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 Les Tournesols Preschool
“A gentle introduction to French Immersion”
  Guiding the beginnings of
   independence, learning,
creativity, initiative, decision-
   making, and self-worth.
Accepting registrations
for the 2010-2011
school year
• A positive preschool
  experience for children
  ages 3 - 5 years.
• Prepares your child for
  kindergarten and French
  Immersion programs.
• Small child to teacher class ratio.
• Parent participation optional.

  For more information call
       (780) 460-2201
 or Sherry at (780) 459-5187

                       The St. Albert Youth Community Centre
                                  Activity Centre Hours:
                              Tues - Thurs 3-5 pm & 6-9 pm
                              Friday         3-5 pm & 6-11 pm
                              Saturday       2-5 pm & 6-11 pm

A fun, safe and supportive environment for youth grade 7 to age 17.
Play pool, surf the net, ‘jam’ in the music studio or hang out with friends.
                  Call, click or visit us!
 (780) 418-0678/www.saycc.ca/East entrance of Grandin Mall
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# 10A 215 Carnegie Drive St. Albert, AB T8N 5B1 ▪ Phone: 780-459-7377 ▪ Fax: 780-459-7399
    website: www.stalbertparentsplace.com ▪ email: sapp@stalbertparentsplace.com

A variety of parenting and self-help programs for       Pre-school Academy (now accepting
adults are offered. These programs focus on:             registration)
    becoming a new parent                               Discover & Learn (ages 2.5-5) - Members
    parenting your infant and preschooler               Only
    parenting your adolescent and teen                  Parents & Tots (Infant to Pre-Kindergarten)
    parenting in a blended family                       People in Your Neighborhood (3-5 years)
    single parenting                                    Young Einstein (3-5 years)
    anger management                                    Giggles & Games
    building self-esteem                                Little Chefs
    managing stress                                     Little Movers & Shakers
    relationship building, and more                     Budding Artist
                                                    Many other programs for parents and their
                                                    infants are offered seasonally, Call for more
            HOME VISITIATION                        information.
          (Parents’ as Teachers )
  You are your child’s first & most influential         CHILD AND YOUTH PROGRAMS
  teacher. The Parents as Teachers program is a
  family education & support program serving        A variety of programs for children and youth
  families throughout pregnancy until their child   between the ages of 4 to 18 are offered. These
  enters kindergarten. It is available to parents   programs focus on;
  who reside in St. Albert and may require or           managing feelings
  want support and information on parenting and         building self-esteem
  child development. This is a free program to          developing social skills
  qualifying parents.                                   dealing with peer pressure
                                                        preparing to be at home alone, and more
  Did you know that you can have any of our
  courses and workshops taught at your own
  location? Many organizations have benefited
  from our Outreach services, such as Schools                    NEW PROGRAM
  and Daycares. Call for more information.                       PARENT COACH
                                                     Do you have a parenting question or
                                                     concern? Are you looking for strategies to
                                                     help you parent better? Call for
                                                     further information on how we can assist

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                                                                                            ST. ALBERT FURTH
            Struggling In School?                                       Darla Clark has been assisting students with their basic
                                                                                                       #211, 86 McKenney Avenue,
                                                                  school skills for the past five years. She has enjoyed every

A+ Tutor Time                                                     minute watching students learn new skillsPhone: 780-460-2207
                                                                  become successful students of learning.
                                                                                                              and more importantly
                                                                                                                        E-mail: furthered
                                                                      Searching for additional ways to help students become real                COUR
We help by improving:
                                                                  achievers is her main goal.                       www.stalbertfurt
                                                                     The Writing Road to Reading and the Excellence in Writing
• Reading, Writing, Spelling or Math Skills                       programs have assisted Clark, B.Ed., in helping students develop
• Learning strategies                                             their reading and writing skills in the elementary grades.
• Self-confidence                                                     In mathematics, she used the Mortensens math manipulative
            The Writing Road to Reading                           to help students to make sense out of math. Memorization
                or whole Language                                 of the basic facts comes only after the students have a real
                                                                  understanding of what numbers are about.
             Why Johnny Can’t Read.                                   If this is what your child needs don’t hesitate to contact her
Only when phonics, syllabication and basic spelling               at (780) 460-7391 for more information.
rules are mastered does reading become more
fluent and comprehension improve. The mind is                       Math - Mortensen Math Manipulatives
freed from the task of decoding words and can now                                Use of brightly colored blocks to
concentrate on understanding meaning and thinking                                teach concepts (imagination and
analytically.                                                                    logic not only memorization).
                                                                                 Use of computer programs for
         NOW AVAILABLE                                                           reinforcement.
         MATH grades 1 - 6                                         Math - Chisanbop Math now available.
     LANGUAGE ARTS grades 1 - 6

     DARLA (780) 460-7391 or (780) 242-8988
                                      email: d.m.clarkenterprises@shaw.ca

            B C
                         Tutoring and Books                             St. Albert Further
                                for                                         Education
                         Struggling Readers
                                                                  Happy 35th Anniversary!
                                                                                      Meet our staff!
                     I’m serious about fun!
     Students experiencing difficulty learning to read often
 find themselves caught in a cycle of failure and tend to avoid
 activities(such as reading!) that will help them break out of
 that cycle.
     When literacy activities are designed to be fun, engaging,
 or meaningful, the necessary effort to overcome reading
 difficulties becomes easier to make.
     With experiences of success, learners begin to feel
 competent and in control. These positive feelings increase
 motivation and skills improve.
     I can help make this happen with tutoring tailored to your
 child’s ability level, interests and learning style.
     My name is Hettie Willekes and I’ve had thirty years
 teaching experience as well as three years of tutoring. I am
 constantly upgrading my skills and the work I do with my
 students is based on the latest research.
                                                                     Delena Tsang                Tara Luxton              Armella Gulley
     For more details call 780-909-0443 or log on to my web        STAR Literacy Coordinator Administrative Coordinator    Executive Director
 site at funtoreadlearntoread.googlepages.com.

