Shareholder Statement of Consent to Election of S Corp Status


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									This is a statement drafted by a shareholder of a corporation providing their consent for
the corporation to be considered an S Corporation. Generally, S Corporations do not
pay any federal income tax. Rather, the profits or losses accumulated by the
corporation are passed on to its shareholders who must report the profit or losses on
their individual tax returns. This statement can be used by the shareholders of a
corporation who want to provide their consent for S Corporation classification.
       Shareholder Statement of Consent to Subsection “S”
                      Corporation Election
Name of Corporation:                [Corporation Name]                      FEIN: [FEIN

I, the undersigned, am a shareholder of [Corporation Name], a [State] corporation.

I hereby consent to [Corporation Name]’s election to be treated as an “S Corporation”
under Internal Revenue Code §§1361-1379, and that such election be effective for the tax
year beginning [Year].

Shareholder’s Name:         [         Shareholder’s Name                     ]
Shareholder’s Address:      [        Shareholder’s Address                   ]
                            [    Shareholder’s Address Continued                 ]
                            [    Shareholder’s Address Continued                 ]
Social Security Number/EIN: [             SSN/EIN                           ]
Number of Shares Owned: [ Number ]
Date Acquired:              [ Date ]

By signing below, I certify under penalty of perjury, that the statements made herein are
true and correct to my best knowledge and belief.

Signature: __________________________________
              [Shareholder’s Name]

Date: [    Date   ]

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