ECE) consequence systems & strategies.
                                                                                                  good job.
  New technology replacing MS Office. Museum walk focus on
                                                                                            Solutions to school issues.
                student parent involvement.

"Failure is not an option", Alan Blankstein. Let's have him visits
                                                                                                Set out a process.
      sites, be the Keynote, and do a session for next year.
                                                                                                       Not at all.

                                                                      It was a great session and I am able to use it with my kids to make
                                                                          them more successful in the classroom and their standards.

                                                                          I worked with the bilingual staff and was able to create new
                                                                            performance tasks with my parapro. It was AWESOME!

                                                                     Solutions-Still Confusing-Should do something to coordinate the forms
 Share ways site have engaged parents & public. Maybe have
           some site presenters next Aug or Oct.

              Technology-Technology-Technology                                 Gave me resources & ideas for our math program.

                                                                       The session that I have attended has helped me by understanding
                                                                     more on what to do when my student is working on what was related
                   None that I know of so far.
                                                                      to my session. The sessions have made me caught up on where we

                  Time Management Techniques                                       Getting the students motivated & creating.
                                                                       Integrated Reading, Writing, & Math. Excellent for future sessions
                                                                                     available to more teachers, Para's.

  Leadership & good student-centered activities from various
                                                                     Increased student buy-in, ways to make content & skills more relevant
 schools around BSSD-From all levels-High performing, Middle
                                                                                          to students in a local way.
               performing, & Low performing.

     Motivation|Motivators|Motivating Methods/Processes                     My session addressed student/(and teacher) engagement

                 More cross-curricular workshops.

                                                                     It helped me link up what I was already doing and shed some light on
   Place based. What is working where? Discussion focused.
                                                                                    how I can laterally use what I am doing.
    Multiple achievement levels in one classroom-effective
                                                                       Great lesson planning strategies to integrate all subjects together.

                    ? Don't know right now.                              Gave me new ideas/ways to engage my students in learning.

     Specific ideas to deal with multi levels & non-achieve.               Help with collaboration in content also team time/site time

  More data. More video clips, or ideas from other schools in
 small districts in AK or more from other rural districts. Maybe                        Had time to plan usable lessons.
         more form other RISC schools to what works.

Raising confidence, spirit in students. Some are so depressed.

              Technology and math connections.                           I was able to hear new things about math and new resources.

   How do we get the low student to achieve better-Become            It help me understand how I can use data base instruction within my
                         successful.                                                            curriculum.
                                                                                         Loved the solutions workshop.

  I like Damon's idea of technology "how-to" VTC's. However,
                                                                     Sessions/presenters gave me higher orders skills/Processes/thought to
      they should not be long and only focus on one detail in
                                                                                            being back to school.
                   technology (hard to do). :)

                    Reading & writing skills.                                            Very good-levels, expectation.

                                                                       The practical problem solving sessions were most helpful i.e. Q&A

                                                                                    Great to have work time within session.

Focus on a science curriculum to integrate into Curiosity Corner       Hands on examples of actual suggestions for work w/children was
           will help children with high level thinking.                                          excellent.

                                                                                                More tutor ideas!
                                                                     I learned some new communications through iworks. I think I can use
       How to get students involved in p/t conferences.
                                                                                            iworks in tech I.
                                                                                        Always bring something home :)

 Loved the time to collaborate with others and create thing for           I can meet more students in different ways and create more
      my classroom. More like that would be awesome.                                   cooperative learning activities.

                                                                               Incorporate several content areas into one class.

 Motivational speakers & some more "experts" in education &
 best practices would be great! I miss hearing speakers form
                                                                     Mainly through discussion & collaboration with the other teachers and
 outside our district, not that those in our district aren't great
                                                                                               lots of good info!
  but it feels like we're losing touch with the "big picture" in
                                                                     This is going to help me, didn't even know I was doing some of them.

 Actual strategies to use with low hangers what actually works
                                                                                 I learned how to use our data more efficiently.
     with the students that is not done in the regular day.