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       Hidden Talent Fine Art School
                           “School of Realistic Ar t”
            #107, 25 Chisholm A ve., St. Alber t AB T8N 5A5
            (780) 419-2055      www .laurawatmough.com
                        Children’s Art Academy
                      Fine Art Skills!                        Sat. Classes!
                 Enhance Your Child’s Creativity! Unlock the mysteries of Art!
This educational and fun Fine Art Course helps develop the tools and skills to nurture creativity in your
child. Accurate drawing strategies, painting, color mixing, form development, painting with resists, and
composition are some of the concepts taught in class. Children are taught in a group setting that best
facilitates learning and creative expression. Join Hidden Talent’s award winning students! Located beside
Dynamyx Gymnastics.
ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED: 8 weeks $150.00 + GST                                        No Classes May 24
               6 – 9 yr s Old                                        9-12 yr s Old
  Mon.        5:30 - 6:30   A pr. 26 - J une 21          Mon.   4:30 - 5:30 Apr. 26 - J une 21
  Wed.        5:30 - 6:30   A pr. 28 - J une 16          Wed.   4:30 - 5:30 Apr. 28 - J une 16
  Fri.        4:30 - 5:30   A pr. 30 - J une 18         Fr i.   5:30 - 6:30 Apr. 30 - J une 18
* Sat         9:30 - 10:30 May 01- J une 19            * Sat  10:30 - 11:30 May 01- J une 19
* Sat        11:30 - 12:30 May 01- J une 19

                           Young Rembrandts 12-16
Take The Next Step... Realistic Art! Enthusiastic beginners and serious art students learn to paint and/or
draw in the realistic manner. This is a “how to” course to empower the teen artist. Individual instruction
and small classes ensure the budding artist becomes an accomplished painter/drawer. Limited space is
available. NEW! Satur day classes! Come join our award winning Young Rembrandts!
Supply list available upon registration.         $260.00 + GST               No Classes April 17 and May 24
        Mon. 7:00-9:00 A pr. 12 - J une 21 / Thur s. 7:00-9:00 A pr. 08 - J une 10
                             or * Sat. 12:30 - 2:30 A pr. 10 - J une 19

* Note: New Day and/or Time
                   Check us out at www.laurawatmough.com
           Artist tips and Student’s work at www.paintingnewsletter.blogspot.com
             Enjoy Laura Watmough’s artwork at www.artbylaura.blogspot.com

      Call (780) 419-2055 to R egister!
36                           Spring 2010 – Printed on recycled newsprint!
       Hidden Talent Fine Art School
                             “School of Realistic Ar t”
             #107, 25 Chisholm A ve., St. Alber t AB T8N 5A5
             (780) 419-2055      www .laurawatmough.com
   Adult Art Classes: Drawing and Painting
                    “Scared Stiff” to the Experienced Artist
NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Can you only draw stick men? Do you finally have the time to learn
to paint the right way, the first time? Do you want to work at your own pace with individual expert
guidance in a relaxed studio atmosphere? Learn drawing skills at your own pace. Small supply list!
                         Proven methods, Amazing results!
• Learn to paint and draw REALISTICALLY – florals, portraits, still life, landscapes, etc.
• No expensive supply list – use of studio paints and brushes included for oil painters. Watercolor and
Acrylic bring your art kits! Pencil artists - call for supply list info!
• By request class times extended to three hours. Make-up lessons available to registered students
within the session.
Start today! Registration is ongoing and pro-rated IF SPACE PERMITS . $300 + GST
Instructor: Laura Watmough

                  Oils, Acrylics , Water colors a nd P encil
Mornings 9:30 -12:30                 Afternoon 12:30-3:30                    Evenings 7:00-10:00
Tues Apr. 06 - J une 08              Tues     A pr. 06 - J une 08            Mon Apr. 12 - J une 21
Thur s Apr. 08 - J une 10          * Sat      A pr. 10 - J une 19            Tues Apr. 06 - J une 08
                                                                             Thur s Apr. 08 - J une 10
* Note: New Day and/or Time          No classes Apr. 17th and May 24th

                      Summer Art Camp 6-12 yrs
                     Register early for summer art fun!
                                   1:00 - 3:00 Mon. - Thurs.
              July 05-08, 12-15, 19-22, 26-29                       Aug 09-12, 16-19
                                       Call for more info!

      Call (780) 419-2055 to R egister!
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   St. Albert Bereavement Fellowship
   For Information Contact: Carolyn at (780) 459-3135 or Anna at (780) 458-1601
        This is a SUPPORT GROUP for persons who have lost a loved one through death.
  Meetings are held at 7:30 pm in a rented room at the Senior Citizens’ Club, 7 Tache Street, St. Albert.
                                                   MONTHLY MEETINGS
        Second Wednesday of the month - 7:30 p.m.                        Fourth Wednesday of the month - 7:30 p.m.
          (General meeting with guest speaker)                              (Grief sharing group led by Bereavement facilitator)
WED, APRIL 14, 2010                              WED, MAY 12, 2010                                  WED, JUNE 9, 2010
WHEN GRIEF IS RAW                                AMBIGUOUS GRIEF                                    ANNUAL GENERAL
Resources for Times of                           • Our loved one is physically absent               MEETING AND ELECTION OF
Sorrow and Bereavement                             but psychologically present                      BOARD MEMBERS
Pastor John Luth                                 • How to detect and treat                          • Followed by delicious
St. Albert Christian Reformed Church             • Finding new purpose for my life                    “Refreshments by Pearl” and a
                                                 Lisette McArthur, MSW, RSW                           time for socializing together.
                                                 Clinical Social Worker                               All are welcome to attend
                                                 Counsellor and Therapist, St. Albert

 Get-togethers are held frequently but dates are not structured. To participate and have your name on the list to be
                                 called, contact Margaret Solomon (780) 460-7527.
                                   SUMMER GRIEF SHARING MEETINGS
          will be held on Wed. July 28th and Wed. August 25th at 7:30 p.m. in our rented room at the Seniors Centre.
                                     For more information call Carolyn at 780-459-3135.
                             Annual Membership Fee $10.00 – good for one year from date of purchase

38                                     Spring 2010 – Printed on recycled newsprint!
  STAR                                       NORTH
 3A St. Vital Ave, St. Albert, T8N 1K1
 Registration/Information: 780-459-5511
 e-mail: reception@starofthenorth.ca
 website: www.starofthenorth.ca
 Star of the North is a Christian Centre providing hospitality
 and opportunities for people to experience God.

