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					                                                   Deer Tracks
                                                 Newsletter of The Woodlands Running Club                                                         October 2008

What the Prez Says - Tony Allison

                      Greetings to all the club members and I hope everyone survived the storm safely. Unfortunately,
                      Ike decided to make landfall on the same weekend as the TWRC General Membership Meeting
                      and as a result we were forced to postpone the meeting. The TWRC Board met on September 25
                      and has now rescheduled the general membership meeting for Sunday, December 7 at Town Hall.
                      We pushed the meeting into December so that the meeting could double as a general
                      membership meeting and “holiday party”. We expect to cater in some good food and munchies
                      for the party, so please mark your calendars now and join your fellow club members for the
                      festivities. More details will be provided in the coming weeks.

                      Other activities currently being addressed by the TWRC Board include our continued interest in
                      growing the competitive teams representing TWRC, development of a scholarship fund to benefit
TWRC members and improving the information being provided to the club members via Deer Tracks, eDeer Tracks and
the TWRC webpage. Concerning the webpage, we are hoping to make advancements to the webpage such that smaller
training groups can connect and interact online to communicate about training runs, meeting locations, times, etc. I
have personally received several emails from members (or prospective members) that are interested in “hooking up”
with other runners of similar running ability, pace, etc., so the board is striving to address the needs of these
members. Stay tuned for more information and messages concerning our progress on moving these initiatives forward.

Steve Smith reports continued interest concerning competitive TWRC teams with 35-40 runners on the list and
counting. Please keep spreading the word as we can always use more good runners. Further details on how to sign up
are included in Deer Tracks or contact Steve at

Please mark your calendars now for yet another TWRC Social Event on Sunday, January 18 after the Houston Marathon.
For the 3rd year in a row, we intend to reserve a portion of Goose’s Acre for a post-marathon party of good fun,
fellowship and I’m sure a lot of “talk” about the experiences of the marathon earlier that day. We expect the party to
be scheduled at Goose’s Acre at 6:00 p.m. and we’ll keep you posted further as plans are finalized.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that TWRC will be attempting to field a team of 5-6 volunteers to assist the race
organizers of the Texas Independence Relay which will be on March 7-8, 2009. The volunteer team would work the
entire race from start to finish, and for this effort, TWRC would be provided with one (1) free team entry for the race
(a value of $900). If successful in organizing a volunteer team, the TWRC Board intends to conduct a contest or
drawing to award the free team entry to a deserving TWRC team that is entered in the race. TWRC had 11 teams last
year and we expect more entrants in 2009. Please consider joining a volunteer team and look for more details in
future communications.

As always, please feel free to contact any of the TWRC board members with any/all suggestions for improvement of
the club. Your board will try very hard to provide guidance for the club such that all members get what they are
looking for as a club member. In return, we hope you will spread the word about TWRC to other runners in the
community which will assist the club in growing the membership larger.

As the cooler weather starts moving into our area, I wish you good luck on your fall training and I hope to see you on
the trails.

                                                                                                 Deer Tracks - 1
                                                      Competition Corner

By Steve Smith

October brings the start of the cool weather as well as the longer races. Locally we have the Seven Hills Running
Club’s 30th Annual Huntsville Half Marathon and 5K on October 11 and the Ten for Texas now rescheduled for November
15th due to safety concerns following Hurricane Ike.

This is also TWRC’s first season to officially participate in the HARRA team competition. As you will see elsewhere in
this edition of Deer Tracks, we had one team represent us quite well in the team Cross Country Relay competition on
Saturday, September 27.

The following races are also part of the HARRA Fall series and we strongly encourage everyone in TWRC to participate.
This is NOT a competition restricted to elite runners. As I have described in past columns, results are age and gender
graded and are grouped into teams. We need NUMBERS, not just speed. Even if you may think of yourself as a slow
runner, then think of how many people in your age group finished behind you in your last major race. Those are the
members of the other clubs that we need you to help us beat.

If you have not already joined HARRA and are planning to run any of the following races, please do so. We need your

USA Space 10 Miler – Clear Lake – October 12
Koala / Lukes’s Houston Half Marathon – Downtown – October 26
HMSA Classical 25K – Downtown – November 9
Sugarland Lakes of Williams Ranch 30K – Sugar Land – December 14
Chevron Houston Marathon – Downtown – January 18

To participate, all that you need to do is join HARRA (form can be found on page 16 of this publication), designate
TWRC as you club affiliation and then run the race.

At all of these races, look for the TWRC tent. We will have the tent set up so that you can use it as a bag drop as well
as a meeting place before and after the race.

