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					  VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2                                     MESSAGE FROM THE
                            AUGUST 2009
                                                        STATE DIRECTOR
                                                              To the ” Fabulous Fantas- Directory                               volunteer hours to vari-
                                                        tic Sorors of Florida and the        •Initiated Florida State           ous charities (NAACP,
                                                        Bahamas Islands, it is with      Website                                Boys and Girls Clubs,
                                                        quenchless zeal that I THANK         •Installed Undergradu-             American Red Cross,
                                                        YOU for a Job Well Done! Our     ate Council                            Girls, Inc., Florida Hu-
                                                        first year has had many hills        •Signed partnership                manities Council, Home-
                                                        and valleys but because of       agreement with American                less Coalitions, Food
                                                        your dedication and commit-      Cancer Society for Relay for           Share, League of
                                                        ment to ZETA our 52 Chapters,    Life Teams                             Woman Voters)
                                                        37 Golden Life Members, 73 Life                                          •98% chapter and Ami-
                                                                                             •Conducted Leadership
                                                        Members, 19 Amicae Auxilia-                                             cae participation in
                                                                                         Workshop for Undergradu-
                                                        ries and 32 Youth Auxiliaries                                           ZHOPE projects and
                                                                                         ate Advisors
                                                        have stayed the course!                                                 activities
                                                                                             •Reactivated the Univer-
                                                         Accomplishments & Activities                                            Thank You Florida
                                                                                         sity of Miami chapter
                                                                                                                                and Bahamas for you
Z E T A P H I B E T A S O R R I T Y, I N C

                                                          •Conducted MIP training for        •Chapters participated in          tireless efforts and con-
                                                                                          “Get Out the Vote”, HBCU
                                                          3 Areas totaling 165 Sorors                                           tinued support.
                                                                                          Raffle, and “Take a Love d
                                                          certified in MIP
                                                                                          One To the Doctor”.                    ONE ZETA, ONE LOVE
                                                          •Assisted in Planning the
                                                          2009 Undergraduate, Ami-
                                                                                              •Chapters contributed

                                                                                          over $90,000 in scholarships
                                                          cae and Youth Retreat-352
                                                                                          over $20,000 to the March
                                                                                          of Dimes and over $15,000
                                                          •Initiated increased recogni-   to the American Cancer So-
                                                          tion of Life and Golden Life
                                                                                              •Chapters contributed
                                                          •Initiated State Membership        over $50,000 and countless

                                                                         Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!
                                                                        Iota Omicron Zeta Chapter-
                                                                             Newest Members

                                                                The Sorors of Iota Omicron Zeta Chapter welcomes our newest Sorors to the Zeta Fam-
                                                                ily. They are sitting (L-R) Sorors: Rickeshia Tillman, Andrea Scott, Jeanie Edwards, and
                                                                Tavares Myrick; Standing (L-R) Coretha Smith, Angeletta Sewell-Snipes, Rose Chastine,
                                                                Deborah Cromer, Sharese Bostic and Vernell Williams.
Florida State Executive Broad
          Florida State Director
                                                      IN Loving
            Erna M. Foushee

        Executive Board Chairlady
                                                  Memory of our be-
            Martha Williams

            Rosetta Durant

           Carrie W. Howard
                                                  Soror and Friend
         Tamias -Grammateus
           Brenda Williams                           Margaret
           Johnetta Fulton

           Margaret Staples

                                                  You will Be Truly
             Annie Baker
             Laverne Nealy
          F. Michele Lemons
             Karen Blount

             Joyce Kerce
           Budget Chairlady
                                                     ZeTA PHI BETA
            Kathy Greene

      Undergraduate Coordinator
             Sherry Ford

          Youth Coordinator                     METROPOLITAN CHAPTER
            Loraine Davis

         Z– Hope Coordinator
         Soror Christie Cash
                                                 UNDERGRADUATE OF THE YEAR!
        Coordinator of Vendors
          Johnnie Mae Kerr

