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					                                                                 Th e CFD N e ws l e tt e r

                                                                            Ma rk et Vi ew
                                                                 W ednesday, April 21, 2010

               Te c h Vie w
                                                      US Stock Market
June S&P 500
                                                            DJIA          S & P 500            NASDAQ
                                                          11117.06         1207.17             2500.31
                                                           +0.23%          +0.81%              +0.81%

                                                   US equities closed higher in the yesterday’s trading
                                                   session supported by stronger than expected earnings
          RSI (20:80)            Sto Fast          boosted confidence in the economic recovery and higher
            70.19%         D 84.64%: K 83.36%      energy prices. The broad based S&P 500 and NASDAQ
                                                   indices were the best performers for the session, both
                                                   rising 0.8% while the concentrated Dow Jones Industrial
                                                   Average could only manage a gain of 0.2%. Before turning
                                                   mostly higher by the closing bell, the major market
                                                   averages swung between positive and negative for much
DJIA                                               of the day as investors remained concerned about the
                                                   fallout from Goldman's legal headaches. In Asia the
                                                   regional markets gained the most in five weeks following
                                                   the strong corporate earnings in the US, especially the
                                                   spectacular result from Apple. The Nikkei 225 is the best
                                                   performer, adding 1.7% while the Hang Seng is up 1.6%.
                                                   Goldman Sachs earnings trounced f orecasts, but its stock
          RSI (20:80)            Sto Fast          slipped 2.1 percent to $159.98. UK regulators launched a
               69.57%      D 87.20%: K 86.66%      probe into alleged fraud by the company, adding to
                                                   worries caused by U.S fraud charges.

                               Major Economi c Releases for Today
 Period                               Event                             GMT     Foreca st         Previous
   FEB                            JPY Leading Index                     05:00                        97.9
  MAR                         GBP Jobless Claims Change                 08:30         -10.0K        -32.3K
                        GBP Bank of England Meeting Minutes             08:30
  MAR                JPY Merchandise Trade Balance Total (Yen)          23:50         975.4B        649.6B

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                                                           Th e CFD N e ws l e tt e r
Dow Jones Industrial Average
The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 25.01
points, to 11117.06. Gains were led by components
Exxon Mobil and Chevron to rise more than 1
Percent. Coca Cola was off 1.5% after it released
surprisingly weak earnings, accompanied by remarks
from its chief executive officer that cast doubt on the
prospects for consumer spending as an engine of
recovery in the broader economy.

The technology heavy NASDAQ traded higher in the
yesterday’s trading session. Apple Inc. shares jumped
after the company posted a sharp rise in earnings on
increased sales of iPhones and Mac computers, but
Yahoo Inc.'s profit climb was unable to spark a rally in
the Internet search firm's shares. Apple shares
climbed 5.4%. Yahoo shares were down 4% at
$17.65. The technology shares reporting rising
revenue, profits, and market share in Internet search,
an arena where it has struggled against rival Google.

Crude Oil
Oil rose above $84 a barrel, near to the last week's
trading range before the closure of European
airspace and legal action against Goldman Sachs,
boosted by an unexpected drop in U.S fuel stockpiles.
Upbeat corporate results also injected optimism into
commodities markets. Apple Inc reported higher than
expected earnings. In the past week, oil prices have
been buffeted as the U.S Securities and Exchange
Commission sued Goldman and an ash cloud from an
eruption in Iceland severely disrupted European air
travel, slashing jet fuel demand. The front month U.S
crude contract has rebounded almost 5 percent from
a low of $80.53 which was two days ago. Prices also
got a boost from unexpected drops in U.S fuel
inventories last week and a larger than forecast
decline in crude inventories.

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                                                           Th e CFD N e ws l e tt e r
Precious and B ase Met al s
Gold inched up today, extending its recovery from a
two week low hit earlier this week as positive
earnings results underlined demand for the precious
metal, while palladium climbed to a fresh two year
high. Investors took to heart the overall profit
recovery in U.S. companies such as IBM and Apple,
shifting their attention away from concerns over fraud
charges against Goldman Sachs, a major commodities
trader, and Greece's financial situation. Earlier this
month, Euro zone leaders agreed a giant EU/IMF aid
package for Greece, and the details are carefully
awaited. Gold futures for June delivery GCM10
advanced to $1142.60 an ounce. The holdings by the
world's largest gold backed exchange traded fund, the
SPDR Gold Trust, stayed unchanged for the eighth
business day in a row yesterday. The fund said its
holdings stood at 1141.041 tonnes as of April 20,
unchanged from the previous business day and the
same as a record first marked on April 9. Copper, little
changed in London, may rise on signs of a recovery in
demand as better than expected earnings results
boosted equity markets and refined imports into
China the world’s top consumer.

