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Opening photoshop and a photoshop file


									                                                  To Open a File in Photoshop!

Click on File, then scroll down to open. Once you click on open a new pop up box will appear.

To Get to your photo:              2) Click on S: Shared Drive
                                                                       3) Click on Projects     4) Click on art.
1) Click on Computer.

5) Choose your grade level.    6) Choose your class.               7) Choose your table.        8) choose your photo.

                               9) If the pictures don’t appear click
                               on the small square at the top of
                               the pop up box and select ‘Extra
                                                                                                10) Select your picture and
                               Large Icons.” This will allow you to
                                                                                                Click Open! Your picture
                               view the pictures and not just the
                               name of the file.                                                Will pop up on the screen.
       To Open Photoshop!
1) Turn on your computer. Once your computer loads PISD Apps
is on your desktop. Double Click and a pop up box will open.

    2) Double Click on the folder, Multimedia.

                 3) Double Click on the folder Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

                4) Double Click on Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0, a pop up box
                will open.

                                                 5) Clock on Edit and Photoshop will

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