Can we make links that show when a standard is in 2 or more
   content areas i.e.: level 2 social studies has a money &
good/services component as does level 2 math. So rather than                        Solutions team as very good Lilia rocks!
teach it in both areas-if we know that it is in 2 content areas it
                     gives you a heads up.

                 An effective discipline system!                            Helped us by giving us more direction in our curriculum.

I'd like if we had more time to discuss ideas and strategies with
     each other. One small thing-we keep going over the CC
components every time we come together. Maybe we can have              The sessions helped give me more ideas on helping the students-
a choice to go to next year, like 1 room for new staff to go over       behavioral strategies, gross motor, what to do to help with ESP.
  those & volunteers and another room for the ones who went
               over it already to do something else.

         Classroom Manage & Set Up (physical layout)                                            Directly related.
    Please let the Kindergarten teachers know what we do.

                        DK at this time.                                                         Very much.

                                                                     Unwrapping (Barb P.) and defining big ideas and essential questions
    Bring place-based education to the core of what we do.
                                                                      was powerful. Disruptive students session (Kim H.) was awesome.

I would like to see time for content groups to work together on
lessons. I think this would take some of the load off of teachers
                                                                       The sessions were good for support work, which is good for me.
 who have to do their lessons alone and ensure more consistent
                       lessons district wide.

  Continuation of more UBD of unpacking standards like Barb           I have things I made at the conference will be utilized on Monday.
                       Pitchford's class.                                                          Thanks!
                                                                                         Lots of ideas and resources.

                                                                    Can integrate technology now with writing and the students will have a
                                                                    place to "publish" and present in new ways! I'm so excited to get back
                Cooperative learning strategies.
                                                                           to my classroom to show the students what I've learned.

                                                                      We are fine tuning our instruction but we have to be careful not to
  Want to interact more with other sites, give time to do that.
                                                                                         repeat things over and over.
      The back club session was realistic and informative.                The addressed classroom issues that have concerned me.

                                                                     It helps me bring tech into my room to better benefit my students.

 More time & help w/unit planning-Understanding by Design in
                                                                     Thinking about big picture-meaningful tasks, & culminating projects.
 October-once school year has started it would be nice to plan
                                                                                    Digital storytelling w/Chick-Fantastic
                 for 2nd qtr during this time.

           More about- Difficult Students. More tech.                                                SFA
                                                                     Yes! Had to write a lesson plan :) Eric was AWESOME-Let Eric teach
                    More emphasis on Math.
                                                                                             more Tech sessions!!!

                                                                       Eric Lowery gave our group some great lesson (lesson format)
  NWREL has some really good presenters in subject areas.
                                                                      samples that integrate writing with any math lesson. Having used
 Teachers always enjoy leaving in-service session with ready
                                                                     some examples before his plan was ore detailed and complete. He
made lessons. Maybe less theory and more hands on ready to
                                                                    provided what I needed specifically to get more writing accomplished
                      teach lessons.
                                                                                             during math class.

                                                                                Got a lot of great games from learning games.

    Math training more in depth development of useful and           Provided info that was relevant to instructional planning and connected
    applicable classroom skills and instructional practices.                      to the district's standards-based movement.

More social studies/history. Higher level writing in-service with
more focus on high-level requirements and strategies lessons           Helped me align myself more on target w/standards and goals.
    for that. Again, a session devoted to grammar issues.

                                                                    Looking at students that might need attention over and above what if
                                                                         already provided. New ways to look at/provide instruction.

  Many villages have discipline issues. Technology as a tool.
                                                                          Technology can bring life to content-moving to the future.
                        Grant writing.
Help truancy laws be enforced. If the kids come, we will do our
                           part :)!

                                                                     The increased my resources & re-affirmed what I am already doing?

 Objectives of what we did and continue to do better. Thanks!                           I'm better tech person now! :)

                 How it ties in w/our cultures.                                         I learned how to WIKI! Wow!

                                                                      Allows me to provide more technology options to student projects.