Traditional Agricultural
Wheat was higher on short covering and fund buying,
along with some lower trade in the Dollar. Wheat was
also oversold after dropping more than 20 cents on
Monday. Wheat’s got a very negative set of supply
and demand fundamentals. Soybeans were higher on
short covering and fund buying, along with spillover
from the outside markets. The Dow was higher, crude
oil was up sharply and the Dollar was mixed against
other major currencies. Overall, demand remains
solid. Corn was higher on fund buying and short
covering, in addition to outside market direction.
Contracts were a little oversold and due for a bounce
after Monday’s drop.

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                                                                                      Th e CFD N e ws l e tt e r

       Futures Settle ment Prices Tu esday , April 20, 201 0
Instrument Contract  Open     High     Low     Settlement Net Change
     Euro             UROM10               1.3489              1.3523               1.3428               1.3433                  -0.0057
Japanese Yen           JYM10               1.0823              1.0826               1.0710               1.0730                 -0.00960
British Pound          BPM10               1.5326              1.5429               1.5284               1.5357                   0.0021
 Swiss Fr anc          SFM10               0.9410              0.9436               0.9358               0.9360                  -0.1466
      DJIA             DJM10               11033               11091                11022                 11074                     29
  S & P 500            SPM10              1195.50             1205.50              1194.00               1205.25                   9.25
NASDAQ 100             NDM10              2011.75             2025.00              2007.00               2022.75                    9.5
  Hang Seng             HSJ10              21531               21632                21494                 21600                    124
  Nikkei 225           NKM10               10955               11005                10890                 10900                     10
   FTSE 100            FTM10               5712.0              5754.5               5688.5               5742.0                     79
     Gold              GCJ10               1135.6              1146.7               1133.9               1140.9                      5
     Silver             SIK10              1775.5              1803.0               1772.5               1783.0                    10.5
    Copper             HGK10               352.40              355.25               349.20               351.50                    -0.5
   Crude Oil           CLM10                83.35               84.51                83.16                83.88                    0.77
    Wheat               WK10               469.50              487.00               469.50               484.50                    14.5
  Soybeans              SK10               980.50              987.50               978.25               985.00                    7.75
     Corn               CK10               350.75              356.25               349.00               355.75                    6.75

                                Daily Swings                      (Th e Pivot Levels)
                                                                    Trading Range
    Contract                  S3               S2              S1             Pivot             R1               R2                  R3
   UROM10                 1.3305            1.3366          1.3400           1.3461          1.3495           1.3556             1.3590
    JYM10                 1.0569            1.0639          1.0685           1.0755          1.0801           1.0871             1.0917
    BPM10                 1.5139            1.5212          1.5284           1.5357          1.5429           1.5502             1.5574
    SFM10                 0.9255            0.9307          0.9333           0.9385          0.9411           0.9463             0.9489
    DJM10                  10965            10993           11034            11062           11103            11131               11172
    SPM10                 1186.17          1190.08         1197.67          1201.58         1209.17          1213.08             1220.67
   NDM10                  1993.50          2000.25         2011.50          2018.25         2029.50          2036.25             2047.50
     HSJ10                 21381            21437           21519            21575           21657            21713               21795
    NKM10                  10743            10817           10858            10932           10973            11047               11088
    FTM10                 5636.17          5662.33         5702.17          5728.33         5768.17          5794.33             5834.17
    GCJ10                 1121.50          1127.70         1134.30          1140.50         1147.10          1153.30             1159.90
     SIK10                1738.83          1755.67         1769.33          1786.17         1799.83          1816.67             1830.33
    HGK10                 342.67            345.93          348.72           351.98          354.77           358.03             360.82
    CLM10                  81.84             82.50           83.19           83.85            84.54            85.20              85.89
     WK10                 456.17            462.83          473.67           480.33          491.17           497.83             508.67
     SK10                 970.42            974.33          979.67           983.58          988.92           992.83             998.17
     CK10                 343.83            346.42          351.08           353.67          358.33           360.92             365.58
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