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									In Memoriam -- Stoddard Pintard Johnston
Stoddard Pintard Johnston, 84, - August 16, 1924 - May 14, 2009,
died at home in Carmel, California. Stoddard Johnston was born in
Elkins, West Virginia. He was son of Bruce Lee (Johnston)
Kennedy of Elkins and Washington, D.C. and Stoddard Johnston of
New York City. His mother was granddaughter of Senator H.G.
Davis (D/WV), coal and railroad owner and 1904 candidate for Vice
President. His father was grandson of Col. J.S. Johnston of
Louisville, Kentucky and New York City, who was nephew of
General A.S. Johnston, CSA commander at Shiloh and Senator
Stoddard Johnston (D/LA). Stoddard Johnston's stepfather was
John A. Kennedy, former Hears! executive and publisher of San
Diego, Sioux Falls and West Virginia newspapers. Stoddard
Johnston graduated from the Choate School, attended Virginia
Military Institute and graduated in 1950 from Yale College. At Yale
he was a member of DKE, founded the Ivy network of college radio
stations and was chairman of WYBC, the Yale radio station. During
WWII, he served as a technical sergeant with the 77th infantry
division on Guam, Leyte and Okinawa. During the Korean War he
was a 1 st Lieutenant serving as a forward and aerial observer.
Stoddard Johnston was President of Channel 2, Inc., Oakland, CA,
applicant for TV Channel 2. His application established Oakland as
the site of what became KTVU of which he was a founder in 1958.
He was president of the Oakland Museums Association and chair of
Oakland's Library and Museums Commission. Following the 1964
sale of KTVU, he moved with his wife and three children to the
Monterey Peninsula. In Monterey, he owned and operated KMBY,
KWAV, and was a founder of KMST Channel 46 (CBS) and a
partner in KBOQ. Active in many community associations, he was
president of the Community Foundation for Monterey County, the
Asilomar Operating Corporation for California State Parks, the
SPCA for Monterey County, the Economic Development
Commission of Monterey County, the Girl Scouts of Monterey,
Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties, the UCSC Foundation and the
California Broadcasters Association. Stoddard Johnston was a
board member of the California State Parks Foundation (SF), Girl
Scouts of the U.S.A. (NYC), the California Health Facilities
Commission (SAC) and the Monterey Rotary Club. He was a
member of SAR, the Beach and Tennis Club in Pebble Beach and
the Old Capital Club in Monterey. Stoddard Johnston's wife died in
1979. He married Jeanne Gomez Davis in 2003 and they have since
lived in Carmel. He is survived by his wife; three children, Bruce
Lee Johnston of Carmel, Azile Kelly Johnston of San Francisco and
John Stoddard Johnston and his wife, Linda who are parents of his
two grandchildren, Carlyn and Christopher Johnston of San Diego.
Stoddard Johnston's sister is Lee Johnston Norton of San Diego.
His brother is Davis Lee Kennedy of Washington, D.C. His sister is
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted of Cambridge, MA. Memorial donations
may be made to the Girl Scouts of America or the charity of your
choice. A Memorial Mass will be held at the Carmel Mission Chapel
of the Blessed Sacrament at 2:00pm on June 6, 2009. Following the
Mass, friends will be welcome at the Casa Abrego Club in Monterey.

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