                                                                     El-ed games gave me great ideas to take home with me. Book clubs
              Place based for everyone-Key note?                    cleaned a lot of stuff up, and gave me ideas to use on Monday. Place-
                                                                                             based was AMAZING!!!
 Being positive in classrooms (teaching w/out yelling). Always        My session w/Jenna and Karen was great. Everything was necessary
                 more writing. Alaska SS ideas.                            and gave me ideas that I want to implement immediately.

                                                                             Gave me things for my class to even use on Monday.

                       More science stuff.

                                                                     I received very specific, useful information. A lot of gaps were filled in
                                                                            that will enable me to support the teachers in my school.

  Curriculum choosing and good resources (Heather Swanson
  would be an amazing resource). Leadership in school/district.
 People interested in collaborating across the district partnering   Collaboration. Seeing how we all have a piece & can help each other in
      people who could travel to each other's sites-Building                          tech, curriculum classroom ideas, etc.
collaboration & partnership. They could create a unit together &
                  get the partnership started.

                                                                        It helped me learn about dart-yes. Strategies to use for teaching
                                                                     clarification, inferences (drawing conclusions), and providing the best
      Need to continue learning about reading strategies.
                                                                          education for each student. Some of my SPED concerns were

 Serious intervention/involvement in community social issues
        that inhibit learning (tardies, alcohol, abuse).

                                                                     I have a better idea on how to teach them effectively, and I feel like I
 Working with/disruptive students} longer session. Curriculum
                                                                        have a better place, or a place at all, to be with them. It isn't my
  mapping (I know we had it this year, but I needed to be in
                                                                       content area I struggle with. It's the teaching part-this session was
                       something else).

                                                                               Shared ideas on different ways to teach students.

                                                                          Elementary games, collaboration and WIKI was amazing! The
                                                                     collaboration part was extremely helpful w/lots of ideas flowing. The
                                                                     wiki/tech stuff was presented in pieces w/ample time to practice-and
 Anything I can take home and use the next Monday} Maybe
                                                                     all in layman's terms! For the first time, I actually understand how to
                  writing in the lower levels.
                                                                     post to WIKI! The learning games ready to use next week to engage
                                                                     my students interest! We had also the entire 2nd day to work! It was
                                                                                 exactly what an in-service session should be!

                                                                     I am anxious to use imovie with my students and to start utilizing our
   I love the technology sessions and learning new ways to           blog! Having students storyboard and then create their own imovie will
integrate the standards, content areas and technology! Thank          really solidify and reinforce the standards they are work on covering.
                you for the wonderful sessions!                      Posting their work and having mini discussions on the blog will also be
                                                                                   a wonderful way to raise student achievement!

 I'm not sure. I liked Barb's information-Liked that she works
with Marzano. What about a session introducing ideas by Ruby
 Payne-possibly good at the August training-helps distinguish        Moving structured time to work on applying new skills was really nice.
  assumptions we come across when working in villages that
            impact our ability to teach effectively.

                                                                     Thought about "Big Ideas" for important units to help keep me and the
               More about science differentiation.
                                                                                    students focused on overarching ideas.

  How to pass students on standards esp. parapros who are
                                                                     It went well I am going to do some of what I learned w/my students.
                teaching classes SFA & Math.

                        Brain Research.                                Multiple strategies. Differentiate Instruction. Faceted assessment.
                                                                     Tech session helped me learn imovie which is another vehicle for
                                                                   students to express what they have learned to others across school,
                                                                   district, state, and beyond. Book club session helped me understand
          More technology. 6 trait writing for level 2.
                                                                    how to help students hit various standards in RE and other content
                                                                      areas. Kim's science session helped me relate districts process
                                                                               standards to scientific process and inst. planning.

                                                                      Helped me, myself in learning there better to understand in the
                   Positive student learning.
                                                                                  student teaching; learning as well.

                                                                     Different ways to look at and help students-different approaches.

  I see a need to teach students how to become proficient a
  standard also how to connect standards in various content
                                                                                 More work by students, less by teachers.
    areas. Help students to take more responsibility of their

           Let us know if we need to bring laptops.                    Help me a great deal. To be more confident in teaching SFA.

