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PG IGNOU Old Question paper

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									               MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME
                   Term-End Examination

                       : LOGI$TIGS
                                 AND SUPPLY

Time : 3 hours                            Maximum Morks: 700

Note :

     (t)     Section A has six quesf  ions, each carrying
             20 marks. Attempt sny four questions.

     (ii)    Sectlon B is compulsory, snd carries 20 marks.

                              SECTION A

1:   Why is Supply Chain Management(SCM) viewed as an
     integrated approach that links an enterprise with its
     customer and suppliers ? Discuss key processesfor the
     integratedSCM that were identifiedby Lambert.

2.   Define Inbound and Outbound Logistics.In a supply chain,
     which is more important - inbound or outbound logistics
     ? Justify your answer.

    @                                                     P.T.O.
3.   How does one determinethe information requirements
     a supply chain ? Discussthese methods. Also discuss
     varioussupplychain informationcategories.

4.   What are Supply Chain PerformanceMeasureSystems?
     Discusstwo such systemsthat are used in measuringthe
     perlormanceof supply chain.

5,   "Transport    is becoming increasingly less important   in
     supply chain management, ?s e-commerce and other
     developments become widespread." Do ycju think this is
     true ?

6.   What     are the essential differences in the supply chain
     management      of   Products vs. Services ? Discuss the
     application of Supply Chain Management principles in
     Hospitality seruices

7-   Read the following caseand answerthe questionsgiven at
     the end.

            ,,     Case. : Friedland Timbers

     Timbers Asa, which makes specialized wood products for
     the construction industry..He has recently been worried
     by late deliveries to some important customers. The
     industry is very' competitive, and Johann knows that
     custom€rs,rwill go to other , suppliers if :     cannot
     guarantee deliveries. The marketing manager is
     particularly upset 'because he has worked with these
     customers for a long time, and promised deliveriesthat
     werenot made.                      :         . , :''

       ,,.,Johann.  asked:, the,,production,manag€r..for. an
 '   explanation, She told him 'lOur own ,supplieis,  were late
     in delivering certain type of wood. This 'shortageof ,a key
     raw rnateriall'disrupted our production,plans.'We cannot
     be blarned for this. If anyone in the,company is to,,,be
     blamed, it,,is the warehousemanagerwho does not keep
     enough stocks of raw materials to cover for ,late

        Johann then went up to the warehousernanager to
     see,,what was happening.,,'lThere can't be anything wrong
     here;" ,he was.told. , "stocks have been climbing for the,

  past year, and last month they were at an all time high.
  In part, though, stocks seem to have just drifted upwards.
  Now we have high stocks of most items, but there are
  still occasional shortages. These high stocks are causing
  me problems with space, and are stretching my budget. I
  think that the blame lies in purchasing, who do not order
  the amounts that we request."

      Johann saw that some stocks were drifting upwards
  because purchasing were buying large quantities of some
  materials. At the sarne time, they were ,delaying some
  purchases,        and   this   produced     the   shortages. The
  purchasing manager explained to               Johann,    "Let   me
  remind you that eight months ago you instructed me to
  reduce materials cost. I am doing this by taking advantage
  of the discounts given by suppliers for large orders. Often
  I order more than requested under the assumption that
  we will need the material at some stage, So I get discount
  and the material is already in stock when we need it.
  Sometimes keeping things in stock would take too rnuch
  space or be too expensive, so then I might delay an order
  until   I   can    combine     it   with   orders to    get   bigger

      Johann thought he was close to the source of his
  probleffis, and might ask for purchasing policies to be
  reviewed. Then he talked to the transportation manager
  who was not so sure: "lt is much more efficient for me

 to bring larger quantitiesinto the company," he said. "lf
 you reducethe averageorder size,the transport costs will

    Johann talked to some major suppliersto see if they
 could somehow improve the flow of materials into the
 company. They raised the question of late payments.
 Johann asked his Accounts manager for an explanation.
  The manager said, "The Company's inventory and
  transport costs are so high that we are short of cash. We
  are delayingpaymentsto improve our cash flow".

      Later that day Johann found that the late customer
  deliveries which had started his investigation, were
  actually causedby poor sales forecastsby the marketing
  department. They had seriouslyunderestimated  demand,
  and planned production was too low. All the employees
  at FT were doing their best, but things seemed to be
  going wrong.

  Quesfions t
  (a)   Why do all the logisticscostsseemto be rising at the
        sametime ?
  (b)   What would you recommendJohann to do ?

    @                                                        1,000

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