         Amicae Coordinator
          Margaret Redvict

       Founder/Director FZETA
            Rosa Brown

           FZETA President
             Rosa Pickett

   Nominations/Elections/Scholarship     Soror Cassandra Glenn became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Metropolitan
              Coordinator                Chapter on April 15, 2008 and has been an active member since her induction into this illus-
          Dr. Glenda Garrett
                                         trious sisterhood.
    Geographical Area Coordinator
           Carrie Herring                She currently serves as the editor for PiPi Chapter’s newsletter The Blue Note. Soror Glenn
           Leslie Cannon
                                         is also step show assistant coordinator, and interim secretary for PiPi Chapter. If that was
            Rosa Pickett
            Shelby Jones                 not enough, she holds the seat as the chapter representative for Johnson & Wales University
            Joyce Kerce                  Greek Council. In addition to her elected positions, Soror Glenn exemplifies strong commit-
           Frankie Ingram
                                         ment, loyalty, sisterly love and leadership in planning and participating the Chapter’s activi-
         Life/Golden Members             ties and community Z-Hope projects.
            Francene Koch
                                         With all her ongoing activities and work within the chapter, Soror Glenn continues her
   Protocol Coordinator/Zeta-Sigma
                                         scholarship efforts by achieving and maintaining a GPA of 3.1.
           Lashonda Royal
Business Partners/Zeta-Sigma Relations   Beta Tau Zeta Chapter recognize and honor Soror Cassandra Glenn and congratulate her for
             Coordinators                her outstanding commitment and awards her Undergraduate of the Year.
     Teshia Green and Nicole King

        Legacy Coordinators
  Elaine Alvin and Monique Foushee
                 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc,
         Gamma Phi Zeta Chapter in Polk County, Florida
Chapter Members and Officers               Mary Pete                        * Denotes Golden Sorors       # Denotes
                                                                            Nominee for Soror of The year
Claretha Conner- Basileus                  Bernice Smith
Tereather White-1st Anti Basileus *        Claudine Sutton-
Leggie Boone- Grammateus                   Tiffany Williams-
Christy Hartsfield # Asst. Gram-           Eleanor Cobb
meteus                                     K. Renee Hutcherson
Bobby McKennie- Tamias *                   Sophia Jones
Mildred Wallace-                           Juanita Mack –
Tamias Grammateus                          Fashion Show Coordinator-
Carolyn Simmons- Phylacter                 Soror Of the Year 2008
Tracey Nelson- Chapman-                    Ethyl Mussington *
Antapokritis – Scholarship Chair           Claretha Randall *
Laura Douglas- Amicae Advisor              Gwendolyn Strong * #
Edith Nelson- Amicae Advisor               Laurie Williams-
Dora Blackshear                            Vrginia Jones- Watkins
Pakishia Johnson                           Abre’ Conner- Associate Member
Mary A. Hardee                             Agnes- Edward Stephens-
R J Iles *                                  Charter Member * -
Kim Lawson                                 Woman Who made a Difference
Susan McDuffie

         Stork’s Nest Baby Shower
    On March 7th, the chapter held our    central Florida region.
bi- annual Stork’s Nest Baby Shower
at the John J. Jackson Center in Or-
lando, Fl. Sorors reached out to com-
munity service organizations such as
health departments, women centers,
and clinics to advertise the event. We
had speakers from the March of
Dimes, TLC Women’s Center, Center
of Multicultural Wellness and Preven-
tion, and a representative from the
Orange County Health Department
(OCHD). The OCHD made it possible
for the baby shower attendees to elec-
tronically apply for Medicaid if they
so desired. We had approximately 70
people in attendance including 32
pregnant women and approximately
20 Sorors and three Sigmas in atten-
dance. We provided free food which
was donated from Panera Bread and
several Sorors. We also provided baby
items such as cloth diapers, onesies,
baby formula, toys, and other essential
items. Our event was very successful
and we hope to expand our commu-
nity service to other counties in the