A class transitioning form Reading Roots to Wings: What does it
  look like? What should kids' writing look like? What students
                                                                    It was varied! Roots. Discipline. Internet games. Making games for
      should be placed in the transitional class? (Rubric or
                                                                                         Elementary. Nice variety!
    guidelines). Leveling math and what programs should the
                           school use?

                                                                   It was focused on helping kids discover big ideas and make genuine
                       Power standards?

 Love and logic} Classroom Management (DVD). 123 Magic}
                                                                               Learned games to help meet the standards.
               Classroom Management (DVD).

                                                                    The session helped me learned ways to make lessons more fun and
                    Best practices in Math.

              Motivation-Motivation-MOTIVATION                                It helped to focus on inference in SFA-Edge 4.

            Hands-On Lessons to take back to site.                      Made specific games and learned how to post on WIKI. :)

Student Successes and not putting down student. And how we           I think it helped me most with my lesson planning and classroom
                  want them to succeed!                                                         organizing.

 How about a person or admin. in a school that is presenting
 dong this. Someone who-would present on taking us to the                             Was wonderful Jenna Counts!
                        next level.

I desired to be in the place-based ed. session, but was unable     The session I attended gave me a basic knowledge of what I should
due to a desire to know more about first. So, I'd like to take a   expect my kids to learn before they enter Roots and what my level 4
              class on the above next conference.                                 kids should know when exiting Roots.

 More time to exchange ideas with other teachers doing what
                  we are in our classrooms.

  Keep it rolling what ever you all come up with is helpful and     A better understanding of the SFA program and how to teach in in
                  especially useful in many ways.                                     achieving the students needs.

  Maybe a shore segment on how to find and send materials          It was great. I was able to find support for some problems I had, and
       within the district. (who'd we call, write, pay…)                    walked away with great ideas that I can easily use.
                            1-Low       2                3-Average         4    5-High
  Keynote Speakers
                               4        15                  40             50     31
                               1        2                   3              4       5
   2-day Presenter
                               1        1                   10             63     96

                               1        2                   3              4       5                                                                                          90
                               4        11                  40             77     40

                               1        2                   3              4       5
        Content                                                                                                                                                               80
                               0        3                   8              54     55

                               1        2                   3              4       5
                               0        1                   13             65     95                                                                                          70

                               1        2                   3              4       5
                               5        9                   31             59     67
What is your biggest concern AND how would you suggest addressing
                                                                                Additional Comments
that concern?
 Using all paper products (paper cups). Suggestion-Sell coffee mugs or
                                                                                                                 Wonderful Conference!
                      have site bring in their own.
                             No big concerns.                                                                Hot chocolate would be nice :)
  I'd like more time to converse on subjects and more time on the last
                                                                                                                 Julie Egli is an angel :)
                        day to do travel & closing.
                              No concerns!                                                                  Didn't make it in time to hear her.
                              No concerns.                                                             Great job, looking forward to the next one.

 Cleanliness of the school. Rooms were cold. Was not here for Keynote.                                          Team time was awesome.
Not bringing in presenters who go over some materials covered in past 3
                                                                                           Mattress (need new ones). Have cots vs. mattresses would be nice.

                        Was not here for Keynote.                                                              More pumps & mattresses.
                   More functioning pumps for mattress.                                                                   Great!                                              30
We need new air pumps!!! It was very difficult to find one and at times
                            we couldn't!
                    Not here for keynote. No concern!                                                 Would be nice to say at sight and do -VTC-?
Missed most of keynote-late travel. No big concern-great job. Thanks for
                          a great conference.
 Food was great! Drop the fish! New replacement pumps & mattresses.

                       Physical-rooms were hot :0).                                                                      Thanks.
                                                                                                                       Thank you!