             Excavating the Spiritual Depths of the Oil/Tar Sands Developments:
                       Where are We Going and What Should We Do?
As an icon of our globalized culture the oil/tar sands offer an astonishing ‘re-presentation’ of the sweeping trends and challenges facing our
culture today. What are the oil/tar sands developments really all about? They are dramatically reshaping our society, so the Churches, and
Christians in general, urgently need to understand and engage them. This workshop offers an opportunity to discern and struggle together
with the deeper spiritual thrust and meaning of the oil/tar sands developments and to explore ways of tackling these questions. Facilitator Dr.
John Hiemstra is Professor of Political Studies and Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, at The King’s University College in Edmonton.
                  Saturday, March 20                9:30 am to 4pm                              $45.00 (includes lunch)

                 Walking Our Hope: Lenten Retreat with Bishop Jane Alexander
Lent is a journey towards the certainty of the risen Christ. We walk in the promise that our hope will be fulfilled. Using the Exultet of the Easter
Vigil we will explore the wisdom of the mystics, and a variety of music and art to encourage us in our own Lenten journeys.
                                                             Call for date & time

                                              AWAY DAYS with Sandy Prather
Sometimes it is good to get away. When we get away, we step back from the ordinary routine. We rest and relax; we allow ourselves to be
renewed. We take time simply ‘to be,’ instead of always ‘doing.’ We have time for listening and learning, sharing and reflecting. There’s time
to simply enjoy. The good news is you can get away without having to go too far. Star of the North is planning a series of ‘Away’ Days for
your enjoyment and pleasure. This year, each Away Day will focus on a different contemporary spiritual book. Through a combination of
presentations and reflective time, we will explore the themes and ideas of the author, and apply their insights to our lives (it is not necessary to
have read the books). We invite you to take advantage of the peaceful space at the Star and join us for ‘Away’ Days. Call for the book titles.
Thursday, March 25: Things Hidden: Scripture As Spirituality, 2008. Author: Richard Rohr, OFM
Thursday, April 22: Holy Simplicity: The Little Way of Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day and Therese of Lisieux,
2008. Author: Joel Schorn
                     9:30-3:00           $25.00 in advance       $30.00 at the door

                                             Heart Spa: Retreats for Women
April 9-10: Breathe! A Spiritual Time-Out
An overnight retreat for women designed to evoke a deep sense of meaning and rejuvenation of spirit. Come away with women like yourself
and experience the deep resources at the core of who you are. Participant discovery journeys will be nurtured through group growth sessions,
deeply intentional reflection experiences and personal reflection times.
May 28-29:Letting Go & Inviting In: Making Peace with the Self
A guided retreat experience to facilitate the personal growth of women as they seek to let go of unhealthy beliefs about the self so they may
fully engage in the life they were created to live. Gift your self with a day away to renew your mind, heart and Spirit and learn to embrace
the beautiful woman you are – you are closer than you think to living life with personal peace. Participant’s growth will be nurtured through
group sessions, guided reflection exercises and private reflection times. (Retreats include Friday night accommodation, and breakfast & lunch
Saturday. Limited to 8 participants per session, so register early to avoid disappointment.)
                       Friday, 6:30 pm to Saturday, 4:00 pm                          Cost per retreat: $159.00
            Facilitator Michelle Jensen, is a Counselling Therapist in private practice in St. Albert. Michelle has a personal
              and professional mandate to work towards increasing the health and well-being of individuals in the community.