Page 3                                                                                                      INFORMER
                                                  ETA ALPHA ZETA
                                  ADOPTS LEE CHARTER ACADEMY
      On March 27, 2009, Lee Charter          socially, and morally. The suggestion was    school in establishing the National Ele-
 Academy was the scene of a sumptuous         unanimously accepted by the ladies of        mentary Honor Society and the National
 Teachers and Staff Appreciation Lunch-       Zeta, and we became the proud “Parents”      Junior Honor Society, in addition to re-
 eon sponsored by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority,     of Lee Charter Academy, a K-8 school         peating the activities performed in 2007.
 Inc., Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.,       located in the predominantly Black com-      Lee Charter Academy has a population
 American Legion Post #192 Women’s            munity of Fort Myers, FL., known as          of 173 students with a 98% minority
 Auxiliary, and Trinity United Methodist      Dunbar.                                      population.
 Women’s Mission Ministry. Lee Char-
                                              Several local role models were con-              Lee Charter Academy is led by the
 ter’s teachers and staff along with other
                                          tacted and agreed to assist us in providing      very capable and experienced principal,
 citizens who provided workshops for the
                                          self-esteem workshops for the students.          Dr. Shirley M. Chapman, a native of
 school year were thanked during this
                                          The workshops addressed such topics as           Fort Myers, FL., and a graduate of Dun-
 luncheon. The highlight of the luncheon
                                          hygiene, self-respect, proper etiquette,         bar High School. The school’s grade
 was the presentation of a state of the art
                                          career and life choices, all designed to         improved over the last four years, mov-
 sound system which was donated to the
                                          improve the students’ minds, bodies, and         ing from an “F” rating to earning an
 school by the Zetas, Sigmas, American
                                          spirits. We provided school supplies,            “A” rating. There are forty-seven char-
 Legion Post #192 Women’s Auxiliary and
                                          snacks for the Florida Comprehensive             ter and public schools in Lee County,
 Trinity United Methodist Mission Min-
                                          Assessment Test (FCAT), belts for stu-           and only twenty-six schools made Ade-
                                          dents’ uniforms, a Teachers and Staff            quate Yearly Progress (AYP). Lee Char-
   During the 2007 school year, Soror Appreciation luncheon, adopted a family              ter Academy was one of the twenty six
 Martha T. Williams suggested that Lee of some of the students and presented the           schools. We are all sincerely proud of
 Charter Academy be adopted by Eta Al- school with a new podium.                           the accomplishments made by the stu-
 pha Zeta because of the need to enhance                                                   dents and look forward to serving them
                                             In 2008 we financially assisted the
 the lives of the students educationally,                                                  in the future.

                             Alpha Upsilon Zeta– Amicae

                        Members of the                                               Three Members of the Tallahassee
                        Alpha Upsilon                                                Auxiliary of AMICAE (Friend Eva
                        Zeta Chapter of                                              Parker, Friend Laura Dixie & Friend
                        Zeta Phi Beta                                                Kim Brown at the Zeta Area 1 Foun-
                        Sorority of Tal-                                             der's Day Observance on January 17,
                        lahassee and the                                             2009.
Tallahassee Auxiliary of AMICAE at
the Undergraduate Retreat in Tampa, FL,
February 20-21, 2009.

                       Zetas in the News– Beta Tau Zeta
   In March VP Biden visited the                                                          tion, the article can be found in
Miami Police Department to an-                                                            the Police Executive Research
nounce President Obama’s                                                                  Forum (PERF) magazine which
stimulus package to benefit po-                                                           explains in details what he said.
lice departments. The Chief of
Police John F. Timoney se-
lected Soror Brenda Williams to
be VP Biden’s escort while at
the station. For more informa-

 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2                                                                                                          Page 4
         Southeastern Conference 2008
          Hilton Head, South Carolina

