Final BDS Supply exam by kishorkna


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									                     MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY
No. EA I/1/49/04                                                             P.D.Hills


      It is hereby notified that the Final BDS (Part I) degree supplementary
examinations are scheduled to be conducted from 11.11.2011 as detailed below:

                                      TIME TABLE

Day & Date                 Subject                                 Time

                                                      Section AI     Section AII & B

Friday         Oral Medicine and Radiology            9.30 am to       9.45 am to
11.11.2011                                            9.45 am          12.30 pm

Tuesday        Orthodontics                           9.30 am to       9.45 am to
15.11.2011                                            9.45 am          12.30 pm

Thursday       Pedodontics                            9.30 am to        9.45 am to
17.11.2011                                            9.45 am          12.30 pm

       The last date for the receipt of applications in the University Office without fine is
27.10.2011 and with a fine of Rs.50/- is 28.10.2011. The candidates shall also remit a
sum of Rs.150/- per paper towards CV Camp fee, in addition to the prescribed
examination fee.

                                                              DR.M.THOMAS JOHN
                                                              Controller of Examinations

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