                        Yoga At the Star: Making Mind-Body-Spirit Connections
Come stretch your body, mind and spirit! These Purna Yoga classes include physical postures and meditation. Purna means ‘complete’, and
the classes are intended to nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Emphasis is placed on precision and alignment of the body in the physical
postures. The classes are open to all levels; no yoga experience is required. Come experience all of the benefits that yoga has to offer!
Teacher: Cassie McColl. Wear comfortable clothing; bring a yoga mat and a blanket.
                                              Call for dates & times: 780-459-5511
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                                                                 MOTHER’S DAY TAROT READINGS
                           YOUR NEW AGE                          Book a reading for yourself and your Mom (sister, aunt,
                              STORE                              friend…). Find out what inspiring things are in the cards
                                                                 for you. Readings are by appointment only, so book in
                           110, 8 Perron St. St. Albert          advance.
                                780 418-7803                     2 – 20 minute readings
                                                                 Saturday May 8
                                                                                                                 $80 + gst
                                                                                                      10:00 am – 4:00 pm
                                                                 INTUITIVE TAROT
                                                                 Tarot is a powerful tool for personal insight and guidance.
              YOUR SOURCE FOR:                                   This workshop dispels some myths about tarot and helps
          Inspirational & Self Help Books                        you pick a deck that you can read intuitively. Having a
      New Age, World, Chant & Relaxation Music                   deck that actually inspires you is the key to successfully
           Crystals, Wands & Pendulums                           learning tarot. You will explore and work with a wide
          Sterling Silver & Stone Jewellery                      variety of decks to find one that works for you. You will
         Incense, Candles & Aromatherapy                         leave this class effectively reading for yourself! No
                                                                 experience necessary.
                                                                 Facilitator: Deb McGee                            $62 + gst
MEDITATION, VISUALIZATION & AFFIRMATIONS                         Saturday May 29                           10:30 – 12:30 pm
This workshop is an introduction to the practices of             Saturday July 10                          10:30 – 12:30 pm
meditation, visualization and affirmations. Learn to use
this trio for relaxation, stress relief, and manifestation of    TAROT: TELLING THE STORY
your desires. Discover simple ways to add these practices        Tarot uses imagery to unfold a story used to interpret an
to your regular routine.                                         answer to your questions. Come to this class to learn how
Facilitator: Deb McGee                             $62 + gst     to use “spreads” to tell the story and gain insight. Learn
Saturday April 24                           10:00 am – Noon      how to ask effective questions to gain helpful insight. A
Saturday June 5                         10:30 am – 12:30 pm      variety of spreads will be introduced with an opportunity to
                                                                 practice. Prior experience with reading Tarot and a deck
HEALING WITH THE ANGELS                                          that excites you is essential for this class. The Intuitive
Do you have certain areas of your life you feel stuck in,        Tarot class is a highly recommended prerequisite to this
situations or relationships you just can’t seem to let go of,    class.
move forward on and ultimately heal? In this workshop            Facilitator: Deb McGee                            $80 + gst
you will learn Angel Therapy techniques to help you move         Saturday June 19                            1:00 – 4:00 pm
forward and release the issues and pain that holds you           Saturday August 7                           1:00 – 4:00 pm
back from fully embracing your life purpose and blocking
you from feeling the love and joy that is to be the center of    TAROT IN-DEPTH
this life experience. These techniques are extremely             For those of you who have a tarot deck you love, but
powerful in releasing and healing while still being infused      would like to know more about how to use it, this is the
with the Angelic signature … love! Join in this wonderful        class for you. This 6 hour class covers the major and
healing and educational experience.                              minor arcana, the suit and court cards, and methods of
Facilitator: Dawn McConnell                       $80 + gst      working with your deck. You will be introduced to a
Saturday April 24                            1:00 – 4:00 pm      “system” to help you remember the meanings of all 78
                                                                 cards in a traditional tarot deck. A brief introduction to a
INTRODUCTION TO CRYSTALS AND PENDULUMS                           couple of spreads will get you well on your way to reading
Are you attracted to stones and crystals and would like to       effectively. A light lunch is provided.
learn more about their energies? Then join us in this            Facilitator: Deb McGee                           $152 + gst
workshop to explore the messages they have for you.              Please call for dates and times.
Learn how to use the energy of gemstones and crystals for
personal growth. This workshop also explores the use of          TAROT READINGS
a pendulum to connect with your intuition or “inner              Tarot is a tool for wise advice and insight. A reading will
knowing”. Learn how to use this tool to ask questions and        give you direction and clarity about the issues you are
get accurate results.                                            facing. This reading incorporates the wisdom of Tarot
Facilitator: Deb McGee                          $62 + gst        cards and crystals.
Saturday May 15                         10:30 – 12:30 pm         45 minute reading                             $80.00 + gst
Saturday July 24                        10:30 – 12:30 pm         Inquire about group readings and parties
                                                                 By appointment: 780 418-7803
This workshop is a brief overview of the chakra system.
We will select and use a variety of crystals to represent                            REGISTRATION
each chakra, and then end the class with a chakra                         Full payment must accompany registration.
meditation using the crystals of your choice. A large             NO REFUNDS unless a class is canceled by Crimson Quill.
selection of crystals will be available for your use, but feel    Registrations must be received at least 48 hours before the
free to bring your own collection as well.                         scheduled class. All classes have limited enrollments, so
Facilitator: Deb McGee                              $62 + gst                              book early.
Saturday June 12                            10:30 – 12:30 pm                110, 8 Perron St. Downtown St. Albert
Saturday August 21                          10:30 – 12:30 pm                            780 418-7803

40                                   Spring 2010 – Printed on recycled newsprint!
  Reflexology                       Introduction to Reflexology
                                  In this hands-on workshop you will experience gentle
                                  Reflexology techniques that help to release tension, relieve
                                  headaches and promote better sleep.
                                  Val and Laurie will share their many years of Reflexology
                                  experience and will guide you in giving and receiving a
                                  mini reflexology session that you and your feet will enjoy.
                                           May 12, 2010 from 6:30 - 9:30 pm
                                           at Star of the North (3A St. Vital Ave.)
We Also Specialize In:            Facilitators:
       • Yoga                     Val Whitehead and Laurie McClelland, Certified Reflexologists
       • Ayurveda
       • Meditation                   Contact:         Laurie             or          Val
                                                 (780-460-0558)                 (780-458-9208)

            ** Offering workshops and individual reflexology appointments **

          Checkout www.valwhitehead.com for more details

                        Life Path Harmony
Specializing in Numerology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) consultations,
           Holistic Health services and tea leaf/coffee cup readings.
    What does your name and                       Do you unwittingly sabotage the
    birth date say about you?                       achievement of your goals?
   Did you know that they are a                    Would you like to change some
 kind of “blueprint” for your life?                        “bad habit”?
                                                  Are you bothered by unwanted
 A numerology analysis can help you to           emotions — fear, doubt or guilt?
understand yourself, your relationships,
      career choices, challenges,                   Imagine if you could overcome
                                                            these things!
          opportunities, etc.
  Use Numerology when choosing the              NLP may hold the solutions. NLP works
 name for a baby or a business. Learn             with the unconscious mind, to make
  how a name change can change your             positive changes, so that you can enjoy
             experiences.                         a more successful and fufilling life.

        To register for a class or consultation, please call
  Bev Kennedy BScN, HHP at (780) 418-4301 or (780) 919-7289

                         Spring 2010 – Please recycle this brochure!                              41
                      m it t e d t
                                                               C PR                                      Programs taught by

                                                           nd ith
               Co                    o                                                                   Emergency Medical

                                                       id a g W !
                                                                                                       Services Professionals.