Page 5                              INFORMER
                          Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
                    Epsilon Epsilon Zeta Chapter, Orlando, Fl
                                          Monday, the chapter members along        We ended the week’s event with the Phi
                                          with the undergraduate chapter, Grad     Beta Sigma sweetheart trip to the Hard
                                          members of our local Phi Beta Sigma      Rock Casino in Tampa.
                                          Chapter, and friends and family en-
                                          joyed bowling as a family.
                                              On Tuesday, many members read
                                          to the 2nd graders at Chickasaw Ele-
                                          mentary School. On Wednesday, the
                                          Orlando community and members of
    During Finer Womanhood Week,          the Sorority attended a workshop
Epsilon Epsilon Zeta celebrated the       called the “ABC’s of Finances”. The
week with activities that emphasized      goal of this workshop was to teach the
the standards, morals, customs, and       attendees how to handle their finances
attributes of fine young ladies, women,   during these tough economic times.
community, and Sorority members.          On Friday, the Sorors had a relaxing
On Sunday, the chapter attended           night playing games, receiving mas-
church services at Antioch Missionary     sages, pedicures and manicures dur-
Baptist Church in Oviedo, Florida. On     ing our annual “Pamper Me Night”.

Chi Theta Zeta Serves the Community with Kindness
                              Submitted by Soror Thometta Cozart
                                              Left Photo:
                                              Members of CTZ
                                              at 6-month anni-
                                              Right Photo:
                                              Tallahassee Zetas
                                              after Rededication

        The mission of the Chi            fellowshipping together, CTZ             salad, bread, dessert and drinks for
Theta Zeta (CTZ) Chapter in               members prepared chocolate               the families.
North Florida is to serve the Tal-        chips and other desserts to pass out
                                                                                   CTZ also donated nearly 3,000
lahassee Community with kind-             to individuals throughout the week
                                                                                   soda can tabs to the House,
ness and sisterly love. During            for Random Acts of Kindness
                                                                                   which the staff turns into cash
Finer Womanhood 0bservance,               Day. Each sweet bundle included
                                          an explanation of Finer Woman-           from recycling centers.
CTZ turned its mission into action
by hosting an inaugural week of           hood, along with contact informa-                CTZ supported the
events in mid-March.                      tion about CTZ.                          0mega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.'s
                                                   Providing the families of       Day at the Florida State Capitol
  The members of CTZ opened                                                        and was invited to attend their
and closed their week by visiting         seriously ill children staying at
                                          the Ronald McDonald House was            Legislative Reception at the Parks
and contributing to two local                                                      and Crump LawFirm in Tallahas-
churches — Bethel Baptist                 one of the highlights of the week
                                          of events. Members of the Chapter        see. Prominent members in atten-
Church and Life Changers                                                           dance included (Continues page 12)
Church of God in Christ. Upon             prepared a spaghetti dinner with

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2                                                                                                  Page 6
           Snapshots of the
Undergraduate Retreat, Youth Conference
         and Amicae Summit

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2                         Page 7
November 2008                                Cultural Arts Christmas Tree Auction. We         We went to Davon’s for Girls Day Out.
                                             sponsored and decorated a tree to be auc-        The food was delicious and we had a
   Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Southeast-   tioned.                                          great time.
ern Regional Conference was held in
Hilton Head, South Carolina, in Novem-         We also sponsored a Christmas Bazaar
ber 2008. Eight Sorors attended the          for Senior Citizens of the Glades Pioneer
meeting.                                     Terrace Senior Living Facility. We donated
                                             various items.
                                               Our annual Koffee Klatch was held at
December 2008                                Soror Helen Rutledge home on December .
  Annual Prayer Breakfast was held on        We held a Greek Auction to exchange gifts,
December 6, 2008 to raise funds for          and we even had a Barack O’Bama and
scholarship. The breakfast was a success.    Sarah Palin debate. The debate was hilari-
The speaker was Mrs. Janett Ross of the      ous. Soror Rutledge served us a delicious
Mount Calvary Baptist Church of Rader-       breakfast.
ville. Our chapter has given untold finan-   January 2009
cial support to deserving high school
seniors.                                     We celebrated joint Founder’s Day hosted
                                             by Delta Epsilon Zeta Chapter in West
   We participated in the Dolly Hand         Palm Beach.