                                                                    THE WOODLANDS RUNNING CLUB
                                                                            Membership Application

                                                                                                             *            *
                                          Name:________________________________________Date of birth :________Sex :_______
           In this Issue

   Page 2 - Competition Corner            ___________________________________________________________________________

   Page 3 – Competitive Runner                                                                       *
                                          Telephone: Evening:_________________________Daytime :__________________________
   Page 4 – Club News                     E-mail:_______________________________________________(will be used only by TWRC)
   Page 8 – In The Spotlight
                                          Individual: ____(Annual dues - $20.00)   Family/household: _____(Annual dues - $25.00)
   Page 11 – Race Reports
   Page 12 – Race Results                 List other family/household members by name:

   Page 15– Calendar                                                                                 *
                                          ______________________________________Date of birth ________Sex ______

   Page 17 – Meeting Minutes                                                                             *
                                          ______________________________________ Date of birth ________Sex ______

   Page 19 – Texas Ind. Relay
                                          I apply for membership in The Woodlands Running Club (TWRC). I accept that TWRC will
   Page 20 – Club Information             send all notices (including meeting notices) to me at my e-mail address.

                                          Please make checks payable to: The Woodlands Running Club
                                          Send checks to: P.O. Box 132163, The Woodlands, TX 77393

                                                                                                                 Deer Tracks - 2
                                                 Competitive Runner

Race Strategy
By Jacob Mazone

                                   A good training program doesn’t assure success during direct competition.
                                   Knowledge of tactics and strategy will help you to deliver great race performances in
                                   due time. It is well documented that the most efficient way to run a race and record
                                   your fastest time, is running at a steady pace. This means that each mile, kilometer
                                   or lap will equate to the same pace as the previous one. Unfortunately, this efficient
                                   strategy may not necessarily be the one that most likely will lead to victory.

                                   If your opponents know you well enough to sense that you always race at "steady
                                   pace", there is potential they may draft off you hoping to deliver an end of rack
                                   kick. What is necessary then; is for the actively competitive runner to continually
                                   practice (during workouts) various race tactics.

                                    As a "front runner" type of race tactic, you begin the race very hard, quickly move
                                    into the lead, and if you are stung enough you will hold it throughout the race as you
                                    pull away from those wanting to "draft." This is a very gutsy strategy, successfully
                                    deployed regularly by the late Steve Prefontaine, but requires more energy to
                                    maintain than a pace set by someone else. Secondly, during a windy race day, your
                                    lead will need to be maintained by at least 6 yards or 2 seconds to avoid shielding
                                    the wind for runners behind you. Again, unless you are an extremely strong runner,
this strategy may only help you if it relates to your being part of 2nd or 3rd lead groups in a large race where you are
content with simply an age category win.

Occasionally it is best to develop a race tactic after the race begins as you evaluate track/course conditions and
competition. Some runners deploy a couple/few mid-race surges, lasting about 200 meters, during a 5K to 10K race as
a tactic. To reiterate, don’t expect this strategy to work unless you have conditioned yourself in practice to endure
surging. In my opinion, this is done most easily through Fartlek "speed play" workouts on the track or adjacent grass
fields. For example, go out for a 6 miler, run continually throughout the distance keeping a pace under 7 min/mile;
however, 8-12 during the run you will accelerate to a 5 min/mile pace over a distance of 200 or so meters.

The last tactic or strategy that you may want to consider is a favorite of most coaches and one that truly exemplifies
your gut strength as a runner. Your race will start off similar to a steady pace strategy, only with about 90 percent
effort of what you think you are capable of. For example, during the 10 for Texas race you go through the first mile or
2 just below your normal race pace then
start the process of "Negative Splits." This
means each progressing mile or 2 mile
interval becomes faster and faster. As you
approach the final couple miles of the
race you must be strong enough
(remember your conditioning during
workouts) to maintain this momentum and
really push yourself toward coming close
to PR time over that last segment. For an
elite runner, they will be pushing to cover
the last 2 miles in less than 10 minutes.

If done properly and particularly if you are
well tuned to do so, few race strategies
compare to this one in achieving fast
times and personal records.

                                                Jacob Mazone leads Alex Leonard, Juan Flores and Lee Harlicker at Nike South

                                                                                                      Deer Tracks - 3
                                             Club News “The Word on The Street”

            HARRA Race Series                                                    50 States Leader Board
            October 12 - USA Space 10 Miler                                       Club Member           States              Marathons

                                                                                Gary Van Kuiken           50       60
        October 26 - Koala / Lukes’s Houston Half
                                                                                Lou Wilson                44       99
                                                                                Tony Allison              28       81 plus 1 Ultra Marathon
           November 9 - HMSA Classical 25K
                                                                                Geri Henry                24       30 plus 1 Ultra Marathons

    December 14 – Sugarland Lakes of Williams Ranch 30K                         Sue Rouse                 23       60 plus 33 Ultra Marathons
                                                                                Jon Walk                  12       19 plus 2 Ultra Marathons
         January 18 - Chevron Houston Marathon                                  Ken Hayman                11       16
                                                                                                       Half Marathons
                                                                                Patrick Morein            32       37
                                                                                Jon Walk                  22       51, ( 1 Province )

                    This month’s TWRC top 10, with apologies to David Letterman, of course, is as follows:

10. Jacob and Joseph Mazone, Stephen Smith and Mike Mendeck were featured on the cover of the City of Conroe’s
Parks and Recreation guide that promotes their day after Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K.