                                                   st Ainin nce
              Professional                                                                              Providing emergency

                                                Fir ra ere
                                                                                                        education for over 15
                Medical                                                                                         years.
               Associates                          T iff
                                        ce           AD

              cat            l
                  ional Excel
  Preparing you to respond to an emergency .... whenever it might happen !
           Emergency First Aid                                                     Standard First Aid
 This 8 hour program prepares the graduates with               This 16 hour (2 day) program prepares the graduates with the
 the basic skills required when called upon to act in          essential skills required to protect and support the life of suddenly
 a medical emergency. The course is designed to                injured or ill person and provide care until Emergency Medical
 provide graduates with the information they need              Services personnel arrive. The course offers graduates the
 to control the situation and provide care until               opportunity to practice in role playing - increasing their
 Emergency Medical Services personnel arrive.                  confidence in their ability to deal with an emergency when it
 Cost of the program is $55.00, and includes                   presents itself. This program exceeds content requirements for
 student manuals and practical sessions. Also                  education or employment at the Standard First Aid level. Cost of
 includes Heartsaver level CPR.                                the program is $80.00, includes student manuals and practical
                                                               sessions. Also includes Heartsaver CPR.
          May 15, 2010           0900-1730h
                                                                         June 19 & 20, 2010                  0900-1730h
          July 17, 2010          0900-1730h
                                                                        August 21 & 22, 2010                 0900-1730h
 More dates to be announced for all courses, please call the
 office for details.                                           More dates to be announced for all courses, please call the office for

  Automated External                             Basic Rescuer - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
     Defibrillation                                                  (CPR)
Automated External Defibrillation              The Basic Rescuer CPR program provides the student with information with
provides graduates the skills to               dealing with adult, child and infant patients in need of CPR or rescue breathing.
                                               The cost of the program is $90.00, and includes student manual, and practice
respond to manage a sudden cardiac             sessions. Course runs from 0900 - 1730h. Special on-site programs and group
arrest using an AED, as early                  rates are also available, please call for details.
defibrillation can have a dramatic             DATES:
impact on the survival rate from
cardiac arrest in the adult. For more                                      May 16, 2010 & July 18, 2010
information, please call the office            Portions of CPR programs also available on above dates. Call for more
regarding dates and prices.                    information on any of the following:
DATES: (TBA) Call for dates                        Basic Rescuer Update (4 hours) - $ 40.00 ~ Infant and Child CPR (4
                                                    hours) - $ 35.00 ~ HeartSaver (Adult CPR only, 4 hours) - $ 40.00
      Registration at least 14 days in advance required as programs may be postponed due to low enrollment.
                            Registrations cannot be confirmed until payment is received.

    To register, for details, or for more information on group rates, call (780) 460-8410.
         Information, registration, and fax on demand is also available 24 hours a day.
    The Professional Medical Associates team offers                    PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATES
  innovative training programs to address your specific
 needs. We provide educational programs from First Aid                   Suite 200, 398 St. Albert Road        St. Albert, Alberta, T8N 5J9
    and CPR through to certificate programs for the                          Office: (780) 460-8410            Facsimile: (780) 460-8277
     ambulance and health industry. We also offer
       consultant and development services with                                              Toll-free: (800) 665-6836
       unprecedented flexibility and accessibility.                           E-mail: james@promedics.org -- www.promedics.org

42                                       Spring 2010 – Printed on recycled newsprint!
First Aid and CPR Training                                                     Programs taught by Certified
                                                                            St. John Ambulance Instructors

St. John Ambulance has revised all CPR and First Aid training materials to incorporate the
new protocols. There are some significant changes.
Retrain early and be among the first to complete the new training!

NEW Emergency First Aid (Includes Level A CPR) – 8 hours
Learn to recognize and provide intervention for life-threatening emergencies until medical aid arrives.
Includes CPR training for one or two rescuer adult CPR.

NEW Standard First Aid (Includes Level A CPR) – 14 hours/2 days
Includes all skills covered in emergency First Aid plus head and spinal injuries, fractures of the upper and
lower limbs and first aid for other injuries and illnesses.

NEW Standard First Aid (Includes Level B CPR) – 16 hours/2 days
Includes all of the above plus resuscitation skills for infants, children.

NEW Enhanced Standard First Aid (Includes New Level C CPR) – 24 hours/3 days
A comprehensive course which is great for those wanting to go on to Advanced/Emergency Medical
Responder Course, the Instructor Certification Program or just for those wanting more in depth information.

First Aid in Child Care (Includes Level B CPR) – 16 hours/2 days
Designed for professional child care workers, but great for parents and all caregivers.
- “First Aid in Child Care” certificate as required by Day Care and Day Home Licensing
- Included Level B CPR (Adult, infant and child resuscitation.)

            All above courses meet the requirements of Alberta First Aid Regulations.
                           12 years of age and up. 3 year Certification.

What Every Babysitter should Know – 8 hours
- Learn basic skills which will prepare you to deal with emergency situations
- General principles of caring for infants and small children
- For youth 11 years of age and older who want to babysit

                                      Workplace and Safety Courses

Automated External Defibrillation – 4 hours

WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems) – 4 hours

TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) – 4 hours

Call for detailed information on Workplace and Safety Courses.

        To register, for details, or for more information on group rates
           call Katrina @ 780-686-7949 or 780-460-7949
                 Discounts also given to non-profit organizations and churches

                               Spring 2010 – Please recycle this brochure!                                     43
                               Family Herbal Clinic
           Journey With Us towards Optimum Health and Wellness

                          Behrooz Tahririha DNM
                          4th Generation Persian Herbalist, B.Sc., Master Herbalist (Chinese and Western),
                          Iridologist, Contact Reflex Analyst, TBM Practitioner

Introduction to Bio Scan Technology
Learn about the electrical fields in your body and how the “flow” of energy (or lack thereof) works to
promote or inhibit good health. Learn about the importance of certain basic nutrition including food,
vitamins, minerals and oils. Watch a demonstration of Contact Reflex Analysis and see how that relates
to the computerized Bio-Scan. Watch (or experience) an actual Bio-Scan and find out exactly which
herbs and nutrients are lacking in your diet. No charge for the class. Participants may have their “scans”
done for $10.00. (Private Scans can also be booked - $30.00)
Saturdays 10:30 – 12:00                                        ** Choose a class that is convenient for you. **
       March 27                                                          ** Please Pre-register **
       April 10
       May 8 or 22
       June 5 or 19