               HOME WINNERS!
Nine Archonettes, sponsors, a parent          Archonette Frantzia Thenor –                    the spotlight with an Archonette stroll.
and two support Sorors attended the
2009 Undergraduate Retreat, Youth              Second Place                                   The group had an enjoyable time and
Conference and Amicae Summit in                                                               look forward to attending the confer-
Tampa, Florida.                                                                               ence next year.
                                              The girls dazzled the audience in the
                                              talent exhibition. Archonette Miya
Two Archonettes were the top winners          Spence dazzled the crowd with the
for the oratorical division:                  blues. Archonette Dernisha Jackson
Archonette Christelle Meme –                  wooed the audience like Aretha Frank-
                                              lin with her favorite melody. The Ar-
First Place                                   chonette group strolled their way into

The ladies of Beta Tau Zeta Chap-            positive changes in neighborhoods and
ter’s Finer Womanhood Committee              special recognition was given to Soror
held the most fantastic Finer Woman-         Marian H. Shannon for her sixty-
hood Community Fellowship Awards             three years of dedicated service to
Luncheon on March 28, 2009. The              our sisterhood and her many lifetime
room was filled with women in their          achievements where she exemplified
fancy hats and 50’s en’vogue fashion.        service, sisterly love, scholarship and      Soror Marian H. Shannon receiving special
Eight (8) exemplary citizens were hon-       finer womanhood. Soror Shannon is a          recognition for her EXEMPLARY service,
ored for their commitment to providing       mentor to many and the matriarch of          scholarship, sisterly love and finer womanhood
“world class service” to help make           the southeastern region.                     in Zetadom for sixty-three years

                                              Congratulations to a Grand Lady!
Page 8                                                                                                                      INFORMER
  Zetas and Amicae Enjoyed Regional Conference
                                                                By Emma Cavin

    Whether they arrived by luxury sedan, mini-van, or the railroad train, eight members of Zeta Gamma Zeta
 chapter and three Amicae made their presence known at the 2008 Southeastern Regional Conference in November.
 If there was a meal function, work-shop, or some form of entertainment f or that weekend, one of us was there to
 participate, observe, or just share the time with new-f ound Zeta or Amicae friends. And you can be sure that a
 good time was had by all.

 Do not think that socializing was all that was enjoyed, however. The Membership Intake Process workshop was
 attended by all eight Zetas. The Amicae all attended the sessions with other Amicae and participated in the
 Am icae Q uee n Contest. Alt houg h she did not win the crown for the region, our own Amica Glenda Clark was a
 v i s i o n o f l o v e l i n e s s i n h e r l i g h t b l u e s i l k d r e s s . A m i c a C h a n i q u e B e l l a n d A m i c a J o n d a Pr o t h r o w e r e a l s o ve r y
 p r e t t y i n t h e i r s pe c i a l d r e s s e s f or t h e A mi c a e b r e a k f as t o n S a t u r da y .

 Soror Margaret Redvict helped with the Amicae by presenting a workshop to keep them up-to-date in leader-
 ship skills. Soror Cavin, as usual, was with the children to present workshops, conduct the oratorical contest,
 and help to prepare them f or their field trip to the museum. Our chapter president, Soror L. Wilson, was able
 to develop some connections and formulate ideas to further enhance our local programs. Other sorors in atten-
 d a n c e i n c l u d e d S o r o r s A . B e l l , K . M u l l e n , R . N e s b i t t , C . M c N a i r , a n d J . Wilson.

A s k a ny o ne of t he m , a n d s h e w i l l t e l l y o u t ha t t hi s wa s a m os t e nl i g ht e ni ng w or k s h o p a n d e a c h r e t ur ne d w i t h r e ne w e d
v i g or a n d e n t h u s i a s m . T h e c o n f e r e n c e w a s h e l d i n H i l t o n H e a d , S o u t h C a r o l i n a .

