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					                      53-770-10: IT Project Management
                            Individual assignment
Drawing on the format of Ted (, the theme of this assignment is “Ideas worth spreading”.

Each of you will prepare a 5 minute presentation to be given in-class (in class 3, 4, 5 or 6). Each presentation should
share with the class something that student has learned about IT Project Management (from experience, from
previous readings, from previous courses, etc.). Like the Ted talks, try to present something that is innovative,
personal, passionate, captures our attention, surprises us, etc. In terms of content, don’t try to cover too much but
instead focus on a few key ideas and present them well. Do not use powerpoint unless it enhances the presentation
(use it for images or videos but minimize the use of text). Again, look at Ted talks to see how they use powerpoint (if
at all).

The 5 minute time limit will be strictly enforced so practice your presentation in advance.

Topics and presentation content need to be discussed with the professor as early as you like but at least 2 days
before your presentation. Feel free to suggest a few different topics and I can help you pick one.

Please submit a one-page summary of your presentation by 6pm on the day of your talk. Submit by email to ann-

The presentation and one-page summary will be evaluated on: (1) usefulness of idea for IT project management, (2)
innovativeness and originality, (3) communication quality. Basically, I will be judging whether it was “an idea worth

This individual assignment will be 30% of the course grade.

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