Runny nose? Itchy eyes? Trouble breathing? One often-overlooked cause of allergies, asthma, sinusitis,
and so forth, is poor digestion and elimination! These can be the root cause of many of these symptoms.
Protein molecules, handled improperly by a weakened stomach and intestinal system, become enemies
if they enter the blood stream partially digested. Learn the importance of certain basic nutrition including
food, vitamins, minerals, and oils to tame allergies and related conditions.
April 13 @ 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.                                                   ** $10.00 for the class **
                                                                              ** Please Pre-register **
Nurturing the Mind and the Soul (Monthly Discussion Series)
Many of our health issues (disease and dis-ease) are related to unaddressed needs of the mind & soul.
These reflective, interactive evenings are designed to help us get “connected” and to ground ourselves
spiritually to face life’s challenges peacefully. Based on wisdom of the ages from many sources, come
and share in this monthly discussion series.
Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:30 pm
                                                                           ** No charge for this class. **
      April 8
                                                                              ** Please Pre-register **
      May 6
      June 3
Services Offered at Family Herbal Clinic:
Complete Health Assessments which may include Contact Reflex Analysis, Herbology (Western & Chinese), Iridology, Nutritional Therapy,
Persian Humoral Remedies. FHC is a certified Ideal Protein weight loss center which operates under the supervision of a Doctor of Naturopathic
Medicine, Behrooz Tahririha. It also has a complete line of therapeutic grade herbs, supplements and remedies available for purchase.

                         780-419-2699                                                    #5 Giroux Road, Unit 120
                   info@familyherbalclinic.com                                          www.familyherbalclinic.com

 44                                    Spring 2010 – Printed on recycled newsprint!
Introduction to Effective Weight Loss (Safely Lose 3 - 5 lbs/week)
Muffin top? Thunder thighs? Big Belly? Are you struggling to lose weight? Did you know your
metabolism plays a key role in weight management as well as other conditions including diabetes,
cardio-vascular disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure? Learn about how your pancreas
plays a key role in ALL these metabolic processes and how over production of insulin can lead to weight
gain. In this class you will learn about your pancreas and the insulin — glucagon balance and how to
get rid of excess fat while maintaining your muscle mass. Learn how to reduce your cellulite, tone, and
revitalize your skin, curb your cravings, and improve your energy and vitality all the while safely losing 3
- 7 pounds a week. Help your pancreas get back to “normal”. On-going coaching is available to support
TASTE TESTING. (Private info sessions are also available by appointment.) Get the support you need
to complete YOUR LAST DIET and keep it off forever.
Wednesdays 7:00 – 8:00                                        ** Choose a class that is convenient for you. **
     April 14 or 28                                                     ** Please Pre-register **
     May 12 or 26
     June 9

Intentionally Fit:
This one-of-a-kind exercise system is designed to help you improve posture, gain flexibility, co-ordination,
balance and strength. Learn life long tools for reducing stress, strain and pain from muscles and joints.
Connect to the incredible power and wisdom of your body though movement. Each class consists of
stretching, resistance exercises and yoga asanas that are done in the sequence that best addresses
your own unique challenges and abilities.
Taught by certified, experienced neuromuscular exercise therapist, Marthe Murphy, these small classes
provide plenty of individual attention to address your personal needs. Powerfully effective and fun to do.
(Yoga mat required)
8 Saturdays starting March 20th ($110.00)
9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Weight Loss:
These specialized classes of EFT address the emotional aspect of weight-related issues. There are
many emotional reasons why people over-eat, starve themselves, stuff themselves or even binge or
purge. The reasons are all related to stress. EFT helps us smooth out the stresses behind our poor
eating habits so we can stop sabotaging our efforts. Learn how to help yourself as you address your
own particular issues so you can gently and easily allow your body to come back to a healthy happy
weight and stay in balance. Classes are taught by Dawn Murray, EFT expert, practitioner and coach.
4 Thursdays starting March 25th ($130.00)
7:00 – 8:30 p.m

                                              Weight Loss Packages
    Healthy Combo #1                           Healthy Combo #2                                       Healthy Combo #3
   Weight Loss Membership                      Weight Loss Membership                                Weight Loss Membership
     + Intentionally Fit                               + EFT                                        + Intentionally Fit + EFT
  $189.00 (save $20.00)                       $199.00 (save $30.00)                                 $269.00 (save $60.00)

         The information given in classes is for educational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose or treat disease.
                          If you have a serious health problem, consult a competent health care professional.

                      780-419-2699                                                     #5 Giroux Road, Unit 120
                info@familyherbalclinic.com                                           www.familyherbalclinic.com

                                       Spring 2010 – Please recycle this brochure!                                                45
                                                                  Call Taylor
                                                                (780) 718-5540
                                                                    InsideOut Health
                                                               33 Rayborn Cres, St. Albert, AB

                                                             “Your Last Diet”
     More Than Beauty, Health!
      •   Lose 3 to 7 lbs per Week
      •   Primarily Promotes Fat Loss
      •   Resets the Pancreas (Insulin Resistance)                     ONLY $189
      •   Tones and Revitalizes Skin                               Pilates & Weight Loss
      •   Supports Cellulite Reduction                                Classes & Consulting
      •   Promotes Vitality & Energy                                        Save $31
      •   Naturally Surpresses Appetite

                         Lifetime Membership/Consultation fee $99 + gst

                                     PILATES                                 MONDAY
                                                                           5:30 pm – Level 1
                                                                           6:30 pm – Beginner
                                “Exercise your Body”                       7:30 pm – Intermediate
                                  “Free your Mind”
                                 11 Weeks for $121 + GST                   6:30 pm – Beginner
                                                                           7:30 pm – Level 1/2

 Registration Day will be Tuesday, April 6h, from 4:00 - 8:00 pm           9:15 am – Intermediate
          Classes start the week of April 12th — June 16th                 12:05 pm – Mixed
Or call Taylor (780) 718-5540 to pre-register at anytime.                  6:30 pm – Level 1
          Address: #33 Rayborn Crescent, Riel Business Park                7:30 pm – Beginner

     In ten sessions you will feel the difference.
                                                                           6:30 pm – Level 2
            In twenty you will see the difference, and
                                                                           7:30 pm – Beginner/Level 1
                   In thirty you’ll have a whole new body.