                                Holiday Breakfast and Silent Auction
                                                                Zion Per-fected Praise Dance                              ceived by five coeds: Ari-
                                                                Group, and Alvina Walcott                                 zona Cleaver, Myrtle Tyler,
                                                                Moore. There was also a si-                               Viola Tyler, Fannie Pettie and
                                                                lent auction which included                               Pearl Neal. These five women
                                                                items from earrings to a stay at                          dared to depart from the tra-
                                                                the Holiday Inn Sun Spree.                                ditional coalitions for black
                                                                The silent auction was a huge                             women and sought to estab-
                                                                success and it was the first                              lish a new organization predi-
                                                                time it was included in one of                            cated on the precepts of Schol-
                                                                our functions. The atten-                                 arship, Service, Sisterly Love
                                                                dance was a huge success. The                             and Finer Womanhood.
                                                                members of the committee
   The ladies of Zeta Gamma                                     were Eloise Thompson
Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta                                   (chairperson), Mary Holland,
Sorority, Incorporated in Saint                                 Nicole King, Rosa Nesbitt,
Petersburg, Florida held their                                  Helen Shaw, Betty Smith, and
Annual Christmas Breakfast on                                   Juanita Wilson.
Saturday, December 13, 2008                                     Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incor-
at the Holiday Inn Sun Spree.                                   porated was founded on Janu-
There was a variety of per-                                     ary 16, 1920 at Howard Uni-
formances which included: Lit-                                  versity in Washington, D.C.
tle Hometown Soldiers, Mt.                                      Zeta began as an idea con-

  Page 9                                                                                                                                                             INFORMER
         Zetas Taking Over Orlando for State Meeting

VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2                                      Page 10
      Florida Taking Over
        Washington D. C.
Zeta Leadership Conference 2009
       Miss Florida Zeta
        Ophelia Sanders
 5th Place and Miss Community Service
                                                           I would like to thank you again for allowing
              The Informer is an official                  me to be your State Antapokritis. Our newslet-
              publication of                               ter is only as valuable as the information sup-
              Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc                  plied by its readers. I strongly encourage that
                                                           each chapter submit something to the newslet-
                                                           ter so that Florida can continue to shine. We
              International                                cannot expand the Informer without your
              Grand Basileus                               support. Together we can make this news-
                                                           letter reflective of our service to Florida’s
              Soror Sheryl P. Underwood                    communities and our commitment to the
                                                           world's greatest Sorority. I look forward to
                                                           your submission by May 10,2010.

                                                           Send email requesting copy to :
              Regional Director
                                                            subject line: Informer
              Soror Huretta M. Wright

                                                           Johnetta Fulton

                                                           State Antapokritis

              State Director
              Soror Erna M. Foushee’

                           Chi Theta Zeta Serves the Community with Kindness


                                       ritual concluded the event.           to celebrate the Chapter's one-
City of Tallahassee Mayor John
                                                                             year anniversary in June. The
Marks, Florida Senator Al Law-                  Serving the commu-
                                                                             anniversary week will in-
son and Florida State Representa-      nity with laborious work was
                                                                             cludes church service, road
tive Alan Williams.                    how CTZ rounded up its week
                                                                             clean-up and a Men's Health
                                       — by removing paper and
        Reclamation and rededica                                             event.
                                       trash from the streets.
-tion are two important aspects of                                                    For more information
Finer Womanhood Observance,            Chapter's road in Southwest
                                                                             about CTZ contact the chapter
and CTZ accomplished both of           Tallahassee. CTZ is the first
                                       chapter of Zeta Phi Beta in           at
them during its week of events.
The Chapter reclaimed four inac-       Tallahassee to adopt a stretch                       (Story begins on page5
                                       of road through the Depart-                             Bottom)
tive members and held a beautiful
rededication ceremony for all Zetas    ment of Transportation.               Right: So-
in the Tallahassee area, including            Great fellowship and           ror Raven
undergraduate and graduate mem-        serving with love were the            Davis' Blue
bers.                                                                        Velvet
                                       two themes of CTZ's first             Cake at
        Reflections on each of the     week of events. The Chapter           Rededication
four founding principles of Zeta       so enjoyed its time giving            Event.

Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., embellish-    back that the members plan to
ment games and a delicious pot-        host another week of events
luck dinner after the rededication

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