              Please buy new (leak-proof) air mattresses.                          I would like to see more locally developed curriculum being done, or just discussed.
Having a pump for the air mattresses readily available as this became a
            big problem. Have at least 2 pumps per site.
                                                                                                                                                                                    4       4             5
         Check bathroom access regularly-tissue, water, soap.
                                                                                                                                                                                        1           0 0
         Animals in the room w/allergies from the animal/hay.
                                                                                                                 It was great thank you.
 Keynote-Interesting. Good use of "new" data. Physical-More extension                                                                                                                           1
  cords? Concern-Individual, specific sites & their movement along the
     continuous improvement & student achievement continuums.

Making education MEANINGFUL for our student. I think and hope we are
                   headed in the right direction.
           Food/Accomodations-Please, coffee, good coffee.                                                  Need strong, black, good coffee.
                          Keynote-Not here yet.                                                                   Thanks for the band!
                                                                                                                     New air pumps.
                               Good job :)

          Heat in the room I stayed in-either HOT! Or COLD!                              The blogging session was fun and informative. Damon did a great job.

                    I missed keynote. Is IT important.

    Keynote-Good. Too much about family. Food-Improving. Great
     conference. More time for collaboration, than previous years.

                              No concerns.
  Rooms were to dry and hot a lot the staff had sinus/stuffy problems.
                      Moisture and lower temp.

 Accomodations-Air mattresses need to be replaced. The family room
was overwhelmingly mostly single women. One of my sites families had            The water pressure for the toilets was not sufficient for the amount of people. The toilets
 to sleep in the staff room due to the single women that took over the                                             did not always flush.
                              family room.

   Physical-too cold Monday. Food-Great food/snacks. New mattress.
                                                                                Bathrooms an other maintenance issues were handled extremely well :) It has been kept
                                                                                                             up and clean! Thank you.

 Food/Accomodations-sleeping (1), Food (5). Room was either very hot
         or very cold. Spoke to the maintenance crew as well.

Thurs. tech session nice-more of this! Session posting poster was moved
  Thurs & edited a lot-confusing. Put in central location, not a hallway
                      where there's a ton of traffic.

 Monday-Thursday scheduling was awesome i.e. good pacing, relaxed.
  Thursday's sessions need to paced down if only an hour (technology

    2-day Presenter-Linda's presentation was scattered. ECE-Linda's
                                                                                                ECE-Julie Egli's presentations were focused and helpful.
              presentation seemed scattered. Not helpful.

  I wish I was more welcomed then being pointed my mistakes which
                      made me feel unwanted.

    Keynotes-Rambling; not useful info. 2-day Presenter-excellent.
   Food/Accomodations-ran out of many things for late session (1:00                    Dorm building smells bad, maybe you should clean carpets or something.
 lunch). Two days on same topic; too long and unproductive, 2nd day.

  Maybe the tech. Room could be the supply room. So the classroom                Snacks were only in the MPR room and hard to get to at times and some people were
            w/windows could be used for a session room.                                            filling their bags w/snack when others had none.

   Food-Improvement. Smoking as leaving the school doors…for non
                  smokers is not a good scent.

        Each year the conference is more focused! It renews us!                                                Thanks for all the extras!

     Our graduates from our district that can share what they have               Please get a keynote speaker from our district-Someone who has taught here for 25+
                            accomplished.                                                                   years. That would inspire me.

  It seems that much could have been done via VTC rather than mass

One day sessions instead of two so you get to go to a couple of session
                                                                                                          One hour team-time instead of two.
                           in the two days.

                     Physical-Library was very nice :)
                        Temperature in the school.                                                         High school end smells like paint.

 Physical-Classrooms fluctuated greatly in temps! Organization-Started
late at opening announcements made weren't heard as presenters kept             The evenings seemed very busy! Perhaps to coordinate activities and spread out over the
  talking…they're not listening to you Kim :) Food/Accomodations-Food           week more would be good. Pamuya was great} Thanks! Where did the seat cushions go?
    ran out-Snacks weren't available MOST times I went to get them!                                       I only saw them at the opening!
        Snacks unavailable} go back to snack tubs to each room!

Men & Women sleeping together in one room made me uncomfortable!