9. Dick Esselborn, 67, won his age group at the Fired Up 5K in Sugar Land on Labor Day while his sons, Eugene, 23, and
Chris, 25, took first and second, respectively, in theirs.

8. Kerri and Buck Snyder edged Michael and Kristin Collins by 3:05 in a husband-wife dual where the ladies ran the
Human Race 10K one day while the guys did Olympic distance at the Austin Triathlon the next.

7. Molly Field-Stout, 59, won her age group in her debut triathlon – the Ironbabe Sprint Triathlon.

6. Susan Rouse, 50, posted an age group second in the Clear Lake International Triathlon and an age group first at the
PrairieMan Half in Grand Prairie.

5. Andrew Perry and Jacob Mazone went 1-2 at the Friday Night Lights 2.1-mile open cross country race in The
Woodlands on Friday, August 29. Mazone won the masters division of Bearkat Bash 5K in 16:29 eight days later.

4. Surfside Marathon champion and new member Adrienne Langelier, 25, of Huntsville, won the Beneezy Purple
Monkey 10K in Alvin in 40:29.

3. Kim Hager, 37, won the mid-August CATS Iron Mountain Half Triathlon in Arkansas in 4:59:37.

2. Jim Braden, 72, finished his eighth career Pike’s Peak Ascent in some of the worst conditions the event has ever

1. Check us out on the web at and download a copy of “Deer Tracks” while you’re

"Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt of TWRC club report that will appear in the October edition of the HARRA Footprints newsletter in Inside Texas
Running. It is reviewed and approved by the club president before its submission to HARRA.”

                                                                                                                           Deer Tracks - 4
Events TWRC Members Are Training For: If we miss you, please don’t be offended. Just drop us a line! We want
people to know what you’re planning on racing – and after the race, the membership would love a race report for Deer

                                   Ford Ironman World Championship: Kona, HI; October 11, 2008
                                   Dana Lyons

                   Heartland 100: Cassoday, KS; October 11-12, 2008
                   Lynnor Matheney

Bank of America Chicago Marathon: Chicago, Il; October 12, 2008
Patrick Morien, Mary Kershbaum

                          Siouxland Lewis & Clark Marathon: Sioux City, IA; October 18, 2008
                          Lou Wilson

Nike Woman’s Marathon: San Francisco, CA; October 26, 2008
Kristin Collins, Susie Schreiber

                             Ford Ironman Florida: Panama City Beach, FL; November 1, 2008
                             Dan Jordan, John Laskowski

                                                                                                Deer Tracks - 5
ING New York City Marathon: New York City, NY; November 2, 2008
JoAnn Blakeley, Sarah Broyles, Don Cole, Carrie Davies, Sharon Griggs, Bernhard Skarpeid, Johanne Skorve, Mark

SunTrust Richmond Marathon: Richmond, VA; November 15, 2008
Lou Wilson

                                     Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon: San Antonio, TX; November 16, 2008
                                     Misty Baugh, Sarah Broyles, Bill Crews, Bill Dwyer, Karen Felicidario, Kelley
                                     Golden (debut), Kevin Golden, Joey Krivi, Katy Lampson, Kim MacDougal, Richard
                                     McQuaide, Najat Shayib, Richard Tramm, Debbie Tripp, Jon Walk

                                     Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon: San Antonio, TX; November 16, 2008
                                     Leslie Alli, Althea Caldwell, Fran Blanton, Barry Blanton, Judy Blevins, Chad
                                     Broyles, Mary Kerschbaum, Todd Kershbaum (debut), Susan Meyer, Corina
                                     Privett, Donna, Ryals, Rick Ryals, Kim Rawls

Ford Ironman Arizona: Tempe, AZ; November 23, 2008
Bruce Cobb, Michael Collins, Kim Hager, Buck Snyder, Susan Rouse

Charlotte’s Thunder Road Marathon: Charlotte, NC; December 13, 2008
Lou Wilson

                                                                                                 Deer Tracks - 6
                           Texas Marathon: Kingwood, TX; January 1, 2009
                           George Roffe, Jon Walk, Najat Shayib