46                          Spring 2010 – Printed on recycled newsprint!
                          Located at InsideOut Health
                                   33 Rayborn Cres, St. Albert, AB

The BodyTalk System recognizes that your body has the natural ability to heal itself.
Like an electrical system that is overwhelmed, your body can short-circuit due to stress or
disease causing malfunction. BodyTalk highlights the priority areas which an be physical,
mental or emotional. Your body determines not only the priorities but the sequence and
balancing that it needs. This sets up the conditions for your body to heal itself. Come
experience the benefits of a session, or take a course to work on self, friends and family.

      • Stress                        • Asthma                             • Fatigue
      • Circulation                   • Arthritis                          • Chronic fatigue
      • Headaches                     • Fertility                          • ADHD
      • Sports injuries               • Chronic injuries                   • PMS
      • Prostate                      • Impotence                          • Dyslexia
      • Digestive Disorders           • Endocrine Disorders

Learn the basics with the BodyTalk Access Course
      April 24th, 2010 9:00am - 4:00 pm Call for more information
      Learn More, Modules 1 & 2 - June 11 - 14th, 2010
Mindscape... Expand your mind, Increase your potential
     to be announced                     Call for more information
Parama Break Through...Personal growth at Warp Speed
     May 28 - 30th, 2010                  Call for more information
Personal Session $75.00/ by appointment only (Covered by most Insurance plans)
Taylor Wideman, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Pilates Instructor, Reiki Practitioner,
      Phone: (780) 718-5540, email: wizfin@telus.net,
Lori Roberts, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Breakthrough Facilitator
      Phone: (780) 982-4665, email: LRbodytalk@shaw.ca

 Do you remember a time you blew up at someone close to you? Remember wishing you
 hadn’t? How about an incident which you can’t let go of? Would you like to understand why
 certain destructive patterns keep repeating in your life? Book a BreakThrough session today
 and uncover the unconscious beliefs that are holding you back. Call Lori at 780-982-4665
                             Spring 2010 – Please recycle this brochure!                           47
                   PREZENSE OF MIND
                   PH: 780 418-0686             FAX: 780 418-1496
 EMAIL:      prezense@telus.net                 WEBSITE: prezenseofmind.com

                                 ANCIENT HEALING ARTS
                                       ~ REIKI ~
                              ~ EGYPTIAN REFLEXOLOGY ~
                         ~ AURA ANALYSIS/COLOUR HEALING ~
                        ~ HOT STONE MASSAGE/AROMATHERAPY ~
                              ~ CRYSTAL LIGHT THERAPY ~
     REIKI                          ~ MEDITATION ~
  ~ a wonderful
 health measure
  that releases,
  activates and                             WORKSHOPS
     energy.        ����������������������������������� �   �    �              ����
                    �������������������������������������   �    �              ����
 ~ restores and     ������������������������������������� � �    �              ����
 re-balances the
 body’s energy,
                    ����������������������������������������������              ����
clears blockages,
    activates,               All fees subject to GST/Payment Plan Available
 accelerates and
  enhances the           Certificates presented upon completion of each workshop!
 body’s natural
  ability to heal   ����������������������������������     �             ��������������
   and detoxify     ����������������������������������� �                ��������������
                    �����������������������������������������            �������������
 For more information on any of my products, services or workshops, please contact:

48                      Spring 2010 – Printed on recycled newsprint!
                          PREZENSE OF MIND
                          PH: 780 418-0686             FAX: 780 418-1496
         EMAIL:     prezense@telus.net                 WEBSITE: prezenseofmind.com

                                        MEDITATION PROGRAM
                                Meditation improves patience, learning ability and
                                memory. It reduces stress, frustration and anger.
                                Meditation promotes a sound sleep as well as
                                extraordinary happiness. It brightens wisdom and
                                changes attitude. Meditation decreases anxiety,
                                depression, irritability, moodiness, high blood
        MEDITATION              pressure & cholesterol. It enhances peacefulness
           ~ an ancient
                                & calmness. Meditation increases self-esteem and
          art of quieting       confidence and develops intuition.
         your mind and
        concentrating on
        the present ~ the                              PROGRAM
          here and now.

         ~ is simply the
           creation of a    ����������������������������������������������������
         relaxed state of
        awareness of our
         mind and body.     ��������������������������������������        �             ����
                            �� �     �    �����������������������������������           ����
           ~ we can
        develop insight
        into ourselves:              All fees subject to GST/Payment Plan Available
         our emotions,
         thoughts and
                                    Certificates presented upon completion of program!
           feelings.        �

tact:    For more information on any of my products, services or workshops, please contact:

                                 Spring 2010 – Please recycle this brochure!             49
                       Dynamyx                                   DANCE MOVES
                       Gymnastics Club                                  Fitness with a Flair
                    Check our website at                            Get a comfortable, complete body work out
       www.dynamyxgymnastics.com                                             learning dance routines
             for the 2010 Spring schedule                                                                        Starts April, 2010
Current members can register starting March 22nd, and new
     members can register starting March 29th, 2010                                                      • All ages and abilities
                                                                                                         (ages 8-80, no partners necessary)
  At Dynamyx we have a 20,000 sq ft. facility, specialized Tot                                           • Variety of great locations
  Area, Birthday Party Room, Dance Room, Foam Pit, and an                                                       Edmonton
         exceptionally fun, Certified Coaching Staff!                                                            Sherwood Park
                                                                                                                St. Albert United Church
           We also offer the following...                                                                • Flexible scheduling
                                                                                                         • Great music!
 BIRTHDAY PARTIES - Saturdays & Sundays                                                                 • Great choreography!
    • 1 hr of fun and 1 hour room rental                                                                 • Great Fun!
    • Price varies on party size - visit website for details                                                       FREE Bonus Class