  Food-(1) good; Sleeping room-(10)! DO NOT put SKK in that room
 again! Freezing one day, Sweltering the next- Thanks for the cold I'm
                                                                                                                    Food was great!
  going home with and PLEASE don't put SKK in that room or area for

                                                                                 Thanks for everything! This conference was great :) Good food-Quyanna Cooks!! Julie-
                                                                                                                       Thanks :)
                                 Very good                                                                          Thank you Julie
                        Telephone, transportation
                                                                                                                   Enjoyed the food.
                                                                                                                       Thank you
                          Sleeping arrangements

A lot of it didn't apply to us being in the 3's not really much to change it.                                I thought Linda was very rude.

                             I miss my family.                                            Thanks to all the guides, cooks, janitors, and presenters!! Good job.

                           BEST EVERY! TRULY!                                                                 More time for make & take.
                                                                                                             What a wonderful conference.
                        Guest speakers from SFA.
                                  Space.                                                            Great Thanks. Food/Accomodations-Do not ask.

Would be nice to have in-service 3 days then 2 days on site-especially at
                                                                                  The music concert was/awesome. Please do that annually! The kids did a terrific job-
 end of a quarter when we need to reflect, toggle, plan-all in the same
                                                                                           Kudos to them and their organizers. Kitchen crew did a great job.

               Snoring-Get rooms breath right nasal strips.

    I would rather see the team time used at site after or before the
   conference. It is a valuable time, but could easily be done at site.

The sessions on Thursday could have been longer, especially the Difficult

                                                                                 This was the best Ed. Conf. Yet that I've attended. Tons of sessions to select from and
                                                                                            best of all WE were leading each other. 2-day-Chick was great.

    Move this October Ed Conf to the first part of the year. (August)                                I liked the added team time, it was well spent.

 It is different to sleep under these conditions. I.e. room temperatures,
                           people who snore, etc.

  Keynote Speaker-Wasn't here (flew in late). Food Accomodations-I
 thought it was very unthoughtful that a teacher would leave 3 guinea
pigs and a room full of straw in her classroom. Concern-The guinea pigs
                                and straw.

                                                                                             Thanks for all you guys do to make this week bearable & fun.
   Sleeping in warm classroom. Set all temps through out at 70-72
  degrees. I'm always concerned about getting back & setting up the
    Halloween Carnival & Haunted House in time for the weekend.

              I liked team time first thing in the morning.

                                                                              Much better accommodations---really reduced the crowding:) Much better management
                                                                             of babysitting-the babysitters/crying babies in hallway-greatly improved. Thanks for doing
                                                                                                          the adapting to food needs-Great!

Keynotes-didn't get there in time-planes were late. Physical-Shaktoolik
  room too cold then too hot. Concerns-wanted handouts form other
     More group get together (informal). More than just raffles!!!

 I would like to see the trips to the DO limited to once a year or let one
    (shorter one) be via VTC allowing us to stay on site to work-or-
recommendation: Everybody before school October conference bring in
new staff only for 2 or 3 days…onsite="old" staff working...perhaps via
 VTC here the conf. speaker who might be in Ohio...opening speech by
       Superintendent, etc...Perhaps a message a day via VTC...

        One group meeting per year either August or October.

                   Keynote-Missed. More coffee pots.

     Have a speaker with current and relevant information that can
     encourage staff rather than tell us the same thing over again.

      Is traveling to UNK worth the expense as opposed to having              As a fellow employee put, the newness of the conference has long since worn off and I
                   Development Opportunities on site?                         personally feel that we are causing more harm than good by missing a week of school.

 Temperature: We were hot one night, cold (frozen hair b/c it was wet)
           the second and then sweltering the third night.

                                                                                 Doug & Damon did a great job-great, practical presentation in a very open & non-
                          Best conference yet.
                                                                                                            condescending manner.

Any way to streamline this even-possibly send cooks, maintenance, etc.
                                                                              I like the team time-useful. But what is the point of flying us to UNK of this (something
 at other times. Overall this training was well organized and functioned
                                                                                    that could be done at site). Maybe implement more "small session" trainings.