                                      Chevron Houston Marathon: Houston, TX; January 18, 2009
                                      Chris Allen, Lee Allen, Tony Allison, Craig Arispe, Vincent Attanucci, Michael
                                      Attanucci, Matthew Attanucci, Alan Black, Tim Blanchard, JoAnn Blakeley, William
                                      Blount, Jim Braden, Randy Bradley, Scott Brian, Paul Broussard, Sarah Broyles,
                                      Mark Cahill, Anne Campbell, Scott Campbell, Kristie Chandler, Tad Chenet, Rhonda
                                      Chenet, Casey Clark, Nancy Cobb, Don Cole, Kristin Collins, Michael Collins, Erin
                                      Cook, Kathy Crea, Mike Csikos, Carrie Davies, Phillip DePrang, James Donahue,
                                      Lori Eubanks, Scott Farrand, Karen Felicidario, Troy Fiesinger, Ellen Fiesinger,
                                      Sharon Griggs, Steve Griggs, Kim Hager, Mitch Hall, Lee Harlicker, Kellee Heffner,
                                      Vera Heg, Jana Jordan, Dan Jordan, Joe Killeen, Russell Krause, Joey Krivi, Katy
                                      Lampson, John Laskowski, Ann Leoni, Mick Long, Ian MacDougall, Kim
MacDougall, Tracy MacEwan, Missie Martinez, Joe Martinez, Russell McCoy, Donna McDermott, Richard McQuade, Pam
Meaux, Patrick Morien, Terry Murnane, Andrew O’Brian, Michael Oehler, Carlos Ortegon, Jeff Paul, Susan Rouse, Rick
Ryals, Susie Schreiber, Tom Sherwood, Bernhard Skarpeid, Johanne Skorve, Buck Snyder, Kerri Snyder, Juliee Sparks,
Bret Strong, Doug Stiles, Paula Stiles, Karen Strength, Mark Strength, Tina Teykl-Parish, Bill Travis, Diane Tobin, James
Tobin, Matt Tresaugue, Gary Van Kuiken, Jon Walk, Shannon Williams, Steve Wilson

                                  Aramco Houston Half Marathon: Houston, TX; January 18, 2009
                                  Bill Adam, Leslie Alli, Amy Allison, Gena Alvarez, Greg Alvarez, Tom Battle, Dawn
                                  Black, Fran Blanton, Barry Blanton, Lisa Buchanan, Kim Carlton, Sheila Carmody,
                                  Bruce Cobb, Stuart Comrie, Michelle Comrie, Chad Cook, Vivian Corliss, Bill Crews,
                                  Lisa Csikos, Mike Dauth, Joe Eubanks, Molly Field-Stout, Juan Flores, Kevin Golden,
                                  Kelley Golden, Misty Graham-Baugh, Lidia Gutierrez, Evan Guy, Leslie Hajdo, Wayne
                                  Hudson, Daniel Junek, Eric LeBouef, Nancy Long, Ron Longtin, Dana Lyons, Rob
                                  McEwan, Steven McEwan, Justin McEwan, Tammie Manchester, Tom McHale,
                                  Alexandria McHale, Mike Mendeck, Susan Meyer, Skip Moschell, Julie Peters, Corina
                                  Privett, Kim Rawls, Donna Ryals, Steve Smith, Cathy Steele, Richard Tramm, Debbie
                                  Tripp, Stacia Valentine-Harkins, Joanne Welker, Mark Whittemore, Tobi Whittemore

Western States Endurance Run: Auburn, CA; June 27 - 28, 2009
Rick Cook

                                                                                                   Deer Tracks - 7
                                                      In The Spotlight

Kristin and Michael Collins
By Mike Mendeck

Kristin and Michael Collins have lived in The Woodlands-Spring area for around 20 years. They grew up in this area,
attended the same Jr-High and High Schools, both went to Texas A&M, married and returned to this area. You could
say they like it here.

Michael started running in high school as part of the training program for soccer. After an ankle injury knocked him out
of playing, he focused on running to stay fit and found that running was actually a good sport by itself. Michael has
been in so many competitions that he has lost track of the numbers, just enjoys running. Kristin has always supported
his runs, traveling to different locations to cheer him on.

About five years ago, Kristin thought that Michael was having so much fun and satisfaction with running, that she would
try it. Her first 5K was run in a western costume with hat, belt, pistol, holster, and regular shoes. While the costume
was fun, it was the running that caught her attention. She was hooked and in the past 5 years has run in many 5 &
10Ks, 3-25K, 7 half marathons, 8 marathons, and 1 ultra. Yes, she likes running!

With a training program of 40-50 miles/week, Kristin has associated with a lot of experienced runners who have
provided expert advice to her questions as she developed her training program. Her enthusiasm has driven her to being
a volunteer and year-round coach for the girls cross-country team at McCullough Jr High School (Grades 7 & 8).

Kristin’s parents and family thought this was a phase she was going through and believed she would be back to
“normal” in a little while. As she continued running, and added weight training to her program, they realized that
they now have two runners in their family – Michael and Kristin. Her family is with them all the way.

In Kristin’s training, she has found the Garmin to be a valuable tool for developing her pace strategies in the training
runs, then following them in the actual race. Although we have a race plan, we know that conditions within ourselves
and on the course vary. Going into a race, our expectation should be a range of times from the best to the most likely
depending upon those conditions.

Both of them have a busy schedule this month and next: Kristin is running in the Nike Woman’s Marathon in San
Francisco, October 19th; Michael will be competing in the Ford Ironman held on November 23rd in Tempe, AZ (2.4 mi.
swim, 112 mi. bike, 26.2 mi. run).

Best of luck to both of you. We look forward to hearing about your success.

