India Pale Ale 1bbl by stariya


									                                     India Pale Ale
                                        1 Barrel

Gain\Adjunct Bill
      80.5 pounds 2 row base malt
      6.5 pounds Crisp Amber malt

Hop\boil additions Schedule
      6 oz Centennial 60 min
      6 oz Centennial 15 min
      6 oz Amarillo 0 min

Yeast Safale S-05

 Mash in to 32 gallons of temperature adjusted strike water to reach mash temp of
 Maintain single rest temp for 60 minutes
 At the end of 60 minutes, recirculate wort (Vorloff) until clear
 Once filter bed is established begin runoff to kettle and sparge
 Adjust runoff / sparge to collect roughly 33 gallons of wort
       o This amount will be adjusted as the process is “tuned” to the system
       o Wort should be collected until a gravity of around 1.080 is reached
       o Flow rates need to be adjusted so that this process takes 60 to 90 minutes
 Once runoff and sparge complete, boil should commence per hop \ boil addition
 After boil, wort should be cooled as quickly as possible to 68º and 80 grams of yeast
   should be added
 Primary fermentation should take 7 to 10 days, until a gravity of 1.015 to 1.020 is
 Remove yeast and condition 7 days
 Add 1.5 pounds priming sugar to wort and bottle / keg
 Bottle/cask condition 14 days for proper carbonation
 For Kegs, before shipment, tap enough beer to remove yeast sedimentation

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