     Keynote: Unthreatening? 2-day Presenter: Unthreatening? As a
 presenter, I would have liked more time to prepare. I was not allowed
 release time from my teaching duties and we also had sports activities
                      the weekend bore. No Time.

                                                                             Give out these questions at beginning of conference for time and opportunity to-think-in
                                                                                          order to answer-to catch thoughts/observations as they come.

                                                                              Presenters} had not fully explored iworks so presenters were learning with us. Actually
              Principals should not assign you to a class.                      fun for group to figure out software but at time frustration because it took so much

                                                                               Even library bathroom is filthy. Amount of mud tracked in all fall very evident. Maybe
                      Really enjoyed Tech classes.
                                                                                             carpets could be cleaned before having to sleep on them.

                            Getting home:0)                                        Always have fun coming here-ya'all do a great job w/the resources you have.

 Some of the 2 day sessions were very relevant to me but I could only
                attend one. Make (2) 1-day sessions.

No concerns, I liked the 2-day session, it gave me time to understand it
well. Last year there was too many sessions to try to remember by the
time we got back to our sites. Food/Accomodations-No air pumps when
                            you need them.

            Cover for the rubber mattresses would be nice.                                                     Great fruit and salads.

        People available w/rides for those staying with friends.                             Liked the concert, missed having Eskimo singing/dancing.

                              No concerns.                                                              Thank you for all that you've done.

                                                                             I really enjoyed the fresh fruit and vegetables that were served at every meal:):) All the
                                                                             sessions are improving every year. All the sessions I went to this October are very useful
                                                                                                      for when I return home. Learned lots :)

                     Toilet paper kept running out.

Keynote: Plane was too late. Physical-Need more grown up chairs on the
   El-ed side. Organization-I didn't pick up a packet and I still knew.       Ummm, I'm good. I loved the sequence tourney. Could we get some district games for
 Food/Accomodations-Our liaison (Randy) took care of all our problems.                                        the MPR at night?
      Concerns-Could we get more/new pumps for the mattress?

                                                                               This conference was much more beneficial than the one in August. The classes were
                                                                                        better, the food was better and the evening activities were great.

  Cleanliness of the school-The counters & sink in our classroom were
                         filthy--we scrubbed it!
                        Vary room assignments.
           Stay near the school with shower and not to walk.                                        Where we stayed would be good to shower.

  Keynote-Lot of info presented too fast. Organization-The boys were
  great at checking in w/the presenters and getting needed supplies.
 Food/Accomodations-Great fruit & veggies & crab salad. :) Additional
         Comments-Thank you! I fully enjoyed the in-service:)
        My biggest concern is the poor attendance of students.                                                         Thank you!

                                                                              Coffee-water stations are great. Music/Concert was a great addition. Future staff created
      The bathrooms were better but still room for improvement.
                                                                                                                village videos share.

  Could we organize sleeping by age/sex as opposed to school site?
 Various teas? Could we ask that parents bring children to showers at
                           specific times?

                Quiet place to get work done…No where.                                      Karen Beranek & Jenna Counts were FABULOUS. Thank you!!!

  2-day Presenter-Greg Wohlman/Awesome. Physical-Temperature.
Food/Accomodations-Temperature either 60 or 90. Food: great and the             The best in-service ever! A lot of relevant info., not binders for the shelf, but products
positive attitudes. Concerns-Staff integration: I noticed that other sites         that you can use at your site. Actual lesson plans with other content standards
 have the certified are together when thy go to the MPR and the Para                            incorporated in them. Thank you for getting Pamuya!!!
                  pros are by themselves going down.

    The museum walk-it is time to change it to something different.                                    Sleeping rooms were too cold or too hot.

  Keynote-NA wasn't here due to travel. 2-day & Physical-Elementary
  games. Collaboration and WIKI was absolutely incredible! Concerns-
   Guinea pigs in the room were a problem due to severe allergies. If
 teachers have animals in their rooms, maybe they can move them out
                             and vacuum.