                                                                                                   Deer Tracks - 8
Member Profiles:
 Name:                        Kristin Collins                            Michael Collins
 Location                     The Woodlands                              The Woodlands, TX
 Date/Place of Birth:         August 30, 1971 Houston, TX                April 19, 1972 Lynn, MA
 Height/Weight:               5’0”/do you seriously need to know?        5’ 9” / About 6 lbs too much
                              BS Wildlife/Fisheries, Texas A&M           BBA in Business Analysis, Texas A&M
 Educational Background:      Secondary Education Certification,         MBA in Finance, Houston Baptist
                              University of Houston                      University
                              Junior High Science Teacher/Cross
 Occupation:                  Country Coach at McCullough Junior         Consultant
                              Traveling, photography, scrapbooking,
                                                                         Traveling with Kristin, Running, Biking,
 Hobbies:                     watching Michael at his races, cooking,
                              and oh yeah…I run a little bit.
                              Ability to shop for coordinating Nike      Ability to over analyze just about
 Personal Strengths:
                              running gear at Luke’s Locker              anything
                              Chips and salsa, frozen margaritas,        Anything chocolate Kristin has left in
 Personal Weaknesses:
                              Reeses Peanut Butter Cups                  the pantry
 Personal Hero(s):            Steve Prefontaine, Lance Armstrong         Steve Prefontaine and Bruce Cobb
                              I know I’m not the fastest one out
                                                                         You get more for your race dollar the
 Personal Philosophy:         there, but at least I can be well
                                                                         longer you race
                              Run as fast as I can to my
 Short Term Goal:                                                        Help Kristin qualify for Boston
                              neighborhood Starbucks
                                                                         Stay active/healthy enough to run for
 Long Term Goal:              Qualify for Boston
                                                                         the rest of my life
 Greatest Fear:               Not being able to run                      Drowning
                              1. Coaching girls cross country and
                              Summer running with CC girls               Kristin’s sherpa (marathons, cross
 Volunteer Activities:
                              2. Cheering Michael on at his Ironman      country meets)
                              1. I enjoy spending time with the cc
                              girls by helping them with something I
                                                                         Watching the junior high kids get
 Why I volunteer:             am passionate about
                                                                         excited about running
                              2. Have you seen Ironman Triathletes?
                              Who wouldn’t want to cheer them on?
                              School Bus driver, Ann Taylor Loft
                                                                         Triathlons (Ironman, ½ Ironman,
 Other Sporting Activities:   shopper (it should be an endurance
                                                                         Olympic distance), Biking
 Years Running:               5                                          20
                              40-50 miles including speed work,          5 days a week, 2 medium (8 milers), 1
 Weekly running program:
                              tempo runs and weight lifting              long (19-22), 1 tempo, 1 recovery
                              It makes my 41 pair of running shorts
 Why I run:                                                              Simply enjoy running
                              feel wanted
                              Running the hills on Flintridge over and
 Favorite training run:                                                  Any trail/path without traffic
                              over again
 Favorite distance:           26.2!!!                                    Marathon
                              Nike Women’s Marathon- it was my
 Favorite race:               first marathon ever and this year will     Great Lobster 10K
                              be the third time I run it!
                              Eugene Marathon: 4:00:14, Half
                                                                         2:01 800m, 4:38 mile, 18:20 5K, 39:01
 Running PR's:                Marathon (Austin 2008) 1:52:32, Husky
                                                                         10K, 3:20 Marathon
                              Hustle 5K 23:53, Rodeo Run10K 52:54
                              Ultra Marathons-1, Marathons- 8, half
 Number of races finished:    marathons-7, 25Ks-3, 5Ks and 10Ks- too     ?
                              many to count!
                                                                         To enjoy running (and talking about
 I joined the TWRC:           Because Carlos is a member
                                                                         running) with others
                                                                                              Deer Tracks - 9
                                   1. run with a plan
                                   2. log your runs, times, achievements
                                   and refer to them during training
                                   3. always smile for the camera
                                                                              Listen to your body – not just your plan.
                                   4. watch your nutrition
                                                                              If you are sick or exhausted, the run
Running advice for others:         5. high five the little kids who sit at
                                                                              can wait until you can appreciate /
                                   the curbs cheering you on and
                                                                              benefit from it.
                                   6. this one is important: no matter how
                                   badly you think you need to apply
                                   lipstick at mile 22 of a marathon, don’t
                                   do it!!
                                   Ultra Marathon Man, Pre, It’s Not
Favorite Book(s):                  About the Bike, Eat Pray Love ( thanks,    For Whom the Bell Tolls
                                   Without Limits, Pride and Prejudice, PS
Favorite Movie(s):                                                            Major Payne
                                   I Love You
                                   How I Met Your Mother, anything on
Favorite Television Show:                                                     How I Met Your Mother
                                   the Food Network
                                                                              Punk (mostly newer, but some classic
Favorite Music:                    Anything with a beat that I can run to!
                                                                              as well)
Favorite Musical Performer:        Green Day                                  Simple Plan
                                                                              Running along the Moscow River during
                                   Running in Palermo, Italy when Michael
                                                                              the coldest winter on record and
                                   ran into a cave of wild dogs and woke
Greatest Adventure:                                                           realizing I left my passport (required at
                                   them up. Talk about your speed
                                                                              all times) at the hotel after I see the
                                                                              throng of police…
Favorite Spectator Sport:          Baseball, Ironman                          Bicycle Racing
Favorite Vacation Destination:     Anywhere in Italy                          Italy
                                   Perseverance is the hard work you do
                                                                              “Get some rest. Tomorrow we’re going
Favorite Famous Quote:             after you get tired of the hard work
                                                                              to start the hard stuff.” (Major Payne)
                                   you’ve already done.