 FAMILY DROP-INS - select Saturdays                                                                         Pre-Registration SPECIAL
    • March 27, April 10, 24, May 8 & 22nd, 2010
                                                                  “Dance Moves is great! A mental and physical challenge at
    • 7-8:30 pm - $3/person or family of 4 for $10                  your own pace.”    Catherine Miller - 26 yr. participant

 PARENT & TOT DROP-INS - Weekly                                                www.dancemoves.ca
    • Every Tuesday from 2-3 pm - $5/child
                                                                          *NEW* GENTLE DANCE MOVES
 SPECIAL EVENTS                                                               Lighter choreography. Lighter workout.
    • SPRING CAMPS - registration starts Feb 22            nd                    Held at the St. Albert Seniors’ Club.
    • SUMMER CAMPS - info coming soon!
                                                                           Call (780) 434-4 FUN (386)
 104, #25 Chisholm Ave., St. Albert - 780-458-3153               Jazz • Funk • Hip Hop • Swing • Latin • Line Dance

                                                                          {capture the moments : : cherish the memories}

                                                                                    New Spring Workshops
                                                                 {Street Photography : :                    {Introduction to Digital
Award-winning piano method for children ages 4-6                 Exploration of Style}                      Photography}
Small group classes • Mature and caring teacher                  This outdoor/indoor workshop will          For all ages, a great way to get to
        Individual attention • Lots of fun!                      have you studying and moulding             know your camera and find your
                                                                 your photographic style into your          natural eye. Must have tripod &
                                                                 own. Must have tripod & general            manual.
                                                                 knowledge.                                 {1 hr} Wednesdays, 6 p.m. Fee: $115
                                                                 {2 hrs} Mondays 6 p.m. Fee: $135

                                                                 {Natural Portraiture}                      {Nature/Landscape}
                                                                 In the studio and in the street,           This outdoor/indoor class is for
   Individual piano lessons for ages 4 to adult in               using natural light sources along          the true nature-lover, beautiful,
    a caring, non-stressful atmosphere. Popular                  with studio lighting you will learn        spring-afternoon landscapes along
                                                                 to create beautiful, professional-         with the small treasures of nature
   and Royal Conservatory methods are available,                 looking portraits. Must have tripod        in your shots. Must have tripod &
   including theory. Morning, afternoon, evenings                & general knowledge.                       general knowledge.
     and weekend classes. Fun and affordable!                    {2 hrs} Tuesdays 6 p.m. Fee: $135          {2 hrs} Sundays 3 p.m. Fee: $135
                                                                         Advanced registration and payment is required for all workshops : :
                                                                                           Workshops run for 10 weeks.

50                                  Spring 2010 – Printed on recycled newsprint!
   Dance That Makes a
                                             Difference!  An Evening Out Dancing
                                                          Dance everything from Tango to Two-Step,
                                                          Waltz to Westcoast Swing.
                                                          - Next Dance Saturday, May 1st

    The Relationship Dance
    Spark, sustain, and re-ignite your relationships! A
    relationship course incorporating ballroom dance.
    - Introductory Workshops Available

               Impress the ladies, your woman, and
               Real Men Dance Project
               - Wednesday Evenings.

Ballroom Dancing
For the Absolute Beginner to Dance
Enthusiast, Ballroom, Latin, Swing &
- Friday Evenings

               No matter your age, size, shape or
               experience. Every woman deserves to
               Thrive on the Dance Floor
               - Wednesday Evenings.

For information on these and
other unique programs by
Sabrina’s Dance Instruction,
call 780-459-3100
or visit...
���������������                                                         �����������                  since 1987

                            register now – classes begin April 16th
                                 Spring 2010 – Please recycle this brochure!                               51
St. Albert Ringette Association (S.A.R.A.)
                      Spring Registration and AGM
April 27th: Registration 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm    AGM 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
                   Servus Place — Morinville Room
 Division                                       Registration:
                                     Early (by Apr. 30)   Regular (by June 30)      RINGETTE
 First-time Player Bunny - U8       $190.00               $190.00
 First-time Player Novice - U10     $220.00               $220.00
 Returning Bunny - U8               $375.00               $400.00                    LOVE IT
 Returning Novice - U10             $405.00               $430.00
 Petite - U12                       $445.00               $470.00                    PLAY IT
 Tween - U14                        $445.00               $470.00
 Junior - U16                       $445.00               $470.00
 Belle - U19                        $445.00               $470.00
                                                                                     LIVE IT
 Open - 18 +                        $300.00               $300.00

SARA presents free “Come Try Ringette” - Fall 2010
SARA offers Coaching and Referee clinics
SARA is also hosting the “St. Albert Turkey Ring Tournament” Thanksgiving Weekend
SARA presents “Introduction to Ringette” in January 2011
For further information contact www.stalbertringette.com or email info@stalbertringette.com

                                St. Albert Skating Centre
                         2010 Spring & Summer
                            Skating Season
                           Troy Murray Arena, Servus Credit Union Place
                                        Ph: 780-458-8868

          Qualified staff & small group programs
                                 Room still available in
                           Learn-to-skate classes for children:
                          Canskate - (minimum 3 years & up)
                         Jumpstart - Introductory figure skating
                    Competitive Figure Skating Programs
                                  Visit www.stalbertsc.com
                           for all registration & scheduling information
                                  Come Skate With Us!
                        Early Bird 2010 - 2011 Registration June 22 & 23!!

52                          Spring 2010 – Printed on recycled newsprint!
          Spring 2010
  Now accepting registrations:
          Spring Session
               April 13 – June 19
                    For ages
               18 months - Adult

       Spring Break Camp
              March 29 – April 1
                   For ages
               3 yrs + for ½ day
              5 yrs + for full day

       (780) 459-4256
        2A Riel Drive

      Spring 2010 – Please recycle this brochure!   53
                        
                                                               
                        
           
               

                                                   
                                                               
                                                                     
                                                                             
                                                                                               
                                                                                                       

                            
                                       
                            
                                       
                            
                                       
                              
                                       
                                            
 
                                
                                              
                                                    
                       


54                                        Spring 2010 – Printed on recycled newsprint!

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