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					               MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME
                        Term-End       Examination

                               June,    2007

            MS-24€) : EMPLOYMENT

Ttrne; 3 hours                                              Marks': 700
                                                         (Weightage 700/0)

Nofe" ;

    (i)      Thereare two SecfionsA and B.

    (ii)                                             m secti A AII
            :"':: ::::",::';       :::r,'
    (iii)    tn;t::r:      is compulsory        for att and carries

MS-24@                                                             P.T,O.
                              SECTION A

tr -   Exarnine the usefulnessand scope of 'voluntary arbitration'
       as a mode of settlin$ industrial disputes. Describe the
       power and status of arbitrators.                                Z0

2.     Distinguish between registration and recognition of trade
       unions. What are the criteria prescribed for recognition of
       trade unions under code of discipline ?                         20

3.     Discuss the changing context of industrial relations. Predict
       the future of trade unions in India by briefly highlighting
       the genesis and growth                                        20

4.     Identify the rationale for participative forums with suitable
       examples. Outline the issues involved in participative
       forums.                                                         20

5.     Write short notes on any three of the following                 20
       (a)   Craft unions

       (b)   Gandhian approach to industrial relations
       (c)   Disciplinary action

       (d)   Closure

       (e)   Negotiation guidelines


    6.   Readthe followingcasecarefully answer questions
                                      and    the
         givenat the end.                               4A
                           UNFAIR TREATMENT

              A public limited financial company with a standing of

         QVer 25 years is having its branch offices in different
         cities. It has a total strength of about 500 officers, 300

         .clerical staff and about 800 subordinate staff members.
         The corporation is having six different zones for the sake

         of convenience and each zone is having a separate Zonal

         Manager looking after general administration,of that zong

         and staff problems.

         One union is having overwhelming majority all around

         and the other union is having fifty per cent , majority in

         one region and meagre following at the other regions and

         the central office. The, Central Office Administration is

         manned by a Chief Administrative Officer, ,two senior

         assistants and thrqe junior officers, ,lt has clerical strength

         of 25 clerks and 5 subordinate staff members. Besides

F        looking after daily problems at the Central Office, the

         department is coordinating the work of the six zona!


        @                                                          i   P.T.O,
        l'he majority union has come out with a complaint
  about     the     clerical   staff   from    the     Central     Office
  Administration that since all of them are members of the

  majority union, they are giving favourable treatrnent to
  the members of their union and are purposely harassing
  the members of the minority union in case of transfer and

  all such staff problems. The Chief Administrative Officer

  convened a meeting of his staff over this issue to
  ascertain the facts. When he posed this problem before
  the staff members, they argued and refused the charge of

  favcrurabletreatment to a particular sector of employees.

        l-he      staff   members      put    forth    the   following
  arguments. They stated that with their posting in the

  Central      Aclministration    Department,         they   are    even
  criticised by their own union. They accepted that even

  some of the points of administrative arrangement raised

  by the majority union couid not be attended to by them
  in many cases and hence the charges made against them

  of favourable treatment by the other union are baseless.

  1'hey further stated that the minority union is having a

  very low membership as compared to the majority union

  and a few cases of inconv enience to some staff members

  are wrongly interpr eted by them (minority union) or it is

          a purposefulaction on their part. They also put concrete
          cases of inconvenienceconsidered in the case of staff
          membersbelongingto the minority union.

          Questions :

          (a)   What is the main problem in this case ?

 .;       (b)   Are the grievancesput forward by the minority union

t'              lustiiied ?

          (c)   Make suggestions the amicablesettlement the
                               for                    ,of

            @                                                     1,000

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