                                 Michael competes in the Lake Placid Ironman in 2007

                                                                                                  Deer Tracks - 10
                                                        Race Reports

                                                 Montana Marathon
                                                  Billings, Montana
                                                     Lou Wilson

Went for a walk Sunday AM, 9/14, the day after Hurricane Ike, tripped over a fallen tree branch I somehow failed to
see, fell on concrete and injured my right hip. By that evening I could barely walk. X-rays on Monday were negative
and I improved a little each day so we decided to leave for Montana as scheduled.

Nora and I flew to Denver Friday, 9/19 and drove 560 scenic miles north to Billings on Saturday through the unspoiled
rolling grasslands of eastern Wyoming and southern Montana. By the time we got there, I was walking almost normally
with very little discomfort so I hoped to stroll the 26.2 miles at a 20-minute/mile pace, finishing in 7:45.

The few walkers started at 5:00 AM, Sunday, 9/21, with a vehicle behind us (actually me, the slowest) to light the way
until dawn. (Nora and the other runners began at 7:00 AM.) My pace gradually slowed as my discomfort increased to
pain which intensified to barely tolerable the last several miles. My official finish time was 9:25:40, winning my one-
person age group.

As I marched to the car in great discomfort, but limping only slightly, I concluded that what I had just experienced was
the hardest thing I had ever done. After driving the very scenic course to enjoy it “pain free,” I discovered when we
got out of the car that I could barely stand up and could not walk a single step. Fortunately, the hotel had a
wheelchair. Getting around our room was another matter.

For the return drive to Denver on Monday, the rest stops posed a real challenge and lots of improvising. Once at the
airport, I was happily back in a wheelchair and, except for a sideways shuffle on the plane to get to the lavatory – the
only way I could move on my own – the trip home was not too stressful.

Saw an orthopedist on Tuesday, who ordered an MRI that revealed I had begun the marathon with at least a fractured
hip socket and, by the time I finished, had strained 16 muscles (3 in the hip, 8 in the buttock and 5 in the thigh). No
wonder I was in so much pain!

Marathon #99; state #44.

It will be a long time before #100, which was scheduled for September 28, the tenth anniversary of my first. I have
begun four weeks of rest to repair all the damage.

Have a race report or training story? We would love to publish your story. Send articles to Bill Dwyer at

                                                                                                   Deer Tracks - 11
                                                        Race Results

A couple we missed

Capt’n Karl’s “Timber Knoll” 12 Hour Run
Saturday & Sunday, August 16-17, Pedernales Falls State Park, Johnson City, TX
Dawn Craig – 34 miles (10:24:26)

Beneezy Purple Monkey 10K
Saturday, August 30, Alvin, TX
Juan Flores – 41:42 3rd Age Group

                                              September Results

Bearkat Bash 5K
Saturday, September 6, Klein, TX
Jacob Mazone – 16:29 1st Masters

Stephanie Johnson “Mini-Sprint” Triathlon (200-meter swim, 6-mile bike and 2-mile run)
Sunday, September 7, Spring, TX
Audrey Manchester – 39:03 1st age group, Vivian Corliss – 47:57, Carol Steele – 54:41

Stephanie Johnson Kids Triathlon (100-meter swim, 3-mile bike and 1-mile run)
Chloe Manchester – 27:12.1 2nd AG

Prairie Man Half Iron
Sunday, September 7, Grand Prairie, TX
Dan Jordan – 6:03:40 3rd age group, Susan Rouse – 6:20:56 1st age group

Sioux Falls Half Marathon
Sunday, September 7, Sioux Falls, SD
Jon Walk – 2:20:13 State/Province No. 24

Geico CFC Race for Freedom 10K
Saturday, September 13, Oklahoma City, OK
Ken Hardwick – 45:11 1st age group

Country Roads 10K
Saturday, September 20, San Marcos, TX
Jon Walk – 1:02:51

Montana Marathon
Sunday, September 21, Billings, MT
Lou Wilson – 9:25:40 – State No. 44, Marathon No. 99

                                                                                         Deer Tracks - 12
Sugar Tri Kidz (50-meter swim, 2-mile bike and 800-meter run)
Saturday, September 27, Sugarland, TX
Chloe Manchester – 16:13 1st age group (age 9)