   2-day presenter-Chick did a phenomenal job, his presentation was             This has been my third October in-service and I have to say its the best so far! Thank
                        extremely informative.                                                                          you!

When traveling my biggest concert is the dogs. I really appreciated the
                     accommodations we had.

90 minute session-wished there was a bit more personally interesting or        Liked having the ability to work on things for work. Liked all staff in attendance. Albert
relevant options i.e. SFA tutoring or Para's, wells Fargo, work sessions.                   Washington's speech was motivating, affirming, & unifying.

                     Keynote-Late flight…missed it!
              It was great, good company, and presenters.
                Keynote…Dr. Sylvester (Brain Research)

  The keynote speaker was not very engaging. I think you should try
                                                                                                                    Pamyua Great!!!
                           Dennis Litky.
Keynote-Missed it! :( Concerns-for late lunchers to make sure drinks are
                            there for them.

                                                                                  Very great appreciation for the treat of a fabulous fun concert. Very hot showers,
                                                                                               excellent, pertinent classes opportunity of credit too.

I would like to spend more time w/colleagues who are CTE instructors.                                     Very helpful session-Rand F.-iwork.

                             More air pumps.

2-day presenters-I felt left out because I was the only paraprofessional.
Food/accomodations-Food was great. Bed? Concern: The district should
 be more sympathetic to the paraprofessional, they help the teachers,
  make them fell at ease and include them in your sessions. Don't let
                             them feel left out.

   Physical-Hot/cold/hot/cold opening closing windows, fan may help.
Organization-I liked the more relaxed scheduling! Food/Accomodations-
                                                                               I was a bit concerned about "why" I had an upset stomach on days 2 & 3 when all I ate
The cooks do a great job for what they have to work with. Concerns-Our
                                                                                                  were moderate meals, no soda, and min. snacks.
sleeping room had late night and very early risers all 3 days. I didn't get
                   the rest I have gotten in the past.

                                                                              I really enjoyed the keynote when was helpful and really evoked thought. Accomodations
                    Paper waste-offer mugs for sale.
                                                                                                             were great & convenient.

    Air mattress & pumps need to be replaced. Have volunteers sort
                 mattresses and purchase new pumps.

  Pumps for airing up mattresses were scarce. When we found pumps
 there were no cords to charge them up. Going back to one pump per
             site with cords for each site would be great.

            Snorers sleep in a room & without the rest of us!

  Food/Accomodations-People were too loved the first night. Concern-
                                                                                                                   Good Job-Thanks!
           Maybe partitioning gym off-more sleeping area.

                          Excellent Conference.

   2-day presenter-Damon, Concern-Safety of possessions at home               It probably is a as good as you can be. If we have to do this, I don't know how else-until
                   (village) while everyone is here.                                              you use VTC technology! (would save a lot of cash)

   Keynote-didn’t arrive in time to hear Keynote, but took sessions.
   Physical-Fairly crowded in same sessions. Food/Accomodations-               Well done-it gets better every time-some concern with more #'s coming in all at same
  Awesome. Concern-Need new pumps-searched much for a working                                                         time!
                    pump…finally found 1 good one!

                                                                              I think these sessions are a blessing. We get input from each & every sight. Thank you for
     Keynote-Missed out :( Concern-Getting our children to school.
                                                                                                                    this opportunity.

2-day presenter-Great & helpful! Food/Accomodations-Not me! :) Food.
 Concern-I would love time to meet w/teachers by levels like lower ele.           Loved the music-more art would always be welcomed! We need better speakers.
                             Or whatever.
                  Kim-Excellent thanks for all the work.
               Nothing. Great Job. I have no suggestions.

  Physical-Cold, stuffy, dry. Concern-Furthering what was taught as a
                                                                                                           Happy trails keep up the Attitude!
                      parapro to use in our school.

 Not enough air pumps, we could not find an air pump with any power
 until 10ish at night. Bathrooms/Showers, here are a lot of people here                                      Best sessions I've had so far.
                        for the few we have to use.

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