Sugar Tri Kidz (100-meter swim, 3-mile bike and 1-mile run)
Saturday, September 27, Sugarland, TX
Audrey Manchester – 19:44 1st age group (age 12)

                        Texas Senior Games
                        Sunday, September 28, Temple, TX
                        Stephen Smith – 800 meter – 2:34 – 3rd in 55-59 age group

Omaha Marathon
Sunday, September 28, Omaha, NE
Tony Allison – 3:49:52 – State No. 28, Marathon No. 81

Omaha Marathon 10K
Amy Allison – 53:56 – 2nd in age group

Nike South Open Cross Country – 4000 meters
Friday, October 3, The Woodlands, TX
                        st                            nd                                  rd
Jacob Mazone - 12:39 1 overall, Juan Flores - 13:15 2 overall, Lee Harlicker – 13:31 – 3 overall,
Jason Eagleson - 14:03, Casey Clark - 14:38, Joe Killeen - 14:39, Skip Moschell - 15:28, Stephen Smith - 16:37, Scott
Campbell - 16:55, Phillip DePrang - 17:31, Dick Esselborn - 17:42, Mike Lucas - 18:16, Tracy MacEwan - 18:37, Kristin
Collins - 18:37, Justin MacEwan - 21:12

                             Stephen Smith cruising through the first mile of Nike South
                                                                                                 Deer Tracks - 13
HARRA Cross Country Relay – 4 x 2 miles
Saturday, September 27, Houston, TX
Buck Snyder, Kerri Snyder, Joanne Blakeley, Mark Cahill

Team Name
Two Lucky Guys, Mixed Open Division – 4 place – 54:12

                                                                    Mark Cahill, Joanne Blakeley, Kerri & Buck Snyder

                            The first ever TWRC Cross Country Relay Team warms up

             Buck gets the team off to a fast start         Mark closed fast just missing a third place finish by seven seconds

                                                                                                        Deer Tracks - 14

Oct. 11 (Sat) Run The Woodlands 5K #210; Barbara Bush Elementary; The Woodlands, $1.

Oct. 11 (Sat) 30th annual Huntsville Half Marathon and 5K; Huntsville

Oct. 25 (Sat) Run The Woodlands 5K #211; Barbara Bush Elementary; The Woodlands, $1.

Nov. 8 (Sat) Run The Woodlands 5K #212; Barbara Bush Elementary; The Woodlands, $1.

Nov. 15 (Sat) Ten For Texas 10-Miler; Market Street; The Woodlands, 7:30 a.m

Nov. 22 (Sat) Run The Woodlands 5K #213; Barbara Bush Elementary; The Woodlands, $1.

Nov. 27 (Thu) 19th annual Run Thru The Woods 5-Miler (3-Mile Teen/1-Mile Kids); Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion; The
Woodlands, 7:45 a.m. (Montgomery County Triple)
Nov. 28 (Fri) 4 annual City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K (1-Mile Family Mile); Carl Barton, Jr. Park; Conroe, 8:00 a.m.
(Part of the Montgomery County Triple)

Nov. 29 (Sat) Leftover Turkey Run 10K/5K; (Seven Hills RC club race); SW corner of West Hill Mall; Huntsville, $1, 8a.m.
Coach Dana Fossmo at Willis High School tells us that the third annual Willis Wildkat 5K will be on either December 13
or December 20 .

Dec. 13 (Sat) Run The Woodlands 5K #214; Barbara Bush Elementary; The Woodlands, $1.

Dec. 27 (Sat) Run The Woodlands 5K #215; Barbara Bush Elementary; The Woodlands, $1.

HARRA Fall Series:

Oct. 12 (Sun) United Space Alliance 10-Miler; Clear Lake, 7:00 a.m.

Oct. 26 (Sun) Koala Health & Wellness Centers / Luke’s Locker Houston Half Marathon; Houston, 7:00 a.m.

Nov. 9 (Sun) HMSA Classical 25K; Houston, 7:00 a.m.

Dec. 14 (Sun) Sugar Land Lakes of Williams Ranch 30K; Sugar Land, 7:00 a.m.

Jan.18 (Sun) Chevron Houston Marathon; Houston, 7:00a.m

                             For more area events please refer to the following websites

Oak Ridge Track Club -

Runner Triathlete News -

Houston Area Road Runners Association –

Inside Texas Running -

Running in the USA -

Seven Hills Running Club -

                                                                                                   Deer Tracks - 15
         10 For Texas Race Postponed until November 15
Due to circumstances related to Hurricane Ike, the 10 for Texas Race Directors have
concluded that for the safety of the racers and in the best interest of the race and
community, it is necessary to postpone the 10 for Texas and One 4 Texas events.
For the past week, the Race Directors have worked to create multiple routes that could
be used, but could not find a route that would not diminish the community’s ability to
recover from Hurricane Ike. As a result, we are postponing the race until Saturday,
November 15, 2008. More information will follow. Please refer to the race web site
for additional information. We wish to thank you for the support that you have
given this race and to the Race Directors over the course of the past two years. We
are looking forward to seeing you in November at the 3rd Annual 10 for Texas!

Refunds will be offered to participants already registered for the event until Monday, October 20, by 4 p.m. Refunds
will be given minus a $10 administrative fee. Information about getting a refund can be found at the event website

Registration fees have been adjusted to remain at $45 until race day. The race day registration fee will be $60.

                                         HOUSTON AREA ROAD RUNNERS ASSOCIATION APPLICATION
   The Houston Area Road Runners Association (HARRA, pronounced "hurrah") is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 to promote running as
   a competitive sport and healthful exercise in the Houston area. HARRA provides a wide variety of benefits and services to its members and to the
   running community, and provides the running community with a collective voice on issues that affect all runners in the Houston area.
   Memberships are good from July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009. There is no prorating of memberships.

   Make checks payable to the Houston Area Road Runners Association. If using the mail, send your application and check or money order
                                            to: HARRA, P.O. Box 572497, Houston, TX 77257

                                                                                                                   *                                   *
   Name:_________________________________________________________________ Date of birth :______________________Sex :________

   Telephone: Evening:_________________________Daytime :__________________________ E-Mail___________________________________
                                                                                                                          *               *
   List other family/household members by name: ______________________________________Date of birth ________Sex ______
   (list additional family on back of form)
                                                                                                    *           *
                                                ______________________________________ Date of birth ________Sex ______
   Waivers and Disclaimers
   I know that running and volunteering to work in club races are potentially hazardous activities. I should not enter and run in club events unless I am
   medically able and properly trained. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official relative to my ability to safely complete the run. I assume all risks
   associated with running and volunteering to work in club races including, but not limited to, falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather,
   including high heat and/or humidity, the conditions of the road and traffic on the course, all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Having read this
   waiver and knowing these facts, and in consideration of your acceptance of my application of membership, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my
   behalf, waive and release the Road Runners Club of America, the Houston Area Road Runners Association, and all sponsors, their representatives and
   successors from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in club activities even though that liability may arise out of negligence or
   carelessness on the part of persons named in this waiver. I understand that my dues for 2006-2007 includes membership in the Road Runners Club of

   Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: ________________________
                                MUST BE 18 OR OLDER (PARENT'S SIGNATURE REQUIRED FOR MINOR

                                                                                                                                        Deer Tracks - 16
Deer Tracks - 17
Deer Tracks - 18
Last year The Woodlands Running Club had representation on
11 different Texas Independence Relay Teams.

Race directors Jay & Joy Hilscher have sent the following
request to our club.

“Although the volunteers last year came through BIGTIME and
did a marvelous job (NO DOUBT! And we’re thankfull, for it
was almost miraculous in many instances), the biggest thing
we learned was that it was way more efficient and organized
when volunteers would go along with the runners. We had
several help in this way.

This upcoming year we plan on having 10 volunteer teams of 5-
6 people that will travel along with the race the whole way.

For example, Volunteer Team 1 would handle exchanges 1, 11,
21 and 31.

Of course, we’ll provide the race supplies and will personally
train groups so they feel very confident with what the role
entails. Also while it takes the whole weekend, these teams
will have as much fun as the participating teams (only they
won’t be doing the running)

If the club could supply a volunteer team, they could certainly
wear TWRC shirts and bring the TWRC tent along to show
support for the Texas and predominantly Houston running

This would be a fun way for non running family or friends to be a part of this event. If you are interested in managing
a volunteer team for our club please send me a note at

                                                           Last years overall winners

                                                           The Road Killers – 23:04 – 1st overall

                                                           Michael Collins (TWRC), Jon Minor, Jill Howard, Johanne
                                                           Skorve(TWRC) , Susan Van Natta, Mark Cahill (TWRC),
                                                           Glenn Winnier, Russell Meyer, Randy Hook, Buck Snyder
                                                           (TWRC), Jim Donahue (TWRC) , Lee Harlicker (TWRC)

                                                                                                    Deer Tracks - 19
                                      Club Information

The Woodlands Running Club
      P.O. Box 132163
 The Woodlands, TX 77393
                             Photo credits for this edition of Deer Tracks: George
                             Roffe, Bill Dwyer, Kristin Collins, Jacob Mazone
Tony Allison

Vice President
Bill Dwyer

Pam Meaux

Kerri Snyder
                                       Club Tent Sponsors
Registrar                                    Entergy
Tracy MacEwan                     South Montgomery County YMCA
                                      CRC Insurance Services
                                    One Source Industrial Supply
Dan Green

Community Associations of
The Woodlands Liaison
Lou Wilson
                                     Club Discounts and Support
                                               Luke’s Locker
Club Runs
JoAnn Blakeley
                                            Skeeter’s Mesquite Grill

Social Committee
Jana Jordan
Carrie Davies

Bill Dwyer
Tony Allison
Stephen Smith
Jacob Mazone
Mike Mendeck

                                        Don’t miss Jon Walk’s Running Column every Tuesday

                                                                                     Deer Tracks - 20

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